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[Manga Dub] A famous cooking YouTuber helps a restaurant that’s about to go out of business [RomCom]


All right I finished recording I'm going to eat something and start editing my name is tiger senga and I'm a food YouTuber two years ago I started uploading videos on YouTube luckily a lot of people subscribed and I'm sitting at a comfortable 300 000 subscribers I may not be incredibly rich but I'm living life comfortably.

I always cook and eat on my recordings so I'm usually not hungry but today was just a chat video I guess I can eat out for the first time in a while Ramen Bento soba there are a lot of stores around here I didn't notice because I never eat out in the mood for noodles.

Eat I decided to walk to the nice Bento store has character if you want to be nice it's a little ragged if you want to be a dick welcome is it just you yes just me sit wherever you'd like.

She's peppy and kind of cute huh there's quite a few selections on her menu she's got everything from Chinese to Japanese I guess I'll go with the fried fish meal excuse me I'm ready to order sir I'd like the fried fish meal please thank you coming right up.

About 15 minutes later the fried fish meal showed up here you are thank you ah it looks good I have a mackerel in the fall 15 minutes later phew that's good.

Cheap and good this place is actually kind of a hole in the wall and most importantly the employee is cute but if the food is this good why are there no customers my house is pretty close I can come by every once in a while that'll be six dollars and fifty cents sure thing.

Thank you come again soon I'm sure I will thank you for the delicious meal I'm definitely coming back again it's not because I want to see her again or anything I I just like the food afterwards I became a regular of the store.

About a month after I started going to the store I started talking to miyake-san a little more what would you like today uh the fried chicken meal please coming up it's like the fried chicken meal I like the fried fish too but the fried chicken is to die for my dad's Fried.

Chicken is really something else oh you're not a part-time worker you're the owner's daughter huh yeah I want to take over the store eventually though I see well good luck thank you so much but we don't have many customers right now so I don't know how much longer we're going to be in business for.

Your own store huh I'm jealous that's tough I want to keep eating the Fried Chicken here if it goes under I might not see her again I don't want that the food tastes great so you can just keep doing what you do how about you adjust your advertisement techniques.

Advertisement ads cost quite a bit how about starting a YouTube channel if you start your own channel you don't need to pay any money uh I see but my parents and I are not really good with any of that sort of thing if you want I can teach you huh you're good at that kind of thing I.

Mean uh I'm actually a YouTuber oh that makes sense you always came during the day so I figured you weren't a regular office worker but you were a Creator can I ask you to teach me then sure of course that's how my training for miyake-san started.

There we go we've made your channel it's pretty easy isn't it yeah it really isn't that big of a deal once you start it I should have started sooner if it was this easy yeah you know a lot of people think that it's harder than it is I can see that it's scary to try though yeah but I think I can upload videos now.

But I don't know what to upload hmm how about you dancing huh this isn't a cooking type Channel oh I was just joking around if a beautiful employee was dancing and singing I think that she'll be able to really go viral okay do you want to look at my videos for example I run a cooking channel too.

We both watched my videos really good at cooking aren't you you move like a pro well I used to be a chef so oh really I didn't know that why did you become a YouTuber oh well sorry should I not have asked no it's fine I'm over it now.

I started working at a Chinese place as soon as I graduated high school I went overseas to train and I just worked hard I wanted to have my own store in the future then why did you well I worked too hard I never rested and kept cooking before I knew it I had tendonitis and just the slight movement.

Would send me into a fit of pain I see so I gave up on the cooking but I started uploading videos related to cooking at first my arms still hurt so I could only upload simple dishes but that actually was more popular than the fancy dishes my arm is fine now and I like.

Uploading videos so it worked out for me that makes sense you're really an incredible person huh what are you talking about well you gave up on the store but you are leaving your mark through videos really well thank you yeah I'm gonna work hard to keep up with you perfect let's figure it out together.

Yeah thank you she kept studying how to edit videos and continued uploading videos the professional tempura and fried chicken were popular immediately among Housewives however when she showed up in the videos as an assistant the people loved it it made her Channel extremely popular and.

She had over 10 000 subscribers in less than two months that's incredible you've got over 10 000 Subs in two months that's definitely an achievement right honestly I didn't expect it to go this smoothly either but you're getting more customers now this is great news yeah this is all thanks to you not at.

All it's because you and your father worked hard the store is busy now I think things have settled down I should probably stay away for a while I didn't go to her store for about a month huh she's got so many subscribers I haven't gone in a while I guess I can.

Go check it out I didn't go for a month she might have forgotten about me oh welcome it's been a minute yeah you seemed busy so I figured I'd hang back don't worry about it is that why you came way later than usual yeah I wanted to avoid it when it was.

Busy Here regular you don't need to worry about that I have a lot that I want to learn still so I want to see you regularly oh thanks don't mention it so what are you having let's go with the Fried Chicken huh of course coming up.

She remembered that I like the Fried Chicken set I finished the meal like it was nothing just as good as I remember thank you so much oh if you're free can I have a moment of your time after this I have something I didn't know about the editing so I really like you to teach me oh sure.

That's fine thank you Dad we're a little slow right now you don't mind if I step out right yeah go for it thanks all right let's get headed over to the house it's right next door huh We're not gonna work here with a laptop like before yeah there was a lot.

That wasn't enough with my laptop so I bought a desktop oh I see man I don't know if I should be going to her house when we're not even dating but I said sure So now I can't randomly say no would you like to relax a little longer no I'm good now.

Okay let's go thank you for having me come on in the PC is in my room over here room yeah my dad and mom don't use the PC I see yeah I guess there are some houses like.

That yeah so come on here sit here sure we're so close and it's just us I'm a little nervous we should just jump into it so what was it that you didn't understand well what kinds of parts do I need to.

Cut to make it a little easier for the viewer well I personally keep the parts where I put the food into the bowl but I cut the little bits before and after I also add Parts where I adjust the fire or show the progress of the dish I want the viewer to know how much I've boiled it Etc you see huh that makes sense the.

Comments were saying that it was tough to watch and the editing is so I think the little details really make a difference yeah probably so but you're so much better than before huh really you've been watching my videos yeah of course I like your father's.

Meals and I'm still interested thank you so much are there any points that bother you well I think there are times where the lighting can be better sometimes the food doesn't look as good as it should because of it what really like here for example might be good to buy a cheap stage light.

For this can you tell me your recommendation I have a few but I talked to her for about an hour giving her advice thank you so much oh don't worry about it I'll help you whenever you want really I'm gonna quote you on that sure you can.

Then can we trade our contact info oh yeah I've been coming every day to eat so we didn't trade contact info huh yeah after you stopped coming I realized that we hadn't exchanged info I thought the same thing here thank you is it all right to contact you sometimes for things other than editing.

Huh sure of course what else does she want to talk about besides editing I'm sure she's just saying that out of kindness thank you I'll message you I didn't think that she would message me that much but I watched a video I didn't realize that cutting like that sped things up.

Another day and saw today's video actually a pro Chef huh she's sending me messages almost every day I'm happy but I really didn't expect her to send this many messages it's really throwing me off if you want would you like to hang out sometime I'd love to hang out with you.

On my day off wait is this a Day invitation no I'm sure she means it's some kind of research right maybe a store she can't go to alone or something I gotta make sure I don't misunderstand anything I replied and we went out a week later on a Wednesday.

Next Wednesday oh hey yes sorry to keep you waiting oh I wasn't waiting that long no worries so cute this has to be a date right thank you Shelby yeah let's is there anywhere you'd like to go yeah I figured we could kind of rest on top oh that sounds good.

Restaurant hop this is definitely research I need to work hard and help this is really good yeah and it looks great too I think they used a spoon to arrange it all perfectly I see smoking like a true ex chef I just can't help but notice this kind.

Of thing kind of a workaholic huh fine I think that's why you're able to record such great content I should be at the lookout oh let's have Crepes over there sweets again we walked around and looked for places to eat all day.

Thank you for today I had a lot of fun oh that's great huh I thought we were researching various Foods did you not have any fun no I had a lot of fun too but this was researching food right huh today is a date what it was a date.

We went on a day that I was off what else would you call it I'm sorry we were eating and I I really didn't expect to be invited out so I I just I thought it was some kind of research that's just because I figured you'd like that I see I was happy because I thought you.

Accepted my first date offer I guess you didn't think of this as a date sorry but I've always liked you and I'm super happy if you invited me out on a date huh did you just oh crap I just confessed my feelings uh no no no no vets.

Right you don't think much of me you didn't even think this was a date no I'm gonna stop messing around I like you miyake-san I've always been interested in you and I loved how hard you worked for your store I want to date you sure you want me I want to.

Thank you I really like how kind and reliable you are too huh so does that mean yeah if you're okay with a girl like me let's go out thank you let's have fun yes let's continue our date as an anniversary at first I was just a patron in her.

Store but now we're dating I couldn't have my own store and I went down a different path but I'm glad to have ran into miyake-san two years later we got married and I helped her out as she inherited the new store but that's a story for another day.

Thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well