Foreign lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back today's video is sponsored by Thrive Market Thrive Market is an online membership-based grocery store with a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable so big thanks to thrive.

Market for sponsoring this video and I'll talk a little bit more about them later so today we're going to be making St Louis style pizza now this pizza I've never actually tried before but it's basic Gestalt is that it is got a thin thin thin crust that's crisp when you bite it the toppings go all the way out to the edges there's no crust on the.

Edge and it's cut into little squares or rectangles it's often called bar or party pizza and most famously it's made with provel cheese this cheese Hoffman's Provo cheese now what I really love about this recipe and what Drew me to it is the fact that we don't have to wait for the dough to rise or to rest or proof because this dough contains no.

Yeast what so ever I want to see if I can get an entire Pizza done in the time that you would order pizza to have it delivered to your own house we're going to use two cups of self-rising flour if you don't have that you can substitute all-purpose flour same amount along with one teaspoon of baking powder and a half teaspoon of salt.

Two cups I'm going to add a little bit of corn syrup because based on accounts of Emos which is a pizza chain I've read that the crust and the sauce are a little bit sweet now we're going to add some olive oil don't mind that bloop two tablespoons.

Just plain old water so normal pizza dough made with yeast we would have to allow the dough to rest to make the CO2 bubbles that make the crust spread like so I'm just working the flour and water together and if you have time it's good to let this rest for about 10 or 15 minutes and it'll make it easier.

To stretch the dough out into two pizzas now if you don't have time if you want to beat the delivery order then you can go ahead and roll this out right away I'm going to add a little bit of oil to My Pan I know someone is going to ask where I got this and I just picked this up at the thrift store many years ago just as like a sifter but today I'm.

Going to be cooking with it it looks like it's very purposeful if any of you know specifically what this pan is for let me know two pieces of parchment paper that were greased to assist with this rolling out process and so I like to roll from the middle out that's why I live in the New England.

Area and the Boston Celtics are very popular here and I have to say my children are also huge fans and we were delighted to see an emo sponsored video by Jason Tatum who hails from St Louis and he was singing the Jingle the square Beyond Compare oh we were so tickled by that when I was doing the research for this video like it's Jason.

There's my pizza dough I'm gonna pop this into a preheated 425 degree oven and Par bake this for about three minutes just to ensure that everything gets extra crispy so while that's happening let us prepare our cheese Pro villain it up in the St Louis area of course you can buy this pre-graded there's also a.

Version that looks a bit like pasta looks like it's been extruded out of a pasta dye it's got kind of this squiggly pasta like shape to it it's Rocky Mouse texture very similar to American cheese kind of melty creamy very homogeneous a little bit plasticky I think it will even show more.

Of that quality once it's melted it's a little bit different than American cheese for sure it has more flavor to it it reminds me a little bit of Gouda a little bit of a nuttiness a little bit of a smokiness very creamy homogeneous texture but all in all more cheese-like than cheese there is our pizza crust it's a little.

Bit golden around the edges just a tiny bit and very very flat you can just make this a plain cheese pizza if you like but I'm going to be making the works version add some sauce and get it all the way to the edges cheese some peppers sliced onion bacon this bacon has been pre-cooked and then some mild Italian.

Sausage that has also been cooked I'm going to place this back in the oven and cook it from 8 to 10 minutes or until all the toppings are nice and cooked and bubbly and warmed up and our crust is thin and crispy alrighty see a little bit so while we're waiting for our pizza to bake let me tell you a little bit more about Thrive market so.

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Tasted before and the best thing is that you save money you can find tons of different products organic natural food products that are below traditional retail pricing and Thrive Market offers a huge selection of products including organic groceries snacks supplements Echo cleaning supplies Meats veggies even Frozen items plant-based items it's.

Great you have an entire grocery store at your fingertips and it will arrive right to your doorstep I picked up a bunch of pantry Staples like oatmeal walnuts pumpkin seeds I feel like you never can have too much maple syrup so if you'd like to try Thrive Market out for yourself today click the link down below or head over to. Emmy made to receive 30 off your first order and a free gift worth up to sixty dollars when you join Thrive market today big thanks to thrive market for sponsoring this video and for allowing me to make better videos for all of you looks so good it looks so good looks so good look at this lovelies yeah slide it out to our cutting board.

Now we need to slice this into squares alrighty my lovelies let's eat this while it's hot my first taste of St Louis style pizza foreign crunch based on descriptions that I've read since I've never actually had St Louis style pizza in St Louis before it's even thinner.

More almost like a chip kind of crunch mine's pretty crunchy but I suspect it goes even thinner so for me the purpose of this crust is more of a textural experience you get a nice big crunch little bit of slight Sweetness in there but it's not really about the flavors that are developed by.

The yeast at all it is similar to a cracker or a pita bread it's just the kind of blank canvas to put all of your toppings on top I really love cutting it into a square I think that's brilliant it's a really simple way to present a pizza and everyone can have a little bite it's perfect for sharing this combination by the way is fantastic the.

Smokiness of the bacon goes really well with the cheese and the cheese here I don't mind the cheese at all I know that Provo gets a bad wrap but I don't see what the problem is it's really really melty and it doesn't overpower any of the flavors going on here the crust also offers me a bit of frozen pizza I grew up eating frozen pizzas as.

A snack little Celeste after school and this reminds me of that this is much thinner but the same kind of mouth feel and if you have everything on hand definitely faster than drive through you can have an entire Pizza done in about 20 minutes that includes prepping the dough prepping all the ingredients and and cooking it.

And of course cheaper than delivery too alrighty my lovely thanks so much for watching and big things to thrive market for sponsoring this video if you'd like to try Thrive market for yourself click the link down below or head over to MMA to receive 30 off your first order and a free gift worth up to 60 when you join Thrive market.

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