With this latest chapter one piece titled next level after just having been made to experience his very own breath attack for his hand we would have kaido panting in an attempt to catch his own breath the fight was very clearly wearing him down and he would admit to believing luffy was done for after what had happened previously of course.

Referring to his defeat at the hands of kaido largely thanks to the sudden intervention of the world government by way of a cp zero agent and to this luffy 2 would admit that he shared the very same sentiment he should not be alive unlike his gear 4 techniques this newfound state of his gear fifth was not something he had previously experienced.

Trained or even expected this was something entirely new and as we all know luffy is hardly the type to break things down and think about them a whole lot and so we would have kaido in a sense pick up the slack to further emphasize what exactly has happened kaido would surmise that because luffy has now been able to make his.

Surroundings rubbery like he could his own body it was rather evident that the boy had awakened his paramecia type devil fruit which courtesy of the previous chapter we now know to in fact be a mythical zoan type devil fruit albia covered up by the likes of the world government something one might imagine is seldom done considering devil.

Fruit abilities are typically rather indicative of their classification and at the very least the user typically knows the fruit's proper name upon consumption yet for some reason or another which we will of course go on to theorize with preceding videos luffy lacks any such intrinsic understanding of his own devil fruit therefore.

Allowing for the spinning of such a tall tale yet the conflict here was clear as day to cairo as he could not shake the feeling this something was a mishear as it felt off then frankly expressing that such a transformation was far more of a zoan fruit type of trait all the while making his way towards a leisurely luffy and furthermore proceeding to chomp down.

On him this would irritate luffy as he would resist the crushing weight of kaido's jaw a display of resistance kaido certainly was not expecting and so in a bit of desperation he decided to swallow his opponent whole as luffy slid down screaming however it wouldn't take very long for kylo to regret doing so as luffy's struggle against his interior.

Was horrific zigzagging from within as he kicked to the point of it appearing as such on the outside of the dragon's body luffy prepared his next attack and while he did so again the point of him not realizing the truth about his own fruit is displayed as he continues to refer to his own moves with the gomu gomu beginning and this was gomogomono.

Balloon as luffy expanded his body to after proportions and kaido right along with him the draconic yonko would cry out in both dismay and disapproval as he too would begin to elevate higher and higher most of the shared disbelief of yamato and momentosuke the two were baffled by this newfound appearance of kaido as they begin to banter among.

Themselves wondering what was going on and the fact that it looked like kaido had gained some pounds to the point where yamato would even begin to wonder if this was some unseen form of kaidos and oh mankaido was pissed he had no idea how luffy was doing any of this especially the fact that beyond luffy simply being rubbery himself so too was.

Kaido at this point which again is another major expansion of the possibilities to be found with his power the potential applications are virtually limitless and go even beyond that as you'll see later on the chapter but as a very simple example he could go on to make the sunny canon or bulletproof like himself in fact if he were to make.

Another person rubbery they may be able to bypass a water-based devil fruit limitation since luffy's body doesn't actually cease to be rubbery while submerged in water despite being a nerd but i suppose the real question is can luffy turn the sea rubbery as well also if you were to turn anyone rubbery i would hope for it to be zorro simply so.

That concept art of zorro having luffy's fruit that would have made in the past can come to life but just when you think luffy's powers couldn't get any more bizarre from within kaido genuinely like a cartoon that defies the laws of physics and anatomy luffy would see a pair of bright lights and stretch his arms through them what ultimately ended.

Up being the eyeballs of kaido the gorosei were completely and utterly correct this is by far the most ridiculous power in one piece and you know if i were to be in kaido's position i might just give up right then and there because that sort of scarring experience is something you need a cold shower for afterwards good lord and.

Luffy with jettison from them too with this escape rocket move as he laughed at his opponent's discomfort luffy was very clearly having a blast during all this as he smiled in kaido's direction before exhaling that which kept him inflated therefore spiraling upwards and onwards into the clouds above he'd also prepare yet another attack as yamato and.

Mominosuke watched on and what they saw absolutely blew their minds this was gomugomono gigant as luffy was now absolutely massive i mean dragon formed kaido is the biggest zoan type transformation we have ever seen in the series or at least he was until this he looks absolutely puny by comparison but at the very least he is.

Still a dangerous reptile and he was prepared to strike all the while momentosuke and yamato would continue to be in total shock as they would wonder who in the world this figure was luffy's voice was certainly coming from it but they for obvious reasons had a hard time believing it was actually him but yeah kaido would chomp down onto the side of.

Luffy who would cry out in agony just before grabbing hold of kaido's horns and a portion of his body and in gear fifth this man luffy is just extra disrespectful because he would use the body of one of the strongest pirates to ever sail the seas as a jump rope the two were falling down at a rather accelerated rate yet as they made their.

Way back down kaido would prepare a point-blank breath attack at luffy which made a direct impact and according to luffy definitely burned yamato would worry for luffy's well-being as he certainly looked to be especially charred after that one and was launched pretty far away with a pose similar to when he was first defeated by kaido and.

Left to drown in the depths below but luffy was not done just yet he'd hit this man kaido with the old waiata and begin to have flames emerge from behind him as he would then race across the sky leaving a trail of flames behind him in pursuit of kaido so luffy can run on air now i guess but my goodness it does not end he would wind up his fist preparing.

To attack yet kaido now back to his hybrid form would look in his direction and race his weapon catching an enraged luffy off guard and as if playing whack-a-mole he would slam down on luffy's head and with this the massive face and neck of luffy would be submerged down into the live floor for all to see and comparing this shot to.

Kaido's entrance just goes to show how huge luffy has become now and good lord nobody was prepared for this their eyes would lead their skulls in disbelief and as morgans would say this is big news the fact that everyone in attendance is seeing this means that the information will soon make the rounds even if they don't understand what they're looking at.

Much of the dismay and frustration of the world government however luffy would squeeze himself back from once he came still much larger than kaido upon his return only to shrink back down to his normal size as kaido related the boy's form to be like something right out of a children's picture book and at this point luffy was certainly in pain and.

Feeling the effects of this out fight kaido admired the show luffy had put on thus far but it was clear to him that luffy was on the brink he simply could not win but luffy would shout out at him to shut up he'd begin breathing hard and let it be known that he was far from finished however his body said otherwise as gear fifth will begin to come undone.

Revealing his now extremely exhausted state and by the end of it luffy looked to be downright elderly which to me is somewhat reminiscent of a fellow hitohite me user by the name of tony tony chopper as in the wake of pushing his devil fruit abilities past their limitations he'd been reduced to a far smaller physical state and strangely.

Enough along with the mentality of an elderly man luffy was now thoroughly exhausted and borderline decrepit things weren't looking so good kaido would then cry out questioning what in the world luffy was but just then kaido would drop down to a knee as well clearly just as exhausted despite his otherwise indomitable demeanor and it's at this.

Point that luffy would be honest with the fact that yeah he was on the verge of death after all this fight was certainly taking a lot out of him kaido responded by saying that luffy could rest easy in death then at the very least tails would be told of how violently they all fought in this war but luffy didn't care about that at all.

Stating that when you're dead only your bones remain which is apparently a line out of bing sake the ever famous pirate song that brook tends to play and even looking beyond that this line definitely reminds me of figures like odin and roger who in the past expressed that they'd never die despite meeting their demise and that's on account of their.

Wills living on to be inherited but luffy as the inheritor no doubt had more he needed to do as he began chuckling to himself and it is here that yamato would begin to confirm that this figure was in fact luffy but with his now light colored hair and clothes the latter of which many fan artists seem to overlook but may be less likely to now with this.

Being directly addressed however momentosuke would let it be known that luffy's voice was still fading quickly which would again start to say that yeah he was dying slowly but surely luffy who is now back up on his feet with a pose somewhat reminiscent of the old gear second transformation would let it be known that they are not done just yet.

Then uttering the names of those he had promised momo tama kiyaman and finally the late pedro which i especially enjoyed and just like luffy kaido is smiling now too saying that luffy is seriously going to kill himself and as luffy powered up he'd questioned if kaido truly believed that after all this something like death could scare him as.

He would urge his heartbeat to get louder once again with the drums of liberation and kaido would accept this decision of luffys as he would rush behind him winding back his weapon just as luffy successfully entered the form yet again yamato would cry out for luffy to evade but it would hit him and his face would go on to favor putty as it.

Matchy imprint of the weapon's surface and yamato was mortified as luffy ran off in pain looking absolutely bizarre kaido wasn't finished though as he would catch up to luffy and slammed his weapon down on him yet again as luffy would have the ground be rubbery and somewhat lessen the impact yet impact it had as luffy's body was now collapsed in on.

Itself like a crushed can that would bounce up into the air this flat-headed luffy would spiral elsewhere before landing on some nearby debris and beginning a countdown from three and when he counted to zero he popped back up to his normal stature as conqueror's hockey would ripple out from his form then rushing to kaido as he swung his.

Arms in a rotating fashion and at the very same time a bewildered and overwhelmed kaido would have to wonder what luffy and this new pure white-haired transformation of his was he began breaking things down the fact that luffy was coded in not only armament but also conquer his hockey and could influence anything around him with.

This power of his the freedom and versatility to which he fought was unlike anything this season fighter had ever seen or experienced before yet even still he would let it be known that no one in the world was capable of taking him down and oh my goodness what luffy does from here is absolutely positively insane he literally punches through.

Kaido's face i mean his fist literally went through the man's cranium nobody could believe it not even us but with this luffy has toppled kaido and looks to at this moment have the upper hand but you know what it looks like the fight is not completely over just yet as luffy lets it be known to kaido that he is currently having the time of his life.

Depending on whether or not we end up solely focusing on this fight i'd imagine we can expect at least one or two more chapters of combat thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you