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[Manga Dub] A coworker dared me to hit on a girl, but the girl I chose turned out to be my ex…!?


My name is shinta Suzuki I'm an average 24-year-old office worker let me just take care of this email and done I end up stuck at my desk doing busy work most of the time but it beats the actual sales stuff hey there Center how's it going oh hi hey can you come out with me once you're done with the D what's up is he inviting me out for drinks that's.

Pretty uncommon the two of us went not to a bar but to the middle of a crowded streets what you want me to try picking up a girl I've never even thought about doing something like that in my life that's why I'm teaching you now you got to learn how to do this for the sake of your future you need to learn to be more assertive you're in sales for God's.

Sakes don't be nervous just think of it as more job training I don't know about this there's nothing you have to know about just try it if you fail no big deal but if you don't act you'll never make it in this world I really don't want to do this but my coworker looks like he will let up until I do well here goes nothing excuse me can I have a.

Moment of your time yes um would you like to go out to eat something with me huh wait a second shinta what how you know my name come on don't you recognize me it's me Miho Miho aada Miho yeah we dated back in high school remember and then for some reason I can't really quite remember you dumped me oh she sounds like she still hung up on it Miho.

And I started going out in my junior year of high school and because of something that happened between us we ended up breaking up so why are you here don't tell me you came to hit on me I suppose I could give you a little bit of time to explain yourself okay let's go we could head to a restaurant or karaoke or maybe a CD Motel you're not going to.

Throw away this chance are you wait hold on I was just trying to say hi you're as hopeless as always you can't even pick up a girl right you wouldn't come to me without a reason would you no I could explain my coworker told me to huh what are you go good going Center looks like you snugged a real catch there don't you stand that help me good luck out there.

Can I thought I could always rely on him but I guess this time he's going to leave me on my own in the end Miho dragged me to a karaoke Booth what do you want me to sing shinta she's all alone with me but she seems to be in a really good mood I don't like how this is going I guess she came back to Japan though I remember back in high school.

She and her parents had to move to America and I heard you got a job out there too back in high school I was so passive not a single girl whatever even give me a passing glance but Miho was different hey shinta are you free this Sunday oh I don't think I have plans no why then can you come downtown with me there's something I want to get and no.

One else was around I agreed to her on a whim but when I started to think about it I realized this was basically a date I was so nervous I could barely get any sleep calm down shinta we're just going shopping that's all it's nothing deeper than that don't get the wrong idea it's not like that that's what I told myself but as the day wound down shinta will.

You go out with me I never thought in a million years you'd ask me out huh um sure I was so paralyzed with surprise I could could barely squeak out a yes and a tiny nod just like that I had a girlfriend couldn't believe it my mind was still reeling trying to take in the reality of the whole situation two months later hey shinta this cute little.

Bookshop Cafe just opened on the way home the other day want to go check it out I was telling you about it earlier remember oh sure I'm so glad we're both on the same committee together I love being able to talk to you at work like this i' tell to hold back when we're on the job but I guess there's no one around here anyway as I spent more time.

With Miho the reality finally started to settle in and before long I got used to having her by my side H something on your mind oh sorry it's nothing I want to say something like I was just captivated by your beauty but that's a bit too embarrassing back then she never stood out too much from the crowd but she definitely had her own fans she was.

So smart and could do anything she set her mind to too I wondered if she was just wasting her time with a boring guy like me it was a miracle he ended up dating in the first place maybe the two of us might even end up getting married someday before we knew it we've been dating for 6 months shinta there's something really important I have to.

Talk to you about oh my God is going to break up with me but things have been going so well I thought it was still as close to the day she has me out the thing is my parents are both being transferred to the US and they want me to go with them but don't worry I'm not going anywhere okay the last thing I want is to leave you behind and go to.

Another country oh I really appreciate what are you thinking you look so serious back there I thought you were going to break up with me or something but then as I was walking by the teacher's room I overheard something I get where she's coming from but it's such a waste of her talent I know what you mean I know all this must be so.

Confusing for poor Miho though H dides she say Miho when I heard that teacher mention her name I couldn't help but stop and try to pick out the rest of the conversation with Mio's grades she could easily get into a famous college over there too I heard she even lived in the US as a kid I'm sure she'd be able to fit right back in there I knew her.

Grades were good but I didn't know she used to live abroad she doesn't seem to to be too into the idea of moving back though yeah I think she has a boyfriend here really I never heard about that you know shinda Suzuki he's on the same committee as her um he's kind of plain looking oh wait that quiet kid well either way I guess she'd rather be with.

Her boyfriend than go to America huh yeah I'm pretty sure that's exactly what he thinks I really do like Miho a lot but I know I'm just not right for her I know what I have to do this is for the sake of her future if I stayed her boyfriend I knew I would only limit her true potential what happened after that Honesty hurts to remember suffice to say.

I called it off with Miho I wanted to tell her that she shouldn't worry about me and she should focus on her future but I couldn't I knew if I did she'd only cling to me all the more steadfast to her it must have felt like I was breaking up with her out of nowhere I figured she'd never want to see me again but here we are now so shinta why did.

You break up with me well did you really hate me as far as I remember everything was going well never mind we're here now so let's make the most of it Miho all she's singing her songs about being dumped and brokenhearted I knew she was holding a grudge but what if it really is something else it can't be can it I thought she'd hate me so much she'd.

Never want to even dare ask me something like that come on shinta don't make me sing alone you put in a song too oh well I've never been good at singing you know that right fine then at least get more into it when I'm singing how about that doesn't she hate me why is she getting so close to me before I knew it I ended up getting swept Along by Mio's happy.

Mood that was so so fun I never expected to run into you here I'm glad you had a good time thanks for calling out to me earlier but are you okay with just ending the night with some songs you picked me up so I'm sure you have something else in mind right stop teasing me I told you the only reason I was out there in the first place was.

Because my coworker wanted to test my courage a so you didn't enjoy yourself at all of course I enjoyed myself it reminded me of the good old days that's good to hear and since we're here why don't we exchange contact info seriously that means she wants to hang out again right hey slowpoke take out your phone already I can't believe we ended up.

Exchanging numbers she even created a private group chat just for us since I got home I just sat there staring at my phone waiting for some kind of text notification my heart was pounding out my chest I guess I can't deny it Miha really does still have feelings for me huh and well it's not like I broke up with her because I hated her or anything.

Like that I wondered over and over again about what could have been if she never moved away maybe this fateful reunion is my big chance to start everything over and try again hold on I don't think it's that simple besides she looks so good today I'm sure she already has a boyfriend or something shinda my boy how'd it go I'm doing pretty good I felt.

Really refresh this morning I'm not talking about that I mean how'd it go with that girl last night you get lucky um well we exchanged contact info oh come on that it but to be honest I thought you were just going to crash and burn out there so that's a win in my book you did pretty good too getting a babe like that to go out with with you.

Is a once- in a-lifetime Opportunity don't let this slip through your fingers I probably shouldn't tell him that I already did that once the afternoon of my lunch break huh I got text ask M it says I want to meet up after work tonight how could I say no to that hi sorry this was so sudden oh it's no problem I just happened to be free today.

So it's perfect at one point I thought that maybe I could let go of my feelings for her and just give up but not anymore I just really wanted to hang out and talk with someone tonight are you sure you're okay with me why wouldn't I be I mean it's just that I thought you'd want to go somewhere fancy and uh what you know me I'm not like that right what do.

You usually do after work on a Friday night I guess I just want to go to my phone and play games and stuff I knew it you haven't changed at all I guess compared to you I must seem like the same boring old guy don't say that besides I'm still basically the same too oh here it is this is the place I wanted to go to wait this is a bookstore Cafe I.

Figured this would be the perfect place to go with you oh yeah we used to go to places like this all the time didn't we but why my heart was burning to ask why she picked a place like this that was so reminiscent of our time as a couple but my mouth refused to form the words even after all this time she still shines so bright but I don't get it there's no way.

She could just forgive me after the way I dumped her I had a feeling that if I asked her about what her intentions were I'd only end up disappointed after that we spent the time catching up on each other's lives the conversation turned to our jobs seriously isn't that like a massive company I guess it's kind of a big name but what I'm doing isn't so.

Different than what we used to do on the committee but if you have to be scheduling your naps after lunch that sounds pretty bad well it's a foreign company so they can be a bit more relaxed about some things you must have so much free time though I'm jealous after work I bet you can basically do whatever you want H well it's not like I.

Really do that much with my time outside work anyway I guess I'm kind of like you all I really do is read books and play FPS games all the time so you don't have a partner or anything like that oh crap why' I say that I shouldn't be crying into a private life like that we weren't dating anymore we were barely even acquaintances I should have been.

Building up trust between us before even thinking about asking something so personal hey you don't laugh it wasn't that word of question right h a partner huh nope I'm single is that the answer you were hoping for I feel like I stepped on a landmine there I quickly changed the topic but I couldn't help but worry that I said something I.

Shouldn't have Mia seemed to brush it off okay but I'm sure she noticed that the mood changed she gave me a second chance and I completely blew it maybe this was the end of the road hey shinta can we meet again sometime when's the next time you're free huh do you not want to no of course I want to I couldn't believe it it was clear now.

That she didn't hate me after all and that was such a relief but I honestly had no idea what she was thinking the truth is I changed schools at such a weird time I don't really keep in contact with many friends from high school and I don't really know anyone who I can hang out with after work either oh I see well if you're okay with.

It I'll be happy to meet up for drinks or something yes thank you that was the moment I stopped worrying about what Mio's intentions it would be a much better use of my time to just be glad that the two of us were able to reconnect and recapture some of the old magic from when we were students see you next time then I was glad Miho and I.

Were friends again unfortunately unlike her laid-back job my company had hours and hours of overtime and we weren't able to meet up as much as I wanted whenever we did though it was just as fun as it used to be of course I never wanted to break up with her in the first place now I was getting to have a taste of how great things would have been if.

The two of us had never split two months passed since then at this point even the nagging memories that haunted me since high school that started to fade shinta there was something really big I need to tell you why does this seem so familiar suddenly Vivid memories of one of the worst moments in my life came rushing back the thing is my company wants to.

Transfer me over to their main headquarters if I decide to accept the offer I'll be going back to the US next year my bad feeling turned out to be right in the money I guess I'm just destined to be unhappy for the rest of my life what are you going to do I really don't know my parents are still back in the States and if I take this.

Position it'll come with a pretty big pay raise too so what's she so conflicted about but even with that I don't know if that's enough to make me want to go through with the transfer I feel like I have some unfinished business here unfinished business I felt the same way there was still so much I wanted to do so much I wanted to say in.

High school I decided I had to break up with Miho for the sake of her future back then I believed that that was the right call to make and from what I heard through the grape vine I was right she flourished over there leaving me only more confident in my decision but deep down I knew it was the wrong move I ended up making a terrible decision.

Without even asking her what she thought or Mi whoever wanted was to have one person by her side I just didn't have the confidence to admit it I couldn't admit the truth even to myself and I gave in to my own insecurities since high school we've only grown farther and farther apart if I thought she wasn't right for me then it's suddenly become.

More apparent now she even builts up a massive career at a major company for herself what could I possibly say to her that would make her change her mind even so I know if I just make the same mistake and let her go now I regret it for the rest of my life Miho there's something I need to tell you shinta I'm sorry for being selfish but I really.

Want to get closer to you the truth is even after we broke up I never gave up my love for you I've never hated you not even for a second I told her the truth the reason I decided to call off our relationship that day I'm done hiding behind the excuse that I did it for your future I know now that all I ever wanted then and now was nothing more than to.

Spend the rest of my life with you maybe the reason they had the courage to say all that just now was because I called out to her that day I was prepared to hear the worst but I felt better saying my peace I never believed a passive go the flow guy like me had it in myself to say something like that shinda maybe she'll be mad at me for waiting so long.

To say something so selfish but somehow I can't help but smile and feel like a weight's been lifted from my heart whatever happened now I felt like like I could see her off without any hard feelings shinta I've been waiting so long to hear you say that Mi her you know why I didn't want to sign on to this transfer right it's because I.

Couldn't stand the thought of being apart from you then what are you saying shinta will you go out with me again of course don't you dare let me go this time okay and with that the two of us were able to completely reconcile and go back to how things used to be before too long the two of us got married since both of us continued to work at the same.

Jobs we didn't have as much time to spend together as we did back in school but compared to all the time we had to spend apart it felt like heaven soon our matrimonial Bliss had extended for a full year I know the two of us only got back together because I tried to pick you up back then but if you never came back to Japan I'm scared to think about.

What would have happened to us I'm sure it would have worked out somehow I never gave up my love for you after all I knew you were somewhere out there in Japan living your life and I had Faith we'd meet again wait are you saying that the only reason you came back to Japan in the first place was because you wanted to see me yep exactly you know I don't.

Know when to give up sometimes right you're not going to believe it but I was holding out hope that somehow someday I'd end up seeing you again too when I really think about it breaking up with Miho that day was the worst decision I ever made in my life the only thing that saved me was that she never gave up on her feelings for me either I know the.

Reason she's sitting here next to me is my wife is nothing short of a miracle I promised I'll take care of you for the rest of my life thank you but you know it won't just be me that you have to take care of from now on right oh yeah I still can't believe that I'm going to be a father that's right in just a short 9 months from now we were going to be a.

Family of three that day I met Miho again ended up being the best day of my life but from now on I'm sure we'll make so many more happy memories that it'll seem as normal as any other day thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.