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[Manga Dub] “A ghost!?”… There was a girl living in my hotel… [RomCom]


My name is shinya goto I'm just an ordinary 24 year old I'm a scriptwriter but I also have another job on the side I've been renting my late grandmother's houses ever since she died there's not much to do I clean the rooms after guests leave and take care of reservations two jobs it's hard but it's also.

Rewarding thank you for letting us stay here we don't get many chances to spend a night at a house like this with our friends we had so much fun the house is located in the countryside but most of my guests are young females they stay the night to visit a famous tourist hot spot nearby.

Who doesn't enjoy talking to young girls it's one of the highlights of my job either way we heard a rumor that there is a ghost living in the house across from this one is it true huh I have no idea what you're talking about never heard of a ghost just a second let.

Me check hmm I don't see any comments about ghosts buddy would come around here if they see ghost stories in the comments nobody writes stuff like that because they could get sued by the house owner most of the guests that use the house are young female groups or University.

Students like these girls renting private homes has become popular since it's cheaper than staying at a hotel we try our best to satisfy the customers I wonder where the rumor came from I just had some guests spending the night there three nights ago oh really well it might just be a stupid rumor someone.

Started for fun we heard the ghost living in the house is a woman she has in silly long hair and it's super creepy I see I'll see what I can find out thanks for letting me know I'm sorry if it made you feel uneasy about staying here it's no problem at all we thought it.

Might be fun and exciting if we did meet a ghost we were very uncomfortable staying here so it's no big deal are you sure of course we need to get going now we'll come back soon the girls left after they smiled and waved goodbye to me.

This is the one they were talking about I had to stop by the house to clean up after the girls so I decided to check on the house they were talking about maybe there's a ghost because it's so old I should consider redecorating the place so it's not so creepy no shinya is no ghost it's just a rumor I stepped into the house reassuring.

Myself there was no ghost relax just chill ghosts don't exist they're not real what's that sound who's there it must be it's just a mouse or something oh see some dust gotta get some cleaners in here.

Uh calling me I came here during the day because I thought ghosts only come out at night go start real go start real go start real go start real ghost please open the door ghosts can speak I'm telling you I'm not a ghost I'm.

Alive huh you are the ghost yes oh so that means she's in here without my consent did she know my grandmother or something may I ask who you are.

No my name is kavya shirayuki how did you get inside the house well the lock on that window is broken I came in through there I didn't know that did you know my grandmother she used to take care of these houses it didn't I have nowhere to go.

I was walking around for Shelter From The Rain about three weeks ago and found this place see should I call the police uh no I shouldn't she just needs some help well okay how about you take a bath you can use the bathroom here.

What you should get cleaned up first then we'll talk about what we should do I'll get some clean clothes no no you want to sleep with me no no I don't why would you even think that it's oh my God I thought this was one of those anime situations that I freaked out.

I wonder what anime you're referring to anyways we need to talk can you go get cleaned up first I can bring you some of my sister's clothes I left kaguya at the house to clean up while I went to get some clean clothes my older sister visits me often and she always keeps a set of clothes here just in case she ends up staying the night.

Although I haven't gotten permission to lend out her clothes I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I used them to help someone well I hope she doesn't I went back to the house where I found kaguya earlier thank you for the bath and the clothes oh hey don't worry about it it's no big.

Deal so can I ask what happened to you yes I'm thankful for you not calling the police on me and you deserve to know the truth I never said I'm not calling them I have a feeling she's trying to tell me not to call the police since she'll tell me the truth.

Well whenever you're ready kaguya started explaining what happened to her she told me she was kicked out of her house she stopped going to school in middle school and she couldn't leave the house even after she turned 20. her parents.

Got sick of her and told her to leave that's the reason her hair is so long she hasn't cut it since middle school I immediately realized she was the ghost my guests were talking about earlier but I couldn't help but feel sorry for her she told me that she left the house through the broken window every time a guest stayed the night.

That's why nobody bumped into her while they were here she tried leaving when she heard me come in but unfortunately I caught her before she could so you were a shut-in since middle school but you seem to have no problem communicating with me.

Wow she looks determined but it's strange she doesn't seem like somebody who's been shutting for years so what are you planning to do from here oh my bad I shouldn't have asked she's trespassing why did I even think she would have a plan for the future.

Still what do I do with her I can't just kick her out it's cruel kaguya do you like cleaning clothes that's good to hear she's used to cleaning which means she can help me take care of the house but I have no idea who she is can you bring a certificate of residence to me.

Oh yeah I can okay I'll check it and if there are no problems you can stay here for a while and work for me to her yep or somebody who can help me with the houses you can stay in this house while you work here.

Your job will consist of cleaning the houses and managing reservations oh that doesn't sound too hard do it glad to hear that I look forward to working with you we'll just go with the flow and see how things go no no that was not me.

It's me maybe there's a ghost please don't laugh oh my bad I only laugh because the way kaguya was denying her stomach rumbling was adorable but I could never tell her that it's too embarrassing.

It's lunch time do you want to go eat what's wrong well my hair is such a mess I don't want to go out in public oh why don't we go get your hair done don't worry I'll pay for it I need you to look nice if you're going to be working with the customers.

That is so kind of you to offer no problem I'll take care of living expenses for the time being you must be a God and though I know he exists no I'm just a human being I took kaguya to my favorite hair salon to get her hair done what think about my hair.

She looked amazing now that she was all cleaned up she looked like a real life Princess she she's so pretty do you not like it of course I do you look so pretty didn't you say pretty oh uh well um.

Why did you say that say that anyways let's go get something to eat huh what is it it's okay if you don't want to but I was wondering if I could cook for you what you want to cook for me well I'm a pretty good cook he would love to make a meal to thank you for.

Everything you've done I see did you do meal preparations at your parents house yes I did I was in charge of the food so that means she was in charge of most of the housework so why did her parents kick her out since we decided to eat at home we stopped by the supermarket on our way.

Back to the house it's ready I hope you like it whoa it's something like you'd eat at a fancy restaurant I like watching cooking shows and videos to study I got my inspiration for new menus from them they taught you well let me try a bite wow this is so good.

My mother is the only one who's ever eaten the food I've made serve this in a restaurant that's how tasty it is oh you're just flattering me you're making me blush it's horrible this is the best food I've had in a while.

You said you like cooking earlier right yes I love cooking see would you like to cook as part of your job too what is that even possible sure you're amazing I don't want your skills to go to waste meals were never a part of reservation.

Plans for the houses here but I'm considering starting a system for that we'll ask the guests if they want a meal before their stay that way we'll know how much we need to prepare and none of the food will go to waste what do you think that would be a dream come true for me I can't believe this I never thought I.

Could cook for a living they haven't even attended cookie School well you don't need a license to open a restaurant I'm sure it'll be fine we'll need a Food hygiene manager but I'll take care of that issue people get their certifications in like a day I see I didn't know that wait how do you know about all this stuff oh my.

Older sister is a chef she has a few restaurants of her own too embarrassed to tell kaguya but my dream was to become a chef I gave up because my sister was so gifted more than one restaurant she must be good there's just one thing if we're going to do this I want you to teach me how to.

Make all the food you plan to put on the menu otherwise I won't be able to let you take a day off oh of course I'll do my best you are so considerate to even think about that wait I remember telling you my name but I forgot to ask you what yours was oh I'm sorry it must have slipped my.

Mind my name is shinya goto I'm sure we'll make a great team I agree yeah I'm looking forward to working with you she's calling me by my name all the guests loved kakuya's meals we had more reservations than ever the guests kept coming and coming her cooking gained many positive comments on.

Travel sites people started spending the night in our houses just to eat kaguya's meals since only our overnight guests are allowed to eat what she makes on top of that everything she cleaned was left and span her cleaning was Flawless having her work here was the best thing that happened to me.

However three months later everybody loves her food so much I'm sure she'll be successful if we open a restaurant she told me she wanted to become a chef one day I feel bad for limiting her possibilities it's a shame to waste her Talent.

Her meals have become so popular I started to wonder what I could do to make the situation better for her I wouldn't be considering anything if she was just working for the money but I could see she loved cooking and she was passionate about it she shouldn't have to be forced to work like this when she could do so much more.

Plus it's been three months since she got here but I haven't seen her talk to her parents once I help her whenever I can and as far as I know she's happy here she doesn't want to leave if it were me I would miss my house and my family maybe I should talk to kaguya about this.

I didn't want to waste time I called kaguya over to discuss things with her proper restaurant yes would you I don't know if you realize this but your cooking is amazing and I have a feeling you want more people to eat the food you make am I right well I guess so.

So how about I introduce you to my sister you could work at her restaurant I don't think she'll say no once she sees how good you are you don't owe me anything you've already done more than enough for me I know I'm not as good as you but you've taught me well I know how to make everything.

Plus you gave me your recipe book and I'll hire more people if I need help you don't have to worry about me I want you to go after your dream we only live once some time to think about take as much time as you want oh before I forget kaguya you know you can go home if you want to right what.

Huh yeah that was the first time seeing her so emotional she looked terrified as she desperately grabbed onto me remember when we first met you told me your parents kicked you out for being a shut-in for too long is there something you're leaving out.

If there's something else you need to tell me now is the time I always sensed that you weren't giving me the entire truth please the truth is I was a prisoner my mother kept me confined to the house what you weren't allowed to leave my mother started going crazy when my.

Parents divorced she wouldn't let me leave the house at all she kept me in chains but I was allowed to move freely when I cooked and clean the house one day she forgot to hide the lock for the first time since it all of it started I think it's because she was distracted by her new boyfriend I used luck to free.

Myself and I managed to escape before she realized what was going on why didn't you go to the police if I did I knew they would have rushed my mother I know what she did was wrong but I couldn't bring myself to turn her into the police thank you for telling me this it must have been difficult for you.

Uh I wrapped my arms around her gently I could feel her body accepting me as we stayed that way I was suddenly aware of her frail body she had been suffering all this time all alone she has such a kind heart she still cares for her mother after all she was.

Put through I don't think your mother went to the police to file a missing person report she has too much at risk she wouldn't want them to find out what she did to you yeah I think so too you can stay here for as long as you want.

You are an adult you're old enough to make your own decisions uh-huh but I think you should try talking to your mother what she kept you imprisoned for years we have no idea what she will do to get you back it's best for both parties to sort things out before parting ways.

That's why I'm going with you I won't let her lay a finger on you we'll make sure we're prepared Let's go ask for help from a professional we could even hire a lawyer of course we'll make sure your mother doesn't get arrested but I need to make sure you will be safe I can't let you live in fear forever.

Oh no you don't have to do this I don't deserve it hey this is what I want to do I know I'm putting you in a tough spot but I want to keep you safe but that's only if you're up for it I will respect your decision no matter what you decide if you don't want to see your mother.

That's fine you know what's best for you hi I don't want to live in fear I'm willing to meet her as long as you're by my side okay let's do it I embraced her a second time she is one Brave woman I can only imagine how terrifying.

Meeting her mother would be but she chose to believe in me I'm willing to do everything to protect her and free her from her mother's clutch after that we went to get advice from a professional who introduced me to a lawyer he accompanied us to see kaguya's mother.

When we got there she was fuming she almost lost it but I threatened to sue her if she wasn't willing to let kaguya go her mother immediately quieted down our lawyer had prepared a written oath promising never to hurt kaguya again and we got her mother to sign it kaguya was finally free.

On our way home wow I can't believe how easily she backed down kaguya what is it I feel I am I don't know how I'm going to repay you don't worry about that I told you before but I'm just doing what I want to do.

You're free now kakuya you can do whatever you want to do now you should live your own life focus on what you want that's how you can repay me what I want can you think of anything uh I I want to be your girlfriend chenya what what.

Ah are you serious um yes I've had feelings for you for a while I've never met anyone more caring than you he saved me every time shinya I want to be with you there's nothing else I can think of right now please or is it too much to ask from you kaguya no it isn't I would love to be your.

Boyfriend to tell you the truth I've liked you for a while now as well that's why that's why I wanted to help you so that means we both have the same feelings towards each other yeah that's about right oh my gosh.

You are the best thing that happened in my life we overcame our obstacle coming out stronger together than ever started to work at my sister's restaurant as well as the rental housing business my sister was ecstatic to have her I hired another staff member so kagaya could make time to work at my sister's.

Restaurant she's balancing both jobs well kaguya was delighted to be working with my sister at the restaurant but she was very uneasy about the new employee I was working with the new girl was a university student who used to be a regular guest of ours she made sure to let me know she would.

Never forgive me if I ever cheated on her why would she think I would ever consider cheating when I have the cutest girlfriend ever she's adorable even when she's jealous and I feel like the luckiest man on Earth foreign I guess I should start streaming my name.

Is Riku shirahishi I'm a senior in high school Mike sounds good setup is good I don't have many friends at school and I'm generally an introvert but on the internet I'm the vtuber Shiro with several tens of thousands of Subs if I'm Shiro I have no problem talking to everyone alright let's get started hey Rico whoa you scared me what's up.

Yui I wanted to talk to you this adorable girl is called yui she's my stepsister she became my stepsister recently nice to meet you my name is yui is something wrong oh uh no my name is Riku shiraishi if we go let's get along yeah of course let's this was the first time I met her she.

Was immediately considered a Madonna at her new school and the men loved her I on the other hand got all the Flack and hate from all the boys in our grade and even from other classes sorry yui I need to do something now can it be later something what is it I mean something important okay make sure you tell me after you're done okay promise.

All right time to start streaming ah audio looks good I started changing my voice to fit Shiro and hit the start stream button hello everyone good afternoon this was the first time I was streaming after yui became my stepsister the second I started streaming I received dozens of comments I was.

Already over a thousand comments I would like to start playing this game today the thing he's gonna do is talk to a girl he has someone other than me no one she was screaming I think I'm gonna continue this game like I did before I have to comment this time too her streams are super cool and her voice too I feel like.

This voice is super familiar though maybe I'm crazy wait Riku he's talking to someone it's gonna be a girl all right guess I'll end around here thank you everyone for stopping by I'll stream tomorrow or the day after again goodbye when you're free.

That's too long see you guys I ended my stream man today was fun too I love an active chat I never spoke at school so this was one of the best times I could spend Riku ah yui don't scare me like that were you talking to someone what yui did you hear me I knew she could hear me next door you were talking.

To someone wait maybe she didn't hear me well there was this person who was playing this game in my class and I'm interested so I figured I'd play with him later him huh yeah him okay good but don't play games too much okay brother what what does she mean by okay I understand you'll talk to me like you promised right.

She's so close I waited for over an hour if you want to talk to me I'll talk to you we promised yay I want to talk to her if she's this happy for talking to me what did you want to talk about nothing in particular I just wanted to talk to you um I have a favor a favor sure tell me.

What will you come home with me after school she had only moved here a few days ago so apparently she was still a little worried about the town that's why I normally go to and come home from school with her the boys are jealous though of course thank you oh no worries don't mention it oh sorry for sitting on your bed without.

Asking huh you don't have to worry about it really thank you so much what kind of games are you into um it's this game huh you like those kinds of games huh you and I talked for about an hour oh it's so late sorry I just stopped talking to you it's okay I enjoy talking to you too that's good um I want to talk to you tomorrow sure.

Of course really thank you all right I'm gonna go to sleep now I'll make Bento tomorrow okay what you will yeah you're always looking out for me I'm pretty good at cooking you know look forward to it good night uh okay good night yui huh yui's handmade Bento should I really be the one to eat it she was more beautiful than an idol and the.

Madonna of our school and she's cooking for me but she said she'd cook for me so I should just accept it right uh I'm so tired of class you look more tired than usual the girl who was talking to me was kotoha she was probably my only friend and I've known her since middle school I woke up this morning at 6am wake up it's morning.

That's early and wake up early you should be happy I feel like I'm only waking up early though uh I'm starving huh did you change Bento boxes huh oh yeah you made me my Bento today what's this it looks so good whoa it really does yuis bento was gorgeous and it looked delicious Huey is cute and.

Good at cooking she should be my sister instead that's a hard no this is gonna be great I'm gonna try the eggs first what is this egg it's delicious the eggs that yui had cooked me had without a doubt been the best eggs I had ever tasted you're so lucky give me some definitely not oh so stingy I will never share eggs that taste this good hey Rico.

What yui why are you here I had to stop by but why I wanted to hear your opinion on my Bento should I not have come by oh it's not a problem good so how was it I really hope you enjoyed it it was great probably the best Bento I've ever eaten.

Really I'm so glad to hear that I didn't know you were this good at cooking I told you yesterday I'm pretty confident in my cooking if you want I'll feed you what I don't know about that I wanted to feed me but I know that the kids around me will start talking is there a problem it's the people around us they're watching I see I'm sorry.

Later okay I cannot miss out on this chance to get fed from yui okay I'll see you later then yeah see you oh man it's raining I wish it waited a little bit the forecast said it wouldn't rain yet I brought an umbrella so I don't mind too much I have a small portable umbrella so I should be fine all right see you tomorrow see ya yui uh Rigo yui smiled.

When she saw me and she headed my way what's up I forgot my umbrella can I share yours what this is a little romantic but she's family hey if you don't get a little closer you're gonna get wet oh sorry it's okay if I get wet but I don't want you to get wet She's So Close hey who are you talking to today oh kotoha she's someone I know.

From middle school I see I have to be careful of her what did you say uh oh nothing I'm home hey you're what here don't worry about it I'm gonna go get changed okay man how could I share umbrellas with my sister I'm so glad I could be her brother great job dad I gotta get ready for my stream I should hop in the shower.

Real quick hey bro hey yui what's up um I just wanted to talk to you tonight too sure I have something I gotta do from nine to ten but before or after that I'm free what are you gonna do I can't tell you but it's important I see sorry I guess we'll talk after then okay he's got something to do again huh definitely has someone.

Maybe come to know her I have to find out I guess I'll start streaming I sat in front of my PC as usual and hit the start stream button hello everyone I was planning on continuing the game that I played yesterday but someone suggested a horror game that I try out so I'm gonna give that a shot oh by the way I'm terrible with horror games so I suggest.

You guys lower your volume but the title doesn't look too bad maybe I'll start laughing instead ah Shiro started streaming but I have to find out what he's doing having so much fun he's never laughed that much around me uh it's not a bad thing but you're so mean this isn't a horror game at all this.

Ghost is trolling yes we're almost done with the game bro what yui who is it maybe his girlfriend say bro hero didn't have any sisters though right yeah you said he was an only child oh um I'm gonna mute for a sec um what is it Riku you eat this is zero.

You were Shiro huh Shiro you know Shiro yeah I'm a huge fan what I didn't know you were Shiro sorry I didn't tell you yeah yui likes Shiro not me who likes Shiro of course but I love you too why I'm just gonna end the stream real quick hang on oh wait sorry guys I know it's sudden but I'm gonna end the stream.

Here I'll let you guys know when I'm going live again later you done yeah I just finished so about what I was saying earlier earlier why don't we sit down on the bed sure I like Shiro and you I've always liked you since I met you but we're family you are my stepbrother there are no problems there I mean yeah but it's.

Fine I can even marry you Mary yeah you can marry me you don't want to marry me I I mean it's fine but then let's get engaged what engaged yeah just between us if you stream I'll be there and I'll motivate your chat what why so I can stop any woman who tries to approach you of course I'm gonna have to do that is there a.

Reason you don't want me to do that maybe there's someone besides me no I'm not planning on having any relationships with any viewers then it's settled also you can't talk to any other girls at school why because there might be a girl who tries to take you from me then what about kotoha you can't talk to.

Her as much as possible she's my worst enemy enemy you only need to look at me I'm the only one that's good enough to be by your side that was just dumb luck I have to be closer to you than your viewers you literally live with me no I have to be by your side you're going to be by my side during the streams yes I don't know.

About that it's okay I'm your fan I don't understand how that's okay you're my older brother I mean you're my only sister so yeah that's not what I meant I mean you're only mine what you can't go out or play or talk to any other girls besides me okay oh okay.

I love you hey who is a child is she yours I bet you didn't expect this story to start this way um before that can you tell me why you're making me sit like this my legs hurt believe me I didn't think this would be the start of my story either my name is tatsuki Yamada and I'm.

Currently getting a scolding from this gorgeous woman with beautiful long black hair how to work that wasn't my child I don't have children you're lying she won't believe anything I say her name is Mina Anto and she's the.

Manager of this restaurant I'm a full-time employee here I used to be a part-time worker but I recently became full-time thanks to Mina she's my boss and I owe everything to her she's the one who got me to where I am now however how do you explain how young she was with all due respect I don't see any.

Problems with how young she was I mean I guess I could see how a small child like her could seem like my child I turned 24 this year I have a few friends who already have children I could be seen as a young dad I would have never brought her here with me if I knew this was going to happen it's a mother.

Why do I feel like I'm being interrogated it's all a misunderstanding I'm not even married you see Mina that girl is actually hi guys I tried to explain who the girl was when one of the part-timers came through the door.

Why are you on your knees tatsuki I wish I knew we had to end the conversation since we were interrupted however I'm sure he noticed something was off since Mina left the room abruptly see you tomorrow bye although my mornings started pretty.

Rough the rest of the day wasn't that bad the sun was going down and I could see Darkness was starting to seep through the city through the window the Italian restaurant I work at closes early compared to others and we have a regular day off every week I have to say it's a pretty nice working environment.

Do they all go home yes they left I made sure they ate before they left that's good to hear to be honest I don't want to make them work at night I understand your concern for them but they won't be able to keep the restaurant running if we don't keep the place open at night they're practically.

Adults I don't think we need to worry too much about them maybe I should assign you to take them home every day starting tomorrow I will if that's really what you want me to do she's being overprotective hey I think I'm being overproductive don't.

You she just read my mind speaking of which has she forgotten all about what happened this morning I was expecting her to bring it up once the other employees left to go home I'm relieved don't want to go through that again I guess she isn't as smart as she looks.

Hey did you just insult me in your head how does she know that tatsuki did you want to go for drinks of course I'd love to great let's close up the place yes ma'am here cheers cheers.

And so we decided to go for some drinks at our favorite Izakaya after work we do this often since both of us are single and we have a lot of free time think like a beer after a long day of hard work whatever I know I'm not young anymore but you're still 24 right already 24.

So annoying I've been so overwhelmed with work I never had time for a boyfriend don't worry you'll find a great guy soon I promise nobody would want to date me she needs to take a look in the mirror to give herself a confidence boost she's gorgeous.

I don't understand why she gets so annoying every time she gets drunk Mina I remember you getting hit on by that customer at the restaurant the other day oh yeah but I said no why didn't you give him your number you should have if you want a boyfriend that badly.

So you're okay with it if I get a boyfriend what is he trying to get at I replied with confidence you should go for it idiots what why is she calling me an idiot maybe this is why nobody dates her well I guess I mean nothing to you gosh.

I can't believe you have a kid damn she hasn't forgotten I've been trying to tell you that not my kid that's my stepsister what what you're joking right there's no way she's your stepsister she's practically a baby I wish it was a joke but I'm serious.

My parents remarried recently and I ended up with a five-year-old stepsister it's silly really considering the age Gap it wasn't my fault if she looked like she was my daughter whoa it's true oh that's what I've been telling you I see she's your sister I should have realized that a guy like you couldn't be.

Married you're just not fit to be the way she phrases it just irritates me I guess you're right I'm not married and I don't even have a girlfriend who would date a guy who couldn't get a job without the help of his store manager if Mina hadn't helped me get a full-time.

Job I would still be desperately searching for one she's the reason I can sit back and relax knowing my life won't crumble well you're not the only one I guess we're both losers then maybe she's trying to make me feel better after insulting me about the issue I care about the most.

Anyways don't you want a girlfriend tatsuki of course I do you answered that pretty fast well I'm desperate now that I have a proper job I'm ready to find a girlfriend I need a significant other in my life but that's just what I'm feeling it.

Doesn't mean a girlfriend will magically appear I'm allowed to wish though aren't I I hope I am hmm Mina sipped on her beer she stared at my face the whole time what is there something on my face hear your chilled tofus I have no idea.

What she's thinking but for now I should focus on my food since we're paying for it wow she's still staring at me the next day I'm bored we have no customers we never get that many customers on Monday I usually come to work and end up.

Spending the day staring at all the empty seats there's absolutely nothing to do and it gets pretty boring I'm glad the part-timers aren't here today they would have been bored to death if they were we only got a few customers during lunch.

And I doubt anymore will come for a while shall we work on a new dessert that's actually a good idea let's come up with a new recipe and see if the bosses will let us put on the next season's menu he'll get a bonus for it great let's do it so Mina and I went to the kitchen to.

Whip up a new dessert our company gives us a chance to turn in a new recipe every month however um Mina what why are you standing so close Mina was standing a lot closer than usual.

I'm not standing close at all oh really so you stand this close to all the others what nobody would do that why does he always get angry at me I'm positive I didn't say anything out of line what's the problem anyway do you not.

Want me to stand close to you no it's not like that then I don't see a problem we'll stand just as we are right now well okay then she was a lot closer to me than usual the whole time we were in the kitchen we finished making the dessert and sat down at one of the tables to taste it.

It actually looks pretty good let's taste it I hope our bosses like the cake it's been a while since I last turned in a recipe and I'm starting to get nervous sir totsky open up why why is she telling me to open up is she planning on feeding me.

Wait a minute I see you want me to test if it's poisonous of course not I'm confused what is she doing to me gosh I've never been in such a romantic situation before Mina is usually calm and collected but she's acting like a teenage girl right now and it's the.

First time I've seen her act this way it's making my heart beat fast what is happening why is Mina making moves on me like this key think hard I said open your mouth I'm sure it took Mina a lot of courage to do this I opened my mouth so she wouldn't have to be any more embarrassed than she already was.

However so is it good um well I can't taste anything all I can tell is there's sugar in the cake can I ask you something what why are you acting like this all of a sudden.

She's never fed me before so why is she doing it now I just felt like it that's her reason something's off Mina's acting strangely bye tatsuki great work today she's been acting differently for the past few days but I don't know how to.

Bring it up to her another day passed by without being able to ask her well I should get ready to go home ski plans after this nope not at all good let's go for some drinks she wants to go get drinks.

Gosh I'm gonna have to deal with her drunk again make yourself at home huh what's wrong do you not like my room well the room is great very stylish why has she invited me over to her place um why did you invite me to your place today.

I thought it would be a nice change since we drink out a lot but still would you have preferred to do it at your place whoa don't want that everybody knows that a single guy's room is never clean enough to invite anybody important over.

Wow this is the first time I'm in Mina's room I've known her for a long time but we've never been close enough to hang out in each other's rooms she's smart enough to know she shouldn't let guys in her safe space so then why is she letting me come in now is she trying to hit something.

Tatsuki do you want a beer yeah I'll take one cheers cheers we've been drinking together quite a lot these days we always start with beer I can't get over how good the bear tastes after a day of fork it tastes even better when we know it's.

Our day off tomorrow I'm tired what's wrong Mina we've only just started drinking drunk that was fast you get drunk so easily this is my room I'm allowed to get drunk dried but still but you should be.

Careful since you have company right now let's drink she's not listening Mina kept drinking after that this is how she turned out Mina this is getting a little inappropriate oh tusky do you not like me hugging you like this I love it it feels great.

No tatsuki get a hold of yourself this is not good I would have let myself get carried away if I was in high school however we're both adults with responsibilities now I need to get away before I lose control of myself I should get her off and put her to sleep and so I grabbed her shoulders in.

My attempts to pry her off but then this brings back memories huh remember you're doing the same thing the first day we went on drinking it's probably talking about the time she got wasted right about when I started working part-time.

It was supposed to be my welcome party instead I took care of you the whole night yep you are a good guy totski I remember when all the other part-timers quits even the one who helped the restaurant through all of it oh yeah all the part-timers had to quit around the time I started working at the.

Restaurant I had no life and I had a lot of time on my hands that's all stop I know you turned down a job so you could help me how did you know that I didn't realize she knew I received a job offer but I turned it down I couldn't leave the restaurant since.

There were no employees if I did they would have to shut down there was nobody else that could help I turned to the job down so I could focus on working at the restaurant Mina was good to me I didn't want to see her in trouble I just wanted to do everything I could to help her well I turned it down because the.

Company didn't seem like the best place for me to work at I know you're lying again I know you did it all for me it was obvious so don't try to hide it what I'm serious you idiots that's why I asked my boss to see if they could hire you as a full-time employee.

I see I always knew she felt sorry for me since I couldn't get a job I didn't realize she knew I was relieved when my boss told me that it was a great idea he was thankful to be blessed with somebody as hard working as you wow that's very flattering I was happy too.

Huh I was happy to hear that you would be staying and working with me where's this conversation leading Mina well I need to tell you now I will regret it if somebody comes along and takes you away from me what is she talking about she needs to elaborate and explain what she means I was lucky that girl was your.

Stepsister you're 24 and I know you are thinking about getting married to somebody in the future well yes I guess so and the incident from the other day made me realize um tatsuki yes what is it will you go out with me I couldn't believe the words coming out.

Of Mina's mouth I thought she was messing with me at first but she looks serious about it I think I could see it in her expression I'm sure the alcohol played a big part but I knew she wasn't joking around I have feelings for you tatsuki you're always there for me always and I love that we have so much in common if I am.

To be completely honest I've lied to you ever since you started working for us my heart started fluttering as I listened to her talk I couldn't believe such a beautiful woman would have any sort of feelings for me I know I'm putting you in a tough spot but I want to hear your answer now I.

Don't think I'll be able to continue without an answer of course I will what I'm saying I would love to go out with you are you sure why would you think I would say no to you I mean I brought it up Suddenly and I'm.

Always putting you through so much I wouldn't have stuck around if I had a problem with it I want you to know you are an amazing woman Mina let's put aside the fact that you saved me from being jobless I only stayed at the restaurant because you were there I wanted to be with you.

Tatsuki now that I've said that I think we've established the fact that I have feelings for you too you have no idea how happy it made me when you told me about your feelings I took Mina's hands in mine and looked into her eyes I want you to be my girlfriend.

Most of my courage came from the alcohol in my system but I felt bad about Mina having to be the one to bring it up I wanted to make sure she knew I was confident in my decision she looked at me and said I would love to I will never forget the smile on her face when she said that I'm looking forward to spending more.

Time with you tatsuki it took a while for us to get there but we were finally able to start our journey together Mino later told me about her dream of opening her Italian restaurant that was the reason why she was working where she is now to study Italian cooking and to learn about business.

She told me she studied economics at University so I guess she has a rough idea of how everything works three years later I was reminiscing while working my day shift excuse me I'll be right there miss can we get two beef carpaccios please.

Absolutely I called to mina in the back of the kitchen to tell her what the customers ordered Mina two beef carpacios how many times do I have to tell you not to say my name you always call me by my name though well that's because I'm used to calling you by your name.

Yeah yeah I'll be careful my gosh I saw her sulking a little as she walked back into the kitchen excuse me yes what can I do for you are you dating the chef who just came out of the kitchen right now you guys seem really close.

Well we were dating but now we're married oh my gosh that means this is a family business that is so cool thank you wow she seemed so excited it's pretty overwhelming tell me if he's giving you any trouble.

Okay Mina came out of the kitchen with the customer's food and started talking to them who are you two beef carpaccios fast it's because we're not that busy today why would I be causing them any trouble I was very nice to them.

You looked like you were having a lot of fun oh she's sulking again not that I'm complaining really yes really and not to mention how I love you guys are with each other I could see a grin surfacing on Mina's face as she listens to the girl talk.

She then said oh well he is an amazing husband I'm the luckiest husband alive hey katsuki my name is Kazuki funimizu the girl who's calling my name right now is Mikoto asakura she's a year older than me.

Everybody knows her as the prettiest girl in our school I met her through an incident after I started High School we've been friends for over a year now Mikoto why are you in such a good mood I wanted to ask if you'd like to go out with me huh go out where do you want to go don't play dumb.

You know what I mean I want you to go out with me like as in date me ah I'm sorry gosh you get on my nerves when you do that well uh I don't think anybody can answer a question like that straight away are you trying to mess with me or.

Something what kind of person do you think I am I would never do that you're making me sound like a bad person but you're always messing with me when have I ever messed with you I think you mess with me 90 of the time she thinks it's okay to try to feed me or try to hug me from behind she does.

Everything you see couples doing in a romantic manga hey I thought you liked it well it's just it's a lot to handle if I'm honest I do like it she smells nice you should be able to be more honest with how you're feeling anyways back to the question how do you.

Feel about me being your girlfriend before we get into that topic why are you asking me that all of a sudden I feel bad for you I bet you've never had a girlfriend in your life am I right now you're picking a fight with me I'm going back to my classroom wait wait I'm not trying to pick a fight with you well it sure feels like it if.

Not what are you trying to do I'm single right now so I'm willing to date you if you want that way you'll have your first girlfriend and you won't ever be a loser anymore I did not expect you to ask me that so suddenly if I remember right you've dated over 10 guys already right that's right are you impressed I guess I don't.

Think I know any other Juniors who have dated so many guys right that's why horrible rumors are going on about her but I guess none of it matters she seems happy about where she is why would you want to date a boring guy like me you're not boring I'm sure we'll have fun you mean you'll have fun since.

You'll be teasing me the whole time I won't I promise I'm trying to be nice to you just accept it I can't help but be cautious after all the things she's done to me face you are doubting me aren't you no well I guess so are we gonna go out or not.

I'd be more than happy to date an attractive girl like Mikoto but knowing her there's a possibility she's just joking around hmm oh look at her staring at me so seriously so she's not joking okay let's go out.

Really you sure yes I'm sure I'd be happy to be your boyfriend this is great we're officially going out now Kazuki and so this is how Mikoto and I started dating however so now that we're going out what exactly do we do I've been single all my life so I had no.

Idea what to do with a girlfriend that's why I asked Mikoto for her advice and help uh we should go on a date or something why does she seem so unsure about this Mikoto where do you usually go when you're out on dates with your boyfriends well movies arcades or maybe bowling.

Are you answering me or asking me shut up I'm never the one who picks where we go the boy always decides for me oh I see I guess I'll ask her where she wants to go since I would like her to enjoy the date Mikoto is there any way you want to go do you mean like an after-school date.

Huh oh no I meant maybe on the weekend or hmm I thought we would be going today though I apologize did I say something upsetting to her hmm yeah she's definitely upset if I'm going to have a girlfriend I need to study about girls and Dating Rules I was so clueless I went to the bookstore.

After school to buy some romance manga books to study I also looked up articles and videos online to study how dating and going on dates works a few days later mitoto do you want to go on a date tomorrow we don't have school huh is something wrong no did you forget about our conversation.

About a date I said we could go during the weekend yes I remember but I never thought you would be the one to bring it up Kazuki who do you think I am a guy with no romantic experience who is also incapable of talking to girls other than me that's well I can't deny it I didn't expect you to accept that but it works.

In my favor so I'm happy you're happy it means there won't be any other girls trying to take you away from me oh I see I didn't think she cared about that I always figured she was more Breezy anyways about tomorrow where are we going.

You won't give me an answer even if I ask you right it's her first date the boy needs to decide Show Me Your Man pretty big challenge for me I wonder if you could come up with a plan to satisfy a girl who's been with 10 guys he's having so much fun.

How about an amusement park yes I love it awesome it's decided then do you want to meet at the station okay it was the first thing that came to my mind but I'm glad she liked the idea the date would be the first time meeting Mikoto out of school so I was getting excited the day of the date.

Kazuki oh good morning oh wow do you like it you look great good gosh she's amazing she looks so pretty she could be a model I've never seen her out of her uniform but I love it okay stare any longer and you're just a.

Creep Kazuki I slowly reached over to hold mikoto's hand what are you doing um I learned that couples who are dating usually hold hands on dates this is but you just.

Leave it's bad for my heart why is she freaking out like that she held at least 10 hands in the past my bad I'll stop hey huh I wasn't telling you to let go of my hand do you want to hold my hand then you were the one who made the move you.

Shouldn't just back off so soon oh okay I'm sorry here give me your hand Yep this is good do you want to head to the amusement park okay I'm so excited she seems to be happy about it I'm glad to see I'm succeeding speaking of which Mikoto doesn't seem to be used to guys.

Being so forward but she's had boyfriends before I felt something was off but I decided to shake it off and enjoy the date wow I've never seen someone look so excited she's been on many dates before I'm sure she's been to an amusement park I'll go buy the tickets.

Oh I'm coming with you what do you want to write first um the roller coaster Mikoto I didn't know you liked roller coasters I don't know if I do I've never been on one he's never been on one something felt off again but we headed into the roller coaster ride anyways.

She was only stoked at First Once the ride started I could tell she was scared she even had tears in her eyes I had to take her to a bench to sit down afterwards here do you want some juice thank you Kazuki was it not what you expected I'm never writing it again should be illegal.

Anyways let's take a little break we should rest so we don't Tire ourselves out I'm so sorry we've only been on a fun ride hey don't sweat it I don't care about the rides I just want to spend more time with you what.

What did I say something weird you're so straightforward my heart just skipped a beat huh don't act all innocent are you angry at me wait you should rest your body for a bit oh sitting down next to you it's bad for my heart what are you talking about.

You're acting like you have no clue what I'm talking about hmm she seems so cranky all of a sudden maybe I should have gotten her a different type of juice the hair I'm the one who should be making you feel like this what the heck is she murmuring about.

How can I get her to smile again after that we enjoyed some more rides and decided to eat lunch this is so good I agree I'm glad the receipts open and we got to sit down oh hey this is amazing let me know about you.

Mikoto you have some cream on your face let me get it for you huh there that's better what's wrong huh what's the matter stop going crazy there are other customers here it's your fault he keep doing this to me why your actions my fault.

Huh why are you upset freaking out every time I make the slightest move it's like she's not used to guys doing that wait nikoto you've never dated a guy have you what that's crazy and it's not true I mean you seem so innocent when it.

Comes to physical contact there's no way you've had dating experience with 10 guys it's obvious without I said I've had 10 boyfriends I met you when I entered high school and we've known each other since but you've never had a boyfriend the whole time if what you said was true you would have had to date 10 guys before meeting me.

Your sophomore year uh stop crying are you trying to cop or something why would she just admit it so does that mean you'll break up with me like all of your other boyfriends huh 10 boyfriends at your age means each.

Relationship was pretty short right we'll break up soon if you're not a long-term relationship type of girl there's all your other relationships I won't why is that because I've liked you for the past year I finally get to be with you why would I.

Throw that away huh you've liked me for a year I hate it when you act like you don't know anything well I mean I didn't know you liked me I tried to get you to notice every day I even hugged you I thought you were teasing me well you were wrong I was trying to tell.

You my feelings I had no idea gosh it was so clueless anyways how about we get out of here so we don't make a scene you're always so under control I'm trying to make up for whatever I did to anger you but you don't even realize what you did.

Because you're so ignorant I could tell she wasn't done with me but I paid for our food and took her outside ah stop sulking it's not like I'm trying to upset you but you are why don't you just go ride the merry-go-rounds by yourself have you ever seen a guy write a merry-go-round alone that's just creepy.

Huh jeez she's not listening she's acting like a little child is it weird that I think she's adorable right now she's being immature but I like her better than what she acts all mature you said you liked me for a year does that mean you've liked me since that incident.

Uh well um yeah I guess so I see the incident I'm talking about happened right after I started my freshman year I bumped into Mikoto and some other girls in a fight but it wasn't a regular fight I could see all the other girls surrounding her.

Showering her with all sorts of insults I was just passing by but I couldn't ignore it I warded them off to protect Mikoto we started hanging out a lot starting that day I heard later on that the whole thing was caused by a jealous girl her boyfriend asked Mikoto out and she was.

Blamed for stealing the girl's boyfriend it wasn't her fault that the guy was disloyal to his girlfriend but for some reason all the girls decided Mikoto was the bad one but I was just a random guy passing by and I didn't even do much he protected me you've continued to protect me anytime something bad is.

About to happen to me I just sent them away because they were a nuisance some of the girls who had cornered her would come over to make fun of Mikoto when she was with me that's why I heard that she had been in 10 relationships they were annoying and I didn't like it.

I told them to back off for me not because I wanted to protect Mikoto still it doesn't change the fact that you saved me I can't tell what I'm feeling can I wow this is embarrassing now that we're dating I'll be honest the girl probably thought you stole her boyfriend since they think you've been.

With over 10 guys Mikoto is the prettiest girl in school no doubt since she's also famous for having 10 ex-boyfriends I don't blame the others for thinking she's made a move on some guy however it's not possible she's the one who.

Started the rumor ha so it's just a rumor you didn't start it no I didn't well then why are you going along with it is it even true oh well nobody believed me when I told them it was just a rumor so I figured I should just stop wasting my time denying it I guess I thought it was okay since.

You didn't seem to be bothered by it this is unexpected I knew she was a strong person but I don't know if I could do the same if I was in her shoes Mikoto you're amazing with you you're making me blush well I'm just saying how I truly feel but there's one thing I still need to ask you.

Why did you lie to me earlier when I asked you about your relationship history well I was embarrassed I told you I had 10 ex-boyfriends I didn't want you to find out the truth oh wow too cute Mikoto I like you better when you're.

Acting this way what do you mean you don't have to act all mature pretending to be someone you're not I like you just the way you are Mikoto I like watching you blush I think it's adorable you can't think it but don't say it right to my face it's too embarrassing.

Hahaha it's so funny I seem to have angered Mikoto again but I was glad we got everything sorted out now we can move on to the next step of our relationship we spent the rest of the day holding hands enjoying the amusement park as much as we could.

We also started spending more time together at school thanks to that we became a famous couple at school but I'm not complaining since I have her by my side I'm just your regular junior in high school I'm not good at sports so I'm part of the walk home club and I'm not.

Good at talking so I'm usually just reading a book when I'm alone the one bother I recently have is a book all alone again this happy and cheerful girl her name is urarahimiragi and she's pretty much the most popular girl in the class she's bright and bubbly so she's my kryptonite.

You again I said leave me alone for some reason she's followed me around for half a year now getting tired of it come on let's hang out hang out for what 10 minutes huh there's a lot you can do in 10 minutes we can talk and chat and also.

Talk about nothing so basically small talk hey small talk is fun I'm not good at talking so not really it's okay he'll get used to it people are good and bad at things not everyone is like you look a total messing around with himaragi he's so full of himself.

She should just leave introverts like that in the corner anyway honestly just don't come to school you're so annoying seriously if you're gonna read books just read them at home damn it they're so jealous this is exactly why I didn't like her talking to me or hanging around me then one day.

A love letter who could have done this I figured this sort of thing would never show up in my shoe box it's no name huh if it's in my shoe box it has to be for me right whatever I'll look at it when there isn't anyone around you might be asking me to go somewhere right away but if I read this love.

Letter here people will notice I need to change locations I have something I'm gonna tell you please come upstairs to the roof after class after class like now crap I gotta go and no name either I ran to the roof as fast as I could I swear to God if this is just some prank I'm going to kick someone's ass.

I once got a D in gym class so I'm not athletic at all this was torture to me I'm here I wondered how long it's been since I ran full out my lungs were burning up you came Haru huh himaragi why are you here this love letter yeah it was me.

What this is the worst oh what's going on Harville you realize there are pranks you can do and pranks you can't do messing with a man's heart I'm not pranking you but I saw this was during lunch.

Then the loser needs to confess it's really outdated oh come on it's popular again or something along those lines she wasn't there but I know she hung out with them often I should assume she's a part of the game I just want to ask you but you don't actually have anything you want to talk about with me do you.

No it's super important you admit that it was a love letter right so listen to me I like you so please go out with me no what I can't go out with you because we're completely incompatible think about how much of an introvert I am if you're gonna prank someone prank.

Someone that makes more sense can't believe you believe me then go dye your hair black you're not my type I like common pretty girls I know I said some pretty shitty things but I'm sure she won't dye her hair over some stupid game.

This should get her suit okay huh I'll go dye my hair black tomorrow will you reconsider then uh are you serious of course if I dye my hair black he'll trust me that I'm being serious right the next day if she'll actually show up with black.

Hair no way right she said she would yesterday but she took off saying she was going to go dye her hair immediately so I had no idea what she actually did but there was no way that that would really happen or so I thought look at that who is that beautiful girl did we have a.

Girl that was that pretty at our school wait that face it was you I dyed my hair black just like you asked how does it look it looks great but seriously what she dyed her hair for a game so how is it art does it not look good all right no.

Cute really yeah did you go out with me wait did she just say go out human Rocky likes him damn it she likes that loser because of what she said people around us were.

Using their imaginations and I could hear all the terrible rumors immediately run through my head she looked good so the whole school really liked her oh whatever this is all wrong come with me we're two out in the open I ran away from the crowd building outside and ran inside I went to a hallway where no one really.

Went normally and to talk to himaragi I didn't expect you to actually dye your hair you think you'd reconsider if I dyed my hair I didn't say that I really want to win that game huh what game you asked me out because you lost in a.

Game right you really think that I'm gonna waste my breath asking out someone over some stupid game yeah it's you thought it was some kind of punishment I believe you I was so nervous asking you about yesterday.

But your friends were talking about it during lunch yesterday I know but I don't do things like that that's where I ran to a different classroom yesterday oh I see I always thought you were a little slow but this is just too far just because there was some kind of game going on you.

Saw that I wasn't there sorry I don't forgive you you need to take responsibility for your actions how what are you gonna make me do you will go on a date with me after class what a date you're gonna be all like why did you.

Even like me she read my mind so if I go on a date I'll be able to solve all your problems at once you realize your stupid little misunderstanding made me dye my hair black right ah you better take responsibility I really liked being blonde fine.

Yay I did feel bad for what I did and so I ended up having to go out with her after class whatever I'm glad she liked me after what I did I had no idea what she was thinking of but this was a great opportunity for me to enjoy my time I need to apologize to.

Her later after class you're in a good mood it's our first date I can feel people drilling holes into my head she so popular when she said the word date all the boys around me glared at me my stomach churned am I going to be okay.

I went out to the city with Miss himaragi so where did you want to go um I want to go shopping shopping what you don't wanna I don't mind but I don't have money huh I don't have any money I don't have a job.

Oh you're thinking you need to buy things huh you don't have to yeah sorry I guess it was a bad way to put it we're not buying things maybe if you're an adult but for me it was just a window shopping type thing so don't worry about it oh sorry I'm not used to this kind of thing oh it's fine.

If anything sorry I said it in a way to make you confused you don't need to apologize no seriously it was just how I said it anyway can we go on a window shopping date if you're okay with it of course okay thanks I might buy some clothes for myself though you have something you want.

Yeah you want to buy clothes that I think you might like so yeah I want to buy clothes that I think you'll think I look good in if it's clothes that I have you probably won't like it why are you so interested I think it's pretty normal to want to be the favorite of someone you like but I.

Have no sense of fashion it's fine I just want you to pick I don't care if other people don't like it if you like it this girl some kind of angel okay afterwards we headed to a clothing store the hell is it when I chose an innocent looking dress she showed up all happy.

Honestly she knew that she looked good without asking me I didn't know that people changed this much from just changing their outfits it must be nice looking good I think it's cute okay I'm gonna get this then you don't want to look at other claws yeah you choose this one so I want this.

One this girl is so straightforward this was a pretty nice purchase you normally buy a lot of clothes hmm kind of I have limited money but I want to look good so I save money in other places so I can't really buy much I see it's not like she likes spending money what.

Can I talk to you about my past sure of course okay let's go somewhere else she took me to a hill I'd never been to what is this place it's my home this is my favorite spot you can see the sunset and the city look really pretty yeah it really is pretty huh glad you like it.

Like it does this have to do with your story about your past nope it has nothing to do with that I just wanted to come here with you I said past but really it was only six months ago at school do you remember it was when we were freshmen the day before the school affair.

did something happen I thought there wasn't anything wrong and it was just a regular school Fair figure you wouldn't remember the day before the school fair I broke the entrance sign for our class oh yeah I remember that I was all happy with my friends because.

We had the school Fair the next day that I ended up dropping the entrance board it was an entrance board so it wouldn't affect people coming and they all forgave me but it worked so hard on it and I broke it so I was so upset when I came back the next day it was all fixed and ready to go there was no way it fixed itself so I was surprised.

Maybe some toys fixed it while we were all asleep toys huh I asked the teachers he said he knew who fixed it then he said that Haru no Toto had stayed behind to fix it he said that you told him to keep it a secret oh why did you keep it a secret it helped everyone out.

I didn't want to do it to make you owe me or something just like everyone said people would still be able to come by I see but I started taking an interest in you since then I started noticing all the nice qualities about you if there was someone in need you didn't hesitate to help I just got lucky it's not like.

I'm always helping people I mean it's not like people are always in need but when you do notice you help them I mean that's what anyone would do I don't think people are able to do that like it's no problem that's why I fell for you I want to go out with you I'm not lying.

About my feelings and you should know now I mean yeah then go out with me but I'm not that good looking I don't judge people based on their looks their personality is what's important I'm not good at sports or studying.

I don't mind I like that you're kind I don't care about their vest then let's go out really are you sure I realize why you like me I understand that you're kind too so yeah okay then let's go out no more take backsies we started dating she began.

Clinging around me even more than before and it was super obvious that all the boys were jealous but I didn't care because she was too cute also when I apologized to her for not believing her she said you don't have to be the kind of guy to care about the little things like that my name is Shota akahoshi.

I don't have any friends to talk to even during breaks so I usually read books when I was a freshman I had a couple friends but after becoming a sophomore I lost all my friends ah Here Comes Miss Rana there she is she's so cute seriously she's cured than some people on TV her name was Rena himaro she's got a.

Beautiful face long black hair and an excellent body she's the class favorite however good morning Miss Reina good morning rude again she was rude towards everyone she interacted with she's seriously probably the most popular girl in the school.

Some of the people actually go to her to be pushed away I like her too but hey shoda me she called my name there are no other people in this class named soda yeah sorry so are you bored I am okay good come with me come.

Yeah I have somewhere I want to go you sure you want me I know she's not asking me out on a date but the person that I like asking me out it still makes me jump it needs to be you huh I'll go buy your house around 10 a.m tomorrow okay no I'll go to your house.

Okay then see you tomorrow yeah see you huh what was that I'm going out with just miss Reyna tomorrow the rude Rena I'm so nervous that was so bad I was so nervous what if he said no I need to decide what to wear tomorrow.

This makes me look young this is too revealing whatever it's just the two of us I need to go big or go home this one wait going out with just the two of us it's a date a date with soda how nervous but I'm sure I'm going to be more nervous tomorrow than I am now because I.

Get to but I found a reason to come out with soda so whatever it works out this is it I went to the address that Rena had told me about the day before it says himaro it has to be here all right hang on.

Okay I hope I look alright morning Miss Rena let's go yeah ask about my outfits I've never seen her outside of school she's so cute she's so revealing too I can't be weird though don't be weird.

Just talk about something so what is it that you wanted to go to I want to go buy clothes sew a clothing store clothing why are you taking me to go buy clothing with you why didn't she just pick one of the other girls that she's friendly with.

It's whatever I get to hang out with her all is well that's because the store I want to go to is having a couple's discounts a couple discount if we go as a couple we get 50 discount on our clothes so pretend to be my boyfriend seriously yeah just pretend.

Uh okay even though it's pretend I get to pretend to be her boyfriend I'm so happy we're here huh I really am out of place it was a store that was clearly for girls it you don't have to seem at a place because you're just coming here with.

Your girlfriend I definitely feel in the store there were no other men besides me they were all women from high school aged to college aged why are there no other boys they're having a couple's discount.

Just so you know I'm gonna have you help me choose an outfit what me is that a problem nah I'm not good with clothing and I have almost zero fashion sense so I'm not sure if you want me choosing I don't mind just choose one if you say so I have no confidence but I have to.

Choose considering she's telling me to hey what do you think about this it looks great cute I see then I'm gonna try on this so go find me something that you think I'll like what bye.

I'm not confident at all to normal this is way too revealing and I think she'll think I'm weird which is already pretty revealing today maybe this is what she normally wears but even then me taking it to her would.

Be weird can I help you sir huh what do I do do I take the easy way and just ask the employee or do I choose on my own like a man I should choose on my own oh I'm okay okay take your time said I'd choose but which one to pick ah this might be nice.

Huh soda oh my bad you still haven't Chosen One sorry it's my first time looking oh well hey what do you think about this it's so cute huh oh I just think it fits you well.

I just called her cute he just called me cute I'm so happy the thanks so go pick an outfit out for me shoda oh uh yeah I think that shirt from earlier is the best choice how's this I'll try it on what if she thinks that I have zero.

Fashion sense he said that it would be cute for sure a sec ago maybe he'll call me cute again that shirt was cute but I'm gonna go buy whatever he wants me to buy today how was it oh my God it's so cute huh say it again say what.

You just said oh I I said it looks good on you crap I said she's cute again why did he change what he said wanted you to eat as a friend huh something is different from what I just heard a second ago just be honest and tell her.

Or tell her that maybe she heard me wrong nah just be honest I said I think it's really cute whoa thank you do you want me to choose another outfit she's so cute if I get to see her like this more I'm going to choose whatever but I'm so bad at this.

No I'm okay I choose this one huh you don't want to look at other clothes yeah I like this one I'm gonna go change oh okay I didn't think this is how it went I always thought girls took forever to choose an outfit she picks pretty quickly and I'm glad she likes the.

Clothes that I chose out I'd like this please yes ma'am do you two happen to be a couple there is a discount going on right now that allows 50 to be discounted from a single item if you two are a couple yes we're dating.

Pretend pretend I know but Jesus this is so nice okay as proof we'd like you two to kiss holding hands and hugging may be done by people who just get along or are friendly we all need proof of dating by kissing kissing of course we won't have you kiss in.

Front of everyone there is a special space for you to kiss so we will have you move there please come with me that's not the problem there I know people watching so please kiss it's definitely going to hate me for this did she know about this yes.

You know about this I can't she's gonna hate me though do I just tell her if you were lying but soda these two especially the girl maybe they're not dating yet but they definitely like each other I don't know if it's the boyfriend but Guy come on kiss her whatever I'll help you two out.

Sir apparently your girlfriend doesn't want to kiss you makes sense considering I'm just a pretend boyfriend then what what if you kiss me I'll give you the 50 discount of course if you're okay with.

It you could keep the kissing going from now on after the whole discount ends too what are you saying I fell for you it's a love at first sight what love at first sight yes I fell for you but I can't kiss you yeah he can't kiss you.

But you don't want to kiss him right I didn't say that but you didn't look like you were going to kiss him at all but but see come on she doesn't want to kiss you kiss me ah I said you don't want to kiss me no maybe kissing her will make red a happier she gets the discount without.

Kissing me you won't kiss me no I like her I don't want to kiss someone I don't like no I don't care if she doesn't want to kiss me that doesn't mean I should kiss someone else we're still dating even if it's pretend.

Listen I guess I'll just have to take what I want no what's going on did she just kiss me Rena I never said I didn't want to kiss I'm sorry about that I didn't kiss him because I understand you two are a couple so.

Please come with me to check out my boyfriend please if you will oh yeah sorry I was just teasing you what what do you mean teasing why did she tease me like that that's a secret what no tell me nope take good care of.

Her yeah huh uh yeah thank you for shopping please come again hey Rena what why did you kiss me because I didn't want someone kissing my crush huh.

Renna what do you mean huh did I say something weird no I just thought I heard you say I was your crush huh no you heard rights what what uh I like you huh she likes me no no no no no way I've always liked you that's why I wanted you to pick the outfit today too the whole pretend thing was to get you to be mine.

For even a day so I didn't want you to kiss anyone else that's why I kiss you this must be a dream hey it's soda please go out with me it is I don't know no not at all if anything I'm super happy I like you too but are you sure you want to go out with me.

I only want you she's so cute so what's your answer of course I would love to go out with you thing cheat are you sure that employee was pretty cute though was she.

She was cute but I feel like if I tell her now she's going to rip me a new one soda you seems like you were going to kiss her I'm worried that's because I figured you didn't want to kiss me and if I kissed the employee maybe you'd still get your discount without having to kiss me stupid but you were caring for me so that's nice but no.

Second time okay yes ma'am just so you know that was my first kiss so since I gave you my first you gotta make me your last okay of course you need to stop being so awkward just relax okay oh okay I just figured you'd dislike me if I.

Suddenly acted all friendly no we're dating now just treat me like your girlfriend okay there you go hey soda call me by a nickname huh come on okay babe.

Thanks what is this cute creature it's too cute I've never seen a girl this cute in my life what's wrong shoda oh nothing we're dating now no secrets oh okay so what was it I just thought you were incredibly cute cute.

Yeah you're not acting like your regular self when you're kind of rude you know so that's just because I didn't want you to figure out that I liked you that's your reasoning whatever let's go yeah let's hold hands on the way home.

Are you sure don't make me repeat myself we're dating now yeah I held her pretty little hands and started walking thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos.

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