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[Manga Dub] A girl I met at the park asked me to take care of her [RomCom]


Hi keto here with so is a corporate slave who turned 27 this year it's going to get hard to live so I was thinking about going to the forest after complaining to God but I met a strange Beauty the way she stared at me in silence gave me the chills what the heck is she doing here huh what.

care of me what what are you single of a sudden aren't you still a student you're trying to get me arrested don't worry I won't call the cops you won't have to deal with my guardian.

Either plus you look like you like girls that's rude to say to someone you just met I don't have a place to sleep if you liked me so absolutely not you should treasure yourself more the place that you assaulted me huh so what will it be don't comply and.

It's the big house for you you know how does a student like you know what a big house is no way not prison then please take me in what the heck is wrong with this girl where her where are her parents be as in May taking her home is still not a good idea for my own well-being besides I was on my way to the forest.

I'm sorry but I he said okay right you better be a man of your words uh why are you so determined to go to a stranger's house that can't be he must have a legal guardian right oh do you write I don't have a place to.

Sleep in other words I don't have a home um can't be helped my dad divorced my mom and left they have no idea where he is and my mother passed away two years ago from an illness I'm I'm living with my aunts at the moment but I'm treated like a nuisance there that was a lot darker than I expected.

That's why I all right I got it already so relax let me stay with you damn it this must have been an ax maybe I should stop Mr police all right yes you can stay with me sure.

How did I end up picking up a girl after going to a shrine I'm not gonna get caught am I as I worried I ended up going home instead of going to the forest Messi what happened to this room I'm so busy with work I haven't had any time to clean I heard that people who have messy rooms.

Tend to suffer from depression if that's true then Mister you must really have it bad why do I have to hear that from you want to live in this mess besides you are letting me stay here so the least I can do is clean huh You're Gonna clean it for me however you have to help me clean this.

Mess it's too dirty getting scolded I frantically try to help her clean wait a minute now that I think about it we haven't introduced ourselves yet students yeah I what about you Mister.

I'm Kito hiroto and your age I'm 27. wow you're quite old huh and you don't look like you've never had a girlfriend yep Bingo you know I can kick you out right now right then I'll go to the police you okay with that yeah I want a Troublesome child you're too kind that wasn't a compliment.

All right all right don't get your knickers in a Twist anyways I'll be in your care mister and so that's how I ended up living with this mysterious Beauty to be honest I was concerned it's delicious I'm really good at cooking this food tasted amazing uh I'm home.

This this is done already the Project's almost went a bust yes yes all right I figured you'd be back soon so I prepared a bath dinner is ready too what would you like to do first and she would take care of me because she be an angel to be honest life has been much better since she's been living here but there was one problem.

Wake up mister wake up hmm if you don't get up soon you'll be late for work five more minutes you see that but you never wake up I'll wake up today my goodness how did you hear it getting to work before if you don't get up I'll pounce on you ah you're up so weak when.

It comes to these things huh yeah stop teasing me when I'm trying to sleep hahaha your fault for not getting up ready so hurry on down mess with me he's always so energetic despite the situation she's in she's quite the handful hey Mina doesn't anyone say anything to you at school.

You're just casually going to school from my house only concerned don't need to worry about that daddy friends me from home what what do you mean you have no friends and it's normal have no parents and people think my guardian is odd so no one wants to.

Associate with me sorry for saying something so strange she's not someone who would just barge in here so you don't have to worry about that oh okay for me back then didn't know how to respond to her I didn't want to pry but that can't be normal I finally decided to check her background Mina is undoubtedly a good girl that's.

Why I want to do everything I can to support her several weeks later I met up with a certain someone during my lunch break what I mean it was getting bullied in school this person is a detective I hired to investigate Mina I gotta say I was shocked by the results.

I'm certain from what I've gathered she has been isolated and bullied by her beers how could this be right and she's such a good answer issue her answers hated by everyone in the neighborhood and since she is related to Iran it seems she is getting her ass as well I can't be.

Pictures do they know what's going on seems they do but they are pretending not to known how could they the situation with bullying is difficult to deal with they are probably trying to hide it in order to preserve their reputation I can't believe believe this it's literally their job to help students.

The reality isn't that simple everyone tries to save themselves in the end as for the aunt it seems she's not concerned about Mina or her whereabouts I can't believe this I mean his Grand Barons on both sides have passed away a long time ago I continue to listen to the detective's report however the result of the.

Situation gave me a massive headache I'm back welcome back the bath and dinner is ready yeah what's wrong you seem tired oh no I'm not tired it's just that there's something serious I want to discuss with you huh.

I'll do more to earn my Eve I'll do anything so please I'm begging you I've never seen Mina so shaken like this she must really not want to go back home sorry I won't do anything like that really of course when I said serious I meant something else that's a relief for now let's go to the living room.

Move to the living room after Mina calmed down about um a hard time in school Mina oh why do you ask I just want to know Sarah you really are such a worrywart even though you're getting harassed.

I'm enjoying school what are you talking about I'm sorry but I know everything I know you're getting bullied in school how work there's a way you could know that's why I hired a detective to investigate sorry you're the worst uh-huh I apologize for doing that behind your back but I really.

Wanted to know the weight you've been carrying over your shoulder if you're in a tough spot I want to help you and what can you do about it I'll teach us for help and no one did any thing you think someone like you I have pictures of you getting bullied what the detective I hired is very.

Skilled they managed to capture the moment you were being bullied in this picture there's evidence of teachers witnessing The Bullying of not taking any action let's report this to the Board of Education Mr but if we do that I want to have a place in school.

It's fine you can transfer what let's move somewhere better you have no complaints with that right I plan to switch jobs that's all right it was actually a really bad company that forced a lot of.

Overtime I'm happy you gave me a reason to quit and as luck would have it I was able to save up as well you've been a big help plus I know you are a really good girl of course I want to help you out thank you it's too early for thanks you can thank me when we resolve everything.

Since I took a day off let's go to your aunt's place tomorrow Saturday and I think it'll be fine but if she does try to find you it will become problematic for me I hired a lawyer to help me negotiate with your aunt about taking custody of you are you really of.

You of course I mean we would have had to do something about it eventually Mina the lawyer and I went straight to minajan the next day the result was it's her life so she can do whatever she wants I won't criticize that wasn't easy yes she must have thought this was a great deal because she thought Mina was a nuisance who knows maybe she felt.

Guilty neglecting Mina although that's probably unlikely then on Monday after school the three of us went to the school since I couldn't confront the aunt friendly due to my position I decided to bet my frustration onto the school we confronted them with evidence of bullying complained about their failure to act and threatened to take.

The evidence of the Board of Education we will train the teachers to ensure that something like this never happens again so please do not submit this to the Boe principal as an adult you should take proper accountability resorting to begging for forgiveness after getting caught is no way to act don't you think we'll notify the Boe and we will take.

The matter to court medium is very precious to me I'll never forgive these teachers for what they did to her that goes to the students who bullied her as well even after the meeting the teachers continued to apologize to us but Mino and I refuse to forgive them Mina had a cheerful expression on her.

Face as we exited the building it appears that she was able to relieve some of her frustration you don't have to go to school until we finish processing your transfer okay in other words you want me to study at home right that's right it will be more difficult for you in the future if you neglect your studies I'm sorry I.

Can't help you with that in particular I wish I could do more what are you doing about it's all grateful to you mister Mina you are so cool why don't I drop out of school and become your pride instead well what are you saying you need to stop with the jokes but I'm not joking I've always been.

Interested in you but after this incident I've fallen for you that's why I thought I wouldn't mind supporting you as a housewife so when I turn 18 Let's Get Married okay I didn't realize I'm 10 years older than you Ryan talking about that's trivial in fact it may be for the best you say that but fine then guess I'll just have to seduce.

You from that point on I mean it's like every opportunity to stay close to me it appears she is genuinely attempting to seduce me if a family you're on a beauty like her keeps doing this and just like that we ended up getting married around the time she graduated as you can see I'm.

Completely in love with her but we managed to wait until her high school graduation from here on I want to spend Happy Days with her as a side note I transferred to a better job and you were successful in court as well additionally Mina's case made headlines affecting the teachers careers and the lives of bullies that's what they get for causing.

Me to pain you reap what you sow as I was saying girls thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well