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Luffy Will Lose To Blackbeard Because of THIS! How Blackbeard Becomes Fake Pirate King – One Piece


The fight between Blackbeard and law is getting intense we have seen two veteran pirate Crews go all out against one another battling to claim the road pornoglyphs but what if I told you this was just the warm-up while teachclan this was a simple ancient rock related mugging there is another prize here one that might spell disaster but the straw.

Hat crew in the future Blackbeard is always five steps ahead but what is his real goal here well that's what we're here to explain let's get to it result of the fight this confrontation has been a knock down Brawl for Blackbeard and his crew they probably expected it to be a lot easier than this with three other commanders attacking the enemy together.

However the heart Pirates have stubbornly refused to lay down and die these lunatics got a mountain thrown at them and kept on going even after Blackbeard joined the fight personally he has only been able to do so much against his surgeon of death and frankly any fight where you get run through the chest isn't going to be easy on you laws.

Shock will is no joke it is one of his most powerful attacks with the extra pain generated by the yummy yummy Nomi Tish must have been in other Agony after taking a blow like that but he's written it out even after Von Alger offered him a chance to flee the battle teach insisted on continuing to face the other Captain personally and that call paid.

Off now that things are coming to a close the accused that Milady forced law to expend a ton of hockey to counter it during the chase after that law had to slice that mountain apart to protect his crew he has been tired out pretty badly already all teach had to do once her battle started would stay in the ring take the hits and wear his opponent down.

Now law won't have the hockey to overcome black Vortex once each pulls him into hand to hand he will be able to neutralize laws though for the abilities via the Yami Yami Nomi's power that alone should be enough to end this fight with his hockey drain and fruit inoperable law is Thoroughly on the back foot these two strengths are what Define.

Lost fighting style without them he's just a dude with a poofy hat not Buckle tattoos and an oversized sword the only chance law has at that point is to try and break Blackbeard's grip and pass evidence suggests that's tough but what Hancock wasn't able to escape him and she was at full strength law is clearly tired he also lacks whitebeard's raw.

Strength and can't really swing his sword properly when held by Blackbeard so it's really not looking good for him law desperately needs to try and get the hell out of there the polar Tang is working on sinking Blackbeard Jeff stronger is either dead or severely wounded if Law's men could take down the saber of jabek they can simply run like.

Hell he just needs a bit more freedom he may be able to escape one use of black Vortex with a well-placed Palmer blow or a hasty Dodge that could buy him enough time to start fighting more evasively moving away from teach until the rest of the heart Pirates has secured a decent Escape Route but that would be a Herculean task remember law isn't just.

Fighting teacher Burgess Von Alger and docq are also on the field and willing to get in on the action the Blackberry crew do not respect the sanctity of one-on-one combat law might be able to evade Blackbeard alone but tired almost out of hockey with three Titanic captains on his tail on top of everything else the odds of escaping.

This fight are ludicrously long he may have the open open on me but even the surgeon of death isn't quite that op let's be honest with ourselves here guys law is going down here but again that is only just the beginning but now before we get into what comes next make sure you're subscribed to the channel run the notification Bell and hit like for your.

Regular dose of plot Armor after all you don't want to end up like law do you now on with the show what comes next so Blackbeard is going to win the fight but don't be surprised if you see law walking around after this point the heart Pirates aren't dying here law will probably even claim he won next time he meets kid and Luffy he'll speak about.

How he took down Blackbeard found his point of glip rubbings and sailed off with the hard Pirates to look for more but don't trust him it's a trick this battle was never a straight of Ambush teach has a full on fleet he could throw at law if he wanted to win this instead he just brought the saber Mickey and seem more like an even fight that sort.

Of sportsman-like behavior is very strange coming from Blackbeard this man is not known for playing fair or giving his enemies a chance so why didn't he rig this to be more solidly in his favor well it's part of a bigger plan Blackbeard's greatest strength is deception he won out at Marine 4 not through Brute Force but through trickery.

Playing the world government and Whitebeard Pirates against each other to weaken new gate as much hype as this man has Blackbeard once lost to Magellan the warden of impel down in an entirely one-sided fight Blackbeard barely even slowed him down his specialty has never been Brute Force instead teach wins by out thinking his opponents now he is up.

Against Luffy kid and law the yonko Slayers the people who took down kaido and big mom each of them has a powerful no fruit backing them up there are three of the toughest Warriors in the world and given Blackbeard's startling amount of knowledge he he's one of a handful of people that might understand the significance of the Nico fruit with.

Tough Rivals like these Blackbeard is going to need one hell of an edge if he wants to win the race towards lap tail and being Blackbeard he has gone with the obvious one betrayal Luffy kid and law might bicker about it but they did work together pretty well on onigashima the three Pirates all trust each other they formed one of the greatest.

Alliances in history if they meet again while on the sea it'll probably be on good terms they'll be happy to Parlay with one another it'll probably be a downright party the pirate sharing food relaxing and having a good time in other words the legendary Warriors will lower their guard this would be the perfect opportunity for an ambush this is likely.

Why Blackbeard found the Inu inonomi model kyubi no Kitsune fruit for Katarina Devon with the ability to change her form and mimic anyone she wants Devon is the ultimate infiltrator the Kitsune fruit likely boosts their strength and speed that is the norm for mythical zohons after all it makes the vanity Blackberry Pirates part perfect.

Assassin with the right setup she can land a devastating First Strike taking even a powerful opponent down she is a perfect weapon for a confrontation with three of the world's strongest Pirates however even Devon's abilities come with a problem how do you insert her into a situation you can't just rely on your foes letting their guard down when they.

See a familiar face people expect a no for using pirate Captain to have their crew in tow showing up alone would be suspicious you would have to set up a long-term infiltration you would knock out your Target and replace them while they are separated from their comrades that's not an easy thing to do suddenly even if you did take them out a battle.

Would deal through powers in hockey would be way too dramatic people would come running see the unconscious captain and get suspicious there is no way you would fool the hard pirates with this trick but what if you lost the battle what if the heart Pirates think they beat back Blackbeard's crew they would never suspect the substitution that's.

Why teach was careful with his forces here there are enough men for lost crew to feel like it is a legit her fight one of the blackbeards are trying to win but there are a few enough people here to make the heart Pirates think they've got a chance of Victory all Blackbeard has to do is work a little magic to confuse their memories that's where Charlotte.

Pudding comes into this Blackbeard ordering kuzan to retrieve her for this operation was very deliberate timing her doe fruit is the last piece of the puzzle Blackbeard needs to pull this trick off with pudding Blackbeard can edit the memories of the heart Pirates he can convince the crew that they won the fight then lead them in peace.

Although her Pirates will wake up on the beach a few hours later with the Blackbeard crew nowhere in sight they'll be so relieved that what happened it was a tough fight but they can remember law taking down teach and then partying all night afterwards only now Trafalgar law is Katarina Devon laughing on her breath as the heart pirated Sail Away meanwhile.

The real surgeon of death is locking these Sabers Brig in route to join Kobe over in hachinosu's darkest jail cell now with pudding do something like that it's a tough call if she knows that the Blackbeard crew are enemies of the straw hats she would probably hold out there is no way she would willingly work for someone who wants to hurt Sanji but the.

Subject never came up during whole cake Island there's a good chance putting's unaware of the history between teach and Luffy plus law is one of the pair that seemingly killed her mother Blackbeard should be able to convince her that they have a mutual enemy here everything to gain what exactly does teach get out of this maneuver it is a complicated and.

Time-consuming plan he could just take the road poneoglyphs and sink the heart pirate ship it would remove a threat when competing with him to reach lap tail why let them live especially if it means they think they've beaten him the hard Pirates will end up going around proudly boasting as it defeated the yonko Blackbeard that has to hurt.

Teachers Pride right the shot at an assassination is a big perk here an infiltrator like Devon can pass any messages intended for law along until he Blackbeard crew she is also a walking tracking Beacon the Blackbeard captains have a coordinated River card system they use that to retrieve Jesus verges and attack the Revolutionary army base.

And baltigo that trick will work just as well here they will be able to follow Katarina wherever she goes even to an an Uncharted Island and strike at the best possible moment knowing teach they will probably lay some kind of elaborate trap in the area Von alger's warp ability makes that sort of sabotage very plausible and almost impossible to.

Notice or defend against imagine if they were able to plant a bomb or spread a more devastating disease from docu even simply gave me black recruit into position would be extremely helpful it would set up a coordinated strike coming from multiple directions at once three of Blackbeard's commanders were able to make an impressive showing against the.

Heart Pirates imagine the kind of damage all 10 could do especially with teach personally taking the lead they've got enough raw power to turn this Ambush into a full on Massacre with this one trick Blackbeard has a real shot at taking down all three Alliance Crews if they've managed to secure the full set of Road Pono glyphs by the time he pulls.

A trigger it'll be enough to end the hunt the Blackberry crew could go straight from that kind of Victory to laugh tail but there is even more potential on the table here thanks to Charlotte pudding the memo memono me allows the user to fully review the target's memories there is more possibility than just editing the.

Harpirus memory of the fight reviewing Law's memories could give teach and putting a chance to learn everything that happened during wano putting would get to find out exactly what went down during law and kids fight with big mom all the way to him seemingly killing her Blackbeard meanwhile would learn anything law had picked up on his.

Voyages that could include all sorts of fun information law knows about pluton's current location beneath wano the existence of zou and who knows what else there is a ton of potential for intelligence gathering there all of which would be super useful to Blackbeard when planning his next move as for the fate of law teach will have a.

Choice to make handing him over to the big mom Pirates will be a useful tool for Alliance building the remnants of the crew are going to want Vengeance for losing their captain during the raid on onigushima gifting law to the commander still on total land could be a strong diplomatic move they could put a ribbon on him and everything it would be the.

First step towards bringing the big mom Pirates into the fold they may be in need of a new yonko backing them up now that linland has fallen teach can gain a whole bunch of new followers territory and resources without even having to fight imagine katakuri sailing under the Blackbeard Banner but then again diplomacy has never been teaching strong.

Suit he kidnapped pudding rather than asking for her help here kuzan attacked the big mom Pirates to retrieve her freezing both katakuri and oven solid the Blackberry crew are already on the back foot diplomatically this sort of Piece Will resolution probably isn't what they're going for if Blackbeard wanted to take big mom's territory he.

Could just invade the whole kick archipelago outright instead Peach may have other plans for law specifically the legendary immortality operation being unable to die can only help teach going forward getting law to agree to do it will be tough but Blackbeard is nothing if not persuasive plus this way he gets to keep Charlotte pudding in his.

Custody as a member of the three eye tribe pudding can potentially reap on a glyphs should she finally awaken her full power she is one of the few options left for someone to incorporate the path to laughtail her capture is a key Victory and teaches bid to become the pirate king it is a one chance Blackbeard has at getting an interpreter.

To read the ancient directions if he can't get lost before the immortality operation teach might just relinquish him to putting as a compromise of sorts he can't afford to let her go but if he can do something to make her loyal to his cause it would be a good move and letting the young Charlotte get some Vengeance for big mom seems like they.

Seem simplest way to start building trust with pudding if given a chance she might end up executing law herself while the Blackberry Pirates laugh and cheer her on certainly a bleak ending but a possibility all the same and that just about wraps up on predictions for the outcome of Law's battle with Blackbeard do you see this happening and do you.

Have an idea of how long I get out of it let us know in the comments down below as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you