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Luffy Uses Perfected Gear 5 For The First Time Against Rob Lucci and CP0 – One Piece Chapter 1068


The fight is on cp0 is here and they are not playing around with their quest to kill vegapunk they've got seven to get through after all how are Luffy and these straw hats going to fare against the world government's finest assassins let's do it we open chapter 1068 with big among Pythagoras trying to talk the cyberpool ship out of Landing he's got a.

Pretty sensible angle for it too the kuma seraphim S Bear can get back with its own power they do not need to dock in order to return the cyborg Warrior Pythagoras acting as vegapunk claims that he has been busy lately offering some basic apologies for not being able to meet his guests still he claims he will consider the mission complete just.

For telling Kuma to return the robot bigapunk gives them a thanks for the hard work hoping that this little dose of politeness will be enough to get the trained assassins to give up and go away Luchi is silent at this request trying to work on a plan Kaku complains that this is a pretty cold welcome literally and figuratively back to the Arctic.

Weather around Egghead he seems truly offended to the person they have come here to kill is being mildly rude and uncooperative Rob Lucci is far less surprised and is instead more intrigued it is clear that vegapunk is sharp enough to work out that a bunch of Assassins coming to visit him means that he might be about to die huh he truly is.

The world's smartest man Kaku continues completing at the snail wanted to at least come in for a cup of tea Pythagoras is not budging however points now the G14 is nearby they can just dot there surely the Marines will give Cipher pole a warm welcome before the two could continue the straight politeness off Luchi takes the denden.

Mushi he asks vegapunk if he's got any comments on Cypher Bull's missing ships a bunch of their comrades have disappeared in the waters around Egghead as attached and uninterested in the mission as he looks Lucci has done his homework he outlines He facts sharply a cp5 ship one missing here two months ago a month after that it was a cp7 ship two.

Weeks back cp8 joined them that is three ships full of government agents that have just mysteriously vanished in this area and right now there are a bunch of vicious looking cybernetic animals circling their vessel the she makes his accusation clear adding only the thinnest veil of politeness to his question why hasn't one government ship.

Made it back from Egghead for the last two months that is not Point given how Hell metal ship must have knocked there to bring the seraphim from Amazon Lily back did vegapunk let sword go or is there some kind of secret passage linking Egghead and the Marine base Pythagoras denies any wrongdoing claiming that all those ships left.

Egghead perfectly safe Lilith interjects yelling at Luchi to cut to the point if he's going to accuse him of sinking World Government ships he should do it outright Pythagoras tries to get his fellow Punk to stop but Lilith is angry at The Cypher pull agents she considers letting them docks a vacancy for themselves what sort of Destruction the.

Vegapunks can do Pythagoras groans this is only getting worse the wise Punk ultimately takes over the transmission turning down his sister's words they cannot let cp0 doc that is the end of it Lucci pauses before accepting that cutting off the call patoricus as cp0 starts weighing their options seriously what are they going to do now that they.

Are not able to dock Rob Lucci however already has a plan they are going to abandon ship Kaku is incredulous at that not advancing a dive into freezing cold water but Lucci explains soon enough they have a way to infiltrate the island directly the kuma seraphim's devil fruit ability that's right this Kuma seems to have the nikunikunomi a clear advantage.

Over the previous Kuma pacifist does they can just use that to get inside plus a direct assault would have led to the Seabees trashing their ship anyways this makes it more of a diversion letting their first attack be more of a surprise but over in the kamabaka Kingdom the Rio Bartholomew Kuma is still running for the shoreline he has.

Pulled ahead of the revolutionaries now even with the medical equipment still lodging his body and dragging behind him we see him Flex his paw before activating the true NICU fruit in a second he's gone leaving dry dragon and friends behind to worry what just happened to their comrade meanwhile in egghead's junkyard Luffy is still trying.

To process Vegas request to leave Egghead it doesn't make sense to the straw hat isn't this vagapunt's lab his home why would he want to abandon that vikapung mu says that Egghead is indeed his home and up until now he had been happy to spend government money to fund his research however he has still been limited time money and Manpower there.

Was always something to hold him back he has kept going because he wants to change the world with science specifically he has a dream of making free energy available to everyone Luffy has no idea what to make of that particular dream he just stands there picking his nose vegapunk sounds ejected motoring to Luffy clearly cannot follow.

Him the straw hat has managed to mostly keep up however repeating the vegapunk basically wants to give free stuff to everyone and that's pretty accurate jinbei seems to support this idea noting that Nations often War over natural resources and that is enough to get vegapunk hyped up about his dream project he starts gesticulating pointing.

Out that there is energy all around them fighting for a few natural resources is stupid in context the world is full of energy the Sun the tide the sea it is all around them vegapunk Jets up posing dramatically as he proclaims he wants to make all that energy available as raw power he is convinced it is possible and once Humanity reaches that point it will.

End such Petty Wars Luffy seems resoundingly unconvinced even now vegapunk is shocked that he still doesn't seem to care Luffy disagrees with that though as far as he's concerned it is great that bigapunk wants to help people all the same he's got no interest in being a hero and helping big a punk do all that sounds.

Pretty heroic plus none of this answer the question Luffy started with why does vegapunk want to leave Egghead they've gotten off track here it's weird to see Monkey D Luffy be the one keeping a conversation focused and active you'd figure he'd be the first to get distracted vegabunk however manages to explain how this all fits together his.

Interest in energy led him to research the ancient robot power source he was curious about how it could have worked how much could his signs Advance if he understood everything about that ancient Kingdom plus with Clover dead he also felt some responsibility to further Ohara as well that just pushed his own forbidden research even more this makes.

Sense as a reason for the Royal government to suddenly silence vegapug he has gotten too close to the truth with his research but it raises one massive question how did they know about his work the junkyard is a secret after all the logical answer would be Cipher pole but Lucci told us CP ships have been getting wrecked whenever they draw.

Close to Egghead the spies are probably not behind this this Egghead have some other traitor feeding information to the five Elder Stars it's a moot point for now as an explanation hit some distance away from the junkyard everything shakes rattling with the force of this in impact this accentuates vegapunk's point he really does know too much and the.

Government wants him erased just like O'Hara the master scientist Muses that the explosion is likely cp0s work Luffy has forgotten who that is when bigabunk explains that they are the direct subordinates of the celestial dragons these Straw Hat mutters that he thought they were called cp9 jinbei explains that cp0 stands above the rest of the.

World government spies he notes that historically its agents have always been Herald of catastrophe I mean they did show up on dressrosa shortly before doflamingos fall they met up with orochu right before he kicked the bucket that really does seem to be a pattern though its allies of the world government that keep going down wherever they arrive.

They are a bad luck charm at this rate still they're happy to have arrived a meghead or rather Kaku is Happy the giraffe man is someone who appreciates his surroundings Luchi and the others are just standing there stone-faced while Square knows nerds out about the city of the future the lab assistants don't seem happy to see CC zero there is.

A chorus of muttering as they work out how bad the situation is these strange government types did not come into the normal Port someone had recently taken out a couple of weaponized sea beasts they must be Intruders Lucy knows he Rising alarm among the civilians but doesn't do anything to address it for the moment he's got a job to do after.

All up in lab stratum the Vega punks are already aware of cp0 making landfall the island security cameras are really coming in handy for them the straw hats aren't taking this well you stop screaming and Nami ordering the Rob Luchi on screen to stay away vegapunk Shaka remains calm asking the obvious question how did the agents bypass a.

Headboard Pythagoras does not take long to work it out cp0 must have been able to deduce that sticky around would have led to the Seabees devouring their ship after all they knew about all the other Cipher pull ships mysteriously sinking so they bailed out using S bare to reach the island Shaka knows that means they are resolved to fight the agents ditched.

Their ship the one reliable way off Head Island they had they can't run even if they wanted to there's no way diplomacy or trickery is going to work here as such the lead vegapunk Gets Ready for War they are going to throw everything they have at The Intruders Shaka orders the lab assistants and researchers to be evacuated he tells Punk Atlas to.

Withdraw to the lab stratum while they prepare the seraphim for battle they are going to send a shark a snake and as Hawk into the field apparently vegapunk's team has gone all in with the animal theming for the seraphim that's three operational super pacifista two cp0s won and they'll have sent to Maru in command Egghead is not out of this.

Fight just yet and I must say it is interesting that Santo Maru will stand with them back in the junkyard vegapunk repeats his request to Luffy he still wants the straw hat to take them out to sea he pleased with the straw hat Captain promising he won't even take long to pack Luffy complains that they are not going on a field trip jinbei.

Knows that vagapon suddenly going missing would be a catastrophe in its own right all the same Luffy is content to accept the scientists aboard the sunny for one key reason he's got a funny shaped head chopper is shocked at how easily Luffy ended up accepting the new passenger it should probably take a little bit more screening than that.

However this simple reasoning is good enough for Vega Punk he asked these straw hats to head up to lab stratum as soon as possible remarking to the lower levels of Egghead will soon turn into a battlefield and that they should also bring Bonnie with them Luffy agrees to that without a second thought and vegapunk just disappears Into Thin Air I.

Guess he was further along with that teleporter than it seemed Luffy cries out for Apple Gramps bewildered at what just happened all his futuristic technology is still a lot for these hard-working Pirates to take in it's like anything is possible on Egghead Island over in the town proper cp0 has run into its first problem the space.

Dragon hologram Luffy and Company encountered earlier one Mighty Roar as you rank and file Cipher pull agent screaming some are running away in fear others are trying to fire at it to no avail only the zeros are calm in fact Kaku is downright excited by the creature's appearance he's kind of like Luffy hyped up at the idea of trying to.

Fight a space monster he jumps up opening with a furious runkaku Stussy just stands there noting that he shouldn't have bothered she has already figured out that this thing is a hologram a boycott who confirms with his mighty kick having no effect the Cyber pole agents get to their feet muttering that she could have simply told them.

This monster wasn't real Lucci however is more appreciative noting that Stussy is as sharp as ever the cp0 member Smiles at that remarking that this takes her back withstuci once a scientist did she have a prior job working on Egghead what could have led her to join cp0 regardless Kaku still has more of these six powers to remind us about he.

Launches himself upwards to War's lab stratum biagepo planning to take a look around stucy and Luchi however remain on the ground rather than joining this AC Ascent the veteran zero points out the two lines on the cloud tolucci when an enemy passes those lines Punk records automatically fires a laser beam right at it Kaku helpfully demonstrates his.

Point for Stussy by taking a massive blast immediately the agent notes that this various around the entire lab stratum rendering a direct descent from the ground almost impossible it is known as the frontier Dome so yeah a direct approach has some limits even Esper's launch would not get them past that Puma is very very fast but not faster than.

Light the cipher pole agents rush to help the Fallen smoldering Kaku while Stussy just keeps talking with Lucci remarking that this is just one more reason not to underestimate vegapunk even the usually uncaring leopard notes that she really ought to mention stuff like this before letting agents jump into the midst of danger and angry.

Kaku's reinforcing that point soon enough glaring at Stussy while calling her a real piece of work the Asian does not seem bothered by her colleague's injury however just grinning and pointing out that he's at least warm now so yeah Stussy is apparently the troll of cp0 before the government agents can advance any deeper into Egghead however.

One of the Island's actual Defenders arrives Dr vegapunk Atlas charges across a town towards The Intruders yelling at them no one other than her is allowed to cause chaos on Egghead the lab assistant share her rival crying out atlas's name they've got a chance to see the wrathful punk in action however their cheers were enough to get Zeus's attention she.

Reminds her colleagues that Atlas is one of the Vega punks she is a target for the group back in the control room Shaka is yelling into the transmitter for once the punk seems worried he tells Atlas to get out of there he's convinced she will not stand a chance against these cp0 agents Atlas is not willing to listen however she winds up with a mighty punch.

Taking the time to call her attack that is not enough to deal with Rob Lucci however the leopard man glares of the giant child commenting that this is not a game with a deadly serious look Lucci goes straight for the Roku ogon his ultimate move and the culmination of the six Powers the lab assistant scream at the explosive punch hitting their.

Champion even Kaku seems surprised notating that his old partner is showing no mercy here this blow somehow cracked at atlas's face there is no sign of blood however so could she be a robot the giant Punk looks less hurt and more shocked at the sheer level of power Luchi has the leper does not let up however he his Enemy being injured is.

Not the same as being defeated Luchi takes a second but before Atlas can recover he launches himself at her again going for a second Roku ogon that is not something he ever managed during his initial fight with Luffy pulling this big blow off back to back like that is some impressive progress Rob Lucci was not slacking off on his training during.

The time scab the lab assistants can barely look as their leader falls to the ground Punk Atlas didn't even get a single hit on her opponent behind them one of the locals yells at shotguns ordered an evacuation of the area they all need to get out of here as soon as possible heading for the factory standing over his foe Luchi remarks that.

She is still breathing he's surprised that she managed to take that much damage especially since this means that she is not a simple robot still Atlas is in bad shape half her face is a smoldering wreck and the one eye we can see looks clearly pain all the leopard assassin has to do now is finish a job over in the junkyard Luffy Chopper.

Engine bay are heading back to the town with an unconscious body flung over straw Hat's shoulder the mood is pretty merry for the team they've got a new traveling companion and he is a cheery old apple-headed grandpa as soon as they are through the hollow wall however they arrive at the scene of the fight Atlas is on the ground with Luchi standing.

Over her the old foe's eyes meet and a chilling recognition comes to them both Straw Hat pigeon guy and with that we end the chapter Oda is wasting no time at giving us a Luffy Lucci rematch and that is likely to start up in the next one after being beaten by Luffy before Luchi is probably going to want some revenge and considering Punk Atlas kinda.

Fed them Luffy's probably gonna be really mad that she got her oh and Luchi did sanction the killing of jewelry Bonnie as well but you gotta wonder how much stronger has cp0 grown since in his Lobby is there a trainer inside team Vega Punk and does Rob Lucci have any chance of not becoming Luffy's next fur coat give us your take on everything in.

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