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[Manga Dub] A homeless girl saved me from a car accident [RomCom]


I'm finally done with half weight it's already 8 P.M my name is Shinji mitsufuna I'm a 24 year old office worker at a company running low on employees so working overtime has become a daily routine due to this situation it's become normal for workers to quit before retirement.

And we who are left behind are forced to work even more Shinji we're leaving already so take care of the rest yes sir see you this company is still what's considered old-fashioned and younger workers are only allowed two answers to senior employees yes sir and thank you.

Working 20 days in a row is tiring to say the least I ended up going home a few hours after midnight again since my company won't pay for taxi bills I was walking a 30 minute walk on my way home as always mean asleep a little.

Feels like the ground is shaking wait am I the one that's shaking ouch I'm sorry are you okay yes oh no your arm is starting to swell I'm fine really I'll get going then I can't just let you go that injury is my fault let me take.

You to the hospital but please let's hurry we got into a taxi and made our way to the emergency hospital after examination we were told that she had broken a bone I'm so sorry I'll pay for all of the hospital bills as well as any support for as long as it takes for you to recover and get back to your workplace.

I it's fine really it's nothing I ignored her request and paid for the hospital bill anyways I'll take you to your house um I don't have a house does that mean you're homeless.

Yeah sorry to make things awkward I asked her what had happened and she told me that her name was amane ijima and then she was 22 years old the roommate she had lent all of her money to had suddenly disappeared and she was fired from her job leaving her unemployed and homeless I think I've been homeless for over a.

Month already I don't want to be any trouble to you so I'll hit owing now why don't you stay at my house at least stay until your injury gets better but I oh don't worry I live with my little sister I'm completely responsible for this incident so I can't just leave you out here like this please if you say so only until my arm.

Gets better Marco I'm home welcome home it's already morning you know I told you not to work too hard this is Mako she's currently a university student she has strong preferences for everything and her motto is my way or no way because of this she hasn't been too fond of me lately always finding something to argue about.

Actually we have a guest today well not a guest but what do you mean look at the clock nice to meet you my name is Amana um why did you bring a girl home well there's a reason behind this I expected more from you I can't believe you drive to grow around until daylight like this I explained everything that.

Had led up to this and Marco finally understood the situation so sorry for my Idiot Brother well make sure to take responsibility for this no really I'm sorry for bothering you two besides my brother's Reckless working schedule is what caused all of this go a bit easier on me I'm feeling some.

Responsibility too you know Miss amane please go take a shower and get refreshed I'll help you but my clothes are all dirty and I don't have a change don't worry we're about the same size don't be peeking big bro I would never hurry up and go ah after finally being able to relax a.

Little I accidentally fell asleep on the couch I think I fell asleep for 30 minutes or so wait is that you miss amane you look very different I'm glad it seems that you freshened up a bit thank you it's been a long time since I.

Felt this good oh no I need to go yeah you need to rest your body too better get going I'm gonna take good care of Miss amane worry about your self first that day I drank about four energy drinks and forced myself to work more energetically than usual.

I feel sorry you seem to be feeling great Shinji we're counting on you yes sir thank you I'm back I need some sleep well welcome back wait there's smell wow this looks great it can't be you who.

Made this Marco rude Miss Amanda taught me the recipe and a single mother so I've been doing most household chores since I was a child I can't remember how long it's been since I've last eaten hand-cooked meals thank you so much Miss Armani um I worked hard too you know.

I know anyway did you do fine today Miss Harmony we went to go buy some supplies earlier today so she's ready to stay for a while more importantly didn't you pump yourself up with energy drinks and work all day again you need to start thinking about getting a new job.

It's easy to say I've been thinking about my options too why are you so stubborn do what you want then ah I don't get what bothers you so much by the way the dinner is fantastic I really needed this I'm glad you like it do you fight often with Miss Mako no we aren't fighting but she's been finding.

Things to argue about with me lately I see ever since then miss amane continued to live with us as she healed her injury through the process she and my sister became best friends Amana you're really good at ironing clothes I'm so bad at small things like that.

Really thank you but I feel like you're a natural housework like seasoning food thank you Amana all right let's go turn in some papers at the hospital in City Hall oh why do City Halls always make people wait for so long oh I guess we're done with all the paperwork no all we need to do is go to.

The Employment Security office and then we're done thank you so much for everything Mako don't worry about it I and my brother have been seriously appreciating your help ever since you came here love your brother don't you tries to be nice to everyone so he has trouble saying no to extra work even if.

He can't handle it he's stupid and stubborn at the same time so he won't listen to what I say and quit I just hope he has been pushing himself too far one morning I woke up late this had never happened since I joined the company.

Warning I feel kind of sick good morning are you okay I've never seen you this late before my body was so fatigued that I couldn't move you have a horrible fever you need to go back to bed oh I'm fine I'll be okay as long as I drink medicine.

Going to destroy your body I have an important meeting today I need to go hey I've had enough of you you point and working so the process I'll do what I want with my body I hate the way you're so stubborn like this anymore by moving out then it won't have to work so hard and make.

Money to provide for me you idiot Marco wait all I wanted was to make you happy go easy on yourself Mr Shinji please fast for now I'm so sorry I passed out after saying that Marco I'll protect you no matter what.

It'll be okay you'll be fine ah I'm her guardian I need to work hard to make sure she's happy so Shinji are you okay oh miss Harmony where's Marco she hasn't returned yet I'll go look for her so please stay here.

Miss Marco oh I was looking for you I'm sorry I didn't mean to bring you into this oh Shinji he's sleeping in his bed right now why can't I just be more genuine in front of my brother just don't want to be a burden to him he's always regulated his own freedom and fun to provide for me and I keep.

Thinking about how much more he could have gotten out of his life if it wasn't for me Miss Marco please don't say that Mr Shinji does not think of you as a burden but is he happy Marco that's what you were thinking why aren't you asleep in bed.

I needed to tell you that I'm the happiest I could be right now come on we're going home Mr Shinji and Miss Mako you are both being stupid you two love each other but somehow refuse to acknowledge it I've never been more jealous of a pair of siblings but I'm with Miss Mako regarding this you're working recklessly.

And you came here even though you're sick you need to learn to take better care of yourself Mr Shinji I get it thank you Miss amane thank you to miss Mako Marco thanks for everything I'll be sure to take better care of myself from now on.

I guess I gotta be too heated as well deep down I know how you feel and I appreciate you too please be nicer to each other from now on yeah oh I just got another call I've been getting several calls since this morning wait give me that almost here right now or you know what's.

Gonna happen to you hello will not attend your horrible workplace anymore please feel free to do anything to us we'll sue you right away um who are you do not call this number ever again a Mana that was amazing come on let's go home and get you some rest Mr Shinji.

Yeah I'll do that after this incident I quit my job luckily I found a great workplace with amazing care toward employees this is crazy I'm not working half as much as I used to but I'm getting paid more than my old job I can't believe how unfair my old job was Mr Shinji let's go out for dinner when.

You're done yes I'd love to miss amane has recovered completely and she now works at a Bento store nearby welcome you too what's up have you gotten used to your new job a little by little but yes I've started to get the hang of it half a year after.

Miss amane started Living With Us siblings she called us to the living room to talk initial promise was for me to stay until my injury got better and I feel like it's time that I get back to being on my own but we love having you here right Shinji if Miss amane wants to leave.

We don't have any right to stop her all right thank you so much for having me up until now I'll go buy some stuff that I'll need from moving out why something like that wouldn't it be best to let her do what she feels is best for her.

said that she wanted to move out are you fine with it you might never see her again miss amane can I have a minute with you yes what's wrong to tell you the truth I don't want you to leave I can't imagine what would have happened.

To me if I hadn't met you I need you to stay with me are you sure I have nothing to offer you are the most loving person I've ever met and I love you I I've always loved you too you finally said it huh.

Hey quit eavesdropping I'm so embarrassed you too would make a great couple that's how big bro and Miss amane became boyfriend and girlfriend but open up Shinji it's delicious amane oh thank you I'm so glad I put at the efforts hey you too I'm here too you know what.

About you being here is there a problem I cannot believe you'd fart so lovey-dovey even with me around it's a good thing we're so deeply in love right amane poor Shinji it's longer maybe I should move out hey you're gonna make us lonely the three of us are gonna keep living.

Together right amane yeah Shinji it's so much fun like for a family it's no use should have kept him working at that hell hole for longer thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well.