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[Manga Dub] A genius chef gets fired but saves the restaurant, then the pretty girl… [RomCom]


Wrong how many times do I have to tell you for you to understand why won't you follow my recipes sh nanami you have all people should be able to do this when you're a chef that can create perfect dishes shut up it's way more delicious this way cooking should be about the flavor the flavors are everything hey calm down sh that's rude to the head.

Chef calm down this flashy dish that's only about how it looks it doesn't even taste good this isn't real cooking sh you don't understand understand anything if you can't follow my instructions like this anymore then get out and don't ever show your face around here ever again sure gladly I'd be happy to quit a place like this it's hot it's way too hot the.

Blaring sun was making me thirsty as the sweat was dripping down my face and washing away all of my hard work damn it what's the value of cooking anymore what's a chef like that doing just because he's the head chef even if I'm complaining it doesn't change the situation and it doesn't fill my stomach either on top of that I don't have any.

More money this is all I have left I can't even buy chocolate with this these days and of course I managed to drop my bag somewhere that had my wallet and cell phone in it how unlucky can one be this is bad this is bad how am I supposed to live I don't know wait no crap 5 cents that was the last of my assets if I lose.

That then I really don't have a penny to my name even if it's only 5 cents it's still better than nothing wait please wait not long after I tried to run after it my body gave into my empty stomach and reached its limit I I can't anymore this is bad wait is this how my life is going to end what hey are you okay who is it why does it feel warm and.

Soft with the light of the sun shining down on her her chestnut colored hair was glistening standing there surrounded by the Rays of sunshine was almost like a an angel you're eating so much this is so good what is this Curry how is it so good it's too good this Ramen.

Too I could keep you forever it wasn't just a simple miso Ramen the soup had depth to it and the faint smell of garlic invites even more of an appetite delicious delicious delicious when someone's this happy about it that's what makes it worth making thank you very much man I'm so full I'm.

So happy to be alive all right all right you really ate a lot how is it our food's pretty good isn't it here for you tea for after your meal oh thank you very much I don't know what to say after you've brought me back to life this is what they mean by the light at the end of the tunnel you're so dramatic you should always help those in.

Need so what happened to you young man it's pretty rare to see a man collapse like that these days about that a lot happened and I suddenly got fired and I'm currently unemployed without any income either on top of that I left my bag with my wallet and my cell phone in it somewhere and all I have left is 5 cents oh oh I don't know what to say but.

You're really unlucky young man um if you'd like here you can use this as an immediate loan what you can return it once you found your wallet no no no no there's no way I can let a young woman that I only just met and don't know do so much for me my name is Monica nabura this is my father shiko nabura.

And what's your name oh yes my name is Shi nanami but there now we're finished with our introductions to each other so now we know each other what are we is it that simple you should just take it young man when my daughter gets like this she can't be stopped and plus you can't do anything without money can.

You that's true the fact is that at this rate there's nothing I can do I'm very sorry I will borrow it a few weeks later later anytime I come here it's always so busy there were people overflowing every table and you could hear Lively voices coming from every direction here the katsu curry thanks for your patience oh here it is here it is the smell the.

Volume I can barely handle it I've never seen someone get so excited over Curry but thank you for always favoring us we appreciate it oh please if the food is this delicious with such big portions I would come here every day if I could that's right the day I collapsed and went there was the start of me being a regular at this lunch cafeteria tari I.

Found my bag and the contents of it and I somehow found a part-time job too I was able to return the money that I borrowed and everything was great yes the stamina Ramen coming right up please wait a few minutes ah this is so nice she's so bright and positive and kind she really is like an angel just looking at her smile full of.

Love makes my heart full I can only get two bowls of curry in my stomach well that should be more than enough to eat shouldn't it Mr nabura what about the kitchen the customers are slowly leaving and the time is the time I'm taking a little break oh now that I look around the restaurant.

Had emptied out around me I was too focused on my food and on Miss nanoka so I didn't notice as usual you didn't notice do you like our food that much yes well of course it's this delicious and this cheap and on top of that the food comes out so fast that's a given that's the three foundations of a lunch cafeteria cheap fast delicious all of.

Our customers they come here in between work or during their breaks or on their way home and our restaurant is here to satisfy those people's stomachs and hearts to satisfy your customer stomachs and hearts yeah that's right this isn't an expensive restaurant here we have a certain customer base it's not a place to force your flavors onto the customer.

You provide the customer with what they want well I'm only stating the obvious I never once thought about that before I just always thought that the food I made was the best and the end goal perhaps I'm not actually fit to be a chef after all no matter how many restaurants I go to there's always problems maybe I'm lacking the most.

Fundamental part that's required of being a chef but every time I was in my head Miss monoka and her father would always warmly welcome me there watching the two of them embody those three fundamentals of a cafeteria and work so hard for their customers eventually I started to be dazzled by them however not long after that hm closed due to.

Sudden illness of the owner wait Mr nabura I wonder if he's okay and miss monoca too they didn't have much staff and the restaurant was essentially run by the two of them I was instantly overcome with a bad feeling and that bad feeling was about to be correct in the worst possible way oh it's finally open today they're open I see Mr nabura must.

Have made a recovery yes excuse me wait what's this what is this something's wrong this is exactly lunch time the seats should be full but the place was completely empty are they taking a break but there's no way that's the case I'm sure the sign was up outside welcome to Oh Mr namami what on Earth is going on like.

This at lunchtime it is strange isn't it I just can't do it alone anymore and wait Miss monoka what your dad is still in the hospital yes apparently it's a bit of a difficult surgery and including the physical rehabilitation it's going to be a very long time before he's discharged but we can't keep the restaurant closed.

Forever and I need to earn money for the medical expenses too but with only my two hands I just can't get the same flavors out that my dad does and and that bandage I was practicing how to cook the dishes earlier and I got a really deep Cup by accident and then I've been left with some after effects if I'm just carrying things then it's.

Fine but things like heavy pots and knives are and the cherry on top I even caused a kitchen fire and all the recipes that my dad left behind I accidentally burned I could see the exhaustion all over her face she had dark bags under her eyes as well I can only imagine that she's not getting any proper rest these.

Days with that hand even the prep for the cooking would take a long time the red swollen fingertips were proof of that and just looking at them made me overwhelmed with an uncontainable feeling even though I try to remember and copy the dishes the flavors are terrible and I make the customers wait a long time too.

And and then they all stopped coming and even though I'm trying to hire someone to help nobody has come and I just don't know what to do anymore even though I promised my mom that I would support dad in her place but even then I just can't do tari alone I can't even protect my mom and dad's restaurant I'm really sorry Miss monoka.

If you'll excuse me Mr namami that's the kitchen there on top of excusing me one more thing I I want you to show me the kitchen I promise I won't do anything bad this order and these ingredients I see so that's what that means Mr namami did you figure something out I knew it your dad really is amazing he takes one or two modifications and.

That's why even with those cheaper ingredients he can make it work like this there you're so fast you have no hesitation with a knife and your moves are so smooth Mr namami who are you this this is it my dad's Curry I knew it that slight bitterness that goes with a sweet curry in order to deepen the flavors of the r your dad was.

Putting in a touch of instant coffee instead of throwing away the vegetable C offs he was boiling them into a broth it takes a lot of time but by doing that you can avoid wasting any ingredients you were able to see through all all of it just by tasting with your tongue no but it's not perfect yet I can usually replicate dishes that I've.

Tasted myself and from the list of ingredients I can figure out the general proportions but it's not like I've had all of the dishes at this restaurant before in that case there is a limit to my imagination what and that's exactly why I need your help you've been watching your dad by his side and you've tasted his food more than anybody.

Because it's you miss monoka I will be your hands and fingers instead Mr namami will you let me help you to protect the flavors of this restaurant this is the least I can do for you guys who saved my life that day yes yes please thank you from that day forwards we started our grand plan to get customers back to.

Tari how's that I feel like the Miso is a little bit too thick I sted for too long well then next time I'll tarari is back please come try us at least one time if you bring this flyer to the restaurant we will give you a discount on one small dish for free all right I don't know if it'll be a hit but it's better than doing nothing in order to.

Have people know our flavors this is a limited time offer by cutting some costs somehow we can sell it for $1 and if you add a soup let's do it let's try anything and everything we sold takeaway Bento boxes at in front of the restaurant and handed out flyers we started with what we could do one by one from the cooking to the customer.

Engagement we put our all into it oh this is delicious this is it this the flavor of tari and plus this portion it's the same as when the old man was in charge I'm so glad one of my favorite restaurants is back to what it used to be oh the restaurants the customers they're coming back hey now there's no.

Time for crying right now the Miso Ramen and the omelet are about to be ready there are customers who come here for your smile too you know miss monoka you got to get it together you're the poster girl yes yes thank you for your patience wow it's delicious this ALU rice is so fragrant in such a homely way yeah when I was putting in the.

Ingredients I stir fried it with a ketchup in the pan first it's the same with Neapolitan pasta if you do it like this the flavors get deeper I'm so happy that I get to have something so delicious as my staff meal I think I had it wrong all this time what I always thought that cooking should just be delicious and that was enough and I.

Thought that my flavors were the best and the one and only and to anyone who didn't understand that I belittled them for having no taste and I took a lot of pleasure in that but after I started coming to this restaurant and I watched your dad work I learned from his example how terrible it is to to force your flavors upon people when it's not what.

They asked for that's right customers aren't just there because they want to have my flavors when I can't see them they come here to have the flavors of this tari and that's well it was the same at that one restaurant too but I love the food that you make Mr namami what I love your flavors there's no such thing as a taste that doesn't.

Change this restaurant has continued since my grandfather's generation but over the many years we've made a lot of adjustments to the menu and little by little it should have changed all this time that's right I think we should include a menu by you shi by adding this extra thing to the current menu we'll be Invincible Miss.

Monoka thank you Mr namami it's all thanks to you that the restaurant customers have all come back truly thank you so much I could feel the warmth of her gratitude through her hands that warmth made me overwhelmingly happy and made my heart skip a beat why is it that her smile was this blinding and was it always shining this much she's so.

Beautiful it's the same as when I met her no more than that day her smile hits my heart even more than before my heart was beating so loud that I was worried that she might hear how loud my heart was beating out of my chest and I just couldn't bring myself to let go of this warmth in my hands oh thank you for coming sir how you feeling you idiot.

This is nothing I can handle this easily come on stop acting so tough you can't push yourself too much all right I know I know do you though if you get in trouble with the doctors and nurses again that's not going to be my problem I won't push it anymore more importantly I'm thirsty can you bring me some tea or something this time you promised so you.

Better not try to sneak out of your bed again I guess you can't win against your daughter either well she's a daughter that I got when I was already pretty old so I just can't bring myself to fight back against her especially because I lost my partner when she was still young she's a good girl you're important to her from the bottom of her heart that's.

Why she's worried yeah I know she's a daughter that's almost wasted on me more importantly sir I'm sorry I caused you a lot of trouble please stop that cut it out I heard it all how much you've done for tari for that girl how hard you've been working I just did that on my own and plus if you guys hadn't been so kind to me my life would have been over a.

Long time ago that doesn't even amount to the Gratitude I feel you're a good guy you really are no wonder my daughter trusts her heart with you I'm relieved the surgery went fine and the rehabilitation is steady too I should be able to get out of the hospital soon hey when that happens I'm back wait what's the matter no it's nothing I was just.

Saying how relieved I am that you two are getting along so well I hope you two keep your relationship in moderation especially since a young man and a young woman are together from morning until night hey Dad come on come on stop saying such weird things I'm truly sorry Mr nanami that my dad or say something so out of line no no it's fine don't.

Worry about it uh are you sure uh this is awkward I don't know what to talk about with her damn it am I a middle school kid what's wrong with me but but even still I'm really glad about your dad he won't have any After Effects and he'll be able to get out of the hospital soon I guess it'll be time that I won't be needed anymore what that's right at.

The end of the day I was just taking her dad's place until he could get out of the hospital if he's able ble to come back to the restaurant without any issues then there's no reason for me to be at the restaurant anymore why is this the moment I realized that I felt a sharp pain deep in my heart and I couldn't help but feel sad about it well.

If possible I would be happy if you guys could keep me hired for a little bit longer you know in this day and age I can't find another job that easily it's not like me either I just couldn't bring myself to say that I would be leaving this restaurant and before I knew it my mouth was moving to try to cover it up you're right you're right it is going to.

Take a little bit more time before my dad can come back to the workplace anyway look there's somebody standing in front of the restaurant pardon me today is our day that we're closed oh is that so but actually this works out better I came here to talk to the man standing next to you Miss Mr kayaku long time no see nanami you look like you're doing.

Well I was shocked do standing there was the chef and my senior colleague from the restaurant I was working at previously Mr kayaku I haven't seen you since you got into a fight with the head chef and got kicked out of that restaurant you're looking very refreshed and happy pardon me even though this was your day off you not only leted me into.

Your restaurant but you're giving me food it's our pleasure because you're Mr namami senior colleague after all I will be over here so please enjoy your time I'm Sorry Miss monoka yeah delicious you've become a really good Chef what is it coming out of nowhere I saw your social media and I actually came to secretly eat at this.

Restaurant before I was shocked the old you had the bad habit of believing that your flavors were the only flavors that could exist and tried to force it upon the customers but look at you now you've grown a lot nanami you seem a lot more relaxed too and your guard isn't up anymore no matter where where you go now I'm sure you could work anywhere sir.

Listen nanom me I'm going to be independent now I'm going to open my own restaurant and I'm looking for talented chefs to join me there I came here to scout you please I want you to come to my restaurant as my right-hand man and I promise to welcome you with a very beneficial package no way but I I'm not saying.

Immediately you still have time so take your time to think about it a few days later wow this really is the best the smell of this restaurant isn't it I can't relax if I don't smell this air congratulations on your discharge from the hospital Mr nabura please let me make you something to celebrate I know how about the curry hey.

Did something happen you you're acting kind of strange you're even talking so formly to me of all people that's not the case at all I'm just really excited that you were safely able to come back to the restaurant sir I want you to come to my restaurant as my right-hand man I can't do this ever since then Mr kaku's words wouldn't.

Get out of my head no matter how much I slept and woke up I couldn't calm down what's the matter with me when there shouldn't be anything to contemplate here his restaurant is definitely going to be top class and there I'll get to be his Chef De Cuisine that's a job offer of my dreams I think that you should accept it the offer that you have Miss.

Monoka wait a minute were you listening to my conversation with I'm very sorry I couldn't help it but e drop but what an amazing offer you're going to be the right-hand mound to an executive chef at a high-end restaurant right there's something for you to debate about if it's this restaurant for a fine now my father has returned and I think I've.

Gotten a little bit better at cooking myself too you're an amazing Chef after all Mr namami so you should be working at a place much more suitable for you than a place like this at that moment I saw it I couldn't help but see it even though she was looking at me with a warm smile I could see a small tremble on her shoulders we.

Have to tell everyone everywhere what an amazing Chef you are the seasoning is amazing it's delicious and exactly what my father flavors are thank you very much Mr namami truly thank you I uh Mr namami I I want to stay at this restaurant from now on in this kitchen I want to continue making the flavors of tari I want to continue seeing the faces.

Of the customers that love the food here by your side Miss monoka uh you can't because I can't get there's nothing I can do for you that's not true true at all the most important flavor to me is something that only you can complete please smile Miss monoka ever since that day when you saved me on the street ever since then more than anything that smile.

Of yours has fulfilled my heart until now Mr Nai show it please don't go I don't want you to go anywhere I won't I won't thank you sh a few years went by from there welcome welcome to tomari a look at you you've gotten so.

Big you look just like sh back in the day oh Mr kayaku welcome listen to this mister I can make a special de Curry all by myself now wow that's amazing I would love to try that one then it's super delicious even Grandpa complimented it look at you I guess the restaurant won't have any problems with the Next.

Generation then yeah I'm going to be a chef just like my dad and I'm going to make this restaurant bigger and bigger is that so well I can't wait to see that sheesh that big attitude who does he think he is I wonder who he got that from well who do you think it could be are we that much alike let's see you're.

Exactly alike from that big attitude to your obsession with cooking too and the people loving kind sight of you that can't leave anyone in trouble alone my favorite part of you too thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.