This latest chapter of one piece was huge luffy and kaido were still in the midst of their clash against one another and luffy happened to be applying the haki teachings that had been bestowed onto him by way of old nayogoro while kaido had enveloped himself in his flames in such a way that a much larger fiery visage of his dragon form would.

Appear for the sake of harming luffy kaido here would commend luffy's efforts that for him to have come this far was truly impressive however he quickly declared that luffy would never be able to change the world and once he said this we would receive one of the biggest red flags a character in the midst of a fight can receive a flashback here we.

Would have kaido who is an absolute menace to society at the young age of only 10 years old demolishing whole buildings and leaving them engulfed in flames now mind you at this particular point in time kaido would not have a double fruit as big mom was actually the ones provided to him and they have not met just yet kaido was a terrifyingly.

Powerful figure worthy of infamy even at only 10 years old which although a tad bit older at this particular point reminds me of big mom's early travesties the country of kaido's birth then be revealed as 46 years ago kaido lived in the rochuan kingdom a location which happens to reside in the south blue as a child of only 10 years old hato is.

Referred to as a soldier and the strongest one at that now this was the case because the rochuan kingdom had been forced to wage war and interestingly enough this war was triggered by a need to pay the celestial tribute and so for the sake of paying their taxes to the world government the kingdom was willing to do what they.

Needed to do now as a reminder the celestial tribute or heavenly tribute is required of a country for it to be allied with the world government what ultimately allows them to be protected from the likes of say pirate occupation although perhaps not as cruelly it is a nefarious means of extorting a whole nation under the guise of protection.

Similar to that of say the former occupation of just rosa by the don quixote pirates behavior that certainly makes sense considering doflamingo's celestial birth but anyways being the rough young man that he was kaido would wonder why these celestial dragons got the bossy king around but the king did not care what kaido thought as he knew.

The way of the world now kaido hailing from this particular kingdom is especially fascinating to me on the more minor side of things kaido's obsession with drinking and getting drunk may be tied to his country of birth as he named his ruler was literally king beer but taking things a step further rochuan kingdom like how wano is heavily based.

On japan seems to very much be based on russia this is information we presume to be the case even before we had ever seen the location itself but is now even further corroborated by the presentation of massive mountain ranges behind the kingdom which russia is very much known for so with all this in mind kaido by extension is essentially a russian man.

And looking beyond these simple stereotypes of being exceedingly strong and tough it is with this knowledge that we are able to more accurately pinpoint what may have been an inspiration of odas and its construction of this arc as a world builder one of the best things you can do to make your own world in its history more feasible and or authentic.

Would be to study the event of the real world and its history and it seems oda has done just that to an extent with kaido's impact on wano being relatively similar to the real world russo-japanese war in the early 1900s russia as a european power felt unbeatable as opposed to the smaller asian country of japan their forces outnumbered that of.

The japanese tremendously just like with the beast pirates against iwana resistance yet despite these seemingly insurmountable odds japan won the war and completely and utterly shocked the world that presumed the outcome of the conflict to be the other way around since its inception this war also saw one of the largest pre-world war land.

Battles in history which doesn't perfectly align with the world of one piece as of course marine ford is a thing but if we assume the world war equivalent to be the final war of the series then the comparison can make a bit more sense ultimately kaido would be sacrificed for the sake of the country being as powerful of a soldier as he was.

He was to be offered up for navy enlistment frankly the country could not handle someone as strong as him and kaido was very much against being a servant of the world government and this is actually a list of very powerful characters that could have very well ended up being marine soldiers the deal was that if kaido were to be handed over.

To the marines then the kingdom would be guaranteed a seat at the next reverie but again being used as a political bargaining ship certainly wasn't something kaido was comfortable with from there it wouldn't be long before kaido set fire to the navy vessel and escaped we then received kaido's very first bounty which was set at an.

Impressive 70 million that's more than luffy's 30 million more than big mom's 50 million and more than the big time rookie bellamy's 55 million this is a huge starting bounty and this was due to the fact that the kid had been captured several times over and kept on escaping apparently he used to let himself get caught on purpose whenever he got hungry.

Which is just brilliant and certainly not something a no-fruit user could reliably do on account of c prism and such we would then jump to two years later on the pirate island of hachinosu the location that these days seems to be dominated by the blackbeard pirates but was once particularly during this flashback in the possession of the.

Rock's pirates at only age 5 kaido was laying out pirates with ease doing so it's his prowess as to garner the attention of rox himself who would send his crew mate to edward newgate or whitebeard to recruit the kid in addition that would have the rox pirates be seen as unstoppable we would then quickly jump to the moment where.

Charlotte lindelin who at this age i'm sure plenty of you wouldn't mind calling her big mom would announce a kaido that they were going to god valley which would of course later come to be known as the location of their cruise end a revelation that would be incredibly difficult for the world to believe but would cement the legend of garc the hero.

Although without the full story of roger's inclusion in the event it would understandably be hard to believe with infighting being far easier to imagine as their fault since none of their members were exactly team players i mean whitebeard's captain was rox and he seemed pretty buddy buddy with roger who supposedly took the guy down and with.

Kaido taking his lead so abruptly afterwards big mom was of course not so happy about it would then have kaido as the captain of the beast pirates 10 years later at the age of 25 and with him was he ever wicked higarashi and it would seem that she spent some of her time away from moana with phoebe's pirates here she would express to the.

Mighty captain that throughout history humans have always turned to brutality to solve the problems of the world in the end humans were animals and like is the case with all other animals survival of the fittest is their true nature a sentiment which kaido very much agreed with it was believed that from then on everything would revolve around the.

Former members of the rock's crew which to an extent is actually pretty true as three other members would go on to be the emperors of the sea this evil which would then express a weapon shaped the world they live in and therefore she had a proposition for the embodiment of brutality what we of course know to be his occupation of wano and the.

Subjugation of its people kaido was ready willing and able to raise hell by way of warfare all for the sake of showing these so-called peace-loving nobles the only way to truly test one's worth was in battle fully embracing the equality to be found in anarchy kaido would at some point bring up to king that yamato mentioned joyboy he wasn't.

Sure how his kid learned of such a name but on account of this he'd furthermore say that odin wanted to open a wano to welcome joy boy then telling king that if joy boy was the man he was waiting for then he knows who he is this would then bring us back to current events the remaining cp zero agent was in the midst of vacating the premises by way of geppo.

The inclusion of which is pretty major as the world government and more specifically the five elders attempt to stop luffy has failed and they should now become aware of this fact yamato was certain of luffy's victory here and as such one last time would cry out for momonosuke to do what he needed to do the young lord would then yell out for.

His fling clouds to appear and obey him the people of wano had set their lanterns off into the sky along with their hopes and dreams meanwhile from within onigishima would be a whole lot of screaming and yelling at first it was unclear where this was all coming from both rhizo and jinbe still doing their best to flood the enclosure the rippling.

Waves of their efforts would carry many to safety a number of which worked out for users therefore causing issues for them eventually plenty of people would be brought together by the water as he flames subsided sanji who was still with the woman he had saved would now be held on to by her much to his happiness meanwhile frankie was still holding on.

To zoro who was in need of medical attention we would then move on to denjito and hiyori as he commended the young woman for her resilience and all the suffering she'd endured by her lonesome over the years as he severed head of orochi continue to burn and hopefully he will be burning elsewhere as well considering the many atrocities.

And sins he has committed i seriously still believe he got off a little too easy but the time had come oneigoshima was officially falling taito's flame clouds were gone and the castle was going to crash meanwhile our heavy hitters were still going at it kaido would then ask luffy a question what kind of world do you seek to create as.

Luffy would strain for a while here but minosuke would again cry out for his playing club to appear and much with surprise this time around they would actually appear and begin to surround on ingoshima now i'm not sure what i was expecting but i didn't expect it to just work like that but i guess it did luffy was finally beginning to gain the upper.

Hand in his bout as he'd begun to answer kaido his fist will be pushed into the side of kaido's face in a way that certainly reminded me of his former lackey doflamingo luffy's response will be a world where his friends could eat as much as they like a very simple concept but certainly a tall order in a world of such greed and considering how.

Star of the people have wanna have been it is a brilliant thing to say to such a ruthless tyrant this was the sort of world luffy was willing to fight for and fight for it he has as he'd finally defeat kaido once and for all using his fists who plunged kaido into the depths of the sea in epic fashion had it would then recall the words he had expressed a.

King in the past that joyboy is a man who would be able to beat him one day a concept that a true king believed joy boy would never appear but appear he certainly has onigashima's descent has been successful and unbeknownst to the people of wano after 20 horrible years their wishes have finally come true as their saviors lordkowski mominosuke and.

Monkey d luffy look to be receiving a much-needed and well-deserved rest what a ride it has been but boy am i excited for what is to come next as always i am slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you