Hey guys. I’ve been wanting to do aquaponics and grow veggies in my kitchen for a while so I decided to do that this time. I can’t wait to use the veggies I’ll grow for my next video. I started by making a rack/cat guard that goes around the tank first.

Excuse me, Nagi. Excuse me. It’s good. Not bad. The rack is done. Do you like it there? Hey hey… Thank you. The tank is 45cm wide and 27cm deep, which is the biggest size I could safely fit on the kitchen counter.

I finished most of the layout before pouring water in the tank. Curious? I hope they’ll sprout. Wish me luck buddy. Hey Poki.You like it there? Next, I peeled off the bark and boiled the branches to sanitize them.

I need that. Can I take it? Now you wanna play with chopsticks? Nope. I was able to buy drift wood with thin branches, which I combined with drift wood I collected to make it look like a bonsai tree. Kohaku, which one do you think I should use? That one? Now I’m gonna put moss to make leaves.

To make the bonsai I glued spiky moss to the tree with a glue that’s safe for aquariums. Actually the first time some part of the moss didn’t do well well so I trimmed it and added some more and from then it was fine! Next I made the aquaponic planter.

I was able to get everything I needed from a dollar store. Hey hey… no no no… sorry Nagi, stop shaking the tripod. Are you upset with me? I’m sorry. Kohaku, can I have it? Wish me luck Nagi. High five.

Oh, you want food. I’ll feed you now. This size of tank is perfect for a beta fish. Say hello to Thunder. This is a CO2 diffuser, which helps plants grow better. He likes the salvinia a lot. But the salvinia grows so quickly that I’ve already had to thin it out once after only a week.

I put a little air tube glued in a circle that can float on the surface so that Thunder always has a spot to get oxygen, even if the salvinia grows out of control. You can grow directly from seeds like this.

They sprouted quickly. Or you can even buy sprouts from the grocery store and plant them in the tank. These radish sprouts have been in the tank for three days and the leaves have already grown much bigger.

The basil and parsley I grew from seeds. I have already harvested some to eat. They were delicious. The filtered tank water runs through the aquaponics section before going back into the tank. Normally I have a lid so the betta can’t jump out, and a water dispenser next to the tank so cats can’t get too close.

Transferring fish can be really stressful. Thunder’s fins ripped a little while he was in the bag waiting to adjust to his new home. But they healed in only a couple days. I also have a few amano shrimp.

Some betta will attack shrimp so you should have a backup plan if you want to try. Thunder was curious at first but now he doesn’t care about them at all. Thank you for watching. See you guys later.