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[Managa Dub] I asked everyone out, and everyone said okay…!? [RomCom]


You should totally choose me no way choose me that's not true choose me um that's uh the reason why I a plain looking introvert and being chased down by three beautiful girls well in order to explain that I'll need to go back in time a little it's so heavy why did he ask and carry these heavy things all on my own my name.

Is koki Tanaka and I'm an unpopular loner in high school I'm not good at saying no so my classmates and teachers usually ask me to do things for them even today my teacher asked me to carry things so I'm currently moving a huge pile of notebooks my arm feels like it's about to come off.

But I'm almost there oh ouch why does this have to happen to me I hate you hey are you okay what are you doing oh seems like you're in trouble oh ryoko-san Chief we usan Amazon the girls who talk to me as I fell down were my classmates ryoko Sano shifuyu bajichi and Emma hanagaki these girls are.

Popular around the school for being extremely pretty oh what is this pile of notebooks isn't it hard to carry this on your own we are always working hard by yourself I admire you it's just because I can't say no when someone asks me to do something it must be really tough to carry this on your.

Own let me help you too I'll help too me too it'll be done quickly with the four of us carry it right uh I can't I can't have you ladies help me out besides I don't want to cause trouble for you either it's the thought that counts thank you thanks for offering your help hey oh the beautiful Trio just talked to me.

There's no way I could ask them to carry things for me but all three of them were so nice the three girls often talk to me whenever I needed help I must stand out because I'm super clumsy they're probably so nice that they can't help but offer to help someone like me I'm happy that they talk to me but I always stutter because I get nervous and I.

Never accept their offer either I want to be friends but uh what the hell am I thinking I'm just an introvert well they're princesses I'm probably never going to be able to talk to them properly so I'm never going to be friends with them either one evening you're joking the end of the world tomorrow tomorrow is the end of the.

World so it's going to be called X day what is this I was scrolling on the internet when I came across surprising news everyone on social media was talking about it and the whole world was in a commotion is it the truth is it a lie no one knew what to believe and there was chaos everywhere but if it's really the.

End of the world tomorrow I want to live without any regrets it's my last chance I'm going to do it on X day I went to school as usual and called up the trio to the school's rooftop what's up very unusual for you to call us to talk I was so surprised I have butterflies what is it oh what did you want to talk about um I.

I think you're all very nice and beautiful people what are you saying all of a sudden wow thank you for always talking to me whenever I'm in trouble I'm never able to talk properly because I'm nervous but I'm super happy your kindness always makes my day oh let's go going on are you saying so suddenly vocal you're.

Blushing that's adorable so what I'm trying to say is I really like all of you it's the end of the world today so I wanted to tell you how I feel that's all see you fast my feelings I confess my feelings for them but if the world is ending today this is fine oh people really can do anything if they have nothing to lose.

Huh why what about the end of the world what about X day what wait was that fake news now that I think about it people were talking about it online but it wasn't announced on TV did I do something embarrassing because of a misunderstanding what am I going to do I don't want to go to school but I need to.

Go I'll just think about it when I get to school isn't that the boy the one that confessed his feelings to the trio at the same time time he's totally Brave oh people are already talking about it I guess it would assembly big news after all but I didn't ask for a response and hopefully they'll think it was a dream and forget about Pokey there.

You are found too you came to school good boy ah ryokosan she for your son Amazon After School rooftop why we'll give you a response to your confession be excited okay you can't run okay horribly top cookie we're okay with it you're right I know I didn't have a chip.

What what did you just say I told you our answer is yes we want to be in a relationship with you after receiving a heartfelt confession like that you know is this a dream reality is this a prank oh we wouldn't do that is today April fools it's a normal weekday if we're okay with dating you but you have to choose one of us you can't get all of us.

Okay being greedy is bad I can't do that I'm sorry I can't just interested for someone like me but besides that was because I wanted you to know how much I thank you and like you that was enough for me I wasn't thinking about dating what even is that hmm maybe he's.

Freaking out and that's what's cute about him though all right then it will make you fall for one of us it's a serious competition I'm not going to lose I might actually get super serious does that mean it's all awesome the three beautiful girls.

Started trying to make me fall for them the following morning I never would have thought this would happen hey cookie you're energetic early in the morning oh ryoko-san good morning you're very early my teacher wanted to talk to me what are you doing I'm taking care of the flowers I thought I'd get it done in the morning I'll help you then you're going to get.

Dirty it's fine it'll be done faster with two people right come on let's do this quickly thank you we're done that used up a lot of my energy we do have to dig up mud after all all right it's about time so let's head back to the watch out ouch.

I'm fine what about you I'm okay thanks for saving me I can't let you get hurt ryokosan and so this position is kinda you know embarrassing huh oh what are you blushing how cute I'm not going to do anything but maybe I should yokosan just kidding come on let's go to class oh okay uh my heart was beating so fast.

During class that day hey Cokey I forgot my textbook today do you think I could see yours of course go ahead yay thank you all right then Amazon what's wrong you have to be quiet during class but uh you're so close I can't see if you don't get close right come on pay attention to the teacher yes Pokey this part is hard to.

Understand isn't it well Amazon my ear we have to be quiet or the teacher will catch us that's why I'm whispering in your ear are you blushing you're so cute a massage I just want to eat you all up hahaha I'm just kidding come on pay attention pay attention uh I can't pay attention.

Like this during lunch break that day I can't do this I'm tired from my heart beating so fast all day I'm going to take a nap until our break is over ah what is this this feels like it's kind of soft oh are you awake good morning see for you son what are you doing I saw you sleeping on the rooftop so I let you lay on my lap why because.

You seemed a very uncomfortable sleeping like that we still have time so you should sleep a little more but there's no way I can sleep like this what's wrong your face is all red anyone would do the same if they were laying on your lap come on you're a good boy go back to sleep if you can't sleep do you want me to.

Help you out do you want to do some tiring exercise with me tiring exercise what's she talking about gosh he feels so warm when it's cold uh-huh he's so warm you're right it's super warm like this it is warm but this is way too close I'm okay with being a lot closer me too me too me too ah my heart isn't going to last.

Please stop it besides why are you doing all of this for me I know it's because I confessed my feelings in the first place but all I did was tell you how I feel I didn't think you'd do all of this is there any other reason a reason reason so there is that's a secret confidential information we'll tell you next time why just like that my days continued with.

The three girls flirting with me now I'm not sure why they're doing all of this just because I confessed my feelings to them still I felt like I was living in a dream after school one day why did I have to forget my textbook on the day I have homework so in the classroom the trio and.

Some other girls it's kind of awkward to go in now what are they talking about I mean they're all flirting with him you're definitely not serious about it are you how long are you going to keep playing with that boring introvert you should show him what reality is like soon he probably thinks he could actually take.

One of you don't you feel bad about continuing this they're right this situation is crazy I took them just for granted just because they're all so nice everything they've been doing it was probably just to kill time from that day on I lived my school life trying to run away from the trio Pokey listen I'm sorry I'm kind of busy right.

Now hey just like that I ran away even if they tried to talk to me now that I knew the truth it hurt me to be with them but I couldn't run away from them forever hey cookie no see you're so mean to run away from us even though we're in the same class she's right you haven't talked in almost a week.

Um what do you need from me you should know dude why are you avoiding us did we do something wrong we want to know if something happened the truth is I heard everything when you were talking to your friends after school I forgot because I was having so much fun with all of you I forgot that there was no way an introvert like me could stand.

Side by side with you and hold on a second after school it's probably that it is isn't it hey did we say anything back to those girls huh I don't think you did obviously why do we need to talk badly about someone we like we got mad at everyone after that we told them to stop talking bad about the person we like we.

Honestly it's seriously like you but why there's no reason for you to like me I mean it was something that happened in preschool it's not his fault if he doesn't remember yeah what wait what does that mean the truth is the four of us went to the same preschool what you've saved me when a straight dog was about to attack me you don't remember.

You got your butt bit that day I remember I still have teeth marks from that day he's saved me when I was lost but we ended up getting lost together and got in trouble with the teacher afterwards ah I remember that happening to me you helped me look for something I lost but when you tried to pick it up you fell into a ditch it was so chaotic.

I still have a scar on my leg from that day you've helped us when we were in trouble we were always so kind and nice like a prince and shining armor we live in different districts so we went to different elementary school and middle schools but we never forgot about you and we coincidentally reunited in high.

School hokey you were the one person who had your heart since elementary school that's why we were happy when you confessed your feelings to us I understand now so basically let us love you from now on I'm going to keep flirting with you you better be ready for it just like that we cleared up our misunderstanding and we were.

Getting along well having them flirt with me every day was a blessing but I was struggling to choose someone hurry up and choose one of us already that's such a luxurious choice for me to make I guess then let's make him love all three of us all three of you I mean uh that doesn't sound like a bad idea me too me too so that's that.

Make us feel loved okay baby you got this I love you Cookie wow it seems like my days being surrounded by affection are going to keep on continuing thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well