So this latest chapter of One Piece has of course given rise to more questions and inquiry in regards to the Grand history of this world we are also enthralled by but beyond the heavy thinking in regards to potential implications and such we did receive a pretty cool fight that included one of the coolest characters in the series so.

That is always nice with the previous chapter we had the confrontation between jinbei and who's who were in jinbei like many of the other forces allied with these straw hats was greatly outnumbered by the enemy forces however by way of Thomas decree all of the forces would consume the Dango produced by her devil fruit ability would turn against their.

Fellow Beast Pirates and instead worked towards the defeat of kaido this drastically shifted the tide and gave rise to Great confusion amongst the enemy forces elsewhere Sanji would continue his fight against Queen who would admit to Once being a part of Mads the nefarious research team of germa 66 and from there he would unveil his.

Pretty obvious cyber augmentation meanwhile Chopper was overseeing the immediate treatment of Zorro as he himself was suffering from the side effects of his new Rumble ball because of it Chopper was made to be absurdly small yet also mentally elderly but as it turns out the Ming's possess a hyper-regenitative miracle drug however.

The drawback would be that the user will suffer twice as much once it wears off a drawback Zorro of all people did not mind at all so long as it let him back into the action but now without these Superior numbers on his side who's who would begin to get serious against jinbei and in this heated battle it was apparent that who's who was making use.

Of unorthodox variations of the six Powers a series of martial arts techniques possessed by agents of the world government which prompted jimbei to recall a story about a member of cp9 having been imprisoned and escaping which whose who would confirm was in fact him in his past he was applauded to possess potential on on par with that of.

Rob Lucci however due to a particular incident 12 years ago his life was derailed as it turns out the reason who's who feels so strongly about these straw hats was because of this bitter past of his 12 years ago the fruit that Luffy ate the gomugomonomi was stolen from a government ship with this latest chapter we would again be reminded of.

How many of kaido's forces had indeed switched sides in this conflict however we would additionally be provided specific numbers to accompany this inclusion firstly it did a notion of 300 Headliners but because the timing of the sudden shift was right after Thomas address she would immediately become the target of enemy Pursuits for the sake of.

Reversing these effects as such Nami usop and Tama would begin to flee as fast as they could but as they were being chased ifugo would intervene on their behalf aiding in their escape while giving Tama a little thumbs up just as horsella would pull up and serve as a fast means of Transport I mean they would even speak of helping komochio out.

So yeah as expressed by Nami and usop Thomas power in this capacity is pretty impressive one moment these people are bloodthirsty enemies plotting on your downfall and the next they are ever loyal friends and perhaps on account of scenes to servitude firsthand Zeus would now ask Nami if he could be her servant again to which she would refuse much to.

His disappointment however she would elaborate by saying that instead they can be partners which just made Zeus's heart flutter as he enthusiastically blazed a path for them to follow again the numbers had been skewed once more as now an additional 2 000 Traders would be accounted for this Rampage served to cause kaido's forces an additional 2 000.

People on top of that as now we would again see the ever mysterious members of cp0 convene here they will confirm that kaido's forces had gone from thirty thousand to twenty thousand but now truly crunching the numbers while considering defections and casualties the current figures of this conflict were 16 000 on the side of kaido and.

Nine thousand on the side of the straw hats with the aid of the gifters standing to substantiate further success on their side however one of these would make it clear that the victor of this battle was inconsequential to their intentions as more than anything they were tasked with confirming a particular death and because of this another would.

Question if his identity had ever been confirmed and furthermore even if it is any classified information he may possess is likely to be dated by now and so as such his continued survival would be of no consequence to the world government yet another would argue that allowing such a person to survive at all would set a bad precedent and all the.

While they were avoiding the use of a specific name here but thankfully with this last bit they would confirm that he was indeed facing the former warlord of the sea jinbei and so his life was in Jeopardy as is so yeah these guys are after who's who who would have guessed it as presumed previously the guy's imprisonment was likely on account of.

Him knowing too much and with him once being a loyal agent they may have decided that executing him outright might be more suspicious than a prison sentence but with him having escaped and become a pirate they don't really have to worry about handling the situation delicately now do they but from here the battle between jinbei and who's who will.

Continue as he too were now becoming more serious Uso would begin with a moonwalk to elevate himself and hover above jinbei and the two would continue to speak to one another all throughout this mind you as jinbei would question it because of his connection who's who has a grudge against Luffy but to this who's who would admit that his true.

Issue lied with Shanks as the one who stole the fruit as whose who would let off another Fang pistol that jinbei would defend against with his Armament hockey however despite his defenses this attack still managed to draw blood which is goes to show just how fearsome this attack truly is with this who's who would let off a barrage of fang pistols.

As he would say that as a possessor of both that power and straw hat his resentment was naturally spread to Luffy as well and these Fang pistols were no joke as they were piercing right through the floor huzu would then commend jinbei on his decision to evade rather than defend as regardless of his Armament hockey his attacks would be sure to.

Pierce through either way but he would also admit to being surprised that a fish man could possibly move so fast on land in the most derogatory way possible now jinbei wasn't sure how to respond to this but would Express that such racist statements were no longer socially acceptable to which who's who would actually apologize for go figure and man.

It is just so interesting how these two are just having a somewhat casual conversation while trying to destroy one another physically and at that who's who had something he wanted to ask the former warlord as he would use iron body to slam right into a hardened jinbei who was prepared for The Clash and I mean the force associated with this attack.

Was considerable but even still jinbei remained resilient and would solidify his stance while now gripping onto the elongated fangs of Who's Who flipping him over and slamming him into the ground with tremendous power this was enough to draw blood but jinbei was not done yet he would launch off some water bullets as at the last second who's who.

Would you shave to recover and evade this attack at this point he was in pain but even still was intent on having his question heard he'd say that back in prison he too heard A peculiar story at the time he was mockingly towed to pray to and seek salvation from a particular someone as it turns out slaves in ancient times believed in a warrior of.

Legend who was prophesied to at some point save them from their bondage the one known as Sun King Nika the one belief that bring them laughter and freedom from their suffering and just then who's who would continue his barrage his sentence was a cruel one and went on for what felt like forever and so in his desperation he too clung onto.

Such a tale for Comfort he didn't exactly care for the details all too much he just desired to be saved at this point jinbei would again question what this sort of thing had to do with him at all to which who's who would say that as the former leader of the sun Pirates a crew made of a former Fishman slaves with a long-standing history of slavery.

Perhaps there was a connection a statement that rather clearly elicited a negative reaction from jinbei and at this point Who's Who would begin a finger pistol assault that he cleverly refers to as spots and he was not letting up at all the battle was looking to be in his favor at this point and because these attacks were coming from.

All over jinbei had no choice but to spread his arm in mahaki all over his body which general really speaking means that you are spreading out your defenses a bit thin there and they're not concentrated to be able to withstand certain blows but who's who will then say that the guard who had told him the story went missing a few days later.

Without a Trace he'd wonder if that sort of story wasn't the type that should be shared and so he would risk his life to get out of there so now he really wanted to know if jinbei knew anything about it at all but just then the finger of who's who would break upon hitting the surface of jinbei's body his Armament was too great from here jinbei would grip.

Tightly onto Who's Who and say that he has nothing to say to the man who's who would now attempt to release himself by desperately attacking jinbei but boss jinbei was unfazed and eating it all up he wouldn't even Dodge at this point he would just take all these hits like a badass with this he would commence his ultimate technique as who's who was.

Terrified and wondering why jinbei okay was suddenly so mad who's who with tumble backwards with jinbei no longer gripping onto him but would be kept in place as jinbei firmly stepped onto his tail and from here jinbei would deliver a reverberating fist to the Beast face like the aftermath of a rock hitting the surface of the sea taking the former cp9.

Agent down as jinbei would now say that if he's going to make broad assumptions about a person's history he'd better not be half-assed about it and that was the chapter oh man this is all so fascinating so in regards to cp0 wanting to bring about the death of who's who it is clear that he possesses some degree of information they would rather not get.

Out and although he feared for his life in knowing about this supposed sun god Nika the reason he was in prison to begin with was because of the whole gomukomenal situation and based on the conversation of those cp0 members I doubt that even they know the reason for the their Pursuit and the potential magnitude of the danger he possesses I.

Mean if they did they'd be liabilities as well and as loyal government dogs it's not as if they need to see the full picture just what they are tasked with doing when it comes to that prison sentence it is I am a bit perplexed I mean you would think that something of this magnitude would land someone a position in the most secure prison in.

The world impel down but as far as we know Shiki and Luffy along with his Riot were the only prisoners to ever escape the place and so if he was in fact imprisoned in NFL down regardless all I could think to say would be that this was such a blunder that the world government decided to cover up his Escape as well and have been hunting him.

Ever since all the while failing to confirm his identity until now and so it's very interesting to me that who's who believes that a story a Jailer told him was more life-threatening than his previous failure and let me just say I see why the Royal government took this approach with him because boy oh boy for a former secret agent this guy sure does.

Love to talk he said that he had potential on par with Rob Lucci but at least Rob keeps it quiet most of the time now when it comes to Sun God Nica there is a whole lot to unpack with that one for sure immediately Sun got Nica to me comes across as another telling of Joy boy you see history is a very interesting thing our understanding of.

Joy boy thus far in the series has been largely based on the readings of the pony glyphs a written account of the past some God Nica to me comes across more as a verbal history passed from generation to generation a telling that in essence is likely to retain its core meaning and conventions but like a long-running game of telephone the.

Grades in specific details and other accuracies and listen subtle mentions of a supposed sun god may be found across a series in some pretty interesting places and one I especially found to be interesting stems from the shandia of IPA all the way back with chapter 287 of the story The shandia during the time of Nolan in their practice of human.

Sacrifices offered many young women to the giant snake known as kashigami that they revered as a god a creature that Nolan would slay for the sake of saving musu a young woman from being eaten by it and prior to this it was made clear that this cultural attempted appeasement was not intended for kashigami alone but all the gods to Revel in the god of rain.

The god of forest the god of Earth and you guessed it the god of the sun now clearly these people worshiped many deities but even before this when assuring her mother that her sacrifice was a noble one musu spoke of the sun god in particular that she would be able to meet him and the wording in this case was more on the nose than God of the Sun.

And all those such practices May immediately come across as barbaric lest we forget these Hondurans as they were referred to back then for centuries had protected the pony glyph that detailed the location of Poseidon with their lives and so a greater purpose is all but certain not to mention that beyond the title of Sun God we were provided a.

Name Nika Nika perhaps being a take on the Greek goddess Nike without the potential copyright complications which tend to be incredibly vigorous and aggressive in Japan Nike being said to be a winged goddess of Victory with wings of course being a major aspect of shandiophysiology but with all that being said this reference of the Sun God.

Was not just limited to Sky Pia however as with chapter 867 of the manga after having quell the threat of a young big Mom Mother Carmel and using the power of her son homie would urge the giant of elbaf that it wasn't she who had produced a miracle but the sun god which is just oh so fascinating considering elbaf is yet another location that has.

For centuries evaded World Government dominion and so with that at the notion of such a thing being of significance on fisherman island is quite the strong possibility as well however the presumptions of who's who seem to be off base and or vexing to jinbei but even still I don't doubt a bit of credibility to his statements in some capacity in.

Regards to Bringing laughter and smiles to the downtrodden well Roger and his crew when they found the one piece all just laughed and laughed until tears ran from their eyes now when it comes to the whole Sun part we of course had the concept proposed by the pone of glyphs known as the dawn of the world what the late Pedro a mink who had been waiting.

For his time to Aid Roger believed these straw hats would bring about and when it comes to the straw hats as if we needed any more corroborations to the belief that Luffy is in fact Joy boy with chapter 253 of the manga we have what is confirmed to be oda's third favorite one-piece scene the envisionment of which was enough to motivate him to draw.

The sky Pia Arc here we have of these straw hats partying with a bunch of wolves around a bonfire this may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things but scheming is exactly what Oda does as the silhouette of Luffy here is pretty similar to that of the sun god Nika the attention to detail to be found in this series never fails to impress.

This is a series I have been actively keeping up with for nearly 10 years now and it still continues to amaze me in so many ways with perhaps some of the best world building in all of fiction hopefully you guys enjoyed the video and all the connections to be made and if you did let us know down in the comments and be sure to subscribe to plot armor.

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