today I came here to collect those Driftwood the workers here gathered Driftwood that accumulates in the dam and they let anyone come and take it for free hi so far this is my favorite I love this.

One I am done going through this giant pile and I'm gonna start loading okay let's go okay done loading everybody I can give you some chicken thank you.

I really had fun is it built let's go home I came back with Rachel to get more Driftwood and a used restaurant part that I won on auctioning for 1500 yen so this time it's a cracked video I'm going to make a bigger tank for my betta.

Fish I'm going to boil the driftwoods to sanitize them oh yes it is not safe to use a stove like this so please do not try this at home hi kitties I'm gonna go get a hose.

I feel like a Ramen Shop order making delicious broth except I'm just boiling drift forward for sanitizing this is so fun it's way under the water finally you're a hacker it's a lot of Truth I don't know if it's gonna sink but at.

Least I sanitized it so I'm gonna start taking out the water please don't float please don't float please don't float ah good morning excuse me sir how's your bath I help you clean.

Like super clean hey I got a local Kitty I already gave you breakfast get Sangre I can use some more after I'm done cleaning this is a driftwood from a dam yeah thank you for your emotional support.

oh foreign taking a bath outside okay I'm gonna wait for several hours.

Put your check 86 almost boiling yes oh this guy this guy still floats it's a lot better than before yeah I think I can just attach some weight.

And make him stay sick okay good it definitely helped it looks like I'm about to grow shiitake mushrooms release buddy all right it's been about a month let's see how they're doing whoa okay I actually expected the water to be a lot lot darker but this isn't bad at.

All I'm gonna clean the surface with the brush a bit and then steam clean them outside there are holes here and there laughs this is fun this is done steaming.

Next I'm gonna start working on the tank the first thing you want to do is find a tank that looks something like this and you want to take your dominant hand and slap it the away parents foreign thank you.

The Mainframe is done Chris said the tank should be at least five gallons for fish to be able to swim around this one is 60 gallons so I hope it's big enough next light next I'm going to start figuring out where I want these driftwoods to be in.

The tank and once I know I'm going to use a suction cups Cube and keep them stay intake I might add some more thinner driftwoods branches later but for the base I think this is how I want them to be I need the suction cup buddy it looks really uncomfortable why are.

You on it where is it okay thank you okay oh Canton boxes right next I'm going to drill holes for the filter there are many types of filter systems.

Which all have pros and cons I decided to go with reverse flow and a gravel setup because it has a great filtration capacity heating efficiency and doesn't produce a strong current which is friendly for betta fish nobody next I'm going to put these filter material at the bottom of the tank.

next I'm going to place these Garden sheets Stones can affect the hardness of aquarium water lava Stones suit the plants I want so I'll use these to help weigh down the Driftwood some glue is not safe for fish so be careful if you want to use it.

Bacteria will colonize aquariums eventually but I'm adding them manually to set up the tank more quickly beneficial bacteria break down fish waste that plant material Etc to keep the water clean and safe preparing filter media this external filter basically becomes a house for bacteria.

Foreign truth I have no idea if the Driftwood will float or not wish me luck okay the Driftwood haven't floated yet as expected another cooking tool.

Foreign sniffing it next I'm taking out the water to make it easy for planting I'll put the water back when it's done next I'm going to start planting this part reminds me of helping my.

Grandparents in their eyes patties Good Times it's about a bloom foreign fish has arrived.

Say hi to a new friends once they settle they will become very beautiful blue fish it is time I have to introduce new fish and plants gradually until the bacteria colony is fully settled hey Thunder.

Sorry for the long wait this is your new home Thunder is around two and a half years old a lot of people mistook him for female because of his short fins but he's actually a male betta fish betta are known for being aggressive but fortunately Thunder is pretty chill and doesn't mind his new tank mates The.

Capes underneath this trunk are one of his new favorite spots flaring is a good way to exercise bad offense Since switching him to his new tank he has become more active and has a bigger appetite he has a lot more stimulation and places to explore and hide now he definitely seems to be happier in this.

Tank and I'm so happy rocket Achilles have orange Tails so they look like rockets blasting around the tank you can see the air bubbles from plants photosynthesizing and creating oxygen thank you so much you're amazing free time whenever I come into the room.

The fish gather at the front of the tank now hoping for food it's so cute if the bacteria are doing their job then this should be breaking down ammonia into nitrites and then nitrates into nitrates which I then removed through water changes foreign for all of these tests it seems like.

Bacterias are doing a good job what our quality tests pass I like seeing two of my projects right next to each other fish tank and cat tower he's a big boy anyway thank you so much for watching this year I have new series coming up and I'm really excited I hope you guys.

Will like it see you guys later bye