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[Manga Dub] A handsome introverted high schooler falls for the school’s coolest gal, but… [RomCom]


I'm chiaki akaba some say my eyes have a menacing look i'm just a normal high school junior i don't glare at people on purpose or have any animosity toward them the other classmates used to caution the others when changing classes saying i'm a psycho or i'm somehow threatening and to steer clear of me.

But this misconception has ebbed and i get along with everyone without any problems or should i say good morning huh i should say they've become a bit too intimate so cute pure akichiyaki so shy and cute with your ears all red.

Pure aki sure oh please my name is chiaki pure aki pure aki i thought i was a lion but i turned out to be a munchkin on appearance i seem a bit withdrawn i suppose so i get this from the girls a lot recently they say puraki to rhyme with chiaki don't know who made up this nickname but.

I thought it was pretty catchy which makes me feel like an idiot it's not that they're harassing me or anything on the contrary i think they're probably nice people for even talking to me but i'm a man there are times i want to just tell them off.

here's a pokey i'm gonna put this on tick-tock so give us a little dance please leave me bee will the day ever come when i can fire back at them am i the tough-looking guy on the outside but inside i'm just jello is this the reality.

Because i'm such a nobody there is somebody that i secretly admire hey hayazaki good morning hi good morning speak of the devil hey akaba good morning to you huh yeah i'm fine well you would also respond like that when taken by surprise.

Her name is miyu ayasaki she's got a super soothing voice and a very cool attitude appearance wise she seems very calm and relaxed she's what some would call a cool beauty or a mature young woman i may be repeating myself but i have a crush on her she's so cool.

She pays no attention to people around her and uses her time wisely of course others have affections for her as well miss ayasaki is so impressive and cool yeah she's worlds apart from us that's for sure i can understand what those two are.

Saying completely different for chiaki over there yeah he fools you by the way he looks at first i don't have to listen to this what they're saying hurts because it's so true i wish i was more like ayasaki cool both inside and out.

Uh it's me who's taking peeks at her but when our eyes meet i look away man that's one flaw i need to nail down after school i headed home contemplating all of this just thinking of it won't change anything i know that's it.

I really can't think of any good ideas what am i going to do maybe it's because i couldn't come up with anything but a prime example appeared before me huh is that ayasaki i came across none other than our cool school princess ayasaki she was just staring up towards the sky.

Her thoughts far away she looked pretty as a picture like an art object looking up at a beautiful sculpture i was deeply touched by this image she looks like that princess in the old folklore who wants to return to the moon which makes me even more disheartened.

Wait the cool school princess is a catwoman she wasn't looking up towards the sky but at a cat sitting up on the fence but who could even imagine hey come down from the fence and play meow just seeing that image of that cool and collective princess calling up and meow.

Meowing to a stray cat is this one of those times where you have to pretend you didn't see anything i'm sure there are one or two things that i don't want other people to know i mean if my classmates saw me meow meowing to a cat and if that got out i'd be totally red-faced.

As i was thinking that i turned quietly to walk away our eyes met is this the start of a burning hot love story whoa oh crap i'm sure i did it this time the cool princess right before my eyes stood red-faced before me christ.

Almighty it's not what you think there's a reason for this i i really like cats calm down ayasaki it's a trivial thing but i can't help it i just love unbelievable regressing to a child in the blink of an eye there was something else i was more.

Shocked at or rather something that made me nervous huh what your face it's sort of close the distance between me and ayasaki is but mere inches away if there's the.

Slightest move our lips would touch our bodies made contact will this be like boom hekaba what are you a perv what a perv like nobitas of whatever she took off in a panic as if running from reality i'm no perv.

Should i go after her or should i just forget the whole affair i don't know i just don't know give me some advice little kitty but we'll be in class tomorrow what then the next day honestly i was still not able to get my head around what happened yesterday what did you expect a girl that you thought.

Was cool and mature meow meowing to a stray cat who can blame me for being a little suspicious maybe the girl i saw yesterday wasn't really ayasaka but just someone who looked like her maybe i was just dreaming yeah that's it for no reason.

Hmm he's just staring at me her intense stare was out of this world it definitely concerned what happened yesterday hey aqua did you do something to ayasaki huh no i didn't do anything ayasaka probably just self-destructed that's it she continued to stare intensely.

Throughout the day during morning art class claire during break time claire during pe class claire on the next break glare is my guardian angel the stand.

Glare this is killing me even during lunch break her intense stare never ceased why is she staring at me so intently does she have something against me is she angry or does she have some sort of hostility toward me i can't understand it.

I wish she would just ease my suffering the only fault lies in my inner character this may be my chance to forever dump the pure hockey nickname as a way of redeeming myself i'm going to go right out and say it uh ayasaka hey akbar okay this is where i get my nose smacked.

You wanna have lunch together it's like she just wanted to finally settle this whole issue just when i made my decision she comes in with a counter what is she a sadist as well huh i'm on a diet at the moment let's eat outside wait a sec oh boy.

Taken away without resistance ayasaki is so cool yeah her poise is so impressive the hell are you people thinking so the last supper is gonna be on this high school bench i see you called me out here because of yesterday right she just stared at me with eyes wide.

With anticipation yeah well there was something i wanted to tell you i suddenly had the urge to conjure up some negative words my nervous tension had reached its peak thank you for not telling anyone what i was expecting some severe reprimand.

But instead she apologized so you didn't call me out to give me a dressing down or wore me to shut my mouth of course not i just wanted to thank you that's all then why were you staring at me all day i wasn't staring i was just worried and couldn't help looking at you.

Con con confusing to say the least i'm so sorry just a second ago her expression seemed so mature and composed but now she looks like a child and seems to lack any confidence on the other hand she looked like a.

Helpless child someone i wanted to help i bet you were pretty surprised at my character yeah to be honest i'm also seen as mature and cool but in reality i'm just a kid her demeanor tells me that she's just not making all this up.

I'm not so good at going off on my own so i usually sit in one place as she says this she pulls out a book and removes the cover it's a how-to manual how to interact with people i see she said it so cutely i thought she was.

Reading a foreign novel or a difficult essay seems a bit cliche so just to call you out for lunch like this took great effort after her explanation i seem to have gotten a better understanding of ayasaki's feelings so the outside appearance of ayasaki is.

Of a mature young woman whom other classmates see as so cool that was merely a ploy to get through school ayasaki is just another high school student i suppose me too i was also looked at differently because i always looked angry and had menacing.

Eyes huh gradually the feeling of admiration began to diminish and intimacy toward her grew so i think you should let out your feelings like you just did to me and you'll probably get more friends do you really think so oh yeah chalk it up to experience.

I guess i was a bit overconfident in my remarks ayasaki sorry an experience with menacing eyes that's pretty intense she's right saying such corny things with confidence what do i know.

Although i was a little ashamed at what i said seeing her with a huge smile on her face gave me joy so i guess we're one and the same if she can maintain this beautiful smiling class she could probably surpass the cool and mature image she built and become way more popular hey since we're identical let's be.

Friends sure really so the two kids one cool and mature and the other withdrawn it introverted had an introverted friendship hey can i call you chiaki you don't waste time do you it was my dream to call you by your real.

Name her face seems to convey her dreams please call me by my name miyu thanks i'm looking forward to this i'm sure this character is way better than the cool mature character.

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