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[Manga Dub] 3 beautiful girls fall in love with me at the same time and turn into… [RomCom]


My name is yuto asakura I'm a high school sophomore who enjoys reading and visiting cafes the reason I enjoy visiting cafes is because my family owns a cafe I've been visiting other cafes to seek ideas for new menus and store Decor huh you tokun what book are you reading oh yuena this her name is yuena nakano she's a beautiful neat girl with long.

Black hair who's friendly to everyone and one of the three most beautiful girls in this class about that book too I'm almost done reading it so I'll lend it to you then you then it turns out yuena enjoys reading as much as I do I never imagined you and I and I would.

Share a hobby good morning Utah oh good morning her name is minori Toyama she's my childhood friend our families are close and we often get together at each other's houses since we live near each other she has lovely chestnut semi-long hair a well-shaped face and a fantastic sense.

Of style even as a childhood friend I can't deny that minori is a stunning young lady as proof she's also one of the three most beautiful girls in our class because I'm close with minori I often get cold stares from the guys can I come to your place today oh sorry I have to help out at home today huh but.

I thought you didn't have to help out today Mom suddenly got sick so I have to do it for her I see yeah sorry I want chocolate parfait and two iced lattes all right oh and hey take these to the customer in the back on the right yes sir a manager one melon cream soda.

One Cafe a lot and one order of Pancakes her name is Karin sakuraba she works part-time at our Cafe and we're both in the same class she has long blonde hair excellent communication skills a well-proportioned face and a great Style she's the most cheerful girl in the class so much so that you think she gets along.

With everyone in the grade and she's the last of our class's three most beautiful girls Karine is our sales girl and very popular among our customers when Karen calls out the entire restaurant gets packed I had a customer tell me the other day I want the pretty girl over there to bring my order not you I mean I can see why.

Welcome Karen could you go and take orders from the customers over there okay Karine works very hard at her job and is very helpful are you ready to place your order oh you're cute are you in high school what high school do you go to hey what's your number excuse me I will have someone else assist you hang on we have.

An exchanged contact info yet hey a little bit excuse me sir what business do you have with my girlfriend damn she's got a boyfriend so what can I get you two Cafe always I'm sorry about that go have something to drink and get some rest but it's okay right Dad yeah I'm sorry Karen Sean take a break.

In the back Karine often gets hit on like that so when that happens I take over for her and if we get busy I pretend to be her boyfriend worst case scenario my father steps in but thankfully that's never happened just because you get hit on a lot doesn't mean you'll get used to it what's frightening is frightening in.

Karen's case she may look strong and rebellious but in reality she's just the opposite she says she's afraid of being involved in strange situations like that I can't say I blame her I'd be terrified too if I was being courted by multiple guys who are clearly bigger than me that's why we have her take a break in the back until the customer leaves maybe.

I was able to save her at the time because I was used to defending Karine there's a reason why I'm friends with the three most beautiful girls in my class minori is just my childhood friend she and I both wanted to attend the same High School so we studied for the entrance exam together every day Karine works.

Part-time at our Cafe so we naturally became good friends Karine has many other friends but she considers me to be one of her close Pals I'm honestly happy about that but to be honest I never thought I'd become good friends with yuena if I hadn't helped her like I did earlier.

Then we probably wouldn't have become good friends a few months ago I was on my way home from the local supermarket after my mom had asked me to pick up some groceries hmm come on you're not busy anyway right let's have some fun together.

Want to I have plans fine then give me your contact info and we can play tomorrow please stop it oh can't you see she doesn't like it uh shut up who the hell are you I told him that we were classmates and the guy became enraged and eventually struck me fortunately a police officer happened to pass by and the man got scared and ran away are you.

All right you don't oh I'm fine I'm fine how about you yuena I'm fine thank you yurokoon after this incident you and I and I started talking at school and as we talked I discovered that you and Hassan loved reading as well and we started talking even more if I had been asked to do the shopping.

Then I wouldn't have become friends with yuena and I wouldn't have been able to help her wow it's over this novel was so interesting all right I promise to lend this to yuena whoa what's the matter girls I'll hear you out but one at a time uh starting with minori what is it it's a three-day.

Weekend so play with me next Saturday next Saturday okay wait a minute I was going to ask you about this Saturday too me too huh hold on YouTube the three of us are going to have a little talk oh okay what why those three girls having a talk it sounds a little scary so what are we going to do what do you mean I was the.

First one to ask you toe out that's just because yuto happened to pick minori first right oh we all approach him at the same time so the order is the same right but yuto is happy when he is with me but that's a Trill I'm the one who knows you too best of any of us okay Utah looks really happy when he's with me all right if you put it that way he.

Also looks happy when he talks to me okay then how about this we have three days off so we could all take turns hanging out with yuto that's reasonable right okay then I'll go first first to be fair we should do rock paper scissors or use draw Lots oh perhaps I should go last huh oh why because I'm going to confess to you too.

If I go first that means you guys will be hanging out with yuto while he is taken but what then I should go last right because I plan to confess to him too what if I go first or second then minori will end up sharing the same fate if that's the case why don't we hear back from him on Tuesday you mean have him respond to a confession on Tuesday.

Yes that way we can all confess and spend time with him as a single hmm Karen is going to confess to you too as well of course are well he's going to pick me anyway what are you talking about it's me then it's settled let's draw for the order okay that's fine by me I'm in.

Saturday I arrived at the station at the time Karen told me I plan to go out every day for the three-day weekend starting today today is Karen's day tomorrow's you in us and the last day is minoris there's no way I can tell anyone about this sorry to keep you waiting no problem I just got here a little.

While ago then let's go where are we going it's a surprise I followed after caring our destination was a 20-minute train ride away it's a bit of a walk is that okay I don't mind all right then follow me here we are this place you've always wanted to come here right since it's a three-day weekend I thought we could go.

Together I see thank you let's go in then it's so stylish this is going to be popular on social media yeah I can see why what do you want I want pancakes then I'll have the same as well it's so delicious it's so fluffy do you think it would be popular if we made one as fluffy as this one I'm sure it would I'll have to propose it to my.

Dad yeah it was delicious yeah I want to come back again then let's come back on our day off for sure yeah please invite me of course well I guess we should get out of here yeah there's people waiting um hey you tell hmm what's up I need to talk to you talk what's going.

On I know this may sound sudden but I like yuto huh are you talking and it was a lot of fun talking to you you look really cool when you saved me from this strange customers that's why I really like you but don't give me your answer yet I'll ask you again on Tuesday so you'll have to.

Decide by then saying that Karine ran home alone you've got to be kidding me today I'm spending the day with yuena I waited for her in front of the shopping center since she wanted to go there good morning you Tycoon good morning yuena shall we go then let's go to the arcade first the arcade yeah I.

Want to take a pericara I've never taken a pre-corrupt pick before I'm so nervous come closer you tookun or else you'll be out of the picture oh sorry so close form a c with your right hand you know what making a heart with you enough hold on maybe this is the norm for pre-kura here.

You go this is for you you tokun oh thank you take good care of it yeah I'll keep it as a souvenir of our first time together okay oh do you want to go to the bookstore I'd like to ask yuto directly for recommendations sure sure oh I think you'd like this one cover is really beautiful it's a novel with a reputation for making people cry.

And it's very moving I see I'll lend it to you if you like really really thank you after recommending many books at the bookstore we went to ewina's favorite clothing store and had fun trying on some of her favorite clothes and having ewina coordinate some for me she also wanted to see a movie but apparently the movie she wanted to watch.

Was fully booked so we decided to see it another time today was fun wasn't it yeah I don't usually go to shopping malls so it was refreshing I see I'm glad to hear that hey you tokun hmm you know I've been in love with you tokun ever since then you are so cool you takum when you saved.

Me that time I've been thinking about you a lot since then and I realized that that I like you I couldn't stop thinking about you after that can't be without you anymore so you tokun will you go out with me you're kidding first caring and now you too Yuna but give me your answer on Tuesday what I believe in you you tookoon saying.

That you nassan dashed home yui Nissan also said Tuesday the final day of the three day weekend today I'm spending time with minori but she told me to wait at home coming good morning uto good morning seeing minori as Lively as ever somehow lifted my spirits as well where are we going today nowhere we're.

Going to play at Utah's house today at my house it's been a while since I've been in Utah's room really but wasn't the last time you came here two weeks ago from my point of view it a long time is it because things haven't changed much it kind of makes me feel at ease hey.

Wanna play a game a game yeah we used to play it a lot when we were little oh that game okay I'll get it ready hey you Amber when I was in third grade and you taught me how to play games oh yeah that's right I think that was what's wrong minori are you talking I got it back great on the test is that.

Why you're so down yeah he meanori want to come over to my place today what yoto's house are you sure yeah come on let's go I remember grabbing minori's arm and dragging her home minori want to play a game with me game playing games will cheer you up it's so much fun yeah I do from then on whenever Mina Revisited us.

We would play games I wanted to cheer her up and my thinking as an eight-year-old at the time was to play games isn't there one over there as well yeah man how nostalgic I wish we could go back to that time yeah we had a lot of fun playing games back then now we have to study that too.

Yeah that what in the world are you doing I want to spend more time alone with you toe huh I love you toe okay I love you too as a boy not as a childhood friend wait a second minori I've always had feelings for you I want to date yuto get married and have children so go out with me.

The day had arrived to respond to their unexpected confessions uh there's no way I could choose they're all too good for me and and above all oh man come here and give us your answer yeah so who will it be you choose me right you mean me ah there's no way I could choose knowing.

You I kind of knew that that would be the case future is so indecisive all you have to do is choose me what are you saying Carmen all he needs is me I will definitely try my best to get yuto to choose me okay yuto I'll go to yuto's house every day maybe I'll work at the cafe as well there's no.

Need for that you'll only need to work part-time with me hey you tell I'll do my best to make you like me so please pick me okay I'll also work harder at my part-time job with you tell I'll put in more effort for you so that you'll like me so please choose me.

I'll do anything for you you know I'm a very devoted person so please excuse me oh no what's going to happen to me won't I be targeted by other guys for being with three beautiful girls like this I'm happy but also terrified I love you cute thank you for watching how was today's.

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