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[Manga Dub] A beautiful coworker wants to be the mother of my child…!? [RomCom]


Senpai I'm here to become a mother huh my brain stopped working for a second I've been sleep deprived and my mind could only take in so much information I stared at the woman standing before me if I'm not mistaken she's Hina hazakura one of my junior employees I don't think I'm Dreaming or.

Hallucinating huh I'm so confused why did she barging here to tell me that she's making no sense at all come mother that's the second time she said it so that means I didn't hear her wrong my name is minoru yaguruma I'm an ordinary office worker but this is no.

Ordinary situation this is the strangest thing that's happened to me but I kind of have an idea of where it came from let me explain uh well this lady is hey it's Hina Chan what you know her this is my niece her name is Yuka hiragi she's currently living with me due to family matters she's a ball of energy.

Constantly bouncing all over the place hey hey John it's been so long hey hey they faced one another and held hands they look so happy to see each other I didn't understand how does Yugo know hazakura my mother and yucatan's mother were really close friends they used to come.

Over all the time right right what a small world I can't believe they knew each other wait a second do I smell something burning it's black Mr Black it's it's Mr Black okay Senpai here.

There are any things we have to talk about what the heck is all of this you haven't washed your clothes and your room is filthy this is a No-No huge no no it's a No-No a huge No-No this is not funny at all.

Oh sweets to clean this all up oh your clothes are all damp get them all in the washing machine at I don't have to do something but all this dust yes ma'am I never knew she could be this scary but she's right everything she said Is Right on point she cleaned everything up as if she'd.

Been a housewife for 50 years whoa good this is much better it's nice to have a clean room right Tina and I weren't useful at all it was all hazakura I mean I helped a little I guess It Feels So worthless she shouldn't have had to do that.

Yay a hamburger steak you can cook too I can't wait to eat this Senpai do you regret underestimating me now go on eat it's been a while since I ate a home-cooked meal both Yuka and I wolfed it down we even got seconds I made enough for you to eat in the.

Morning you should warm the Miso soup before you drink it oh and we can plan everything out tomorrow at the office huh a plan good night Senpai Yucatan hey wait a second what How's she gone already the next day I asked kasakura to eat lunch with me I wanted to thank her for yesterday and I also wanted to ask her.

What she meant when she mentioned a plan capable of this girl does not know how to sugarcoat things uh uh we'll be fine you don't look too good Senpai you're always sleeping and your work performance hasn't been so great realize how we're all cleaning up the.

Best you make ah no hesitation towards shooting me down I know she's right though I should tell you why I've been a total mess my sister yuka's mother died in a car accident a while ago.

I'll be fine Yuka yuka's father died due to an illness when she was younger on top of that both of my parents are also not present we only have each other we're the only ones left in our family there is no way I am letting go of her I'm going to raise her and I'm going to raise her well.

This is how my family can rest in peace I see you haven't changed at all have you but the thing is you're not handling at all take care of the house raising Yuka and working you've got too much on your shoulders uh I guess so that's where I come in It's my job to.

Support my boss I will step in as the mother figured to help you guys uh what are you seriously suggesting to be yuka's mother no really okay to rely on others when you need some help Senpai tell you remember you're the one that told me that we'll get things under control for instance we could take turns dropping off Yuka to.

Daycare and picking her up I've already decided you can't change my mind and Yucatan has already given me her approval too I will be her mother and so the three of us started living together initially I felt uneasy about it but I was surprised to see how well Yuka and hazakura got along.

In your Chan feed me a book Sure Thing Once upon a time there lived an old man I know hazakura always had kind and caring eyes whenever she looked at Yuka it was a brand new site of hazakura that I had never seen before she was skillful in everything she did cleaning laundry you name it our room.

Was always clean now it was as if she used magic to get everything done watching her brought back memories of my family when my sister my father and my mother were all alive we used to laugh together hazakura every dish you made is delicious hey Yuka don't forget to eat your green peppers.

you've got this Yucatan why don't you just try a teeny tiny bite for me I'm not sure if it's because hazakura is with us but I have been feeling great recently my appetite is back and I don't feel like my responsibilities are a burden anymore this and that you know there's so much.

Of her stuff here now I hadn't realized how many things hazakura had brought over from her place till now the interior looked quite different before she came here sometimes I feel quite uncomfortable especially when I find certain delicates before she folds them.

Good uh are you planning to stay here are you planning to live here much of a hassle going back and forth it would be nice if I could stay here don't worry I'll pay for the rent and utility bills and all of that I'm not sure if that's a good idea you're a woman and I'm a man and we can't live under the same roof.

What about you Yucatan can I live here they're going to live with us does that mean you're going to sleep next to each other yes of course we'll take bats together and go to sleep in the same futon was so excited I couldn't say no it's true when they say women in the house have the upper hand.

So now we'll be living together how is this going to turn out will I be okay uh I'm just not used to seeing things like that what do I do it's hanging right there my underwear making you feel Lunchable so cute cute.

No they're not you should refrain from displaying your undergarments I shouldn't be seeing them mind because senpai hasakura looked up at me I could see her cheeks were turning red she was blushing I wasn't expecting to be speechless just kidding gosh she was so so easy to.

Mess with I wouldn't start something with you could tell me the same room you don't need a teacher about adult things yet don't be ridiculous nothing you do can affect me oh my gosh she shouldn't joke about things like that it's bad for my heart so yeah it's not easy living with a.

Woman but hazakura had been a huge help and I felt grateful for her existence ah um Yuka kept waking up during the night she must be feeling lonely without her mother she would suddenly sit up and weep sometimes it lasted for hours.

God I broke my heart I knew I could never fill the gaping hole in her heart and it killed me I could never fall asleep after seeing how broken Yuka still was I used to be sleep deprived because of that however Yuka stopped waking up during the night after hazakura came to.

Live with us akura it was like I was watching a real mother take care of her child for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off her sweet and gentle smile I grew up with my father I lost my mother when I was around yucatan's age.

She passed away I had no idea but I thought you said your mom was friends with my sister oh that was about my stepmother came it was just my father and me he was busy with work so I was in charge of all of the housework I see so that's why she's so efficient when it comes to taking care of the house.

She's had to do it her entire life but my father and I lived with my grandparents so he got help wherever he needed it now that I think about it my parents passed away a while back and the same goes for yuka's late father my family's all gone now Yuka is the only one left in my life maybe I should get purified.

My family must be cursed no me no Roo don't go there I felt the air become dense as I talked about my family I tried to lighten up the mood anyways hazakura I'm proud of how far you've come you used to be so unreliable making arrows all over the place.

Hey yes you're a completely different person now the due date I got him wrong oh my gosh what do I do I forgot that we've had an appointment today back when she was a new employee at the office I was the one who trained her she was always passionate about the job too passionate.

I think that's what caused her to make mistakes often I don't know how many times I had to step in I even visited clients to apologize for the mistakes she made at one point people at the office called me the sorry guy since I went around apologizing to everyone you used to be such a crybaby look how.

Big you've grown hazakura I'm so proud of you face those memories from your head said bye no way I'm going to hang on to those memories no matter what Jesus I'm serious she's become a professional.

At what she does and now she's taking care of my private life as well yes yes I understand let me write it down I should start working too I shouldn't let her do all the work watching her gave me the motivation to put effort into life asakura there's one thing I'm curious.

About why is hazakura going out of her way to help me I'm sure she has a good reason other than being tired of cleaning up my mess at work I'm her boss but maybe she wants more out of this relationship I mean a man has the right to Hope right I'm home oh huh is hazakura not home yet.

Hazakura's shoes were missing from the entrance but it was her turn to pick Yuka up from daycare maybe she's going shopping huh no way hey Yuka are you taking a bath alone ah no way I'm so sorry I I didn't see your shoes I I thought you were out and.

Uh okay as for my shoes it got dirty so I'm washing them anyway it's my bad I didn't see anything nothing saw nothing uh can you pass me the soy sauce your face is so red this this is bad what do I do I can't look at hazakura's.

Face she was blushing to her ears she looked beautiful and adorable at the same time and I kept thinking about what happened earlier that's when I realized or maybe I just didn't want to admit it till then hazakura had become more than just a colleague to me.

She's a full-grown wonderful independent woman oh I'll wash the dishes tonight I appreciate it no problem I should be the one thanking you I really appreciate all you've done for us hazakura.

Yuka thank you for helping us out I'm so proud of you Yucatan thank you I don't know if it's because of the earlier realization but our life together started to change little by little oh this is pretty reasonable that's good meat oh I know we should make some Sukiyaki today yay I love.

Sukiyaki sounds great Sukiyaki is my favorite well we should get eggs then oh my you are such a sweet girl are you shopping with your mommy and daddy huh well yep I am hey Yuka amusement park and when are we going to get on first I can't decide.

Hmm let's see the ferris wheel sounds fun or maybe we should what about the merry-go-round Merry-Go-Round yeah yes get on together okay I have to say this is a bit embarrassing don't you think are you having fun it.

You could chat yep she smells so nice and she's so soft that was all I could think of at that moment here oh my bad oh gosh even her voice is adorable stop it stop keep your cool meenaroo she's asleep I'm sure she was exhausted she was.

Jumping around the whole day today I realized the three of us were holding hands it felt comfortable it even felt natural I could feel the warmth between the palms of our hands and I realized I never wanted to lose it I watched the sunset through the window and I made a decision.

After we got home from the amusement park we realized Yuka had a fever poor thing she was burning up and her breathing had become shallow you need to lie down sweetie I'm sure your fever will go to hell and once you rest your body yuka's fevers weren't uncommon she used to get them all the time when it was.

Just the two of us but those days feel like such a long time ago I need to consider all possible choices but I need to keep my focus on what would be best for Yuka don't leave me behind I we're right here Yuka we will never leave you alone we promise.

I hope the choices I make for Yuka turn out to be the best choices for us too a few days later yuka's fever was completely gone we were relieved to see she was back to being Little Miss energy ball hey so hungry I want to eat.

Yuka jumped up and hugged hasakura's leg suddenly oh he's a 10. you're burning up hold on I'm going to get you to a hospital okay work and wait you're more important maybe she caught yuka's cold if so that is completely my fault I'm glad it.

Wasn't the flu the doctor said you'll be fine as long as you drink your medicine and stay in bed why are you apologizing silly it's my fault I'm so sorry I shouldn't have let you overwork yourself like that no it's not I I think that God's way of warning me.

Because I wasn't completely truthful with you and you're talking nonsense it's because of the fever stop talking you need some rest you back when I was a new employee I caused so much trouble everyone had to do so much because of me I couldn't sleep that night I even thought about.

Quitting since I was so useless was all I could think about then but every time something happened you you were there to save me and you encouraged me to keep poofing everybody starts with no experience and no knowledge you're being too hard on yourself okay listen carefully it's okay to rely on others when you.

Need some help if you don't know who to rely on come to me well I was your encouragement saved me you're the reason why I am here right now hi I get it I get what you're trying to tell me right now hazakura.

Look At Me Now it feels so you're not causing trouble for either of us come on look around you're awake are you okay John everything you feel for her the things.

You have done for her Yuka is aware of all of it she loves you from the bottom of her heart you're not just a babysitter or replacement for her mother oh hey Hina.

I was thinking maybe you can become her real mother and we can be a real family you me and Yuka okay Yuka hugged Hina while she cried for a while.

I could see they already had a strong bond I wrapped my arms around both of them a few years after we became a family Daddy huh what's going on you never wake up early princess is something wrong hey I'm going to be a big sister I don't have time to sleep in daddy mommy I'm leaving.

Be careful Yuka watch out for cars and bikes she's gotten so big now gosh I'm starting to feel so old monster hung yeah you're right the baby's gonna need a strong dad I can't wait to meet this little guy gotta work hard to pay for those diapers just go overwork yourself I don't want.

You collapsing from fatigue I know I'll be careful my life does not belong to just me anymore my precious family needs to stay strong I will never forget that I will always be here to protect them I won't I'll see you later hey sis Dad Mom.

Yuca's dad I know you're watching down on us from heaven I'm going to make a vow to you I will do everything in my power to protect this perfect family thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.