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Luffy Proves Himself vs Admiral Kizaru


Luffy versus kizaru is finally here and it is about to be one of the most important battles of Luffy's entire Journey the wait for this matchup has been a lot longer than Luffy vs kaido September 8th is a 15-year anniversary since the straw hat space kizaru and got stomped the Admiral went to Sava ODI so he could personally destroy the crew.

Luffy epically punched a Celestial Dragon and there were big consequences back then the crew could barely handle a single pacifista so when kizaru pulled up they were all As Good As Dead the helplessness Luffy felt that day is something he will never forget it's one of the things that drove him to become as strong as he is today in fact.

Surpassing kizaru specifically was a major goal of Luffy's at the time and now more than 500 chapters later Luffy's hockey was able to detect kezar's presence even faster than Dr Vega Punk's security system good he immediately recognized the Intruder strength and before anyone noticed he left to face him and from there it was on site Luffy.

Didn't say a single word before his hockey enhanced boot met the Marines defenses this was one hell of a statement this kick was Rippling with Conker's hockey which if you remember is something all three of the original Admirals were afraid of once they realized that Luffy had conquerors haki preventing his survival became a major.

Priority well Luffy has become everything they feared and then some Luffy has gained a ton of hockey upgrades at this point the Marines aren't dealing with a young pirate who has crazy potential anymore Luffy is a yonko a lot has changed and it has made Luffy really confident confident enough to claim that he and his crew are now.

100 times stronger than they were on sabahori now that is a pretty bold claim and surprisingly this isn't just some random number before the straw hat encounter kizaru the former Empress of Amazon Lily shakuyaku said that her husband Rayleigh is 100 times strong longer than all of the supernovas so in theory Luffy should be on par with.

Rayleigh at this point kizaru had no trouble bullying most of the worst generation Pirates but when Rayleigh stepped in he definitely had his hands full at the time Luffy didn't know the first thing about hockey Santo Maru had no trouble knocking him around but on Egghead the big guy was just as helpless against his uncle the idea of Luffy.

Being as strong as Rayleigh now is part of why this fight is so special in wano Luffy finally delivered a long dessert beat down to kaido the strongest creature but despite the major W Luffy's gotten a lot of doubters from it over the course of that fight Luffy got a lot of help so there are still questions about his shrink compared to other yonko.

Both past and present personally I think having better support is a sign of a superior Captain but maybe that's just me in terms of his individual strength Howie fares against an admiral will be the ultimate signifier there are only so many Pirates that can face an admiral and live let alone beat one really Admirals don't lose and I know there's.

Already someone clowning ryokugyu for losing to Wi-Fi hockey in the comments but hear me out aside from Akainu a former Admiral no one in the series can claim to have beaten one in a straight-up bite they may fail at their objective but they have never been totally beaten in modern times the only pirates that could ever hope to would.

Probably be the yonko buggy not included Rayleigh proved that he could go toe-to-toe with gizaru but they were pretty evenly matched total victory was not guaranteed at all the one outlier might just be shanks's first mate Ben Beckman after all he was the one to stop kizaru from killing Luffy at the end of marine Ford the thing is though Rayleigh.

May have been one of the strongest Pirates of all time but now he's retired he's an old man and I know he's still plenty strong like a bunch of other legendary geezers he stopped Blackbeard from destroying Amazon Lily and stealing Hancock's devil fruit but afterwards Rayleigh admitted that it only worked out thanks to these special.

Circumstances of the situation that because he's so old it would be impossible for him to be Blackbeard in a head-to-head fight and if Luffy is on rayleigh's level now he might just be able to scare Blackbeard like Rayleigh did with just his presence at least if the timing is good enough really did a great job of intercepting.

Kizaru because of the dark King the lokia user couldn't actively harass the straw hats and they were left to his helpers instead this was really impressive but according to Rayleigh if he wasn't so old he would be able to do even more he wanted to help everyone else too but couldn't leave kizaru alone for a moment the Admiral was insulted by.

The idea and claimed that by saying something like that the old pirate was making him look bad which is why Luffy doing exactly that will be so satisfying to see almost as satisfying as kizarro's seeing Luffy's gear 5 transformation for the first time that's one of the problems with the Marines and the world government because sensitive information.

Is always being covered up their forces don't always have the most accurate it or up-to-date information on their enemies Luffy is a perfect example of that the five Elders seem to know all about the secret power of Luffy's devil fruit they called it the most ridiculous power in the world but none of their forces seem to have any idea about it.

Luffy's wanted poster features his new look but most people just think it's a makeover or something then again kizaru might know about gear 5 significance thanks to Dr vegapunk when vegapunk first saw it he immediately connected the visuals to that of a legendary god it's a long shot but if that was ever a topic of conversation between the two.

His zaru might just recognize the same thing but even if he does he is not at all prepared for the absurdity that is gear 5. kizaru is probably the most playful Admiral around he even rode on top of live Cannonball to resab audio that is nothing compared to the wackiness of year 5. but let's not get ahead of ourselves so much has changed.

For Luffy since he last saw this guy forget gear 5 what about gear 4 it wasn't strong enough to be kaido but it definitely pushed to Oni a number of times that being said bound man probably isn't the best matchup for someone like izaru Luffy originally created it as a way to deal with the massive animals on rusukaina island on second thought.

Kizaru is a whopping 9 foot 11. so maybe he's not too far off the mark although it might be too bulky to deal with such a speedy opponent kizara's sort of light would have an easier time cutting into such a big Target and it should go without saying that tank man would be even worse Snake Man meanwhile could be pretty cool with gomu no Hydra Luffy can.

Absolutely unload ankizaru he'd be hitting the guy with homing fists that come from all directions the only way kizaru doesn't have a tough time against this is that this observation hockey is super Advanced too if this was enough to make kaido bleed then it is definitely enough to hurt kizaru Luffy is an incredibly versatile fighter with a ton.

Of strange abilities by comparison kizarro's pika pika fruit is pretty simple because kizaru can move at the speed of light you might think it's impossible for Luffy to be faster and you'd be right sometimes light is pretty much the speed limit of the entire universe nothing can move faster we know this thanks to Einstein's theory of.

Special relativity that's why Dr vegapunk a character inspired by Albert Einstein has such a close relationship with yazaru enough to model his own Laser Technology after him the thing is kizaru cannot turn into light at the speed of light it's why despite his speed he couldn't get away from Rayleigh and torment the straw hats with good.

Enough observation hockey his speed mostly stops being a problem Luffy's no genius but his instincts are super sharp especially in a fight it's like when he figured out how to deal with crocodile who is yet another logia user Luffy's observation hockey is one of the best we have ever seen and that's especially thanks to his future side ability right.

Now the only characters who've been confirmed to habits have been katakuri kaido Shanks and Luffy all of those guys of access to conquerazaki and on that note future site is even rarer than that having to account for all the ways kizarro's Lake and travel could push his ability even further but that just points to another limitation of light it.

Always travels in a straight line once he becomes his element kizaru is forced to travel in a straight line anyone with too many rules to their power is really going to hate fighting gear 5 but when you think about it kizaru is the only Marine Luffy could have possibly fought against at least thematically Luffy fighting anyone lower than Admiral level.

Right now will be pretty one-sided the only one who would be able to do any real damage to him would be GARP too bad he's been captured by Blackbeard's crew and I'm sorry to all the smoker fans out there he was supposed to be the GARP to loopies Roger but that man has not been the same since he fought doflamingo even Kobe's done more lately but even though.

Kobe Finally Revealed his conqueror's hockey it will be a long time before he becomes a challenge for loopy so from here only Admirals and above will be worth his time honestly anyone below that rank might not even be allowed to try and out of all the remaining Admirals kizaru is the only matchup that makes sense for Luffy ryokugyu went to.

Wano and expected to have no trouble beating the youngest yonko meanwhile he didn't even make it to the guy Luffy sensed him but believed juano's protectors were up to the task clearly tree boy is not built to fight our guy Luffy but I can't even blame him for the false confidence if he pulled up on Luffy before he got stronger in wano.

Ryokugyu would probably win as her fujitora because of the whole swordsman thing I think we can all agree he'd be a better opponent for Zorro maybe not just yet but at some point he would be a great matchup for sure also he really liked Luffy if possible he leans on the side of what's right which is where Luffy usually is that's not nearly as.

Intense as what we're getting from this kizaru matchup even though he's not an admiral anymore aokiji dominated the straw hats before too but he's a Blackbeard Pirate now Luffy is a big boy Yanko he can't be over here fighting subordinates anymore its final boss level or nothing at this point really there are only two maybe three other.

Marines that would be as hyped to see Luffy fight as kizaru Akainu is the obvious one this guy killed Ace even if Luffy isn't the super vengeful type it's The Clash we all want to see and because he's the fleet Admiral now you might think he's the biggest gun the Marines have left but no that brings us to Kong the mysterious commander-in-chief of the.

Marines that we know less about than immu I mean he's probably really strong we don't really know but would love to know more about him besides those two I guess a fight against sengoku would be pretty cool Father Time finally decided to kick his ass with the time skip but even then all I really managed to do was change his hair color that's pretty.

Hard-boiled not to mention he has the other mythical version of the hitohitonomi drop a comment to let us know if you'd like to see Luffy vs sengoku or not kizaru is in his 50s right now so he's probably not getting any stronger than he already is but based on how old people work in this series it will be a long time before.

Strength begins to fall off Luffy on the other hand is in the prime of his light he's really strong right now but is bound to become even stronger before everything is said and done unlike his other gears gear 5 was not something Luffy planned it was a sudden power-up that he still hasn't totally mastered with just how absurd his abilities are.

Right now I can only imagine how things will be once he has full control it's plenty strong but seems to Tire Luffy out terribly it's hard to tell how exhausted he really is when he's in this form but once it's over he can barely move which is a horrible weakness especially when you're going up against an admiral these guys are stamina.

Machines they are unrelenting Fighters that don't know when to quit as long as Luffy keeps his up close and personal he won't have to worry about kizaru stalling him Rob Lucci showed us just how hard it is to get away from gear 5 Luffy Luffy should be able to toss back anything kizaru throws at him that might be cool but because he's a logia type.

Redirecting kizarro's attacks back at him won't have any effect one thing kizarro likes to do is use blinding lights to catch his enemies off guard but with Luffy's supercharged observation hockey that might not be as effective as it once was plus Luffy can create rubber glasses out of his hair to protect his eyes which just opens a.

Whole new can of worms Luffy can create things out of thin air now a lot of people are confused and don't know how or why this is possible well old school cartoons have a tendency to pull out whatever they need at any moment this is Luffy's way of doing that if you think rubber glasses don't make sense then obviously you've been following a very.

Different story big mom's son cracker made soldiers out of biscuits Prince gross makes Marines out of clay and Robin is right there she can turn her limbs or petals into Nets trees wings and so much more rubber is a lot better than all of those things it's super resistant to bludgeoning damage it doesn't perish under any particular.

Conditions it taking damage does not harm Luffy and it can Ricochet reflect and reduce damage Luffy has created dozens of moves with his devil fruit already with his insane imagination I hope you see how much scarier he can become and kizaru could be the one to push him over the edge remember how I said the list of Marine's worth Loopy's.

Time is pretty short right now well Oda knows that too and I think that's why he's been introducing so many new forces of strength lately Ross Guild the holy Knights the five elders and emu the straw hats still have enemies and danger Galore but before we get there Luffy's gonna need to be kizaru but even if he does that I don't think it will be the.

Craziest thing that happens during the Egghead incident not by a long shot here's another video like this one that you might like thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you