So we didn't have a black clover chapter last week but let me tell you that this one was amazing i was absolutely floored and amazed by its contents even now i can hardly believe it with the previous chapter we had the training of magna.

Under zora as despite being a peasant of low mana as well zoro was still able to tap into the power of mana method a possibility refused to magna on account of his pitiful mana levels magna felt the need to get stronger at all costs to keep up with the rest of the black bulls.

And in particular his rival luck and it was revealed to us that this training began an entire six months ago having now only just bore fruit from such labor zora explained the nature of runes to magna and what was most fascinating was that in using weak magic to form set arrays they.

Are liable to last far longer than their strong mana counterparts that are inversely activated almost immediately thus giving way for absurdly complicated arrays to be a possibility for those of weaker magic something we perceive to be a major development deserving of its own video.

As the implications of such a thing are staggering so i highly suggest you check that one out if you have not already but anyways magna would tirelessly work towards being able to use such a raise despite not being all too intelligent himself doing so until finally he had a breakthrough.

What we now know to be the secret flame magic soul chain death match magna had outdone himself and was now going blow for a blow with one of the most threatening figures in black clover today however on account of jack's absurd regenerative capabilities.

The likelihood of magnus victory was still in question but even still even with the odds against him unlike someone with especially great mana levels the odds have always been against him and so was that magna would floor the fiend with a scorching.

Fist with the latest chapter luck was rushing inwards towards the mayhem in this new form and it was here that he was able to sense a familiar power now swiftly shifting back to this grudge match between dante and magna dante was pissed magna was pushing him to the brink and he did not like it.

One bit as such by way of his gravity magic he would cause portions of the very ground to rise and rush towards magna from all angles all of which magna was able to react to and destroy accordingly now breaking off some of the rubble down into a blade jack was able to swing down.

At magna with a smile on his face and although magna was able to dodge his attack and land a blow of his own he would be assailed by an incoming boulder crashing into his left shoulder dante now feeling his own superiority despite the current circumstance would speak of how despite their equally match magical power.

In the end magna will be broken as he instead continues to regenerate that even when made equals they could never be dante was looking down on him and even despite all this was disregarding his existence and magna knew all too well how pitiful he was a peasant of low mana born to nothing with nothing and even then.

There was peasantry amongst the black bulls in the cases of luck and asta but they were in leagues all their own this sort of thing clearly weighed on magnet's shoulders for quite some time it was to the point where he once went to yami and questioned why exactly he made him a black bull in the first place to begin.

Yami gave his typical unremarkable response but would later say that it's because of his grit magna doesn't back down and that's not about to change now as he clenched his teeth and fist and continued to square up with dante this is something he worked really hard on and he was here to prove himself not.

Only as a man but as a member of the black bulls the two would trade blows one after another magna worked his way into a barrage of explosive fists as dante whose flesh was now sizzling would continue to heal as his wicked smile would yet remain.

He'd speak of reality to a battered magna that in this world even if the weak struggle as much as they can it's all for nothing in the face of true strength and power as he would rush in with a fist to end it all but just then he would lose all his power.

Suddenly his devilish power was completely gone in disbelief he would question what magna did to him but magna didn't do anything dante simply ran out of magical power you see dante as someone of such unbelievable magical power would have never been made to see the bottom of the well.

He's never been made to face someone on the same level of magical power as himself and so he didn't know how to properly ration said power and dante now visibly panicked would question if his connection with lucifero was also disconnected on account of his lacking magical power.

But hey with no mana that would mean no gravity or regeneration magic as well dante then relying on the previous notion of an equal playing field would begin to remark that the same could be said for magna but dante isn't from the gutter like magna as he would get rocked mid-sentence.

He'd retaliate with a punch of his own but magna just eats those as these two would continue to go blow for blow fist to face fist to gut everything but from there simultaneously luck on one side and asta and not on the other they would see it amidst the rubble with a now broken.

Chain a battle cry of victory would accompany the now victorious magna of the black bulls with the once indomitable dante at his feet and that was the chapter he did it magna did it he took down dante i did not believe it i didn't even imagine this could be a possibility but the boy.

Really did it and i am in awe this is how you give your secondary characters their due diligence black clover is by far one of the most satisfying shonen stories out there and this is a prime example of that this dub is so huge i can see it with my eyes closed not only was this fight one of.

Convictions and the victory of an underdog frankly it is the best fight we have gotten from the spade kingdom invasion thus far in my opinion and listen magnet is over here taking down a member of the dark triad before anyone else by himself elsewhere you have squads of.

Two going up against the others but here he is doing so by his lonesome meanwhile his competitors in this sense being guild captains and vice captains now perhaps you could argue that dante had been fighting jack previously and such but with that level of regeneration i don't want to hear it not to say that.

Jack didn't put in work but dante's crazy regeneration disregarded all of that the moment that they stopped fighting magna did the damn thing and i am oh so proud this was a fantastic chapter of black clover and i cannot wait for the recognition of this major feat.

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