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Luffy Becomes Rob Lucci’s New God – One Piece Chapter 1075


Rob Lucci decides to join Luffy and the straw hats we open chapter 1075 with a young vegapunk paying a visit to Mary joa he's still grinning like nothing's wrong but the Gory say behind him don't seem so happy oda's got a great look for them here the Silhouettes with white hair aesthetic makes me five old men look surprisingly intimidating whatever.

Happened in this meeting may not have gone very well for vegapunk but did you notice something way more concerning here vegapunk at this time looks to be younger than he was when meeting Luffy's dad Monkey D Dragon after the destruction of Ohara at age 43. that alone was over two decades ago the five Elders meanwhile are just that five.

Elders they're old they're all old in the present it aren't noticeably different even this long ago oda's definitely hiding something here with them all being silhouetted like this the cover pages lately have been really informative so let's hope Detroit continues on for a while longer in the present Vega Punk Shaka is trying to.

Contact over the lab's internal Communication System the blast that hit the seraphim lab in the last chapter was so big Shaka was able to hear from the control room he calls out to his fellow Vega Punk repeatedly asking him what's happened the outer wall starts to crumble away with smoke billowing out as Shaka keeps yelling for Pythagoras the.

Pumps and Vats of Egghead continue to flow as if the damage were nothing even a blast like this isn't enough to slow down the level Face's automatic Machinery with no signs of Pythagoras checking in there's no reason to assume Foul Play just yet his first assumption is that this is just an accident something going wrong due to all the.

Damage he building has taken hoping that Pythagoras hasn't been hurt and that the columns are just offline Shaka turns to the console he orders he then then Mushi to start searching Tower C hoping to figure out what's happened we see one of the adorable monitor snails swiveling around on the wall taking the area in the little guy seems to spot something.

Its eyes focusing on some moving point back in the control room Shaka makes out a dark figure emerging from the smoke the helmet Adventure Punk does a double take at that someone's Shadow is moving within the damaged area we get a glimpse of the creature a thing that looks like it's mostly head is it non-human or is he silhouette distorted by the camera.

Angle either way the thing is reaching out towards Eden and Mushi and just like that there's another massive explosion at the sight of the camera snail Shaka watches as his monitor screen turns to static before finally fading to a crossed out sign something just killed a dent and Mushi this villain is heartless outside Luffy and Zorro are still.

Sitting about with the handcuffed cp0 agents at their feet Luffy has recovered a bit and is standing up trying to use his headpiece Zora asks what's going on but Luffy shushes him all of a sudden his com's gone completely dead he calls out the Shaka Mr helmet guy asking aloud if something has happened to the headset Luffy even puts a hand to it cupping it.

To his ear in case he voices have suddenly gone quiet before Shaka can answer him we need to take a look at the other groups that are out searching for Stella for the first time we get a proper map of the level stratum there's been significant damage to the upper areas of the laboratory complex but we have three towers remaining a b and c a.

Has four floors still intact while B and C just have two each all of the buildings have partially intact upper sections too which may be worth remembering starting on Tower A's third floor we have Brook Edison and Nami they call out for vegapunk before getting distracted Nami has found an entire Vault full of diamonds immediately.

Nami's in love and wants to take them away she's just fawning over the beautiful Jewels Edison tries desperately to resist this launching a futile kick at nami's back the little guy doesn't seem too happy at the people who are supposed to be looking for Stella getting distracted like this Brooke pretty reasonably pulling south.

Of the Vega punks are planning to leave the island if they were going to abandon these things what does it matter if Nami takes them for herself Edison admits that this is a fair point though he's still not happy about these straw hats since priorities and Nami swiftly proves him right in no time flat she has an entire backpack loaded up with treasure.

And is ready to head back to the control room Edison protests that they're supposed to be looking for Stella Nami leaves her treasure behind for now content to come back later as they go Edison clarifies that these aren't cosmetic diamonds they're manufactured diamonds they're supposed to be used for industrial purposes only and Nami stop.

Listening after manufactured she's enraptured at the idea that the Vega punch can just make diamonds she clasp her hands her eyes making those familiar Berry signs our Navigator is singing the prices of the future and its infinite treasure while Edison starts calling out for Shaka again the little guy seems nervous to be on his own with these.

Straw hats right now telling treasure hungry Nami I can make diamonds may have been a mistake one floor beneath that group on A2 Chopper Atlas and Robin are doing better at staying on task they're just strolling along taking in the lab while they look around pristella Chopper asked Atlas about her face they'd seen it broken down on the island but she's.

Made impressive recovery Atlas makes it clear she can replace any part of her body whenever she needs to she attributes this to the future but before she can elaborate Robin stops the pair looking into one of the Vats they're walking past she's spotted something that looks like vegapunk Atlas clarifies however that what she's seeing isn't the.

Old man it's an organoid an artificial human made to recreate replacement organs presumably this gives team bigapunk a way to transplant artificial hearts and lungs rather than relying on human donors Chomper is wowed by this technology and is literally in tears over it when Robin points out that the result made her assume Vega Punk have.

Been cut into pieces however our little reindeer starts to look a bit more terrified presumably organoids aren't stored as full bodies but as component parts that has to look pretty gruesome moving away from these search parties for now we return to the group guarding cp0 they're at the highest point of the main building the command room is at A4.

Luffy's gone back into the control room to talk to Shaka this wide shot makes it clear that this central air area is not in great condition the Vega Punk of wisdom is just standing in the center of the rubble Shaka barely seems to hear Luffy however he's calling out into the communications Channel trying desperately to reach Edison it looks.

Like the entire communication network is down Luffy doesn't pick up on that however he's just talking to Shaka to figure out why his headset isn't working Straw Hat tries to reassure the helmeted scientists that he's not the one who wrecked the Kong but Shaka clarifies that what's going on isn't Luffy's fault he calls him over to take a closer look.

At the monitor Mega Punk and straw hat watch together as the camera feeds flick off one by one Luffy actually looks a little worried by this as much as we poke fun at his Dumber moments he knows that this is bad something is taking out the cameras just when his crew split up to investigate the lab they can't even tell where the rest of the search.

Parties are at this point Luffy sticks with Chaka in the mostly red control room watching over the remaining monitors this can't be an accident someone is deliberately taking out the Laboratories camera Network why where are they with those questions lingering in the air we cut over to B2 we've got jimbei stucy and Sanji here to be team.

Tropical shirt and even by sanji's normal standards of female appreciation he's got it bad for Stussy he's been so wild by the former sniper pull agent he's asking her to call him a dog this man thinks he's denji from chainsaw man St Lucy's okay with it though just trying to keep him focused on the hunt for Stella Jin may know that they've got.

A big task in front of them this laboratory is particularly massive Stussy explains that this is the weapons manufacturing floor they can't have anything breaking here so it's built to be big and resilient that makes this a point to remember if a fight starts B2 is where to go for Weaponry it's likely the other Vega puns we'll head here if.

They need to blow something up and if the trainer wants to win the fight they'll want to take this play out as soon as possible and then we get our final group we're currently checking out C3 this party is the most vague upon Centric with York Lilith Frankie and Usopp and wow okay these groups have an uneven number of people.

Count it out we have Nami Brooke Edison three Luffy Zorro and Shaka three again Robin Chopper Atlas three then it was team tropical shirt Sanji Stussy and jinbei this party is our only set of four when they were dividing up someone in the stronger punks had to pick an existing group of three to go with and I'm gonna say that someone was usab.

Because when given the option of all three groups it would be just like Usopp to unknowingly pick the one that was going right into danger Tower C floor 3 puts this team directly at Pythagoras's last known location before he got blown up this is literally the worst team he could have picked and Usopp had an 80 chance of avoiding this long knows his.

Luck Remains the worst at least he's got some strong Firepower on his side Usos chatting with Lilith about her cool sci-fi gun The Marksman is naturally impressed by the technology according to punk Lilith this is a bubble gun one designed to reflect enemy attacks back at their opponents it's likely using the same technology as the Mark III pacifist.

As bubble Shield that we saw last chapter Punk York isn't very focused just yawning as she strolls behind the group Frankie is listening to usop and Lula talk but he's not also impressed by an attack that just bounces things back clearly this man has forgotten all about Kuma's Powers he just keeps calling out for vegapunk which is a bit of a weird.

Thing to yell out when he's walking next to two vegapunks but hey hard to blame him for getting confused here and good on him for staying on task but it's not Frankie who notices that something's wrong however that's Punk York who puts up a hand to Shield her eyes suddenly the group notices a giant billowing cloud of smoke right in front of them.

Did they just turn a corner or something how did they not see that sooner anyway the search party starts running towards a blast something bad has clearly happened Uso spot someone on the ground not moving he Sprints over to these stricken figure starting to recognize it and yeah the bendable limbs bulky body and looking jet pack make it clear this.

Is vegapunk Pythagoras and there's just a smoldering mess of smoke where his head used to be lusov doesn't notice that at first however he kneels down next to the Fallen Vega Punk trying to shake him away only then does he realize that the body seemingly been decapitated the group Wonders that the explosion was Pythagoras blowing up before a clanging.

Sound interrupts them something is here usop is quick on the draw he's already loaded his kurokabuto and as it pointed right at the strange Invader but as he little football thing steps Out of the Shadows hands raised the search party is stunned it's by dagger is his head Pythagoras if you will it looks like Edison isn't the only Vega Punk.

That can detach his head like that usab asks the punk what happened at a glance this looks like an accident but it just happens to Target Pythagoras's body seems very specific could there be some kind of enemy around here the head is still in shock at what happened and doesn't know how to say it it seems like even he can't quite believe believe what.

Happened to him the others interject yelling at the little Vega Punk to hurry up and explain looking kind of glum Pythagoras admitted the vegapunks could have made a pretty serious mistake before he can clarify more however the little bot notices something Punk York is missing the group calls for her and she's not that far away the biggest Vega.

Punk has wandered off over to a childlike figure some distance from the Blast Zone The Stranger is Tiny by comparison barely reaching the vegapunk's knees York is surprised to see this new arrival noting that Edison had told them to stop still she gives you a little stranger a head Pat and a friendly grin the Vega Punk can't resist.

Gushing a bit at how cute this Intruder is and we see this new arrival s snake the Boa Hancock seraphim who is already making the heart sign with her hands Pythagoras screams and York to get away from the tiny warlord he knows what's coming but it's no use the cute loving York barely has time to react as the marrow marrow beam washes right over her.

Still kneeling down and in just a second York's been completely turned to stone utterly unconcerned snake kicks her former Masters to the side like an unwanted lawn gnome the look of adoration Frozen on York's face the other Vega punks call out for their sister but it's useless she's completely Frozen the meromero is downright.

Devastating in s Nick's hands it just needs a little emotion to work how can you look at that face and not think she's adorable Lilith doesn't know what to make of what just happened the attacker is a seraphim what's it even doing here let alone attacking them they aren't supposed to be capable of moving on their own lusoff just stares in.

Horror at the super power child who just took down a giant woman Lilith calls out to F snake ordering the seraphim to stop the small Hancock Angel doesn't answer her she just raises her hand charging up an energy blast in just a second the whole area has been covered by a massive globe of flame the straw hats and Vega punks are falling through the air the.

Bridge they were standing on reduced to Rubble even as they plummet towards the ground Lilith is complaining at what just happened did s snake somehow not realize their Vega punks Pythagoras confirms the thought no matter what they do their orders are clearly not being accepted there's no way the seraphim didn't hear Lilith's command it seems.

Pretty clear at this point that it was a snake who attacked Pythagoras rather than traitor doing that personally the energy blasts match up pretty closely the crew managed a pretty good Landing Lilith and Frankie use their Dom shoes's jet boost mode to touch down smoothly the former carrying Pythagoras one-handed only usop takes a hard hit.

Falling head first onto the ground Frankie is already trying to think of a way to fight back looking up at the seraphim on the bridge a snake just met his gaze given the straw hat a dispassionate frown she doesn't seem happy about this does she know want to fight her Masters could she actually be trying to resist her programming for the.

Moment rather than trying to fly up and continue the fight Frankie just retrieves us from the rubble he fell into Lilith is trying to use Ecom to reach Shaka But like everyone else it's not working for her it looks like the entire system is down and Lilith doesn't look happy at that she makes it clear to Frankie and usop that as far as she's.

Concerned there's no way to win this deserve him are made to be the strongest Warriors in the world as snake Smiles at that is she feeling smug she's got some reason to while we've seen the seraphim fight a few times now no one's managed to beat them yet the closest we've seen is Blackbeard who temporarily incapacitated as Hawk with black hole.

But it wasn't enough to take the seraphim out of action we heard that even after the fight as Hawk hadn't even taken a scratch from teach back in Tower A's control room floor 4 Zorro calls out to Luffy for help the captain swings into the outer chamber pulling himself to the air with Shaka running after him both Straw Hat captain and Vega Punk.

Commander however are stunned by what they see as Hawk and S Bear have both arrived and interestingly Zorro clarifies that they weren't attacking him they were trying to kill the cp0 agents whatever you might think of Luchi and Kaku Zoro doesn't want to let them die while handcuffed Shaka tries to order.

The attackers to stand down but his words do nothing the two seraphim both start charging up their next big attack and the room is engulfed in an explosion the blast tears up the room and knock Shaka back but these straw hats are quicker Luffy grabs Rob Lucci while Zoro takes Kaku both pulling these hyperbole Asians away from the blast there's a.

Ghastly silence after the blast punctuated only by The Gentle patter of rubble Luffy and Zorro are both panting for breath while Shaka spells out the problem here if he can't order the seraphim to stand down they must have been given this order by someone equal to him or hire any command hierarchy if the five Elders were here one of them.

Could have done this but otherwise the person who ordered us bear and his hog to attack them was vegapunk and if everything that happened was intentional these severed calm lines the frontier don't being turned against them then all this was done to kill everyone Luchi and Kaku are conscious now and more than a little worried they sound groggy but.

They're quick enough to pick up on what Shaka said the seraphim tried to kill them specifically isn't something they expected either and they're painfully aware that they can't defend themselves right now kakum owns those no-good seraphim scamps they've only got one option here the two assassins turn to the straw hats offering Luffy and Zorro.

A temporary Alliance if they take out their handcuffs the pair will be able to help them I guess he rampaging seraphim two of the world government's finest agents have to be helpful in a fight right Zoro and Luffy do not look happy about that idea will they go for it trusting cp0 is dangerous but if you try to keep them safe while they're cuffed.

Luffy Azora will be at a massive handicap against the seraphim they may not have much of a choice as always I'm Celestial otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you