With the recent Awakening of Luffy's devil fruit and the achievement of gear 5 we've been eagerly awaiting the climactic conclusion to wano however what if I told you that this final transformation will actually be the final nail in the coffin for Luffy's eventual death Luffy's death is something that has been theorized and.

Discussed for years amongst fans and to this very day this theory has remained in the back of our minds as evidence continued to be presented to us as the story went on throughout the story Oda has given us multiple pieces of information that is alluded to Luffy's death now in order to understand why gear fifth will be the deciding factor.

In Luffy's death we first need to go back and explore the previous instances where Luffy's fate and dwindling lifespan have been a focus now we'll be going in order of events so we can properly Explain how and why this is the case and the very first instance of Luffy's potential death is shown to us back in log town during this Arc we see.

The formation of the buggy and alvida Alliance to kill Luffy and they managed to set up a scenario where Luffy's brought to the execution platform where Roger lost his life so that buggy could execute Luffy himself self kind of a messed up plan on Boogie's part killing his Enemy at the same place where his captain was killed but I digress but.

That aside this was the first instance where Luffy was compared to Roger and the most likely start to this Theory and with each comparison to Roger this idea became more and more possible but then out of nowhere a lightning bolt destroys the platform stopping buggy before he could kill Luffy allowing him to escape this could have been Oda telling us the.

Readers that Luffy won't die the same way Roger did and his ending will be different and we've been given a decent amount of evidence to back this up next we have to go back to the events of anislavi where gear second is officially introduced but before we go any further if you haven't already be sure to drop a like And subscribe for some Platformers.

Today we're approaching 500 000 subscribers and could use all the help we can get now an important detail about gear second which Post Time skip could have been easily forgotten about is the reveal that gear second could be shaving years off Luffy's lifespan during the fight against Rob Luchi he Compares this to doping as more red blood cells are.

Added to his body parts which allows for more oxygen and nutrients to flow through his body since Luffy's organs and blood vessels are made out of rubber it allows them to expand and contract at greater intervals without the fear of tearing at first Luffy could only use gear second for a short period of time because the accelerated speed at which.

Nutrients are used up depletes his body rapidly the mechanics behind this enhancement also means reduced strength and Agility after prolonged use as again pointed out by Luchi when Luffy's attacks start to lose their strength due to the lack of nutrients so in layman's terms having faster blood flow would be useless if there were no nutrients to.

Deliver to the necessary areas from this Luchi also points out that gear second shaves away at Luffy's life force dramatically increasing the chance of him having a shorter lifespan after gaining gear second Luffy would begin to use it on multiple occasions and in longer intervals which then leads to him being severely weakened and in some.

Instances unable to move from the lack of nutrients and strain on his body afterwards taking all the time between anislabi and Marine 4 Luffy has used gear second a lot and has relied on it to get him through practically every major obstacle in his way with this being the case the number of potential years off his life would be astounding.

But from his training over the time skip Luffy mastered his technique so he can use it in much shorter intervals astronaut weighs vital nutrients and then collapse with this new Mastery gear seconds drawbacks were seemingly gone for the time being but despite this the damage to his life is already done and while he may not lose more of his life.

Force in the future a good chunk of it has already been lost now for context Oda confirmed in an SBS last year the humans in one piece can naturally live to be at least 141 years old a good example of this being the case would be Dr coreha Who at this point in the story is in fact 141 years old now due to her medical knowledge most likely she could.

Live much longer but the fact remains that humans in one piece can live a long time and if they have a healthy life could potentially reach that age without much worry however as we stated Luffy already lost a good chunk of his lifespan with the constant use of gear second with no regard for the consequences and this would become an.

Even bigger problem during the events of impel down and Marine Ford when Luffy discovered that Ace was to be executed he made a b line for impel down to save him with the help from boy Hancock to sneak him in through his break-in he then caused a massive uproar leading to a confrontation with the warden of impel down Magellan this confrontation then.

Left Luffy severely poisoned and on the brink of death if not for the intervention of ivankov Luffy would have met his end Eva used his healing hormones to help Luffy combat the poison in his body since those particular hormones are used for the immune system its chances of success are driven purely on that person's will to live now this.

Is Luffy we're talking about so of course his strong will to live overcomes this hurdle but Eva stated that this healing technique essentially sacrifices that person's lifespan as a substitute for the energy needed in order to recover and as a result Luffy lost at least 10 years off his overall lifespan so that he could beat that poison so.

That's at least 10 more years shaved off Luffy's already depleting life from the use of gear second but at least Luffy has a stronger resistance to poison so take the good with the bad in that regard but that wasn't the last time he used his hormones to help Luffy in the middle of Marine 4 Luffy was injured from an attack by Admiral kizaru and.

Began feeling the exhaustion from Eva's previous hormone injection due to the severity of the situation Luffy begs Eva for another injection so he could keep going to save Ace evil War Luffy of the consequences but Luffy convinced him otherwise Luffy was injected with more hormones but this brand of hormone was different from the ones used before this.

Time Luffy was injected with a high dose of adrenaline hormones so he could get his energy back but also numb all the pain and exhaustion from earlier now if this instance is a bit tricky as we don't know 100 if this had the same effects of the previous injection Eva never flat out stated that Luffy's lifespan will be drained but is still.

Possible as pushing through intense pain and exhaustion would have definitely put Luffy's body under intense stress gear fourth sits in roughly the same spot as gear second as both have heavy drawbacks as well as the loss of hockey once the form is used gear 4th is a compression-based form where Luffy inflates his muscles while imbuing them.

With Armament hockey while the compression grants Luffy's moves overwhelming speed and power the range of his attacks is severely decreased as shown during his fight against doflamingo where he wasn't able to dodge or maneuver freely from his Awakening based attacks gear 4 also has a number of drawbacks as there is a limit to how.

Long it can remain active once the limit is reached gear 4 will automatically deactivate leaving Luffy exhausted and barely able to move he's also left unable to use hockey for 10 minutes after using this form since it rapidly depletes his hockey reserves this also affects Luffy's stamina as using it just once leaves Luffy so physically drained.

That he can barely stand and fight afterwards now while these are pretty severe drawbacks it's still not confirmed that this form does actively reduce Luffy's lifespan and also recently Luffy has been able to overcome the drawbacks we see him use it multiple times a day now and thanks to his new training in wano his hockey control is.

Much stronger this of course ends up lessening the tax on his body now we're finally on to the latest and greatest transformation in Luffy's Arsenal gear fifth which may be doing more immediate damage to Luffy's body and overall life than the previous gears he's used the evidence for this was shown to us in chapter 1045 of the manga as in the.

Middle of the chapter we see both Luffy and kaido reeling from fatigue due to their long battle as during this moment where we see Luffy fall out of Gear Fit slowly and the panel depicts Luffy losing his Vitality with the last panel in that sequence showing Luffy as if he's drastically aged for a quick second now this could be just a quick gag.

Placed there by Oda I mean I wouldn't put it past him as this is one piece after all but with what we know about Luffy's previous gears and the trigger for his Awakening we can begin to piece this all together Luffy's Awakening was most likely triggered by his death more specifically when his heart stopped in his fight against kaido when Luffy.

Awakened and started his heartbeat it began to beat abnormally zunisha states that to beat the drums of Liberation reminding him of Joy boy now we see in the very same chapter that Luffy needed to get back into gear fifth by using his powers to force his heart to be in a particular Rhythm which thanks to his Mastery of care second and to an extent.

Gear 4th we could assume Luffy applied a similar method to achieve gear fifth but instead of pumping his blood through his body and veins rapidly he pumps his heart to match a specific Rhythm and based on the known drawbacks of gear second and fourth we can expect a similar or even greater repercussions for this one's the battle ends this is.

Especially troubling as he's only just now figuring out how to use these new powers based on the battle with kaido Luffy pushes the bounds of what we thought possible with his devil fruit with it seemingly having no real limits besides the user's imagination which Luffy has in Spades Luffy's creativity in this fight alone is astonishing and.

Awe-inspiring from the flurry of wacky attacks in the same manner as a Luffy Toons cartoon to Luffy making himself a giant in an instant Luffy's body has also become more malleable as seen when kaido slammed his cannibal on Luffy's head which then morphed into the shape of the weapon for a short time while comedic we see firsthand how Luffy's.

Body is more easily attuned to changing shapes now comparing this to the previous gears we still have the common effect of Luffy having steam expelled from his body in gear second it was caused from his sweat evaporating as pumping his blood raised his body temperature the heat from which caused Luffy to sweat and then boil creating.

The image of steam we see this occur with gear 4th as well which makes sense as Luffy is using his hockey to compress the growth of his muscles to increase his strength and versatility the steam from gear 4th is most likely caused from the expanded muscle mass being compressed into its current shape from Luffy's Armament hockey this compression.

Must also be generating heat and sweat similar to your second which we could assume was used as a basis for this form's creation now looking at Luffy when he first awakened to gear Fifth and the result of this transformation when Luffy's heart began to beat again after his defeat to kaido we saw his body steaming as it appeared to be turning.

Into some sort of liquefied substance taking this along with his previous gears we can assume that Luffy's body was being broken down and built back up again this was probably Luffy's fruit getting his body ready to handle the potential strain of these Powers now gear fifth has the same signs and aesthetic choices as the previous gears.

But Luffy's price for the power seems to be similar as well gear second was directly stated to chip away at Luffy's life and based on gear 4's drawbacks we can assume this is the case as well with gear fifth being the peak of Luffy's abilities the amount of life force that is lost because of it must be massive though that hasn't stopped Luffy from.

Using his previous gears so why would he start now well we did mention how Luffy has managed to find ways to overcome the drawbacks of his gears and he's still in the process of doing that with gear fourth while still getting drained afterwards however it took Luffy countless battles and over two years of training to learn how to overcome the.

Drawbacks of his gears gear fifth is still new and proven to be a valuable asset to Luffy even more so than gear fourth and so Lucille began to rely on this new transformation more and more frequently as we advance in the story now Luffy will most likely notice these side effects and try to hold off on using gear fifth making it his new trump.

Card but with Blackbeard and the world government in his way Luffy may have no choice but to fall back on gear Fifth and his life will grow shorter and shorter with each important fight until he realizes just how much stress he's put his body through the whole time with his life already shortened by the use of his gears and the use of Evil's hormones.

Pre-time skip Luffy may have to stop using his gears altogether this decision may even be the result of Chopper's own diagnosis as these constant changes to his body may have gotten Chopper curious about these new forms especially if they learn the true nature of Luffy's fruit being a mythical Zone Chopper could use himself as an example since Chopper has.

Multiple forms that he's experimented with and now has controlled he may be the only one to truly understand some of the natures of Luffy's fruit and the dangers it could hold for him and with the Revelation that gear fifth in particular is shortening Luffy's life and potentially putting too much strain on his body he'll have to stop using the.

Forum for his own sake or at the very least he'll not be able to use it often this could lead to many interesting and exciting moments where Luffy can't rely on his gears leading to him having to be more creative in his fights and rely more on hockey Luffy was capable of going one-on-one with kaido with only his hockey and not falling back on his.

Gears so this isn't out of the question and on top of all that kaido did just preface how important hockey is however the time will come when Luffy has to throw caution to the wind and of course use gear fifth in the final battle damaging his body and overall life in the process and that could in theory be the last time we ever see Luffy use care.

Fifth the cumulative strain on his body will eventually be too much for him to handle making the use of that form impossible in the future with all the stress his gears have put his body through and he saw some earlier Luffy's lifespan may be half of what it was originally Ora has foreshadowed and set up Luffy's shortening lifespan from the.

Very beginning and with the future of the series still uncertain Luffy will have to keep putting his life in danger to keep going once all the plot threads and main goal have been reached Luffy will set sail on his final voyage before what he has left of his life dies out now despite us talking at length over why we believe Luffy will die due to the.

Hormone shots and the gears he's created we also have to briefly discuss the possibility that these won't kill Luffy but will instead lead to some drawbacks and consequences down the road with how the hormone shots and gears work Luffy may find himself unable to use his full power as we mentioned it's very likely he may have to stop relying on the gears.

For the foreseeable future this could lead to Luffy having to face daunting characters like big mom or even Admirals without the use of his gears Luffy in bass is very powerful but looking at all his fights he won due to the use of his gears in the end and the current battle against kaido is shaping up to be no different however before unlocking gear.

Fifth Luffy went head to head with kaido without relying on his gears too much while yes he did resort to using gear 49 the end he did very well and even got kaido to take their bout seriously so if by the end of wano or even before the final Arc Luffy may lose the ability to use his gears for a short period of time as a result of the constant use of them.

There is also the chance that the hormone shots could contribute to this outcome as well due to the shots forcing particular hormones to alter or enhance the body Luffy may end up reaching a point where his body won't work the way he wants it to and perhaps he might even be unable to fight properly for a short amount of time until he fully.

Assimilates to how his body has changed over the course of the story nevertheless Luffy being unable to fight with his gears or even as he normally would could lead to Luffy finding Creative Solutions to Future conflicts we all know that ever since the time skip hockey has been very important for the story as practically every character.

We encounter can use it to varying degrees so if the result of this stress and altercations to Luffy's body leads to him being unpleased his gears then he'll have to double down on hockey at this stage Luffy has began to use and hone Advanced versions of all three forms of hockey especially here in wano during his fight with kaido Luffy was.

Using all three in conjunction with his usual moveset and gears to fight kaido so it stands to reason that if he can't rely on his gears to boost his strength he would need to fight with his hockey a lot more and as we all know the more someone uses hockey and the stronger their will the more powerful the hockey becomes so even if all the negative.

Repercussions of the gears the hormone shots don't kill Luffy but instead give him a setback there's still a way for Luffy to work around it Luffy focusing on hockey based combat instead of combining it with his gears would make his future fights more of an uphill battle regardless of where this story goes from here it'll be interesting to.

See where these plot threads and hence lead us will gear fifth be the final nail in the coffin for Luffy or will it lead to more drastic setbacks and consequences I guess you'll have to wait and find out thank you so much for watching the video to the end until next time hit that Palmer on you I'm KJ have a great day goodbye.