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[Manga Dub] “A ghost!?”… There was a girl living in my hotel… [RomCom]


My name is shinya goto I'm just an ordinary 24 year old I'm a scriptwriter but I also have another job on the side I've been renting my late grandmother's houses ever since she died there's not much to do I clean the rooms after guests leave and take care of reservations two jobs it's hard but it's also.

Rewarding thank you for letting us stay here we don't get many chances to spend a night at a house like this with our friends we had so much fun the house is located in the countryside but most of my guests are young females they stay the night to visit a famous tourist hot spot nearby who doesn't enjoy talking to young girls.

It's one of the highlights of my job either way we heard a rumor that there is a ghost living in the house across from this one is it true huh I have no idea what you're talking about never heard of a ghost just a second let me check.

Hmm I don't see any comments about ghosts don't think anybody would come around here if they see ghost stories in the comments nobody writes stuff like that because they could get sued by the house owner most of the guests that use the house are young female groups or University.

Students like these girls renting private homes has become popular since it's cheaper than staying at a hotel we try our best to satisfy the customers I wonder where the rumor came from I just had some guests spending the night there three nights ago oh really well it might just be a stupid rumor someone.

Started for fun we heard the ghost living in the house is a woman she hasn't silly long hair and it's super creepy I see I'll see what I can find out thanks for letting me know I'm sorry if it made you feel uneasy.

About staying here no problem at all fun and exciting if we did meet a ghost I'm comfortable staying here so it's no big deal are you sure of course we need to get going now we'll come back soon the girls left after they smiled and.

Waved goodbye to me this is the one they were talking about I had to stop by the house to clean up after the girls so I decided to check on the house they were talking about maybe there's a ghost because it's so old I should consider redecorating the place so it's not so creepy no shinya there's no ghost it's just a rumor.

I stepped into the house reassuring myself there was no ghost relax just chill ghosts don't exist they're not real what's that sound who's there it must be it's just a mouse or something oh see some dust gotta get some cleaners.

In here a ghost no way you've got to be kidding me I came here during the day because I thought ghosts only come out at night go start real go start real go start real go start real I'm not a ghost please open the door ghosts can speak I'm telling you what I'm not a ghost I'm.

Alive huh you are the ghost yes oh so that means she's in here without my consent did she know my grandmother or something may I ask who you are oh my name is how did you get inside the house.

Well the lock on that window is broken I came in through there I didn't know that did you know my grandmother she used to take care of these houses no I didn't I have nowhere to go I was walking around for Shelter From The Rain about three weeks ago and found this place see.

Should I call the police uh no I shouldn't she just needs some help well okay how about you take a bath you can use the bathroom here what you should get cleaned up first then we'll talk about what we should do I'll get some clean clothes oh no you want to sleep with me no no I don't.

Why would you even think that was good I thought this was one of those anime situations that I freaked out I wonder what anime you're referring to anyways we need to talk can you go get cleaned up first I can bring you some of my sister's clothes I left kaguya at the house to clean up while I went to get some clean clothes.

My older sister visits me often and she always keeps a set of clothes here just in case she ends up staying the night although I haven't gotten permission to lend out her clothes I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I used them to help someone well I hope she doesn't I went back to the house where I found.

Kaguya earlier thank you for the bath and the clothes oh hey don't worry about it it's no big deal so can I ask what happened to you yes I'm thankful for you not calling the police on me and you deserve to know the truth I never said I'm not calling them I have a feeling she's trying to tell me.

Not to call the police since she'll tell me the truth well whenever you're ready kaguya started explaining what happened to her she told me she was kicked out of her house she stopped going to school in middle school and she couldn't leave the house even after she turned 20. her parents got sick of her it's told her to.

Leave that's the reason her hair is so long she hasn't cut it since middle school I immediately realized she was the ghost my guests were talking about earlier but I couldn't help but feel sorry for her she told me that she left the house through the broken window every time a guest stayed the night that's why nobody.

Bumped into her while they were here she tried leaving when she heard me come in but unfortunately I caught her before she could so you were a shut-in since middle school but you seem to have no problem communicating with me wow she looks determined but it's.

Strange she doesn't seem like somebody who's been shutting for years so what are you planning to do from here oh my bad I shouldn't have asked she's trespassing why did I even think she would have a plan for the future still what do I do with her I can't just.

Kick her out it's cruel kaguya do you like cleaning clothes huh well yes I used to be in charge of cleaning my parents that's good to hear she's used to cleaning which means she can help me take care of the house but I have no idea who she is Chicago yeah can you bring a certificate.

Of residence to me oh yeah I can okay I'll check it and if there are no problems you can stay here for a while and work for me are you sure yep I've been looking for somebody who can help me with the houses you can stay in this house while you work here.

Your job will consist of cleaning the houses and managing reservations oh that doesn't sound too hard I think I can do it glad to hear that I look forward to working with you we'll just go with the flow and see how things go oh no that was not me I swear it wasn't.

Me maybe there's a ghost please don't laugh oh my bad I only laugh because the way kaguya was denying her stomach rumbling was adorable but I could never tell her that it's too embarrassing it's lunch time do you want to go eat.

What's wrong well my hair is such a mess I don't want to go out in public oh why don't we go get your hair done don't worry I'll pay for it I need you to look nice if you're going to be working with the customers but it's so kind of you to offer no.

Problem I'll take care of living expenses for the time being you must be a God and now I know he exists no I'm just a human being I took kaguya to my favorite hair salon to get her hair done what am I here she looked amazing.

Now that she was all cleaned up she looked like a real-life princess she she's so pretty do you not like it of course I do you look so pretty huh didn't you say pretty oh uh well um.

Why did you say that anyways let's go get something to eat no about that huh what is it it's okay if you don't want to but I was wondering if I could cook for you what you want to cook for me well I'm a pretty good cook he would love to make a meal to thank you for.

Everything you've done I see did you do meal preparations at your parents house yes I did I was in charge of the food so that means she was in charge of most of the housework so why did her parents kick her out since we decided to eat at home we stopped by the supermarket on our way.

Back to the house it's ready I hope you like it whoa it's something like you'd eat at a fancy restaurant I like watching cooking shows and videos to study I got my inspiration for new menus from them it taught you well let me try a bite wow this is so good.

One who's ever eaten the food I've made you could serve this in a restaurant that's how tasty it is oh you're just flattering me you're making me blush it's horrible this is the best food I've had in a while you said you like cooking earlier right.

Yes I love cooking I see would you like to cook as part of your job too what is that even possible sure you're amazing I don't want your skills to go to waste meals were never a part of reservation plans for the houses here but I'm.

Considering starting a system for that we'll ask the guests if they want a meal before their stay that way we'll know how much we need to prepare and none of the food will go to waste what do you think that would be a dream come true for me I can't believe this I never thought I could cook for a living they haven't.

Even attended cookie School well you don't need a license to open a restaurant I'm sure it'll be fine we'll need a Food hygiene manager but I'll take care of that issue people get their certifications in like a day I see oh my older sister is a chef she has a few restaurants of her own.

Too embarrassed to tell kaguya but my dream was to become a chef I gave up because my sister was so gifted more than one restaurant she must be good there's just one thing if we're going to do this I want you to teach me how to make all the food you plan to put on the.

Menu otherwise I won't be able to let you take a day off oh of course I'll do my best you are so considerate to even think about that wait I remember telling you my name but I forgot to ask you what yours was oh I'm sorry it must have slipped my mind my name is shinya goto I'm sure.

We'll make a great team I agree I'm looking forward to working with you calling me by my name all the guests loved kakuya's meals we had more reservations than ever the guests kept coming and coming her cooking gained many positive comments on travel sites.

People started spending the night in our houses just to eat kaguya's meals since only our overnight guests are allowed to eat what she makes on top of that everything she cleaned was left and span her cleaning was Flawless having her work here was the best thing that happened to me however three months later.

Everybody loves her food so much I'm sure she'll be successful if we open a restaurant she told me she wanted to become a chef one day I feel bad for limiting her possibilities it's a shame to waste her Talent her meals have become so popular I.

Started to wonder what I could do to make the situation better for her I wouldn't be considering anything if she was just working for the money but I could see she loved cooking and she was passionate about it she shouldn't have to be forced to work like this when she could do so much more plus it's been three months since she.

Got here but I haven't seen her talk to her parents once I help her whenever I can and as far as I know she's happy here she doesn't want to leave if it were me I would miss my house and my family maybe I should talk to kaguya about this I didn't want to waste time I called.

Kaguya over to discuss things with her huh you're asking me if I want to work at a proper restaurant yes would you I don't know if you realize this but your cooking is amazing and I have a feeling you want more people to eat the food you make am I right.

Well I guess so so how about I introduce you to my sister you could work at her restaurant I don't think she'll say no once she sees how good you are you don't owe me anything you've already done more than enough for me I know I'm not as good as you but you've taught me well.

I know how to make everything plus you gave me your recipe book and I'll hire more people if I need help you don't have to worry about me I want you to go after your dream we only live once take as much time as you want oh before I forget kaguya you know you can go home if you want to right what.

What no huh I'll do anything you see please don't kick me out that was the first time seeing her so emotional she looked terrified as she desperately grabbed onto me remember when we first met you told me your parents kicked you out for being a.

Shut-in for too long is there something you're leaving out huh um if there's something else you need to tell me now is the time I always sensed that you weren't giving me the entire truth please.

The truth is I was a prisoner my mother kids me confined to the house what you weren't allowed to leave my mother started going crazy when my parents divorced she wouldn't let me leave the house at all she kept me in chains but I was allowed to move freely when I cooked and.

Clean the house one day she forgot to hide the lock for the first time since it all of it started I think it's because she was distracted by her new boyfriend I used a lock to free myself and I managed to escape before she realized what was going on why didn't you go to the police if I did I knew they would have rushed my mother.

I thought what she did was wrong but I couldn't bring myself to turn her into the police thank you for telling me this it must have been difficult for you I wrapped my arms around her gently I could feel her body accepting me as we stayed that way I was suddenly aware of her frail body.

She had been suffering all this time all alone she has such a kind heart she still cares for her mother after all she was put through I don't think your mother went to the police to file a missing person report she has too much at risk she wouldn't want them to find out what she did to.

You yeah I think so too you can stay here for as long as you want you are an adult you're old enough to make your own decisions uh-huh but I think you should try talking to your.

Mother what she kept you imprisoned for years we have no idea what she will do to get you back it's best for both parties to sort things out before parting ways that's why I'm going with you I won't let her lay a finger on you we'll make sure we're prepared Let's go ask for help from a professional we.

Could even hire a lawyer of course we'll make sure your mother doesn't get arrested but I need to make sure you will be safe I can't let you live in fear forever oh no you don't have to do this I don't deserve it hey this is what I want to do I know I'm putting you in a tough spot.

But I want to keep you safe but that's only if you're up for it I will respect your decision no matter what you decide if you don't want to see your mother that's fine you know what's best for you hi I don't want to live in fear I'm willing.

To meet her as long as you're by my side okay let's do it I embraced her a second time she is one Brave woman I can only imagine how terrifying meaning her mother would be but she chose to believe in me I'm willing to do everything to protect her and free her from her mother's.

Clutch after that we went to get advice from a professional who introduced me to a lawyer he accompanied us to see kaguya's mother when we got there she was fuming she almost lost it but I threatened to sue her if she wasn't willing to let kaguya go.

Her mother immediately quieted down our lawyer had prepared a written oath promising never to hurt kaguya again and we got her mother to sign it kaguya was finally free on our way home wow I can't believe how easily she backed down hmm kaguya what is it I I want you to know how thankful I am.

I don't know how I'm going to repay you don't worry about that I told you before but I'm just doing what I want to do you're free now kakuya you can do whatever you want to do now you should live your own life focus on what you want that's how you can repay me what I want can you think of anything.

Are you serious um yes I've had feelings for you for a while I've never met anyone more caring than you you saved me every time shinya I want to be with you there's nothing else I can think of right now please or is it too much to ask from you kaguya no it isn't I would love to be your boyfriend to tell you the truth I've.

Liked you for a while now as well that's why that's why I wanted to help you so that means we both have the same feelings towards each other yeah that's about right you are the best thing that happened in my life we overcame our obstacle coming out stronger together than ever.

Kaguya just started to work at my sister's restaurant as well as the rental housing business my sister was ecstatic to have her I hired another staff member so kagaya could make time to work at my sister's restaurant she's balancing both jobs well kaguya was delighted to be working with.

My sister at the restaurant but she was very uneasy about the new employee I was working with the new girl was a university student who used to be a regular guest of ours she made sure to let me know she would never forgive me if I ever cheated on her why would she think I would ever consider cheating when I have the cutest.

Girlfriend ever she's adorable even when she's jealous and I feel like the luckiest man on Earth thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.