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Luffy’s New Giant Army Revealed! – One Piece Chapter 1106


The cover page of One Piece chapter 1106 on your side features Robin helping a crocodile with its fashion sense thanks to her the reptile is now sporting sunglasses a t-shirt bandana a bow a pair of Crocs of course some striped trousers and a cute tail sock so for just one page we've got Robin and a crocodile working together again the.

Chapter starts right where the last one ended off though we're zooming out a bit the destruction of Egghead is intense the explosions are so so big that even ships far away can see it including this new massive ship that's just now getting close to the Marine blockade that's got to be the one that wrecked Saturn's kill the refugee ship last chapter they're.

Finally getting close to the fight back on the island by the food machine Luffy's had enough rest now that he's done taking in all that food he sheds his massive body fat in just a second the Marines are shocked by how fast he was able to digest it all one even suggests that Luffy might even gobble them up if they get any closer and hey.

He might be on to something here Luffy totally looked like he was trying to do that in his fight with Rob Luchi in fact between big mom and kaido eating people might just be some sort of yonko tradition one of the cannon blasts hits right by the Marines knocking a member of their squad off his feet the whole area is almost entirely engulfed in fire.

Thanks to the Buster call and the bombardment they really need to evacuate but they've also got to do something with Luffy they've got one of the most Wanted pirates in the world right there at their Mercy one Marine tells the others to get this Emperor into sea Stone cuffs that way they can make sure he's not a threat but Luffy is smiling.

His hair's changing he's already back into gear fifth as expected these guys do not have a chance Luffy's got his work cut out for him though the Marines are still firing on egad their mid Buster call every Cannon they've got is shelling the place round after round even with some Marines still not evacuated the artillery Commander orders.

His men to keep firing into the blaze they are not going to stop until until the island is literally broken apart and Bonnie Kuma Frankie and Atlas are falling through the air Vega Punk's still trying to process this but he decides to do something using his Communicator Vega punk calls Atlas she's still in the air right by Bonnie and the.

Rest Saturn tells the pacifistas to Fire and they keep charging their lasers but the call gets through Vega pug wants Atlas to tell Bonnie something a secret that only the Vega punks know Sanji jumped into the air trying to do something to help even if he hasn't had time to figure out what Atlas reaches Bonnie and tells her the truth between.

The rush of air and the never-ending explosions no one else could hear what was said but Bonnie is obviously shocked at this news she just looks at Atlas not sure if she can even believe this but the pacifistas have almost finished charging pulling their light right at their Palm there is no time to think about it so Bonnie yells at them she.

Calls out to all these copies of her dad like they're the original asking him not to shoot she wants him to help her and her new friends Escape instead Bonnie looks down hoping as hard as she can that this crazy idea actually worked the pacifistas don't seem to be listening just standing there impassively the light glowing in their hands the.

Watching Marines can't work out what she's even said over the explosions perhaps her message was drowned out but no the giant cyborgs turn around pointing their palms right at their Marine allies it took them a minute to process the order but they heard Bonnie just fine the ground troops are already trembling in fear all the pacifistas are.

Following this order even the ones far away from the fight the bombardment ships have no idea what's happening why are the cyborgs targeting them but the buccaneer clones are not providing answers instead they just start blasting the Marine ships close to Egghead have no chance one blast is enough to make them Splinter and crack there is no more.

Evacuation chance for those men still on Egghead and that is just their first attack Saturn doesn't look as shocked as his men he's figured out what just happened this has the Marines petrified though the pacifistas just keep on firing at every ship in the bay blowing Marines away with every explosive blast this battle has entirely turned around.

But this was Vega Punk's last trick with Bonnie sailing as a pirate the idea that she'd end up killed by a pacifista gave the scientist nightmares it was a cruel dark joke that he couldn't just let happen Vega Punk wasn't able to openly go against he deal Kuma struck with Saturn but he snuck one last trick into his work Bonnie is the real highest rank.

In the pacifist is command hierarchy this way no matter what happens the world government cannot force Kuma to execute Bonnie her orders will always outrank even those of the Goro this could mean Bonnie is also able to command the seraphim since they use a very similar command hierarchy with four of them in the basement the straw hats.

May have some powerful allies waiting for them but even if it's strictly the kuma looking ones that is more than enough to make the world government sweat Bonnie being able to do this sounds like a crazy twist something thrown in to get the characters out of this situation but to be fair Oda set it up over 40 chapters back remember when.

The straw hat just arrived on Egghead Luffy Chopper jinbe and Bonnie ran into a pacifista it was ready to shoot them just like this Oda didn't really show us how the group dealt with that situation cutting away to law's fight with Blackbeard by the time the story got back to them the straw hats were out of danger most fans figured it was Bonnie's.

Fruit that got them clear aging the straw hats to make an impromptu disguise that way they wouldn't be recognized but remember what Bonnie specifically said before the Cutaway she didn't want them to hurt her dad she was speaking to the straw hats but it looks like the pacifista took that as an order to not hurt her or the guy she was with a.

Ceasefire and now we've got the logical end point of that all the pacifist is going rogue since the ones that couldn't hear Bonnie are obeying her orders they've clearly got some kind of internal Communication System Bonnie just got an army of her own this is a massive L for the Marines and World Government their attempts to contain.

Egghead are in shambles and it is almost entirely because of Vega Punk's betrayal and out of pure Fury Saturn runs the defenseless man through with one of his pointed legs and man this sh looks like a fatal wound the philanthropist who gave the world government some of his great technology might just die because one of its leaders threw a temper.

Tantrum Vega Punk sputters gasping for brat Bonnie screams shocked at what just happened to one of her father's closest friends but Saturn does not show a single inch of upset or guilt at killing the world's greatest scientist Frankie curses as his Idol's body hits the floor he's too far away to do anything Saturn Oris kizaru to eliminate the group in.

The air and the Admiral does not hang around moving at light speed Saturn keeps being reluctant to join the fight he held Bonnie up to the Marines to shoot rather than just use his strength to Crusher now he's back to making kizaru do the hard work what's making this extremely powerful demon spider hold back is he conserving his strength.

For a fight against NAA regardless kizaru is not going to let the situation get any more confusing he blitzes the fighters in the sky with light beam everyone taking hits before he even reaches them Sanji and Frankie are both covered in blood Atlas pulls a gun trying to shoot down kizaru but he is much too fast for that the Admiral gets.

Close with a light sword in hand he brings it up over his head with a two-handed grip planning on a massive blow even while he prepares to kill his former friends kizaru tries to apologize saying that he will kill the pair together with one shot and it won't hurt they'll be together in death Bonnie is not going to thank him though and before.

Kizaru can land the attack he hears a very familiar laugh before the Admiral can turn around Luffy comes in with a sneak attack from behind a gear five super sized hockey punch is enough to knock kizaru out of the air and stop the attack for now now Bonnie is bewildered at the sudden attack as Luffy's hands start stretching back to his body Luffy.

Is here now still laughing and at full power the drums of Liberation are echoing over Egghead it is time for some fun the Fallen group finally hits the ground Kuma cushioning Bonnie's fall while the rest touch down with a bit more skill the Marines at Sea can feel the island shaking due to Luffy turning the ground rubbery but they've still got.

An army of pacifistas firing on them Saturn is glowering at this new development while kizaru is nursing his head today is really not his day Luffy is over here casually putting Admirals on the bench now Bonnie runs for old Vega Punk urging him to get up they're going to die if they stay here the old man has lost a lot of blood his.

Oversized tongue is just resting in it meanwhile out in the scrapyard the sound of the drums reaches the giant robot and now it's eyes are fully lit and its Motors are starting to hum there is no question now this ancient thing thing is awake back on the battlefield Bonnie just realized what the Rhythm means she thinks back to her conversation with.

Kuma and NAA The Times They dance together to that same beat the sun God's beat Bonnie silent just looking into the sky Vega Punk tired and in pain manages to confirm what she's seeing Luffy is NAA he's jumping to the air dancing just like Bonnie and Kuma used to do there is a tear in the Sor princess's eye doesn't even notice the threat he's just.

Grinning like always Kuma looks up to his childhood hero though there's still no signs of life in his eyes Vega Punk's recovered enough to talk something like a buster call is a trivial matter to someone like NAA people have been waiting for him for centuries this will not be enough to stop him and it is time for some of the sun God's allies to show.

Up the ships around the northeast of Egghead have made contact with a stupidly massive ship it is close to three times the size of these Marine warships with sails to match and the Marines recognize the Jolly Roger most likely from history class because they thought this crew had died a 100 years ago but here they are and the ship is.

Not slowing down it is plowing right toward warsy Marines ready to just smash the ships to bits through sheer bulk and keep on sailing one panicking Marine Commander orders his men to fire on the newcomers the Buster call is one thing but if they don't stop this ship they are going to sink but it is no good after all all what could cannonballs.

Hope to do against the Giant Warrior Pirates that's right it's co- captains Dory and broie are here to pick up Straw Hat Luffy and they do not need any convincing they already know that he is their God NAA oh my goodness what a satisfying chapter of One Piece if you are a real fan you might have even shed a tear for how hype this is this man Oda.

Is really built different there's also the fact that every Buster call we have ever seen has always included friendly Giants it's hard to see what the Marines could even hope to do against this between the pacifistas and the Giants they're running out of ships to use for the Buster call if nothing else there are enough ships down that if the sunny.

Can reach the sea they should be able to sail away the biggest problem right now though is Vega Punk Luffy promised sentomaru that he would get the old man off of Egghead Island now that he's so badly injured it's going to be more difficult than ever to try and get him to save granted sento Maru might want to throw.

Hands with the gizer at this point since his life or death battle against the pacifistas could have been totally avoided if VAP Punk spoke up sooner but obviously he didn't until now because of how severe of a crime it is the doctor can accept placing a Target on his own back but with this reveal Bonnie is no longer in existence that the world.

Government can afford to ignore that Bounty of hers is about to Skyrocket Luffy and the straw hats are not just leaving Egghead with the greatest scientist in the the world they have what big mom and the world government have always wanted an army of giants we've got countless Buccaneer clones the legendary giant Pirates and the ancient.

Giant Golem meanwhile we haven't even made it to elb yet hell we already have the new Giant Warrior Pirates as part of the straw hat Grand Fleet Egghead island has just been one big power up for the straw hats and I am having a great time as always I'm slice Baku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.