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Luffy Learns How Devil Fruits Are Created… Everyone Was Wrong! – One Piece Chapter 1069


How many things can happen in one chapter we've got major lore ramifications he brutal death and a new Delaware Awakening let's get into it we open one piece chapter 1069 and utter chaos the Egghead Island staff are panicking Dr Atlas their Defender went down they don't know what the attackers are here for but they want to be very.

Far away from that the whole group is sprinting away from cp0 as fast and as hard as they can someone who is not running away however is Luffy he jimbei and Chopper are standing their ground ready to confront The Intruders directly they have never been afraid of danger or taking on the world government well maybe Chopper but they also have no idea.

How to get up to the cloud layer above the one member other groups someone familiar with the environment Bonnie is still unconscious where else are they supposed to go that said when Chopper finally gets a good look at who they are dealing with he starts to panic even jinbei looks a little concerned they don't remember who cyberpool are and.

Know not to take them lightly the celestial dragons are sending in their strongest Fighters for this assassination they are one step shy of fighting another Buster call they are serious about wanting big upon dead Luffy however is destroyed of angry then managed to know what Rob Lucci is doing here Mr pigeon man unruffled points out.

That it is a government Island and that they are government employees they are clearly supposed to be here blowing people up that's enough to convince Luffy it's not like he knows what government people do for a living plus as pirates these straw hats are the ones who are technically not supposed to be here Rob Lucci has a surprisingly good.

Grasp on how his rival thinks Kaku knows that Luffy's presence here is annoying for their mission even beyond the question of if they can beat Luffy in a fight Cipher pull regulation state that they cannot engage with a yonko without permission cp0 may be Assassins but like good world government employees they do their paperwork properly however before.

They can back away Luffy notices something he takes a second to pass by leaving her with the Helmsman so we can investigate this thing see meanwhile bats of kaku's take on the situation it is not just a matter of following the rules fighting Luffy and his subordinates could start a war Luffy may not be like mosianko but he's still.

Got the grand Fleet both Fishman Island and wano fly the straw hat flag they are not going to take anything happening to Luffy well for that and due to his sheer strength they really should not fight him but unfortunately for cp0 Luffy has just realized what the big smoking thing they are standing by is and he is not happy about it the straw hat Captain.

Looks into the unconscious broken face of punk Atlas the friendly giant from before now covered in blood that's got to have been a surprise Atlas was not the easiest person to get along with but she was kind to the straw hats when they intruded on her eyelid and now she looks almost dead Lucci sees that look on Luffy's face as he knows to his team.

Finity straw hats is not a good idea but they might not have another choice at this rate Luffy tells Chopper to tend to Atlas and the little reindeer agrees though he knows that this may be more of a job for Frankie than him that done Straw Hat faces pigeon guy with an intimidating glare Luchi isn't ruffled at first simply telling Luffy that this.

Is government business and he should not interfere that might work on some low-level Pirates but the leopard man can guess that it did not stand a chance against Straw Hat Luffy calls back and says that Atlas gave them food she was a generous host to the Pirates as we expected last week there is no way he's going to let Luchi hurt her anymore he.

Is going to teach him a lesson for what he did Luffy always stands by his friends after all the Cypher poll does not respond he doesn't look happy about his Brewing rematch but he won't back down after all he has a mission to complete over in Navy headquarters someone has finally told Akainu the straw hats have shown up on Egghead.

Island the fleet Admiral is not happy to hear that wondering how on Earth Luffy and Company ended up exactly where he didn't want them to be he starts theorizing out loud pondering If this means among no cp0 is after him good decipher full agents have gone in more directly than expected luchi's team are supposed to be subtle infiltrators but.

If that wasn't an option Akainu size Luchi and his friends could have told him if they were going to start a war with a Yanko over this assignment with all that's going on things are going to get bad for the Marines if they cannot take out vegapunk here the world's greatest scientists allying with the straw hats would be a nightmare for the.

Navy what weapons could vague upon give the Pirates seraphim robots a kind who probably has nightmares about this guy tourney Sunny into a transforming Mecca he has to stop this if at all possible looking around Akainu asked where kizarro's got into apparently the old man is already headed out and is currently on route to Egghead Island.

Interestingly this was always a Navy plan cp0 has mentioned nothing about expecting backup was Akainu working on something behind their backs the fleet Admiral tells the Marines to pass on a message for cp0 they are to wait for the Marines arrival no matter what they should not fight Luffy before the Navy gets there and now that our obligatory a.

Kind of still exists scene is done we cut back to Egghead where of course cp0 is finally Straw Hat crew before the Navy get there Luffy's friends are also yelling at him to not get involved or at least think about it while they're running for the lab stratum neither side's followers want a confrontation unfortunately between Lucy's need to.

Accomplish his mission and Luffy's sense of justice a battle seems unavoidable the two are already trading blows as the bystanders start to run having already shifted to their new forms back in the control room these straw hats and punks are watching the fight though Nami notices Luchi seems different vegapunk Shaka is in awe of the pair their speed.

Is incredible he is used to awaken zohon forms overwhelming their users minds but here there is no trace of that both of these two have fully mastered their devil fruits and the result is spectacular Luchi takes a second to indulge in a little bragging telling Luffy that he is not the only one who has gotten stronger as the caption.

Informs us he too has awoken his devil fruit the new form of the Neko nekonomi is tough with a cape of black flame that matches gear 5's white cloud look behind him Kaku desperately yells at Luchi to stop but it is useless the rematch is happening no matter what above vegapunk Stella rushes into the control room breathlessly asking Shaka if the white.

Warrior has appeared like everyone else the old man is excited to see gear five loosoff is surprised to see him join them so quickly while Frankie is just over the moon at the inside of his original inspiration the old man bigapunk asked Nami what this power is called the Navigator does not know suggesting it is just one more power of.

The gomogomanomi Vega Punk however has a revelation for the group there is no such devil fruit he has read the entire encyclopedia and he can rule that out lusap is confused but knows that Luffy called it could he have just gotten the name wrong vegapunk isn't exactly interested in the continued theorizing he is too.

Distracted watching gear fifth Luffy marveling at the warriors beautiful form he also remarks on the resemblance between this Warrior and a god mentioned in ancient documents Sanji isn't willing to let that comment go so easily comparing Luffy to a god is ridiculous the straw hat Captain has his virtues But ultimately he's just an idiot he's.

As normal as can be vegapunk doesn't argue with that but he still Praises Luffy's new form calling him the warrior of Liberation the joyful Warrior who puts a smile on people's faces and for the first time these straw hatsu aren't jimbei hear the name of the ancient sun god Nika on the ground we see that Luffy has a clear advantage over his opponent.

He's leaping back from an angry leopard laughing his head off the lab workers have been inspired by this they are no longer running away instead watching the brawl Luffy favors his audience with a wink before turning back to Luchi the eternally serious assassin has no answer to Straw's cartoon nonsense every jab he makes Straw Hat Dodges effortlessly this.

Will not be an easy fight for cp-0's assassin above Vega Punk is continuing to talk about devil fruits and his explanation has massive repercussions for the one-piece lore the presence of the Nika fruit despite the Royal government's effort to erase the associated God from history is due to the people of the world as long as they.

Still want Nica to exist on some level the associated devil fruit will never disappear and this is where vegapunk gets into devil fruits in mass and our Jaws Hit the Floor the world's smartest man actually knows where devil fruits come from at first all of them are born from dreams a devil fruit is formed by Humanity's desire to improve the wish be.

Smarter stronger or to have the qualities of an animal the speed of light or the right to shake the Earth all of those are embodied in these strange roots and all those dreams are rejected by the sea in this world the sea is the heart of nature it covers the entire planet save a handful of islands Humanity wishes to push beyond the.

Confines of nature so for those who eat a doe fruit nature pushes back vegapunk is still enraptured by all this he might not believe in a God Like Nika he's not exactly a religious man but he would absolutely tell you it exists the Nika fruit proves it the battle is still going on with Luffy and perhaps more so Lucci going all out the two punch each.

Other's fists in a shot that Echoes their first confrontation back on in its Lobby both have grown since that day today training and pushing themselves they likely have both been studying hockey in that time both Luchi and Luffy defy natural limits pushing each other to new heights the collage only grows more intense with the dust and debris.

Starting to obscure the view from the control room as Luffy launches himself Skyward with a laugh a reluctant combatant has finally arrived yes it is the ax wielding centumaru who complains that today was supposed to be his day off these assassins show no consideration for the working week he opens a communication line to vika punk.

Stella asking the old man what he's supposed to be doing here apparently he wasn't listening when he was first given his orders going by default sentimaru figures he is supposed to take down Pirates so he should order the seraphim to assist cp0 against Luffy right but this is where vegapunk chimes in with an actual explanation only now is sento.

Maru being told that his employer is being targeted for assassination by the World Government after they have already attacked the island vanderpunk apologizes but asks his bodyguard to assist Luffy in driving off-ciper pole sento Maru is not sure this is a good idea pointing out that it would make him a Defector too he now has to take sides.

Between his employer and the people who rule the world Vega Punk admits he should have checked in with a big guy before this point but lays on some guilt he was taken in by vegapunk and given a job when he had nothing the ultimate Defender grumbles at this emotional blackmail but doesn't have an answer to it he does oh vegapunk and right now the.

Seraphim are with him ready for a fight the three look out at the Battle seeming more like board children than the robotics did pacifista they like those newborn babies who seem to hate the world before sento Maru can intervene Kaku decides to try and preempt him the square no cyber bull 18 S5 the SSG captain and figures he can get the drop.

On him as such he orders their seraphim esbeer to take out one of the enemy seraphims Stussy tries to tell him if this won't work but before she can explain sento Maru chimes in he straight up orders S Bear to get rid of these separable agents the roboticuma angel beeps acknowledging the order Kaku curses recognizing his mistake their.

Authority does not outweigh that of Cento Maru as the captain of the SSG he can control their seraphim just as easily as he threw with him and yes seraphin bear unloads on Cypher pole sending the agents flying with a flurry of simple strikes this thing is ridiculously strong Kaku and stuci manjudaji worse at the Goliath attacks.

Though the arms men with them aren't so lucky Stussy explains that the seraphim have a different chain of command from regular pacifista even the five Elders cannot override Vega Punk and sintomaru's orders towards them anyone trying to command the pacifista Via transmission mission is right below those doing so in person.

Kaku thinking through points out that it would also be a big loss for the Royal government if they actually took down a seraphim it would be a tough fight to start with and winning would probably mean destroying it and these things are super expensive add to that the fact that they are about to become basically Irreplaceable if their mission is.

Successful and they kill vegapunk why is Luchi so focused on fighting when it is going to destroy stuff they were told to keep safe does he just want Vengeance for his loss back at Ennis Lobby if so he doesn't seem to be getting it anytime soon back in the fight Luffy is showing off a new move he dubs it mole pistol but it is as much a Bugs.

Bunny punch plans can assist to the ground and bring it up beneath Luchi as funny as it is this is a good sneak attack and it hits the leopard man right in the Torso Rob grits his teeth clearly winded by this attack Luffy's new form is stronger than he expected though the cyberpool agent is holding his own surprisingly well this is not going to.

Be a simple map that's for either direction sento Maru feels things are clear enough to set out a battle plan he orders the Hancock seraphim a snake to escort these straw hats up to lab stratum via the vacuum rocket the other two as shark and as Hawk will engage cp0 directly to buy them time huzzah child soldiers will cover Our Hero's Retreat.

Jinbei and Chopper don't need to be told twice the two start to run as the son of the sea ass Chopper if he also saw his oddly youthful double back there the doctor confirms it they seemed identical to him jinbei Muse says that he never figured the world government would clone the seven Warlords still for now he is busy running like hell props to him.

Though he has managed you have Punk Atlas over his shoulder and is carrying her to safety that's more than the lab technicians have done for their boss Luffy jumps down to join Cento Maru whom he refers to Simply as battle ax it's interesting that Luffy recognizes him but doesn't seem annoyed Santo Maru wasn't exactly a friend when they last.

Met then again it's never been a Luffy thing to hold on to grudges Santo Maru snaps at Luffy to not just call him a battle ax it makes him sound like a background extra or an old granny as far as he's concerned they aren't friends but well sent tomanu double checks what the situation implies will Luffy really let Dr vikapuck escape on the sunny.

Luffy confirms that it is absolutely fine with him sento Maru is sorely tempted to take him at his word he's not entirely sure about Luffy but the straw hat has outdone his expectations again and again who would have thought he would manage to become a yonko for instance let alone achieve this new awakened form if anyone can get vegapunk.

Out it is the straw hat crew but before the pair can talk anymore however they are rudely interrupted Rob Lucci lunges out of nowhere ripping right through Santa maru's torso with a clawed shigon there is a spurt of blood as a man who once boasted he held the world's strongest defensive arm in hockey falls to the ground almost dead from a single.

Vicious blow that wasn't even the rokugan Lucci's pre-time skip ultimate move this newly awakened form is no joke Luffy cries out for his new friend battle ax Santo Maru isn't dead but blood is leaking from his mouth and he is gasping for air he doesn't look like he is in any state to continue fighting Luchi currently Reveals His plan and is.

A surprisingly solid idea the command codes are egghead's weak spot if he takes down Santo Maru the seraphim will all revert to cp0's control he might not be enough to take down Straw Hat alone but he doesn't have to as amazing as his new form is against Luchi Kaku Stussy and three seraphim even gear fifth might not be enough to keep Luffy in this.

Fight was a bit of this his plan along Luchi wasted no time taking out Punk Atlas last chapter he was the one who suggest they deploy like this rather than sneak onto Egghead this direct approach was always going to lead to centimaru deployed to fight cp0 and now he is down and they have two more Sarah of them to play with only the Vega pumps.

Are left to counter Mandy Angelic pacifista and if they get close enough to do so they're close enough for Luchi and friends to kill Shaka and the Defenders just got a whole lot weaker and it is on that note that we close chapter 1069 do you think Luffy will be able to turn this fight around or will we see straw had forced to retreat.

Will cp0 be able to get through the cloud layer and what will kizaru make of all this when he shows up after all he and sento Maru seem to be rather close leave us all your thoughts in the comments down below as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.