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[Manga Dub] A girl at work looked at my search history and starts approaching me [RomCom]


My name is kiria kirimia I'm 26 and I work in the IT industry I love my job it's my life but my mom well she tells me to find love she thinks it'll brighten up my life I respect my mother she's right most of the time so I decided to look up how to get a girlfriend on my phone before the morning meeting at my office good.

Morning Senpai ah iosaki how long have you been there did you see huh were you doing something naughty no I was just getting ready for the meeting the woman standing before me is iroha irosaki she's a cohai employee at the office she's 23. freaked out for a moment I didn't want her to see I was looking up ways to make.

A girlfriend that would be too humiliating Senpai oh no does she know you missed some when you were shaving this morning and your hair is a mess Senpai you need to care about your appearance it's ruining your professional image oh my bad irosaki is strict on appearances she never hesitates to tell me if.

Something is wrong I'm not complaining it's just she has no sense of personal space I pretend that I'm unaffected since I'm our Senpai and I need to stay strong hirosaki you come to work perfectly dressed and you have such a positive attitude towards the work assigned to you.

Why are you bringing that up I'm not used to compliments you can have this chocolate for being nice to me hirosaki's always like this she panics whenever praised by others and she hands out snacks as a token of appreciation she's a responsible person but silly in her ways cheering me up I need you for a.

Sec uh sure after sent pie went to talk to the boss I cut a glimpse of his phone screen what I found was a shocking discovery when I came back to my desk iosaki was standing there she immediately started interrogating me with my phone in her hand oh my gosh she saw Senpai why are you.

Looking up ways to make a girlfriend you told me work was your life you said you had no interest in girls and didn't have any time to date oh uh my mom told me my life would be better off with a girlfriend so I thought I could try it out I tried to defend myself the best I could iosaki suddenly bombed me with a.

Startling suggestion well about me I'd like to be your girlfriend Senpai what to really ask me out just now is she messing with me no that's not like her she would never joke about dating somebody or maybe she had me fooled maybe she's using her serious personality to make the biggest joke.

She's ever made if so I should return the joke great you could be a student at the school of girls who want to be my girlfriend Academy how long will I be attending huh I want to graduate I need to make you like me so can I be your girlfriend huh it's more playful than I thought she would be I understand I promise to work.

Hard I will graduate in a year and become your girlfriend the word flunking does not exist in my dictionary uh I see you're very motivated joke is getting out of hand does this mean you Saki anglings for me I mean she wouldn't be doing this if she didn't right but I haven't done anything to get her.

To like me going on and so she became the first student at the most unique Academy on the face of the Earth lunch time I was sitting with irisaki at the company cafeteria Senpai I have a suggestion to make for the lesson I will be taking I've never heard of a student making lesson plan suggestions you should have.

A history class history what do you think teacher oh so I'm the teacher I'm pretty positive my life history is not the most exciting thing to learn about of course it's exciting always fun to learn new things about the person you like oh I see well I was born 26 years ago I know you can't see it now.

But my family used to say I look like an angel your family is right you are just like an angel Senpai cut it out irosaki you're the one who looks like an angel ask anybody how about compliments so smoothly goodness yes cracker oh uh thanks anyways I used.

To love my kindergarten teacher her name was Yoshida Sensei and I used to follow her around everywhere I see she's my biggest rival uh no I haven't seen her in over 20 years and she's probably still married Senpai having an affair in kindergarten is inappropriate said love as in she was my favorite teacher hirosaki seemed to enjoy every.

History lesson I gave her I had never met anybody who listened to everything I said with such interest I'll be honest it made me feel good about myself the next day at lunch break I was heading towards the cafeteria when Senpai I think we should have a home at class I made it obento for your grade it's a Japanese World omelette Bento.

Because I know who's here your favorite it's filled with rice and eggs were original okay thank you let's see how it tastes Senpai why aren't you saying anything oh you don't like it you don't have to force yourself to eat it if you don't tried to take the obento away from Senpai but I never said it wasn't good.

At irosaki you spent your morning making this for me I want to finish it is that okay with you well I don't want you forcing yourself I'm not I swear I can feel how much love you put in here it's making this the best obento I've ever eaten but fine I'm not going to take it away from you I'll leave you with some stomach medicine just in case.

I don't need it you're overthinking things irasaki Senpai why are you so nice to me you're so sweet I know I need to improve I will do my best the weekend irasaki asked me to let her join me for an extracurricular activity she suggested we go to places I enjoy on my days off I headed to our meeting place 30 minutes early.

I figured she would be there since she was always strict on time and there she was Senpai you're early hey I know you you're always 30 minutes early just in case not this time I arrived 10 minutes ago seriously gosh you are past well prepared you're over prepared I'm surprised you wear such fancy clothes.

I thought you'd be here in a business suit I wear a suit on my day off I only wear them because I have to I'm a girl and I like dressing up to you not like it I know you would look great in anything you could be wearing a spacesuit and you would still look good.

Hear it this cookie is for you ah thanks come on let's go she wanted to see what I like to do on my days off I decided to take her to my favorite plastic model shop oh wow whoa this is a limited edition it appears in the witch of Venus ing.

But it's too expensive that's beautiful I love how they're using a girl character as the pilot oh I'm glad you get me plastic models are the best thing that's happened in the world hey don't look at me like I'm pathetic I'm not a sad person I'm serious I didn't know you were friendless Senpai.

It's not my fault I was too busy with studying back in school and I've been swamped with work after I joined the company I didn't have any time to make friends gosh I'm pathetic you're not pathetic you all you've accomplished on your own.

Number one supporter don't be mean to yourself okay you're right okay let's get back to our extracurricular activity yes teacher so where are we going to next well I'd like to see where you usually spend your free time huh why are you interested in where I go uh well hirosaki you're going out of your way to get to know me better I thought it would.

Be nice to get to know you more think I know why I'm feeling this way I like her that's such a nice thing to say hey you're my Academy's only student as a teacher I should try to learn more about my students right I think your cheeks are turning red no they're not okay would you like to.

Hold hands with me uh why teachers usually hold hands with students that need extra attention whenever a class is on a field trip but irasaki you're a model student you don't need extra attention the fact that I'm such a perfect student I'm going to get him I'm a student who needs extra.

Attention today so I need I need to get a tight grip on my hand I might get lost if you let go uh okay sure I'll take you to my favorite place now okay I continue to give irosaki lessons as part of the Academy's curriculum we introduced our favorite books to each other during language arts and she Drew sketches of me in art class.

We went to karaoke for a music class and I found myself looking forward to spending more time with her to have somebody get to know me and I've never felt this much need to know more about somebody else they were both new feelings and it felt strange not bad strange it made me feel warm inside I already knew why I felt so.

Fulfilled it was because I liked her a year passed since iosaki first became my student she called me out to a ferris wheel built inside a shopping mall why are we on a ferris wheel I don't want anybody to hear what I'm going to say okay today marks one year since I joined your Academy I'm here to turn in my senior.

Thesis I don't feel comfortable letting others hear me read it well you don't have to read it out loud do you um my thesis will only be completed if you hear it oh okay well here goes Senpai my feelings for you started during my early days working at the company there was this one incident I've always been the serious type I wasn't.

The most popular girl in school since I was called my classmates whenever I saw them breaking the rules I guess the habits stayed with me I did the same thing after I joined the company such a smart ass she's so freaking annoying who does she think she is I think many of the employees were upset with me but then Senpai you came along.

And saved me oh geez I can't take this anymore I was hoping they would all realize how wrong they were but they haven't changed how they treat you and I don't think they'll understand unless somebody tells them huh can everybody listen up please I need you all to hear this I've heard some of you complain about.

How irosaki keeps emphasizing rules in the office but do any of you realize that she's only doing what's right I'm not telling you to listen to everything she says that's your choice all I want to ask of you is to stop complaining about her suggestions because honestly she's only stating the truth.

You're the ones breaking the rules the office working environment will improve if everybody can accept that don't treat her like she's doing something wrong we can all learn to better our conscience from her that includes me senpai oh well I apologize for my offensive Behavior she's not getting.

Paid for trying to improve our department we should be thankful you're right I mean she never said anything wrong Senpai I don't know how to thank you hey I'm the one who should be thanking you I slacked off I turned a blind eye to bad behavior in the office because I didn't want to go through all the trouble.

But I realized I was wrong you care enough about the office to do what's right and I know now I shall follow your example my example well that's two I you were there for me you made the office a place where I belong I probably would have left if you didn't defend me I get to enjoy work from the bottom of.

My heart because of you and I'm grateful I saw what an amazing person you were at the moment and I've admired you since uh I see I had no idea you're not too sharp but I already knew that my bad I was ecstatic when you let me become a.

Possible candidate for your girlfriend we became so much closer after that and I learned many new things about you I had so much fun spending time with you yeah I had fun too you always listen to what I have to say with a smile on your face you show your kindness I loved listening to you talk about your past.

Shy about it and it was adorable you have no idea how much it meant to me when you finish the horrible obento I made and I will never forget the warmth I felt when I held your hand my feelings for you grew every second that passed and it's still growing now Senpai I really like you so I have to ask do I.

Meet the requirements to graduate from your Academy uh um Senpai is something wrong you look like you're burning up oh uh it's nothing don't worry about it her senior thesis she sounded so passionate how could I listen with a.

Straight face but now I know how strongly she feels for me I didn't want her to see me like that and I felt a sudden urge to hold her I pulled her into my arms I wanted to embrace everything she was trying to offer me hirosaki I like you too.

More than you could ever imagine how you take things seriously how you lose your calm when I praise you and how you notice the small things and care I'm attracted to everything about you Senpai does that mean I can graduate yep congratulations iosaki thank you so thank you so much.

What about billing in a marriage registration as my diploma hey let's take things one step at a time I'm just kidding but I do want something to celebrate my graduation so can I have a kiss from you on my forehead your forehead well I just graduated and became your girlfriend anything else would be too much for me.

To handle but if you really want to you can my eyebrows uh I think your forehead sounds good said hi you're shy aren't you oh come on you're one to talk and so I gave irosaki a graduation kiss on her forehead you're officially my girlfriend now iosaki I have the sweetest most loving.

Girlfriend right beside me I don't need anything else thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well