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[Manga Dub] 3 years after my wife passed away, I met a girl who looked identical to her [RomCom]


My name is yukito Yuki Saka I'm a 27 year old who works for an advertisement agency I lost my wife to a disease three years ago my heart still has a gaping hole in it I don't feel like doing anything but I know my late wife won't approve of me getting fired.

So I do just enough to avoid having to leave I was working at the office that day little did I know that the new employees starting that day would change my life completely my name is Mia miase I'm looking forward to working here I.

Hope we get along exactly like my late wife what's going on I'm sure she didn't have any sisters is she a clone or did she use some kind of prosthetic makeup no she's a doppelganger no way this is not real and for some reason my boss put me in charge of training her.

I'm yukito Yuki Saka I'll show you how things are done here my name is Mia miase I promise to do my best now that I'm closer I can see she's identical to my late wife not only her face but her hair too huh I've heard three other people in the world look like you.

Maybe I shouldn't overreact and freak out there's something wrong you've been staring at my face without blinking for the past five minutes oh gosh I'm sorry it's nothing uh why did you apply to this company my words will be attracting customers to the products we advertise it sounds exciting.

Oh I see she doesn't look excited at all she has no expression whatsoever wait my wife I remember she used to have a poker face on whenever she said she was excited okay how about you try this first let me know if there's anything you need help with sure I'm on it.

She knew what she was doing I had no trouble teaching her the basics she's good she'll do fine here lunchtime I looked over at miyase-san to see how she was doing what's wrong your soul is leaving your body get a hold of yourself was hunched over her desk she looked.

Limp and broken I have a weak Constitution I guess I used to film my energy with this morning's training session but uh there's no need to worry I brought something that will help me recover what did you bring miase-san reached into her big bag and.

Took out I'll feel better once I eat all of this just FYI I made all of this for myself you're going to eat all of that yes I am Mia miase my body may be weak but I have an appetite equal to a competitive eater I like that introduction better than your previous one.

She immediately started wolfing down her lunch and watching her reminded me of my wife again my late wife used to eat tons of food I could tell she enjoyed it since that was the only time she showed any expression I was staring at miase's face again when she suddenly asked me a question.

How is she talking with that much food in her mouth are you put off by the way I eat a pretty girl like me shouldn't be eating like a pig oh you just called yourself pretty huh it doesn't matter why would you think that would put me off.

People are usually disappointed when they see me eat I figured you would be that way too I wasn't disappointed at all I thought it was cute you seem to be enjoying the food what is it.

Worry about it next day at lunch time I witnessed miase take out two three layered lunch boxes out of her bag wait two how is all of that going to fit in her stomach but then she turned to me and said uh I made one for you do you want it I promise it tastes good I put a lot of.

Beef in it it's a beef obento that's very kind of you but I don't think I can finish all of it oh I wasn't thinking this is too much for a normal person to eat I apologize I should have realized that began to put The Lunchbox away so I grabbed her hand and said I didn't say I wouldn't eat it if there are any.

Leftovers I'll eat them for dinner I want to try the obento you made miase-san is that okay oh sir here you go wow this is really good miase-san you're a great cook every dish in here is delicious and well balanced it has to be good or outside cans recover I've researched and studied the.

Best way to cook dishes I'm good at cooking to take care of my weak body I see we can call this a feeble obento sound like a delicious open talking to him I'm vetoing it starting that day miase-san made me an obit every day for lunch thank God she.

Stopped making three layered opentos though miyase-san was always exhausted and drained at the end of the day so I took her to dinner every night to thank her hey you're not eating as much as usual are you worried that the food will cost me too much.

you don't have to worry about that don't tell anybody I said I regretted this decision once she started eating regularly my money flowed out of my bank account like I had never seen before we started spending a lot of time together and I realized I was drawn to.

Her I stopped smiling after my late wife died but I found myself laughing whenever I was with her my heart was starting to heal because of miase-san I had so much fun with her but I started to wonder am I attracted to miase-san or am I attracted to her because she.

Looks like my late wife there was no way to find out the truth if I enjoy her company because of the latter that wouldn't be fair to her it's plain cruelty and she doesn't deserve it and so that's why I Yuki sakasan let's eat lunch together uh I'm planning on eating lunch out for.

A while Yuki Saka do you want to crab dinner sometime um I think I should start eating at home I decided to keep my distance from her I didn't want to spend time with her since it could result in feeling more attached to her I needed time and space to clear my head.

I am so sorry about that wrong it's not like you to make such a mistake miyos's son had started to make minor mistakes during work these days what's going on with her she hasn't caused any trouble since she started working here something must be bothering her.

I was worried so I went to her at lunchtime I saw you apologizing earlier are you doing okay she answered yes I'm doing just fine hey you don't have to put up a strong front I've noticed you've been eating a two layered obento instead of three you.

Haven't been yourself well I'm on a diet a girl has to go on a diet from time to time really all there is to it she looks unwell I was having flashbacks back when I was married my wife wasn't eating as usual but she told me she was fine I believed her I didn't take her to.

The hospital that's why we didn't find out about her illness until it was too late and that's what caused her death I don't want to make the same mistake ever again I don't want to regret this moment you're doing.

There's a hospital near the office I'm taking you for a checkup no matter what you thought it you're not an ambulance I will be an ambulance if I have to be so I carried miase-san to the nearest hospital the checkup results came back and there were no signs of any illnesses I was relieved but it didn't solve the mystery.

Of her work performance I'm glad there was nothing wrong with your health two do you want to talk about it oh um towards me these days I.

Would end you I couldn't stop thinking about it that's why I couldn't focus on my work and started messing things up why would you be bothered by anything I do not such a stupid question is it obvious it's because I like you why would you like me you were accepting when you first saw me.

Eat you even called me cute I not like you after that you're always there for me when I need it and you're so supportive it's only natural for me to feel this way that's why it's hard for me I don't know why you're acting that way I was afraid you hated me I would never hate you ever to tell you the truth I like you too.

Identical to my late wife she died three years ago plus you act just like her I realized that I could be feeling these things towards you because you're just like my wife and that wouldn't be fair to you I needed time to think things over that's why I was keeping my distance but I'm sorry.

I didn't consider how my actions would affect you if you are serious about trying to make things work with us I want you to stop distancing yourself why don't you get to know me more oh I know pad and pens and started to scribble something all over the paper.

What's she writing this is how you can get to know me it's a get to know Mia stamp card I'll stamp your card every time you find something new about me the closer you get to your goal the more things you will know about me you'll be a Mia Master by the time you reach the goal when you've reached the goal you can look back and see if.

You like me from me or um if you like me because I'm similar to your late wife and and if you find out you're like me for me I expect you to ask me out in a wonderful romantic situation that's going to be a big challenge for me I'm not much of a romantic expert but.

I promise I will ask you out okay and so I started working on filling up the stamp card by getting to know miase-san I never told anybody but I'm I want to see the new anime movie that recently came out with you I watch at least two animes a week I think I'll enjoy this my favorite anime is I set my.

Defense level to zero because I like it when it hurts I had no idea my favorite anime is about a battle between a reincarnated prince and a reincarnated Marquis hey I watched that one too I love it you didn't mention it was a horror anime you tricked me oh please you're blaming me for nothing.

I didn't realize you'd be scared of hits here let me give you a stamp wait isn't this the ghost in the horror anime we just watched I don't want that step it's creepy oh are you scared that's adorable by the way eggs are my favorite food I'm taking you to eat the world's best tabago Kake Gohan today.

I hope it's as good as it sounds already better than it sounds almost the best in the whole universe I agree your stamp for today is also an egg I drew this egg room myself I wouldn't want to bump into her on the street.

I continued filling in the stamp card for the next few days I felt giddy every time miyasi-san gave me a new stamp each step meant I was getting closer to knowing the real her I was down to the last stamp on the card when Mia's son called me to meet with her.

Decided to make a snowman I love playing in the snow okay let's get on it I'll work on rolling the head can you do the body for me Yuki sakasan we started working on our snowman after Mia cesan finished making the head I tried to help her put it on the body part I made.

Then gotcha wow you said you were weak but it sure doesn't seem like it right now I'm yum yase I have the energy level of a dafina but my muscles are as strong as a wrestler that's the third time you've introduced yourself we're finished it looks like you Yuki Saka I love it.

Huh how does it look like me well I made the eyes just like yours really here this will be your last stamp it's a snowman stamp and that concludes our get to know you Mia time together congratulations Yuki sakasan who or Mia Master now so now I would like to hear what you think of.

Me Yuki sakasan okay I'm ready I enjoyed spending time with you miase-san and I've realized something you are nothing like my late wife huh I'm not no your face is just like hers but other than that there's nothing in common I guess I didn't see that at first I was so overwhelmed when you first came.

Into the office you looked exactly like her and I kept thinking you would be the same as her are you disappointed that I'm not like her no way my feelings got stronger every time I found out something new about you I don't see my late wife and you anymore all I see is Mia miase so now I can.

Confidently say that I like you I like Mia miase nobody else son having said that I still haven't forgotten about my late wife she still means so much to me I don't think that will ever change but.

I still have feelings for you and I want us to be together I know you don't deserve this I know it's selfish to tell you this is you're thinking too much I want you to relax okay I don't want you to forget.

About your late wife and I definitely don't want you to push her out of your heart she belongs there to her kept her at your heart for three years it's not something anybody can do it's just who do you like more your late wife or.

Me I can't pick one it's like when a parent says they love their children all equally you both mean the world to me I see I was gonna start crying if you said you liked your wife more I would never say that to you I'm sorry.

I know that was a main question he will never forget about your well you promise to love me forever too course I promise to be with you for the rest of our lives okay I promise to be here for you too my heart doesn't have a gaping hole.

Anymore snow started falling and I'm feeling hopeful it was as if the snow was celebrating our happy ending and I hope it continues to protect our future together thank you for watching how was today's.

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