-So essentially, we aremaking a fried rice recipe, but this iswith sticky rice. So similar concepts,similar technique, just kind of usingwhat you have, chopping it all upand sauteing it all together. I'm Melissa King, and we'remaking Chinese sticky rice. It's one of my favorite dishes. It's something that I makefor the holidays, particularly Thanksgiving.

It's one of the mostrequested recipes in my family. I think a lot of peopleget intimidated by Chinese sticky rice. They thinkit's difficult to make, but I'm going to show you hereit's really quite simple. You have to startwith some sweet rice. Sweet rice is basicallya type of rice that gets, it's a gluttonous rice. And so this gluttonous riceneeds to be soaked in water.

The water is going to reallyhydrate the kernels of rice so that you getindividual grains of rice when you steam it. If you just cook it in a ricecooker, it's going to clump up. It's going to get sticky.It's going to be a big mess. So make sure you soakthe rice overnight in water, enough water to cover.And then give it a strain. You want to get all that waterout and off the kernels. And so what's nicewith this technique.

Is you won't have tointroduce more water later. If you do,it kind of gets too clumpy. It all sticks together too much.We're looking to have perfectly like hydratedlittle grains of rice. Try to get a bamboo steamerif you can. These are really helpful. You can steam your frozendumplings in them, steam rice. We basically line this with someparchment paper on the bottom. This helps to keep thingsfrom sticking.

So you can get the riceout of the container. And lay the riceinto your bamboo steamer in one even layer.Just spread it out. This is ready to goright on top of your wok or on top of your stoveto steam. Alright, turn up that heat.You got to use a wok. That's the best wayfor this recipe. And so yeah,that bamboo steamer fits perfectly likeright on top of that wok.

With a little bit of waterinside to just create the steam. And then turn it up on highand let it roll. So we're going to steam thisfor about 40 minutes until those grains of riceare nice and tender. But just leave it alone,let it do its thing. Let the steam kind of doall the work. So our rice is steaming,and in the meantime, I'm going to prepsome of the other ingredients. We have some driedshitake mushrooms.

These are one of my favoriteingredients. They have so much flavor. And once they're dried,they really like concentrate, so you get thatsort of umami bomb going on with these things.We also have dried scallops. You can find all of thisat the Chinese grocery store, maybe online somewhere. But dried scallopsalso have so much flavor. It is the baseof like an XO sauce,.

Which everyone's talking about.I kind of love XO. And then we alsohave dried shrimp. Same thing, dried shrimpis great in an XO sauce. It has a lot of full flavor. But all of these ingredientshere have to be soaked. They need to be soaked in water,cold water overnight, until they're hydratedand bloomed. So I'm going to strainoff the mushrooms, and there is a lot of flavorin this broth.

If you have the extra time, use this mushroom brothto soak your rice. And then it's going to be likea mushroom-flavored rice, and it's going to be amazing. But I like to squeeze outsome of that moisture, get all the liquid out. And then slice throughyour mushrooms. And the beauty of this recipeis everything could be sliced, it could be diced.

Essentially,we're making fried rice. I like to think that this isa pretty pantry staple-friendly recipe. All you really need is,you know, soy sauce and garlic, onions, scallions, all things that hopefullyyou have in your pantry at home. I have been cookingsince I was about five or six — -What? Stop it. -Yeah, a lot of itwas really just hanging out.

In the kitchen with my momand making dishes like this. You know, both my parentsworked a lot, and someone had to put foodon the table. And so that became me. And I think by the ageof maybe 10 or 12 I was cookingon a big wok and standing on a stool stirfrying vegetables, making dishes like this. And I recognizedjust the power behind food.

And how just beautifulit can be. Everybody loves to eat. So we have our dicedshitake mushrooms here. Going to throw itinto a bowl. So same thing, discard the waterfrom your dried shrimp. But I'm just goingto slice through these, just to chop them up,break them up a little and get that flavorout of them. The dried scallop has beensoaking overnight as well.

But as you can see,I'm saving all that liquid, the shrimp, the dried scallop,the mushroom liquid. This is all really greatto infuse back into your rice. Really, you're justgoing to shred it up. And I like to shredit up by hand. Another key ingredientto the Chinese sticky rice is Lap Xuong,so this is Chinese sausage. Alright, boom, magic,it's done. Other key ingredients of thisrecipe are your aromatics.

You need a lot of garlicand a lot of ginger. And also some scallionsif you have them. You're going to wantto make like double or triple of this batch because so many people will befighting for the leftovers and taking it home.It's great to reheat. Ginger, so one of myfavorite ingredients right here, I put ginger in everything. I kind of feel like you don'tnecessarily have to peel it.

If it's organic, why not justgive it a wash and use it. But my mom did teach mewhen I was a kid to peel this with a spoon. The spoon kind of just helps toget inside the little nooks here without taking offtoo much of the flesh. Just mince this up. If you have a grater,you can go ahead and use a microplaneand grate this. But scallions,get a bunch of scallions.

I like to use boththe green and the white. Don't waste any of this stuff.This is more of a garnish piece. All of our ingredientsare chopped and prepped, and we're ready to move overto the stove and stir fry this all up. Alright, so our riceshould be steamed by now. Look at that,nice and translucent. You can see everyindividual grain of rice. We're going to keepthat there on the side.

Get the wok ripping hot,like really, really not. Get one of these. These are the best,Chinese spatulas. If you don't have a wok, you can certainly do thisat home on a regular pan. But if you have a wok,go for it. You just get more heat,and a lot more action happens. It's fun. I'm going to putsome canola oil on there. Dump in our dried scallops.

Shrimp.Chinese sausage. Some ginger and the garlic. Yeah, you really want to justfry all the aromatics, get the flavor out of there. And kind of crispthings up a little. A little bit of caramelizationis always good. I'm going to throw the mushroomsin, going to do a pinch of salt. You can actually do thiswith regular rice and make a fried rice.

It doesn't haveto be sticky rice, but sticky is so much better. I just lovethe sound of this like, so you know, shit's cooking,you know. I see a lot of that moistureis starting to evaporate out. It's starting to get crispy.You can hear it like popping. I'm going to throw thatinto a bowl on the side. Get it out of the wok. I don't even bothercleaning out the wok,.

Because that's all the flavor.So we're going to sauté the rice and get that, you know,what we say in Chinese is wokay, it's like getting the flavorfrom the fire into the food. A little bit of sesame oil and then dumpyour rice in gently. Kind of like break it upa little if you can. Going to dump everything back inand add in a little dark soy, light soy sauceand some oyster sauce. Start to break up the rice.Just keep stir frying it.

Until it kind of absorbsthe color. Promo, you know.Come on munchies. Alright, oh it'slooking it good. See it's like every kernelhas been covered in that soy, the oyster sauce, the sesame oil,that's what we want. And we're kind of just fryingthat flavor into it. Let's finish itwith some scallions. And I think we're good.I love these bowls.

It's like little,this reminds me of my house when I was growing up.We had a lot of these. Okay, let's dish it up,getting too nostalgic here. Now pack it in there. And that'syour Chinese sticky rice. I'm going to just dig right in. Mmm, it's just packed with like,it's like a big umami bomb. You have the soyand the dried shitake, all of the dried shellfish.

It's just likea full flavored dish but has that sweetness andthat stickiness from the rice. It really is sucha crowd-pleasing dish. It's something that we would dofor Thanksgiving, for holidays. Instead of stuffing we'd haveChinese sticky rice and a roast duck instead of yourtraditional turkey and stuffing. But really,this is my childhood right here, and I hope you get to try it. If you want to try the recipe,click below.