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Luffy and Zoro Finally Fight in A War Together – One Piece Chapter 1078


The cover page of One Piece chapter 1078 features judge Vince smoke and Caesar Clown forming a new alliance known as Neo mads these two were just at each other's necks but are now sworn allies as Sanji siblings don't seem very interested returning to Egghead Island we have an interest in tomaru speaking with someone over denden mushy.

Surprising here Admiral kazaro's name mentioned we still don't know how deep their relationship really is but sentimoru has always called him uncle on the second floor of Building B this person is revealed to be Stussy with jinbei nearby she would relate the information that cp0's objective was the elimination of Dr vegapunk which would.

Then be followed by Admiral kazaro's arrival Cento Maru would make note of how prepared the world government seems to be when it comes to this operation which Stussy would explain was on account of the Situation's severity being even greater than O'Hara's as we saw from the flashback of vegapunk and Monkey D Dragon after ahar's destruction.

The doctor obtained their forbidden void Century research and continued it because he got their research decades before just imagine how much Vega must know by now in fact the first time he saw Luffy's gear fifth he immediately connected it to the legendary sun god Nika the other reason for the severity of the world government's intended.

Attack is that Egghead Island actually possesses a resistance force unlike Ohara they have countless futuristic weapons and defenses an entire Army of events pacifista have just been deployed as Ducey and jimbei continue to launch forward and onward the importance of this then and Mushi line is emphasized as all other Communications have been.

Destroyed from there in the Fabio phase Factory Santo Maru with continues declarations to the Egghead workers he tell them all to learn from history and avoid the Navy's Onslaught by escaping while they still can they don't have any time to waste or hesitate with that the main denizens of echid Island would rush off in a panic intending to do a.

Centumaru told them and escape the island before the Navy arrives hopefully things go well for them here and we can avoid the death of escaping civilians like we saw from O'Hara but given the nature sure the information at stake it's hard to imagine in the kainu-led Navy letting even a single one of these researchers Escape moving over to the.

Third floor of building C we'd have Frankie calling out for usop and Lilith semi-petrified Frankie would wind his arm up while reprimanding a snake he demands she unpetrify him as apparently his right side was off guard but his left side is just fine I'm not sure why this is the case for him specifically but maybe it has to do with his somewhat.

Mechanical Anatomy maybe this is a limitation of Hancock's devil fruit Frankie would give a snake one more chance to make things right promising to forgive them if they simply undo what they've done however as snake's attention would be drawn elsewhere and towards another one of the Vega pugs Pythagoras was very frustrated and.

Pained by this ordeal with tears in his robotic eyes he'd questioned why the seraphim was doing this and on Whose orders but the artificial life form has nothing to say in this chapter and instead lifted her at the boot above him Frankie would cry out for a little Vega Punk and be forced to watch in horror as a Despicable crunch would be heard this.

Was Then followed by a massive explosion an S snake moving on struggling against the blast Fallout Frankie would plead with the seraphim not to leave as our face provided no emotions on the second floor of building a we'd have Chopper Atlas and Robin who is unfortunately on the verge of experiencing yet another genocidal event Chopra would Express his.

Hope that everyone is alright despite all the explosions and screaming it was clear to Robin that the seraphim were causing trouble but Atlas was still in disbelief towards these events Robin wasn't all too worried about Nami since her screams will always be accompanied by a rescue from Sanji instead they needed to take advantage of the fact.

That they are not restricted like the others are right now ensuring Stella safety is their top priority which Chopper happily agreed with this conversation then prompted Atlas to recall a lab of theirs that hasn't been used in quite a while despite their Brilliance the Vega Punk seemed to have completely overlooked this location.

While we know to be the abandoned over research lab deciding to go there Chopper and Robin would have Atlas lead the way on the third floor of building a Nami would try her best to keep Edison alive as Brooke decided to make use of his soul form and go looking for Stella but just as he decided to do that he'd be shocked by sanji's actions and.

Reasonably so as with his arms folded Sanji was able to tank a direct punch from s shark to the face with his eyebrows still reversed Sancho would question if a creature understands the power of love versace's face to not even be dented here tells us that either his genetic modifications have matured even further than before or he's making use.

Of them in combination with Armament hockey on the fourth floor of building a Zoro and Luffy were panting her breath struggling to handle their own seraphim opponents on account of the flames on their backs not going out but before the Sanji fans take this moment too far the two seem to be conserving as much of their strength as they can Zoro for.

Instance is only using two of his swords while keeping guaro ichimonji on his back but instead of worrying about that Luffy would cry out that s Hawks managed to escape much to everyone's shock Rob Lucci being the most tactical member of their newly formed Alliance would theorize that as Hawk must have changed the order of his targeting to focus on.

The weaker forces instead of the strongest now this behavior is very different from the man he's based on rakul mihawk since mihawk doesn't really bother with weaklings and enjoys a proper challenge continuing his Cold Yet rational assessment Lucha would further elaborate that Luffy's friends would now be in increased danger as taking them.

Out would only stand to weaken the crew's morale before Luffy could respond Zoro was already insistent on pursuing as Hawk telling his captain to leave it to him hearing this Luffy would pretty much order Kaku to follow after him since Zoro tends to get lost easily and hilariously Luffy does this while referring to Kaku as usab on accounts of.

The similarly long nose as Kaku angrily gave Chase Luffy would continue to feudally attack as bear this time with Hawk Gatling in hopes that it would be able to extend we'll see flames on espares back that were aiding in his durability but Lucci wasn't a fan of this approach as he'd reprimand the pirate and the man that he used his head.

Instead of just throwing out attacks from here the narrative would become very heavy and foreboding as it would describe this to be the day before the soon to be famous Egghead incident visually we would then have jewelry Bonnie in the midst of embracing her father's history and pain as she shook with tears floating her eyes the events.

Leading up to this point began three months ago from here we would flash back to the Holy Land of Mary joa at the time an unknown caller from Egghead Island would see communication with their higher ups this person would reveal to the elders that Dr vegapunk was secretly investigating the void Century in response to this claim cp5 was sent to.

Investigate but with no evidence having been found they should have been in the clear but this traitor was crafty unbeknownst to Stella and the others the that the agents departed on mysteriously disappeared the this development unsettled the world government and resulted in the dispatch of cp7 and cp8 to follow up and yet.

Again none of the agents managed to return to the World Government after this the mysterious Trader would make yet another call with the very same intent this time they were granted an audience with the five Elders over denden Mushi it was through this conversation that vegapunk's betrayal became clear to them and once that.

Became the case he was Marked for Death to ensure the Fulfillment of this cp0 was sent to Egghead and as the rumors have it when cp0 is involved world shaking events are on the verge of occurring expecting resistance from vegapunk one of the five Elders Saint Jay Garcia Saturn decided to personally set sail to Egghead with Admiral kizaru.

As his escort this could mean that perhaps the elders are in fact pretty strong themselves or it may be on account of the seraphim being involved since igorsay had the highest level of authority over them in addition to this several branches of the Navy have been called in in as reinforcements for this major event this impending war was.

Already bound to put the destruction of ahara to shame but to complicate matters even further was the unexpected appearance of the yonko Monkey D Luffy and his crew dealing with a Yanko here would only add to the uncertainty and danger of this event but they couldn't afford to turn back now it's all or nothing and the gorasay are clearly.

Tired of Luffy's problematic streak as the mere thought of his jovial Sun God form unsettled them to end this forewarning of events to come we would have the Declaration that the outcome would give the entire world an unthinkable shock the time to be hype is now one way or another it is very likely that we will be receiving more details.

On The Voice Sentry than ever before we also have the fact that Stella's dream is to share all his knowledge with the world effectively inventing the internet of One Piece between that and the recent involvement of big news Morgans whatever the world learns from this event is bound to be on par with white beers that declaration that the one piece is real.

Now imagine if something bad happens to one of the five Elders picking up inside the devil fruit lab where Shaka had just been shot in the head by an unseen assailant a cage Stella would cry out in disbelieving horror as a mysterious figure Drew closer and closer Stella would demand that they answer him but when they finally came into view he was.

Dumbfounded the traitor would then reveal himself to be none other than big a punk York with a massive pistol in her hands and an unsettling smile on her face she agreed her Creator while declaring that she's going to become a Celestial Dragon the mere notion of this angered and disgusted Stella as York has been to the Holy Land and has seen the.

Depravity of the celestials firsthand he couldn't understand such a desire which is interesting since she was made using his own brain her entire job and purpose has been to Lounge about eating sleeping and taking dumps despite possessing an intellect on par with that of her siblings she has all the behaviors of a Celestial Dragon in that sense and may.

Harbor resentment towards the others who get to invent and have fun together but I seriously wonder if the world government will actually make her a Celestial Dragon if all goes well we've never heard of such a thing before and not even though Flamingo was able to re-enter their society ultimately York is a Vega Punk of greed there is no.

Greater desire to be had for such a person than to become a Celestial Dragon the only thing that could possibly come close would be the desire to be the only Vega Punk and never have to share the world's affection and admiration again not to mention that being a Celestial Dragon would eliminate virtually all the restrictions and issues the Vagabonds.

Currently face when it comes to their research they would have unlimited money and could conduct almost any experiment no matter how unjust whatever the case I just hope that such a smart character at least has some insurance on this deal or something York pretended to be taken down petrified by a snake and use that lacking suspicion to make her way here.

And continue her plans maybe she was able to warp like we saw Stella do with his introduction Stella's words here made York laugh as he sounded just like Shaka to her feeling No Remorse for killing what was essentially her sibling York would continue to laugh over his death not sure how such a tiny bullet emerged from such a huge pistol but York.

Would follow this up by mentioning how confusing it is to have so many Vega punks in the world as Stella remained horrified York would keep smiling saying that the world would be better off with only one of them instead hopefully Brooke Robin Chopper and Atlas can make it to this location but with how bad Zorro is at erections he might end up.

There first as always I'm celesteob otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you