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[Manga Dub] A girl asked me out as a prank, so I threatened her… [RomCom]


My name is naoto murakami and one day I was sitting in the courtyard of my school after class but I didn't come here because I wanted to who would have thought that a girl would call me out to talk to me especially kauri Hirata murakami uh sorry about calling you here so suddenly kauri Hirata she was my classmate and.

Also one of the popular girls who stood out in class there was just something I really needed to tell you today I like you mirakami what I didn't expect her out of all people to confess her feelings for me I was so surprised and I couldn't even move so please be my boyfriend at least that's probably what I'm supposed to say.

But sorry about surprising you murakami this is actually for a punishment game right I knew something was weird Ono and the other girls kept glancing this way from over there it didn't look like they were supporting their friend's love life uh Hirata she's more concerned about the girls.

Reactions than mine I'm sorry I'll see you later then the punishment game is a over yet is it what are you saying the game ends after I confess my feelings for you if it's a punishment game you need to feel embarrassed but the one who feels the most embarrassed here is me you turned me down when I didn't even confess my.

Feelings for you it's like I'm the one being put through the punishment game so you should be in a relationship with me and go through real punishment what uh it's not that serious the one who suggested this game is Ono over there right yeah but oh no I know you were listening make shirata do her punishment game properly well stop it hmm Mr.

Introvert is right though okay then Kari be in a relationship with him just just eat them for like a month or something oh wait God are you serious so that's that I'm glad this went well can I start calling you by your name now what do I do I already have someone I.

Like hold on I never said I'll date you come on cowry hold on a second Are you seriously gonna call me by my name you like shuji kitakawa don't you the handsome MVP of the soccer team in the class next to us but the guy is so popular that all the girls in our school like him it's a difficult battle.

Is that true but I can't help it he's so handsome if you don't date me now kitakawa won't give you the time of day from now on what's that supposed to mean think about it everyone says he's handsome and has a good personality if he finds out that you messed around with a classmate by confessing your fake feelings and said.

Just kidding it was a punishment game do you think he'll want to date someone with an evil heart like that yeah it probably won't I do we am I gonna be turned out before I even get to confess my feelings to him over something dumb like this that's why I'm saying you need to date me even if.

It's for a month or something if we're in a relationship your actions won't be a cruel joke anymore you're right it's better for my image if I date you first and then turn you down right thank you cone won't hate me now wait but this is all your fault anyways don't put the blame on me it's your fault for agreeing to be a part of that punishment.

Game you being so mean Meraki I bet you wanted to date me so much that you made up a complicated reason to do so I guess you can't help it I'm much prettier cuter and extroverted than before I'm totally out of your league nope I'm not interested in you cowry in fact I might even dislike you what there's no way I'd.

Fall for a cruel girl who takes advantage of introverts and uses them for punishment games the reason I suggested for us to be in a relationship was because I wanted you to complete that punishment game even mean you don't like me remember Kami you're being very cocky aren't you oh don't act so high and mighty don't.

Think that this relationship is an equal one you're the one who begged me to be in a relationship I obliged so my position is higher than yours you're going to do everything I ask you to if you can't I'll cry to shuji kitakawa and tell him the truth what to protect yourself word if I do what you tell me to.

This video will be banned we'll see based on how you behave the work you edit introvert I have not liked that anymore I bet calories regretting this punishment game right now she probably couldn't say no to Ono but kawri probably thinks she's changed from her otaku self in middle school kaori and I.

Were in the same class at Middle School her favorite characters were usually beautiful girls that were popular with boys she gave off friendly Vibes and seemed like she could be friends with anyone still we were never able to talk even though we were classmates for three years the following day morning calorie why are you slurring your words like.

That so gross you're very mean I'm supposed to be your boyfriend he wrote the sun you're dating murakami hair hair it's not like that this is because of a punishment kit are you going to expose that we are pretending to be a couple because of a punishment game guess I had to tell kitakawa the truth.

That this is all a joke and that you're a cruel girl that crushes the hearts of boys yeah I confess my feelings to him yesterday for dating now well uh you have strange taste Curry aren't you going on a date with murakami this weekend I was so jealous but I didn't even know about.

That you're right Sunday super exciting you two are you teaming up against me I'm really going on the states I mean I had no choice I can't turn away murrakami confidently said leave the tape planning to me but I'm not even here yet I mean maybe I'm crazy for coming 30 minutes early oh wait is this the first date I've ever.

Been on whoa whoa what what am I getting so so just a date with murakami the loser and wimp Curry sorry for the wait I wasn't wait what if you were at all black oh what are you a ninja who cares black suits me the most the evil power buried deep inside of me might come alive yeah yeah you're.

Sounding like a middle schooler your outfit is super cute cowrie thanks but it's not like this is for you I I just don't want to dress weird like you don't get it confused why is my face getting so hot a collaboration Cafe you used to like this anime right not even things like this are for tacos oh if you order this.

Dish you'll get a free coaster you're lucky you were able to get the character design coasters you wanted I'm not interested but there's nothing wrong with owning cute things but I'm not interested in it if you're not then give it to me the whole way after that I brought calorie to a pop-up shop.

Really I like her rival character garu rucha more she's gonna chill but you can't have garroshan without Riri ruchan in a perfect world I would have both of them as a set if you like them that much I'll buy both of them for you as a gift what it's okay I was just looking it's pretty expensive you promise to do as I say.

Didn't you yeah yeah I'll choose a present so don't do anything that'll decrease my popularity that's all for today's date I forced you around to a lot of places today but your personal hell doesn't end here here you go oh what is this a ticket it's a concert that's going to happen two weeks from now I got you a seat too so you better.

Follow me here wait isn't this the voice actress that I stand you became Miss popular and graduated from being in otaku but you stand voice actresses on top of Anime characters just a figure of speech but thank you I wasn't excited about today's date at first but I had fun I think the thing is he probably had this prepared for me.

Right maybe murakami actually likes me or something he even bought me this present so he could get my attention he's never been one to be upfront with his feelings ah I know I have a great idea I'll make a ball for me even more and when we're done playing pretend couple I make him feel sad and miserable murakami.

Come here what's up why are you trying to bring me to a place where there aren't any people you don't to do anything to you here I made this for you what is This Love what do you have planned relax I didn't poison it or anything by the way it doesn't taste bad like back then too this is strange.

This actually tastes good did the girl who was told kaurichon you just stand around in cooking classes in Middle School actually make this all right her mom probably made this calorie always liked showing off eating it he's amazed too for preventing me from confessing.

Feelings by making me play pretend couple my plan to make him obsessed with me only to throw him aside is going just as planned I'm going to make you regret threatening me cowrie you don't have plans after this do you I'm super busy plus I'm going to karaoke with Yuka and the other girls don't lie to me Ono told me that you guys don't have plans today.

Why are you so close to Yuka recently I thought she hates introverts like you come to my house today what your house why I don't know what you're going to do to shoot supposed to agree with whatever you don't need to be so afraid I'm not going to eat you your room is seriously in a taco room it's a room.

Full of treasure isn't it I mean it is clean your mom probably does everything for yoha sorry to disappoint but my parents go overseas for work so they don't come home often that's why I do everything by myself you're not lonely I'm used to it besides they were planning to relocate us to another country anyways I can't complain because.

I was the one who begged them to let me stay I didn't know that you're more independent than I thought yeah I can't have my mom help me make lunch like you cowry I made all of that by myself you're joking right but in cooking classes what you don't remember that I was embarrassed by that and practiced.

A lot I know I could prove it I'll show you how good I am at cooking beautiful use of the knife and efficiency in her movements she really did learn how to cook I assumed someone who is treated like that in cooking class would run away from cooking and never try it again just like her transformation from an introvert to.

Miss popular she must have really worked hard I might have to rethink looking down on her change thanks for dropping me off you're unexpectedly a gentleman I'm your boyfriend so of course I'm going to drop you home whatever I bet you fallen in love with me or something don't get cocky I could have forced you to stay.

Over since my parents aren't home you know whoa what I was going to force you into pulling an all-nighter for an anime Marathon see huh what are you talking about well he left I was nervous about being in a pretend relationship with him but he doesn't do anything that makes me uncomfortable in.

Fact I could even say that I'm kind of having fun so I don't mind sleeping over uh but it's not like I'm sad or anything kauri it's finally happening this week it's super exciting oh yeah yeah wear something other than all black this time don't worry I've prepared a glamorous t-shirt for the concert I guess but change into that at the venue okay those.

Two are closed today too just like that it was the day of the concert oh yeah yeah we were so excited throughout the concert God can't feel that excitement through watching concerts online cowry are you crying.

I'm not besides it's not my first time seeing her live so I'm not going to be that emotional I see that's good then huh corner so my eyes fell wet I wonder why I I think these are tears from the concert I feel a little bit of loneliness bites it's almost been a month since I.

Confessed my feelings to him because of the punishment game my pretended relationship with murakami is going to end soon what why am I thinking like this like I'm sad or something I wouldn't only crush is I could confidently confess my feelings to him after this is over it's the last day now punishment game is ending today I mean.

It's fine like this I'm satisfied knowing that she didn't throw away her entire otaku personality Kyrie isn't at school yet she's usually here by this time hey Mr introvert kitakawakuni out to the Courtyard earlier really looks like he was about to confess his feelings to her are you okay with that boyfriend kauri likes.

Suji kitakawa if he asks her to be his girlfriend she'll definitely say yes I knew this from the beginning but I'm not okay with it Calvary is my girlfriend until the end of the day yeah good luck then I agree to your punishment game because I thought it would be a good laugh but turns out I had fun watching you too I.

Was able to spend time with someone who I wasn't even able to talk to in middle school I was planning for that to be enough but honestly I want to spend more time with calorie I forced her around and didn't do anything to make her like me but at least at the very end I'll tell her my true feelings you've scared me.

That's my line you came out of nowhere my heart was beating extremely fast what's wrong oh why are you in such a rush kauri kitakawa told you he likes you didn't he what how do you know I knew it if she's on her way back it probably means she already told him how she feels too still.

All I can do now is tell her how I feel I'll make sure I don't have any regrets even if it means my heart will break apart into pieces sorry I like you I've always liked you ever since we became classmates in Middle School even if you end up dating kirakawa don't forget that I had feelings for you too if you like me that much okay then I'm okay with.

Dating you what two timing it's me somebody could be sound like a horrible person I think you're misunderstanding something but didn't kitakawa ask you to be his girlfriend yeah but I turned him down.

Why would you do that obviously only one reason I have feelings for you too murakami I was only dating you because of the punishment game at first but I got used to spending time with you while we were pretending to be a couple I don't want to go back to being friends I see I'm so glad.

That means we can still spend time together right yeah I'm kind of relieved too well a homer is about to start cowry come on give me your hand we won't make it on time if we hold hands it'll be okay you're right plus I don't think I mind being in trouble if it's with you seems like you're going to transform from Miss.

Popular into a troublemaker now kauri who transformed from Little Miss plain looking to miss popular after starting High School became my girlfriend she's going to go through another change from girlfriend to wife later on but that's a story for another day thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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