Alright so this chapter of black clover has for me been very long awaited it started to further illustrate the tutelage and conditions required of an incredible power promised to us oh so long ago in the last chapter asta having defeated the horrible.

Ancient demon as it attacked the clover kingdom would swiftly realize that even with his newfound power getting to the spade kingdom would take a very long time and he would think this to himself just before his transformation would come undone showing just how unrefined it.

Still stands to be however he would be saved and joined by the members of the black bulls yet to join in on the battle within the spade kingdom however the people were subjected to the underworldly onslaught of a great many lesser devilish entities and despite their low rank with such.

Incredible numbers even the collective might of our clover kingdom forces on the scene would have a difficult time dealing with them and simultaneously protecting the populace however just then a massive rush of magical energy would obliterate a number of devils.

While surprisingly keeping all humans in range unscathed as we would then see are many characters who had been training with the elves a moment that i have been waiting oh so long for and with that this chapter would begin with a flashback of noel and everyone else.

Beginning their training here they would be greeted by the magical entity known as dryad who would express that they possess a bit of foresight that allowed them to foresee this meeting now this being the very same triad who had instructed the elves to assist this group.

In their time of need following their battle against vonaka and the dark triad they then speak of the gateway connecting the underworld to theirs being a problematic situation one that would endanger their home and so they were especially willing to help out in any way possible.

And you know this is a very chummy and gleeful character something our group did not picture would be the case but again pettori would speak of teaching them ultimate magic now ultimate magic for those of you who may have forgotten is the very power that light used to.

Nearly obliterate the high breaking devil zagreed entirely in one attack so yeah this is some powerful stuff however in most cases only elves especially capable of utilizing magic would be able to use it as a human body typically.

Fails to uphold such magical power however this group could prove to be different not only did they master and make use of mana method but they also learn true magic allowing for the use of absurd natural magic which is to say that they have the capacity to tap into.

And control a wellspring of magic even beyond that which may be present within their own bodies to begin with and with this sort of surplus ultimate magic should be available to them and by now being in the home of the elves a true haven of ambient magical power.

Their bodies in the act of training would grow to be far more in tune with mana itself ultimately allowing them to transcend true magic and foster the power of ultimate magic but now in the present are many characters would make use of their incredible magical control.

All simultaneously unleashing their true magics to outright decimate the opposition all while keeping the populace unharmed and this is nothing to scoff at this level of magical manipulation is practically unheard of in humans and this is only just the beginning of their display mind you.

As noel is here and wants all the smoke from monica which frankly at this point is my most anticipated matchup for this arc right now just then however we would receive a glimpse of the devilish hierarchy in action as the lesser ones would be bullied.

Being crushed and burned horribly by those above them and so you can just imagine what libre was subjected to during his time and everyone could easily sense a difference in power as these were in fact middle class devils ones that like the high-ranking twins.

That we'd seen previously spoke of playing with their opponents and these guys look downright disturbing it almost feels like a visual straight out of berserk if that were a weekly series as well and in seeing these guys a quick remembrance would be had of dryad's words.

That the lower cast of devils would pretty much just be fodder to their magical output at this point however those beyond that level would more than likely be problematic something i don't imagine we really needed further elaboration on i thought it was kind of self-explanatory but i'll take it.

Because luck was excited by this and was eager to test his new abilities on them this incendiary devil would begin by outstretching a hand with a sizeable ball of fire emerging from it however in a flash luck would zip on over.

And straight up kick the creature's arm right off before they could even process his movement another was dumbfounded by this but again luck would move and we would see the true power of his ultimate lightning magic an absolutely menacing form that allowed him to decimate.

Decapitate and disembody each of these devils in one fell swoop now clutching onto the head of one of them now remarking that if they can't keep up with his movements it's not exactly much of a game now is it however the situation within the castle was.

Growing even more dire as it was simultaneously burning and freezing over luck looking up now in recognition of such a monstrous presence as we would then see the current state of our beloved boy not at the hands of the twin high-ranking devils as he was pierced.

And was on the verge of death and that was the chapter the hype is a real people and continues to surmount i cannot wait to see the full extent of each of these characters abilities and i certainly hope you feel the very same way because we cover this series each and every week and would love to have you join in on.

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