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LUFFY’S FINAL WORDS!? His Crazy New Power – One Piece


All right guys so this latest chapter of one piece set us up with some pretty interesting developments for the furtherance of this arc and as always with this series there were a number of interesting surprises to be had with the previous chapter we have the furthered conclusion of the fight.

Between kaido and luffy which was a fight that went off screen with it kaido emerged victorious as luffy would plummet downwards and into the sea and although kaido had respect for luffy's conquerors haki infusion he would go on to disrespect the technique of luffy that was.

Utilized calling it clumsy and such and even laughing about it then noting that luffy couldn't be joy boy either and the word either here is emphasized which is to say that perhaps there was someone else that he presumed to possibly be joy boy as well in the past and this is.

Certainly a bit of information i expect to be further elaborated on in the future elsewhere momonosuke whose position was recently discovered and divulged to kaido was having a series of headaches wherein he was hearing the voice of someone or something at the same time chopper was facing off.

Against queen and having a tough time he was at this point huffing and puffing and wheezing and only had so much time left in his monstrous form and as it turns out in the past caesar clown offered to improve chopper's rumble balls therefore extending the duration of his transformations at a cost.

That cost being unforeseen side effects and at this point in the midst of all these battles the announcement of luffy's defeat would be broadcasted throughout all the fights therein they would know that luffy has apparently fallen and lost to kaido but then going back to momonosuke who was still.

Suffering these headaches and speaking to the samurais who were giving him some aid here we would have the dastardly kanjiro come in once more under the guise of odin and with this he was able to strike down kiku and take her life why because she simply could not bring.

Herself to harm odin despite knowing that this was not the true odin it was just too much for her to bear but after this kiaman would be the one to take down his fake best friend but just then kaido would enter the fray as well and strike down kiemann with this latest chapter we.

Would once again see luffy sinking down to the bottom of the sea and of course he knews of luffy's defeat was hard on their troops it was hard for their morale as chopper even began to sob in the midst of his battle against queen he began to cry and wonder what he should be doing without their captain at.

This point the mental tide was shifting kaido's forces were now elated to know that they were taking over despite how powerful luffy is he is indeed powerful that's undeniable the fact of the matter being you're up against kaido kaido is going to take you down no matter what.

And so at this point for the straw hats and their allies it was like riding on a headless horse and this was intentional knocking the morale down a peg was a very calculated move on the part of kaido as he is someone willing to recruit his enemies so long as they swear fealty to him he.

Is willing to take them into his crew because he is all about adopting strong forces to bolster his own strength and for luffy's side who have gone this far for them to have pushed his people to beast pirates this far that says that yeah they are all very strong and i.

Imagine that for a lot of these troops this sensation is very familiar having lost their leader they've lost their way this was the case without odin for a very long time they have been subject to this terrible state of the country for so long that the hope that they are putting into this fight is all that they have left the moment.

That began to crumble that looked to be in jeopardy they just fell apart but thankfully this was not the case for everyone as sanji would enter the fray and kick queen straight in the face and go into rotisserie mode just spinning him around kick after kick after kick.

And not only did this serve to knock some sense into queen it was acting as a sort of shield a barrier from the arrows of pero sparrow who he would also give a good kick to now sanji would commend chopper for what he had been able to accomplish what he had done because really truly.

His ability to get rid of that plague that virus was vital to their survival in this conflict and although he's not a powerhouse he was holding his own and staying alive for a good while there however he was crying his eyes out as of course his captain was.

In peril and seemed to have died but listen for all the hundreds of chapters of one piece that we have read sanji has been there he's experienced them and so he at this point is like listen miracle's gonna happen they've happened before there's nothing to worry about luffy's.

Gonna pull through even in the most dire of situations he is going to pull through and i feel like this is the sentiment that the vast majority of us have at this point i mean not only is he the main character with plot armor on his back but this is also one piece so he'll be.

Alright but from here sanji would pass zoro off the chopper to have him patched up whereas he would step in and fight queen and although it makes sense for chopper to treat zorro i was hoping that he would be able to win against queen or something like that be able to prove himself in that way.

Especially to take that caesar clown flashback to a point of relevancy but perhaps that will come at a later point and here some of the forces were amazed as sanji was able to continue fighting despite the loss of his captain as marco would then pipe up saying that that's what he likes about them which makes sense to me i mean they lost.

Whitebeard and here he is continuing on the good fight but then we would head back to kaido and i did not need this man i really didn't we have kian mon who is just twitching on the floor barely alive sword broken and he manages to stumble forward.

And stab onto kaido with his broken katana like he could have stayed down and played dead he could really could have and he would have survived but no he is an honorable man that is here to distract and buy time for his young lord and now bloodied battered and broken he.

Would recall his moments with the son of odin but more than that momonosuke wasn't just odin's son he had become kianmon's son he was sort of adopted in that way it was an act to begin with surely but he really and truly became a father figure for this kid.

And kaido would go on to question the sense of this why are you doing this what is the point even you know who i am but kiana didn't care he was willing to do anything he could to get the young lord out of dodge kaido then saying that it's not easy but sometimes.

You just have to admit when you've lost as he would stab through kianmon and i mean oh man one piece deaths are something to take with a grain of salt but not only was he crushed but he was stabbed through and sure it's blacked out here maybe he used his.

Devil fruit and just put on layers of clothes or something like that i don't know there's usually some sort of way to justify a character not dying with this series but regardless i'm going to take it as it is at face value i'm not going to try to read too deep.

Into it and just say that kierman that's a that's a real guy right there that man is a serious soldier he is a serious samurai and have nothing but respect for the guy if this is the end of him it is a sad end for sure but he did the damn thing he did what he was.

Supposed to do and kaido before walking off would tell him to embrace his honorable death like a true samurai which is to say that kaido himself is able to respect this he is able to respect the demise of kianmon which to me says something as well and it would seem that before going momonosuke was able.

To grip onto the frog and convey a message to the entire populace of this location he would firstly make his identity clear as he was sobbing terribly but would say that luffy had given him a message to give to everyone that he is still alive that he will make it back.

And that they should keep fighting because he is going to come back and take kaido down and so luffy is going to win so this is not the time to give up and this in of itself is very very perplexing luffy is sinking into the bottom of the sea i mean he is a devil fruit user.

And so he is just incapable of even moving in the water but beyond that the ability to convey to momonosuke specifically what he has in mind what he has to say that is very very new at least for luffy it's new and what makes this even more fascinating to me is the fact that he didn't immediately.

Recognize luffy's voice in the previous chapter he questioned who it was in his head it wasn't as if it was innately familiar or anything of the sort but regardless what this message conveyed the morale of their forces would be risen once more and now once again kaido would be faced.

With momentosuke and shinobu however just then something would be noticed down below it was law's crew in their submarine and somehow they could hear luffy's voice through the water which is to say that luffy has now taken on a new level of capability with the voice.

Of all things which is an amazing power to have on top of his improved conquerors haki and so it seems like this will be how luffy is saved and returns to the fight and as usop tama and nami began to make their way back to the stage nami would hear her climb a talk begin to speak as.

It was now seemingly possessed by zeus now this is a development i didn't expect i didn't imagine this would happen but it is very interesting i'm curious where this is gonna go and you know this to me seems like a pretty good upgrade for nami this seems like a very nice a way for her to become that much.

More powerful or capable maybe zeus will be able to further augment all of her capabilities therefore allowing nami to become a sort of pseudo big mom in the way of her combined attacks and speaking of big mom she was in disbelief that luffy would be all right that he'd be able to be alive and.

Continue fighting as he literally fell into the sea and everyone knows how devil fruits work when you go into the sea but law now entering the fray would disagree as being around luffy he's been around all this miraculous stuff as well and he's learned to never say never and.

With this it seems as though kid and law are going to go up against big mom are they gonna win no i don't see that happening but it'll be interesting to see these two rising stars go up against the old guard but to close out the chapter.

We would have yamato yelling out to his father referring to him as kaido and announcing his familial bond to him and that was the chapter yamato versus kaido that sounds very very interesting a precursor perhaps just a holdover something to stall for.

Time and i don't mind it that sounds really really good yamato has his own stakes in this fight and reason for going up against his father and all in all yamato is a very interesting character for me although uh he is sort of a carbon copy of odin to an extent the desire to be like odin despite being.

Kaido's son is an interesting one to me and just as a point with the previous chapter i noticed some discourse on twitter in regards to yamato and their pronouns and such but ultimately yamato identifies as a man as a male and so yamato is a trans character it's as simple as that let's.

Not over complicate it yamato is a trans character and i'm just gonna go by the pronouns that the character identifies with and all the characters furthermore identify them with one piece has not disappointed with a chapter in a very very very very very long time and i don't imagine that is ever going to.

Happen again at this point it is just way too good the excitement to be had in this wanna arc is unlike any other and i love it i'm certainly looking forward to luffy's re-emergence into this fight but i don't mind waiting a bit longer and seeing what everyone else has.

Up their sleeves and what they can offer to this conflict we've at this point lost a lot of our meaningful forces but i would like to see the same happen on the other side as well characters that are more so the upper echelon of foes as opposed to the fodder that are these smile troops and what have you.

But yeah guys those are our thoughts on the chapter we are still new to one piece coverage on the channel and so if you like what you see and want to see more even beyond the chapter discussions then please go ahead and leave a like let us know down in the comments that you appreciate this and we will be here.

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