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[Manga Dub] A beautiful girl dissed me for not being good with girls, but… [RomCom]


Chiaki isn't it about time we started dating i can't do that sana this is sana nanase the pretty girl from a class next to mine she asks me out i tell her no it's starting to become a daily routine for the both of us but something was a little different today.

Are you sure you want to dump me sana you know there's better better people for you out there right you need more confidence chiaki you'll never get a girlfriend or a wife like that yeah you know i'm the only girl who likes you anyways.

That's not true i can get a girlfriend if i really put my mind to it i see then let's see you put your mind on it as you can see i put myself in a tight spot five minutes later crap this is not looking good i was regretting my rash comment i suck at talking to people i doubt any.

Girl would want to be my girlfriend no matter how hard i try my name is chiaki akaba a junior i've never been good with girls and they don't like me with the exception of one girl i'd said it just as a retort it was too late for me to turn back so i walked into my classroom.

you came at the right time the right time what do you like it we worked really hard on it i think it looks great the girls had drawn a picture of our names sharing an umbrella a japanese.

Sign of people in love what are you guys drawing what do you mean it's a love umbrella a love and a love umbrella oh my gosh it sounds so stupid when you say it out loud what the heck is a love and love umbrella just just call it a double of umbrella or something.

That's not so different anyways why would you draw such a thing we wanted to see how you would react how does it feel being a couple with both of us we're not couples it's just a drawing it writes it now no way we gotta take a picture first hey pirky your ears are bright red.

What really were you imagining what it would really be like if you dated one of us i hate both of you it's quite obvious the girls don't actually like me they're making fun of me because of the lack of experience i have with girls however.

Oh yeah chiaki i forgot to tell you earlier uh huh sana um chucky what's this sana they're just making fun of me beauty i love you i love you so much oh i see you're so smitten by them who.

Wouldn't be being pampered like that no i'm not smitten yeah i see that's totally believable please stop being so scary so hey tiago which do you want to date the two of us are close we wouldn't mind the three of us dating at the same time you know.

Uh-huh that sounds like a great idea this is getting too uncomfortable for me guys okay okay so you're keeping both of them i told you they're messing with me oh yeah i totally believe every word seriously you're really scaring me right now.

Hey chiaki you want to try me out hey that's unfair i think i'm a better fit for you all right you can have a taste of both it's way too much for me to handle i take back what i said before i'm happy for you you have two girls who want to be your.

Girlfriend good for you no seriously you gotta hear me out don't go sana how's it our conversation isn't finished yet don't try to run away from us chiaki i lost my balance when they grabbed my clothes and suddenly i was falling towards sana.

Sana chiaki what are you doing i had to surround her with a comedy dawn to prevent myself from falling on her my bad i lost my balance um it's okay i've got her trapped i'll just push through with force.

So about earlier they're really just messing with me oh okay i get it just let me go the thing is i can't let go right this moment because what please don't tell me you yes i'm afraid so sauna just listen to me um okay.

My pants are about to fall off if i move at all right now when the two girls pulled at me they had grabbed my pants and the zipper had broken so i needed to focus hard to keep my pants on the day after the incident what happened yesterday was hilarious i.

Totally took a picture you're so courageous purky doing a comment on on sana when your pants were about to fall off i really hate you guys why are you looking so gloomy what's up oh miyu this is miyu ayasaki she came over because she was worried.

Her mature demeanor and beautiful looks are popular among my classmates she's known as the cool it girl she's also one of my very few female friends his pants were falling off but he continued to hit on sana he even gave her a comedone do you want to see.

Wow that's gross you got it wrong i explained to mia what had actually happened and she believed me but sana still thinks you have a thing with those girls right yeah she's been acting all awkward.

Well chiaki what do you want to happen between you and sana well there really isn't a problem with how things are between the two of us right now she won't tell me she likes me she won't ask me out anymore that means i can start living a peaceful.

Life i guess wait no chiaki sana is cheerful dedicated and she stands out but it's not like she's easy she does make fun of me from time to time but i know her feelings are sincere i'm lucky that she's nice enough to spend time with a loser like me you don't seem to have a lot of.

Confidence but i think you have so many good qualities to be honest sana is so pretty and she always makes me feel better about myself to lose her would be i want to make up with her.

Then there's only one thing for you to do then you should go talk to sana so you can sort out the misunderstandings yeah you're right thanks mew no prob she's another person that gives me a.

Sense of confidence i feel so stupid worrying about unnecessary things i headed towards sana's classroom right after school ended oh she just left the classroom to go home you might be able to catch her if you hurry okay.

Thanks man an evening shower was starting as i arrived at the school entrance sana was just about to open up her umbrella sana tiaki what do you want um i need to.

Um there was so much i wanted to say but as always i couldn't get myself to explain properly the words just won't come out when the person is right in front of me i'm leaving if you don't need anything from me wait wait for me.

But there is something i really need to tell her she needs to hear this hey please hear me out tiagy you're soaking wet where's your umbrella oh i forgot wait that's not important right now i i have something i just really need to tell you what is it.

About yesterday those girls were really just trying to make fun of me i'm not good with girls i'm not immune to interactions with girls so they think it's funny to joke about it so i didn't want you to think that they actually have feelings for me or anything so um.

What i want to say is as i struggled with my words she moved the umbrella over my head huh i'm sorry chiaki sana i didn't really mean to have such an attitude towards you but the way we parted yesterday was kind of weird and i couldn't bring myself to.

Talk to you i was scared that i said things that hurt you and made you hate me wait i don't hate you at all sana not a bit really but i was so mean to you yesterday no i'm really okay with what happened yesterday.

So sana what i really want to say is if you're okay with it can you stay friends with me like we were until yesterday huh uh well you don't have to if you don't want to why are you laughing.

Well for a second there i thought you were gonna ask me out uh no i wasn't thinking that far too bad for me but it means a lot i know it was hard for you to tell me how you were feeling so so yes will you go out with me huh.

No i mean staying together as friends i didn't mean well date i meant you'll go out to the cafe with me oh i see what you mean now or do you want to date me be my boyfriend um do you want to kiss.

No then how about a makeup hug well there are other people around oh oops then let's just head towards the cafe together and so it seemed like we were starting to get back to normal so sana i'm sorry.

You got wet from the rain because of me don't worry about it i wear extra layers underneath well i still feel bad oh do you feel bad because people might see through my shirt uh no you really are piercy you get all worried when we talk about this kind of.

Stuff don't make fun of me wait i just realized we're sharing an umbrella no we must look like a couple well then can you hand me the umbrella huh chiaki the guy's supposed to hold the umbrella.

Right well yeah technically but now we really do look like a couple it's unfair that i'm the only one blushing tiaki you're getting wet it's not that much i'm fine i would rather get wet than get you sick oh well then.

Hey why are we linking arms this is what a girl is supposed to do right but you're too close it's too much if we stay close to each other we won't have to get so wet right eventually we arrived at the cafe i was relieved that the makeup hug didn't actually happen because that.

Would be too much for me my heart wouldn't last if we did anything more intimate it would burst however tiaki come here sit over here huh you mean next to you it'll be easier for us to look at the menu if we're next to each other let's.

Pick together is it just me i think i see two sets of menus on the table one on each side so we sat next to each other and opened the menu but to be honest i couldn't focus on it because my heart was racing so fast.

What should i get this parfait is a limited edition it looks so good i wonder did the other customers think that we're dating and so the teacher said what the heck i was relieved that we started talking.

It seems as if we had mended our relationship back to where we were originally it reminded me that sana's smile really relaxes me we spent about an hour talking at the cafe and it had stopped raining when we stepped out wow look at that rainbow.

It's beautiful i'm so glad that the sun has come out me too okay give me a hug chiaki huh i thought you forgot about that you mean right here i would never forget don't you think this is the perfect.

Timing for a hug but just as i was leaning in for a hug hey it's piercy he's trying to attack sauna again ah i hate them unfortunately we were caught by the two girls in my class suddenly sana stepped in front of me and.

Gave them a sweet smile hey can you guys stop messing with chiaki he really means a lot to me i don't want him to get hurt in any way pretty please okay the two girls looked at each other for a while and then.

Okay we're sorry tiaki we went too far huh i feel bad um well okay don't worry about it don't worry i'll erase the cobadon pick from my phone i hope you and sana have a happy life.

Together i guess they weren't as bad as i thought they were but i feel like they've misconstrued the relationship sana and i have they said happy life with me how about it chiaki you want a happy life with me well you know i'm satisfied with having.

A friend like you that's really enough for me jeez don't ruin the mood piercy so i get it now it's not that the girls don't like you you just don't want the girls to like you um no well maybe i guess so wait this hug is a hug of friendship.

Right we're back to being good friends right but i couldn't help but feel a little worried thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.