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MAGNA’S TRUE POWER REVEALED! Dante Gets Destroyed – Black Clover


Guys we are finally back with more black clover greatness and if it wasn't already expressingly clear this chapter yet again proves that with the exception of one piece perhaps no series in jump comes close to matching black clover's ability to make use of its expansive cast of characters even the weakest or least.

Popular among them are still given opportunity to rise up and make major moves like we see in this one with the previous chapter by way of devil union asta was able to defeat a devil of the highest order and save vice captain knott however to follow this.

Asa will need around 30 minutes or so to be able to transform once again and so for now it was up to his comrades to fight the good fight shifting to dante and jack the two were still fighting but jack was at this point fighting for his life as he was barely hanging on.

But refusing to give up but to interrupt this bout would be the entrance of magna and zora with these two being peasants of low mana dante completely disregarded their presences and would subsequently refuse to use his power on such unworthy opponents furthermore to express his superiority.

He would even allow them to attack all they like and leave when they're satisfied an offer magna would not refuse as he would do just that now adding a little extra something to his fire as along with it came a chain that connected him to dante as suddenly much to his own.

Surprise dante would be taken out of his 100 form meanwhile magna was making his way towards and would give dante a devastating punch to the face this was secret flame magic soul chain death this latest chapter however would open.

Up with a flashback from a staggering six months ago now i for one was happy to see this denotion because previously i couldn't help but question how exactly these characters managed to progress so greatly in only a matter of days and with this we have the explanation that this progression was months in the making.

Here magno would be on his hands and knees begging zora to teach him his ways you see back in the heart kingdom magna was denied when it came to the tutelage of mana method because his mana levels were simply too low magna is a character like asta who is often looked down on on.

Account of his lacking magical power but whereas asta has anti-magic to make up for it magna doesn't have much to show for himself but despite being in a similar situation zara is still able to pull off mana method and do some pretty incredible things across the board.

With his trap magic the most impressive of them being his counter trap that copies magical attacks and sends them back two-fold and again magna was now begging him his friend and rival luck was bound to become even more incredible but here he was lacking the last thing he wanted was to.

Be a burden to the black bulls and as we've seen lux training with the elves has made him a complete beast more so than he already was so yeah magna has a whole lot to live up to but zora now overlooking him would be reminded of his late father as a low-class magic knight that uses.

Fire magic zoro would agree to do so but would tell the guy to quit the groveling in fact by teaching him a thing or two perhaps zora himself could stand to learn something which is certainly a notion i can subscribe to as through breaking down and discussing the contents of these stories with all.

Of you i am able to in turn better understand them myself from here zoro would guide his newfound protege elsewhere and into what was his secret base a hut completely littered with stacks of papers that had arcane glyphs inscribed all.

Over them thus making it rather clear that zora himself was trying his best to become stronger as well he would then explain that what he uses albeit similar to an extent isn't a true example of mana method usage the reason being for that sort of thing the user needs a.

Whole lot of magical power something he himself lacks and as a result to achieve something of a similar effect he has to create formulas ahead of time especially when it comes to something as powerful as his counter trap but guys here's where things get crazy when mana method is created by way of.

Weak magical power rather than disappearing it remains because of that weakness and because of this longevity it's possible to create exceedingly complicated magical formulas if given the appropriate amount of time this is something that takes a whole lot of study and research.

And so the question would then become can someone like magna pull it off you see up until this point he never really put much thought into his use of magic but with this he was able to truly recognize how amazing it is now after studying for quite some time magna would realize that emulating.

Zoro's counter wouldn't exactly work for him but then he would have a breakthrough and rush towards zora questioning a formula that he himself had come up with zoro would subsequently consider it to be possible yes but the time and patience required for such a thing.

Would be extreme and with this magna would get to work now as we saw with the previous chapter when the guild was facing dante the first time around magna didn't join in on the fight because this spell wasn't yet complete that if he had entered the fray he would either die or simply get in the.

Way but now now he would have his time to shine with a spell he could only use once after preparing it for half a year in the present their magical powers were split evenly amongst them and magna was ready for a brawl he would tell dante that if he tries to remove the chain by force.

He will compromise his very soul now from the sidelines jack couldn't believe his eyes as this should be impossible but it was possible and zoro would then explain that attacks from the outside would mess with the magic's effects so the best they could do was sit and.

Watch a 2 go head to head magna would then slam a fist into the gut of dante until he spit out blood and because of this dante would retaliate with a fist of his own magna would then question dante's earlier proclamation that he wouldn't raise a hand to such a peasant dante had to recognize him at.

The very least now just calling him a thief he then used his gravity magic on magna which was tolerable because of their equivalent magical power magna would then return the favor but at the end of the day dante does possess that absurd healing factor so he'd likely outlast him regardless as.

He would then let off a series of staggering blows and listen perhaps his mana levels can be laughed at but one thing dante should never underestimate about magna or any of the black bulls for that matter is their resolve and unwillingness to back down and as a.

Lowly peasant magna is no stranger to a street fight as he would then drop the fiend with a clobbering fist and that was the chapter listen man i did not expect to enjoy this fight as much as i am right now magna goes hard and you gotta love an underdog.

Again i don't expect them to win in the end but man oh man i would be lying if i said i prefer asta's fight with the twin devils over this no cap this might be the best fight that we have gotten from this part of the arc the magic is properly explained and reasonable.

The emotional stakes are there we have a lesser focused character going at it with a damn near immortal leader of the enemy forces magna has my respect black clover fans how do we feel how do we feel about this one man and what kind of madness do we expect zora to pull up with.

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