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[Manga Dub] A junior employee was jealous because I was going to meet with my ex… [RomCom]


Ah matchmaking my name is kosuke minamino I'm a regular old office worker but I have a problem I was going on a matchmaking party because my boss asked me to but this beauty was Mr Mina Mino Greta.

What is going on you're going to a matchmaking with your ex yes the person I was supposed to go on a date with was my ex and my co-worker two years younger than me was pissed why did this happen well it all started a few days ago you know let's go out for drinks.

Her name is Sakura kurata we work in the same department when she started working here I had taught her so we got along well you're leaving behind your bell peppers I'm not good with the guys to the farmers I know but okay then say ah what if you can't eat.

It all on your own I'll feed it to you I'm pretty sure teachers don't do this in elementary school anymore just say ah how is it it's more than I imagined more what it's good but like more embarrassing than I thought don't say that you're gonna make me.

Embarrassed too as you can see I was able to get over my disc like a veggies thanks to her I started seeing her as a woman and not just a co-worker recently however romance in the office was tough what if we go out and then later on end up breaking up I feel like this level of friendliness was just enough maybe if one of us was.

At least in a different department then one day my boss called me to talk to him let me just be straight with you do you have anyone you're seeing or considering going out with or marrying no sir okay good I actually have something about a matchmaking party.

Matchmaking our client fujibayashi actually wanted to see if there was someone fitting for his daughter according to my boss's story she had gone to college overseas and continued to live overseas this is her full but I feel like I've seen her somewhere.

Sir riko fujibayashi huh how did you know yeah she's my ex of course I remember what a coincidence the girl that he wanted me to go out with was my high school EX we had started going out our junior year and we're happy however our senior year.

Of high school she said she would be going overseas to study so she dumped me it was over nine years ago so I'm totally over it but since then we hadn't spoken and I'm a little curious I'm sure there's got to be someone who's a better fit than me no you're the best that our department has to offer I think.

You'll keep doing great things and climbing up the ranks so I have no issues offering you as a date but I feel like he's saying that to try to get me to agree if I'd been asked this three years ago I might have thought about it but now I have someone I'm kind of interested in and I should turn this offer down.

Sir I'm not sure I can do this please you're the only one I can really let's see here she's coming back to Japan soon and so the dates are already set can you at least see her and just have some lunch with her my boss didn't take no for an answer so I had to accept I'd always been taken care of by my boss so I needed to pay it.

Back maybe I had no choice but to go what's up minomino you all right boss wants me to go out for lunch with one of our clients daughters and it happened to be my ex what you're going on a matchmaking lunch with your ex shut up you're being too loud as you'd expect rumors spread throughout our.

Office like wildfire of course the person who I didn't want to find out most figured it out hey what is this business about you going out with an ax oh trust me I have some reasons like what let's talk about that tonight I took her out for drinks that night and started explaining everything.

He took great care of me so I couldn't just say no I owe him but that's that you should say no it's the best of your life I mean yeah or are you still interested in your ex no I told him that I was just going out for lunch he said that if I'm not.

Interested I can just turn it down what if you rekindled some old feelings I don't think so because huh because what oh nothing anyways you're not going to do this because it's your accent yeah if anything her being my ex makes all this more Awkward what if she's interested then I'll turn.

Her down are you sure you want to turn her down I'm sure she doesn't want to see me either oh hey speak of the devil it's the boss go ahead oh sorry hey I told you your name and she was super interested after hearing about you what you didn't tell me you two had gone out before she said it had.

Been almost nine years and that she was super interested in seeing you what what did he say he said that she's super interested you just started me thinking about the whole turn down thing didn't you if I knew this was going to happen I.

Should have asked you out Miss crota I know you're not interested in going out with someone in the office yeah this mood sucks and that's how I confess my feelings to you let's go by your house huh why.

They're gonna start drinking at your house so let's finish everything real quick I didn't say yes come on eat up drink up Miss karate you need to slow down I love you Mr Meena Miller okay okay thanks I was carrying a drunk kurata on my back and heading home.

She wasn't very good at handling her alcohol this is what happens when she drinks too quickly you don't understand I love you your voice why won't you look at me.

Because breaking up is going to be a problem if we go out you're already thinking about breaking up before we go out that's how hilarious hey that's not hilarious I'm serious that sounds black bear or not I had something happen before in the same Department right before Miss kurata had joined our.

Company there was a small incident a couple who had been dating in the office suddenly started a huge argument it was because the boy had cheated on the girl and since they were in the office well it was super awkward it was all pretty terrible I had nothing to do with it but I kept getting dragged into it they were both sent off to some.

Tiny little offices in the middle of nowhere but it was even worse for the lady who was still in the office she ended up quitting are you listening your back is so big and warm of course she's not listening I guess you're too drunk that's that this is this.

Huh you're not someone who cheats I like that you trust me but I wouldn't cheat on you either love you why are you so into me because when I just started going out you took great care of me and made sure I was situated even now you're carrying me on your back.

Even though I'd prefer you carrying me like a princess but if I feel like you cheated I'd end up forgiving you I wouldn't do that you're so attractive I'm gonna fall for you Miss karata when other girl employees talk about you I get jealous you take too much care of me Mina Mino.

If you don't like me you don't need to tell me I can't take you hurting me I don't dislike you at all if anything huh why do you care you didn't want me to no no just you're so close to me yeah but now we can see each other well I'm.

Going to go to that lunch thing but I'm going to turn it down like I said I would why because I like you I've liked you since the first time I saw you seriously super super seriously so I want to go and prove that I'm not interested in my ex at all anymore.

Don't go I already said I would but you trust me right if it's just lunch but I want to be able to trust you more how what should I do when I go over to your house I took her to my house where I.

Let her sleep on my bed I was a little disappointed but happy man she's out I love you what is she dreaming of I decided I would go to sleep on the couch I didn't want to wake up a sleeping kurata the next morning.

Huh where am I oh my gosh my head is killing me oh I was tricking with midamino last night and wait I'm in his house huh Mina Mino he's on to sleep he's so cute but I remember nothing from last night I feel like he carried me like a princess maybe.

I was dreaming but I came all the way to his house and he didn't do anything with me maybe he doesn't see me as attractive don't take great care of me ah fine foreign on that lunch but this is okay right I just love them so much.

I got a kiss of a guy before he wakes up I woke up and Karachi was really close to me completely red I was a little shy considering she saw me sleeping apparently she hadn't remembered any of my confessions from last night so you gotta go to that thing tonight oh yeah but I remember you saying it turned it down.

But I'm worried so is it all right if I go You're Gonna Come I won't do anything to get in the way I just want to watch from a distance aha the day of the matchmaking event hey kosuke long time no see hey it's been a minute huh Rico I was so.

Surprised when I heard that you two had gone out in high school yeah truly it's like destiny I was really surprised considering Rico wasn't interested in matchmaking and decided to show up after hearing who it was with all right we should leave it to these two love birds now.

True I'm sure they have a lot of catching up to do both of them went somewhere sorry I know it was forced forced my dad said that I had to come to this matchmaking oh so you didn't want to do this or get married or anything.

Yeah I wanted to see you too I wanted to formally apologize for what I said and did back then I know it's probably not the right time and place I'm sorry I just chose to go abroad on my own and don't worry about it you don't have to apologize you were actually considerate of that huh.

But remember when you said you wanted to be a designer overseas I didn't say no you had your dreams and I wanted to root for them thank you you're still kind huh my father actually wants me to come home to Japan he says if I can't leave behind do my results oversea I need to come back over here that's why he's trying to get you to.

Marry someone over here huh I'm sure he's just annoyed with me but I'm so close to making it so I just want to hold off on marriage and stuff I see I'm glad that my dad is worried about me but but I want to work hard overseas don't worry about it I'll be sure to say that I can't go out with you again.

I'm sorry I didn't want to make you look like the bad guy or anything that's fine but I feel like if you don't turn him down well he's just gonna push you into coming back to see me leave it to me Miss crota who's this if we work in the same department anyway.

Let's start building our plans 30 minutes later the two showed back up how's it going you two were you able to catch up huh why are you here kurata um so boss you're so mean how could you try to make kosuke go out when we're so in love huh what are you talking about.

I'm so in love with him I feel like you're getting carried away you can knew about our relationship right what what relationship you've always seen us hanging out together I thought you two were friendly with each other.

What's going on seems like that young lady has a lot of feelings for minomino I I can explain it's not his fault I'm the one at fault here because I wasn't honest to myself and everyone around me you asked me if I had anyone I was interested in and considering to go out with I answered no but now I'm.

Interested in Miss karata and I can't let her go I see that's what's going on Dad yeah but it's kind of on you too right you pushed him it was for you I know but I want to get married After experiencing that kind of passionate.

Love that they're experiencing but you're only focused on your work over there but only for now once things settle down I'll come back here and find someone really you'll come back yeah I promise so please dad make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen again and to make sure you continue working with them.

Of course and that's how kurata's plan worked out perfectly are you sure about what you said she was so beautiful and kind I'm okay I like you yeah you're just staying in character from earlier right no I'm serious super super serious.

Super super serious don't play with me like that um Sakura just didn't remember but we had already confessed to each other so we confessed again and started dating by the way Rika was doing great after she went back overseas she started her own brand she said she would return after about two years overseas I guess.

She was going to hold off on Love and Marriage until then but because of this whole thing she started looking for someone as for stock around me the boss had figured things out and moved me to a different department and then how was dinner I know it's all veggies.

It's all delicious it was almost a year since we had started dating and living together we're starting to consider moving to the next step of life thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.