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[Manga Dub] A few years after I fed the girls, they came back and wanted to start a family…!?


My name is Shota Mori I manage a bakery that I've inherited from my grandparents it's small but it's relatively well known in my area good work today too then are you all right and don't cry I'm hungry sorry sorry Ren oh those clothes look really worn out some troubles it looks like.

Excuse me are you all right oh and you are I'm Chota Mori I'm running my bakery over there and are your children all right yes well they are fine Mama I'm hungry I'm hungry be a good girl and calm yourself down Mama me too I'm also getting hungry Naomi Erica too well why don't we talk inside your children look tired too all right.

Well they supposed to look up hey Alexa I'm hungry if you'd like I would be happy if you eat them well thank you mister mister I wish you could have at least called me brother uh about the money oh don't worry about it and you are sorry I forgot to.

Introduce myself I am I igeta my daughters are Rin Naomi and Erica and about the money it's really fine you must have reason for wearing such worn out clothes right so what happened actually because of my husband's DVS we ran away from home in the beginning it was just me but recently my daughters.

Were also abused I thought that it would be dangerous to stay there so I ran out of the house without taking any of her personal belongings aren't going back to your parents home I loved my parents because I more or less I cannot ask my parents for help now probably my parents have not forgiven me I don't think so parents always worry.

About their children if you feel bad about what you've done what if you go back to your parents and apologize to them so that you can ask for their help that would also be better for your children probably you are right it's not just for you it's for your daughters too.

If you talk to your parents they'll surely understand you Mr Shota thank you for hearing my story no problem I hope I was of some help after then I invited the four of them to my house I wanted them to rest physically and mentally thank you so much for everything.

Please don't worry about it I'm doing it because I want to Mr Shota I will try to talk with my parents perhaps what I did was unforgivable but I will apologize to them until they forgive me so I will go back to my parents home tomorrow I see then please accept this oh I cannot accept this you must need some money to go back to your parents place please.

Accept it but it's for everyone's happiness Mr Shota thank you so much I will never forget what you did for us the next day Miss I and her daughters left I saw them go as I wished for their happiness then Ten Years Later I'm still running my bakery at the same.

Place but recently another Bakery opened nearby and my profit is steadily decreasing I should do something I don't want to close this Bakery welcome wow they're really beautiful people say those girls are they are the pop popular YouTubers the ecosisters popular YouTubers those girls the popular YouTubers the EK sisters.

Even I knew who they were although I didn't watch YouTube there's hardly anyone in the younger generation who doesn't know them they are so-called influencers and they're very popular to think that they would come to my store I wanted to see you I wanted to see you for the longest time it's been a long time what.

What's going on here out of the blue what do you mean that you wanted to see me what does that mean I don't have any YouTuber acquaintances oh you don't recognize us it's 10 years ago I guess it would have been too much to ask what 10 years ago does that mean now me and Erica that's exactly right great I was worried about you girls.

Whether you were all right after that Mom apologized to her parents and they made peace with each other after that she got divorced properly and we had been living with our grandparents and after many things happened we became YouTubers I'm glad that you girls are able to live properly and today did you come to buy some bread.

No we came to repair your kindness we wanted you to have us wait a minute what do you mean by that exactly we have been in love with you ever since we were helped by you 10 years ago of course we've had other people that we fell in love with but we couldn't forget you we just couldn't if that's the case we thought that the only.

Thing we could do is hide our feelings but two confront them that's what it is so let us pay you back for your kindness of course by using our bodies bodies that's a little extreme let us work here work oh I see what you mean now I misunderstood their words oh what did you imagine oh Sota we'll be fine with that too.

It's my fault for misunderstanding so please don't tease me ah soda you are so cute oh but we also have things to do for our YouTube channel so we'll be taking turns that's no problem it'll be great if you could help me out then I look forward to working with you girls that's how the EK sisters the.

Popular YouTubers came to work at my store day one hi I'm here Rin thank you for coming oh it's Naomi and the day after will come Erica thank you for coming when you must be busy with the videos no problem I wanted to do something for you also we don't want you to lose at chain bakery shop.

Come because you found out about my store situation that's a secret I will sell my popular YouTuber powers make sure to fall in love with me everyone delicious bread over here for your breakfast lunch or dinner they will look great on your dining table how would you like to have some bread.

For your daily happiness go away it's a friend from the ecos sisters is he advertising it we have to buy some everyone please help spread the word with your SNS too yes amazing just by rin's call there are twice as many customers as usual I'm busy but happy I think we got through most of our.

Customers I hope rinse doing all right oh come on have some fun with your fan at work I could not go out to play what the hell I'm giving you my attention here excuse me do you have some business with our staff here if you're going to keep at it I will call the police what an ass Ryan are you all right.

I'm sorry I was late in helping you thank you for saving me if I'm really the man of my dreams you exaggerate for a cute girl like you I think there would be someone else you'd be the one for you that's why I was surprised when you came to see me oh well I really like you so.

Much soda you were the only one for me so please help me win hey you two here we had a bad feeling so we came here in a hurry it's good that we followed our hunch you cannot use such tactics absolutely not oh man day two today is my turn thank you Naomi are you a certified cook no me yes I.

Couldn't forget the delicious bread I ate that day so I decided to get my license that's amazing Nami it's thanks to you who fed us such delicious bread and I thought a little bit about the store's menu I have been thinking that I wanted to offer some new types of bread so that's a great help I made the bread so I thought it'd be easier to imagine.

Them it's animal shaped and inside are seasonal fruits and Fresh Cream please try some wow it's delicious the fruit is fresh and it matches the sweet Fresh Cream also it's cute and delicious the idea is great now me you're a genius oh you are you are exaggerating but if it makes you happy it's worth baking them is it all right with you if.

I sell this here of course oh Shota you have some cream on the side of your mouth oh oh is it here it's on the other side you are a clumsy one yummy oh your face is bright red how cute oh because of a wonderful girl like you touches me even my heart would beat.

Faster wonderful well Sota you're such a smooth talker also there is something I wanted to give you this is not something new but I just wanted you to eat that so I baked them cookies yes cookies that are filled with my love if you take one bite out of them it will make you like me that's how much love is in it please eat this too or.

Rather I will feed it to you so open your mouth okay Shota open your mouth hey you wait a minute hey wasn't this sort of thing forbidden red Erica why are you two here we had a bad premonition so we came in a hurry good to listen to one's own hunch we don't think that's what happened yesterday it could have happened to me you can't.

Cheat absolutely not day three sorry about that yesterday and the day before my sister's inconvenience to you what inconvenience to try to kiss you on things oh it's fine I don't mind I was taken aback for a second but it means that all of you are doing well otherwise you couldn't all laugh and smile like that so I'm happy that you.

Girls grew up to be so energetic Sota you're really kind no 10 years ago you helped my family who were complete strangers to you I didn't do anything extraordinary I only did what I could but that helped tremendously at that time the deliciousness of the.

Bread the softness of the mattress and the warmth of the bath and your gentle smile I had not forgotten even one of them my love was already decided 10 years for you yikes sorry are you all right yes I'm all right whoa I need to get back up quickly sorry I'll get myself off of you right.

Now it's fine to stay in this position Erica to continue where he left off Shota please choose me and not Ren or Naomi it will definitely make you happy what are you doing no cheating oh I guess you had your hunches what do you think you are doing trying to kiss him but you almost did too Rin you both are.

Cheating it didn't happen so I didn't cheat I did what I did though I won't let you oh how disappointing this is how the three of them worked at my store with all the drama the store's profit increased more than double because the store itself had become famous for having popular YouTubers work here the business was starting to.

Recover from the Shaky Ground it was on after the chain bakery store had opened nearby I thought that everything was going to be fine but then one day what is this this is terrible we can't forgive this my store would be harassed in such a way today I guess I'll clean up the store and keep.

It closed for the day I am going to punch whoever did this what to whoever did this to our precious shelter I will strangle him I agree I will make his teeth shatter from this I will make sure he will never be able to laugh again for sure whoever it is will come back again tonight.

It's easy to read their thoughts because they're so simple-minded wait calm down I'm happy that you're angry for me but don't stop us we've already made up our minds if we work together we will have the power of a million horses we could solve any problem I got it you girls say so I'll also be there to catch this.

Criminal but please don't do anything dangerous on that evening we believed that the criminal would come back for sure so we hid ourselves near the store then he really came but hmm I think I've seen that figure somewhere before.

What are you girls oh I told you not to do anything rash you criminal there get down on the ground whoa wait cut the criminal that was that we did it Well Done soda that was perfect you girl surprised me when you all ran towards this guy but I couldn't stop myself when I saw the criminal but thank you so much everyone.

I hope we were able to repay some of your kindness some no a lot thank you I'm glad to hear that this is how the harassment incident at our store ended after we handed the criminal over to the police we found out that he was the store manager of the chain bakery store because of Rin he was angry that his.

Customers had been taken away after people found out that a manager like that was at his Bakery many of the customers stopped going there and now the place is almost empty and a few months later the girls are still working at my store everyone is it all right for you to be working here.

Isn't it hard if you're both doing the YouTube and the work here if I leave someone would take you away I couldn't forgive that everyone is talking about how three is handsomestore manager at this Bakery on SNS you're pretty popular from your natural face the thing that you would also become popular will become part of our family so please.

Choose one of us for your wife as soon as possible alive soon it seems like my drama will continue for a while yet thank you for watching post today's video please check out our other videos as well.