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[Manga Dub] A junior employee was jealous because I was going to meet with my ex… [RomCom]


Ah matchmaking my name is kosuke minamino I'm a regular old office worker but I have a problem I was going on a matchmaking party because my boss asked me to but this beauty was Mr minamino Greta.

What is going on you're going to a matchmaking with your ex yes the person I was supposed to go on a date with was my ex and my co-worker two years younger than me was pissed why did this happen well it all started a few days ago Mr minamino let's go out for drinks her name is Sakura kurata we work in the.

Same department when she started working here Maya taught her so we got along well you're leaving behind your bell peppers I'm not good with veggies apologize to the farmers I know but okay then say ah what if you can't eat.

It all on your own I'll feed it to you I'm pretty sure teachers don't do this in elementary school anymore just say ah how is it it's more than I imagined more what it's good but like more embarrassing than I thought don't say that you're gonna make me.

Embarrassed too as you can see I was able to get over my disc like a veggies thanks to her I started seeing her as a woman and not just a co-worker recently however romance in the office was tough what if we go out and then later on end up breaking up.

I feel like this level of friendliness was just enough maybe if one of us was at least in a different department then one day my boss called me to talk to him just be straight with you or considering going out with or marrying.

No sir okay good I actually have something about a matchmaking party matchmaking our client fujibayashi actually wanted to see if there was someone fitting for his daughter according to my boss's story she had gone to college overseas and continued to live overseas this is her.

She's beautiful but I feel like I've seen her somewhere sir Rico fujibayashi huh how did you know yeah she's my ex of course I remember what a coincidence the girl that he wanted me to go out with was my high school EX we had started going out our junior year.

And we're happy however our senior year of high school she said she would be going overseas to study so she dumped me it was over nine years ago so I'm totally over it but since then we hadn't spoken and I'm a little curious I'm sure there's got to be someone who's a better fit than me no you're the best.

That our department has to offer I think you'll keep doing great things and climbing up the ranks so I have no issues offering you as a date but I feel like he's saying that to try to get me to agree if I'd been asked this three years ago I might have thought about it but now I have someone I'm kind of.

Interested in and I should turn this offer down sir I'm not sure I can do this please you're the only one I can really let see her she's coming back to Japan soon and so the dates are already set can you at least see her and just have some lunch with her my boss didn't take no for an answer so.

I had to accept I'd always been taken care of by my boss so I needed to pay it back maybe I had no choice but to go what's up minomino you all right boss wants me to go out for lunch with one of our clients daughters and it happened to be my ex what you're going on a matchmaking lunch with your ex.

Shut up you're being too loud as you'd expect rumors spread throughout our office like wildfire of course the person who I didn't want to find out most figured it out hey what is this business about you going out with an ax oh trust me I have some reasons like what let's talk about that tonight.

I took her out for drinks that night and started explaining everything took great care of me so I couldn't just say no I owe him but that's that you should say no it's the rest of your life I mean yeah or are you still interested in your ex no I told him that I was just going out.

For lunch he said that if I'm not interested I can just turn it down what if you rekindle some old feelings I don't think so because huh because what oh nothing anyways you're not going to do this because it's your accent yeah if anything her being my ex makes all this more Awkward.

What if she's interested then I'll turn her down are you sure you want to turn her down I'm sure she doesn't want to see me either oh hey speak of the devil it's the boss go ahead oh sorry hey I told you your name and she was super interested after hearing.

About you what you didn't tell me you two had gone out before she said it had been almost nine years and that she was super interested in seeing you what what did he say he said that she's super interested you just started me thinking about the whole turned down thing didn't you.

oh if I knew this was going to happen I should have asked you out I know you're not interested in going out with someone in the office yeah this mood sucks and that's how I confess.

My feelings to you let's go by your house huh why they're gonna start drinking at your house so let's finish everything real quick I didn't say yes come on eat up drink up Miss karate you need to slow down uh-huh.

I love you Mr Meena Miller okay okay thanks I was carrying a drunk kurta on my back and heading home she wasn't very good at handling her alcohol this is what happens when she drinks too quickly.

I love you your voice why won't you look at me breaking up is going to be a problem if we go out you're already thinking about breaking up before we go out that's hilarious hey that's not hilarious I'm serious that sounds black.

Yeah or not I had something happen before in the same Department right before Miss kurata had joined our company there was a small incident a couple who had been dating in the office suddenly started a huge argument it was because the boy had cheated on the girl and since they were in the office well it was super awkward.

It was all pretty terrible I had nothing to do with it but I kept getting dragged into it they were both sent off to some tiny little offices in the middle of nowhere but it was even worse for the lady who was still in the office she ended up quitting are you listening.

Your back is so big and warm of course she's not listening I guess you're too drunk that's that this is this huh you're not someone who cheats I like that you trust me but a cheat on you either I love you why are you so into me because when I just started going out you took great.

Care of me and made sure I was situated even now you're carrying me on your back even though I'd prefer you can't even be like a princess but if I feel like you cheated I'd end up forgiving you do that you're so attractive I'm gonna fall for you Miss krata.

When other girl employees talk about you I get jealous you take too much care of me Mina Mino if you don't like me you don't need to tell me I can't take you hurting me I don't dislike you at all if anything huh why are you carrying me like.

You didn't want me to no no just you're so close to me yeah but now we can see each other well I'm going to go to that lunch thing but I'm going to turn it down like I said I would why because I like you I've liked you since the first time I saw you.

Seriously super super seriously so I want to go and prove that I'm not interested in my ex at all anymore then don't go I already said I would but you trust me right if it's just lunch but I want to be able to trust you more how what should I do.

When I go over to your house I took her to my house where I let her sleep on my bed I was a little disappointed but happy man she's out I love you what is he dreaming of I decided I would go to sleep on the.

Couch I didn't want to wake up a sleeping kurata the next morning huh where am I oh my gosh my head is killing me I was tricking with mid Amino last night and wait I'm in his house huh.

Mina Mino he's I want to sleep he's so cute but I remember nothing from last night I feel like he cared me like a princess maybe I was dreaming but I came all the way to his house and he didn't do anything with me maybe he doesn't see me as attractive don't take great care of me.

Ah fine I know you're going on that lunch but this is okay right I just love him so much I'm gonna kiss him again before he wakes up I woke up at Greta was really close to me completely red I was a little shy considering she saw me sleeping apparently she hadn't remembered any of.

My confessions from last night so you gotta go to that thing tonight oh yeah but I remember you saying it turned it down but I'm worried so is it all right if I go You're Gonna Come they won't do anything to get in the way I just want to watch from a distance.

the day of the matchmaking event long time no see hey it's been a minute huh Rico I was so surprised when I heard that you two had gone out in high school yeah truly it's like Destiny I was really surprised considering Rico.

Wasn't interested in matchmaking and decided to show up after hearing who it was with all right we should leave it to these two love birds now true I'm sure they have a lot of catching up to do both of them went somewhere sorry kosuka I know it was forced.

Forced my dad said that I had to come to this matchmaking oh so you didn't want to do this or get married or anything yeah I wanted to see you too I wanted to formally apologize for what I said and did back then I know it's probably not the right time and place I'm sorry I just chose to go abroad on my own and.

Don't worry about it you don't have to apologize you were actually considerate of that huh but remember when you said you wanted to be a designer overseas I didn't say no you had your dreams and I wanted to root for them thank you you're still kind huh my father actually wants me to come home.

To Japan he says if I can't leave behind do my results oversea I need to come back over here that's why he's trying to get you to marry someone over here huh I'm sure he's just annoyed with me but I'm so close to making it so I just want to hold off on marriage and stuff I see.

I'm glad that my dad is worried about me but but I want to work hard overseas don't worry about it I'll be sure to say that I can't go out with you again I'm sorry I didn't want to make you look like the bad guy or anything that's fine but I feel like if you don't turn him down well he's just gonna push.

You into coming back to see me leave it to me who's this if we work in the same department anyway let's start building our plans 30 minutes later the two showed back up how's it going you two were you able to catch up huh why are you here kurata.

Um so boss you're so mean how could you try to make kosuke go out when we're so in love huh what are you talking about I'm so in love with him I feel like you're getting carried away you knew about our relationship right what what relationship you've always seen us hanging out together.

I I just thought you two were friendly with each other what's going on it seems like that young lady has a lot of feelings for minomino I I can explain it's not his fault I'm the one that fought here because I wasn't honest to myself and everyone around me you asked me if I had.

Anyone I was interested in and considering to go out with I answered no but now I'm interested in Miss karata and I can't let her go I see that's what's going on Dad yeah but it's kind of on you too right you pushed him it was for you I know but.

I want to get married After experiencing that kind of passion is love that they're experiencing but you're only focused on your work over there but only for now once things settle down I'll come back here and find someone really you'll come back yeah I promise so please dad make sure.

This kind of thing doesn't happen again and to make sure you continue working with them of course and that's how kurata's plan worked out perfectly are you sure about what you said she was so beautiful and kind I'm okay I like you.

Yeah you're just staying in character from earlier right no I'm serious super super serious super super serious don't play with me like that um Sakura just didn't remember but we had already confessed to each other so we confessed again and started dating.

By the way Rika was doing great after she went back overseas she started her own brand she said she would return after about two years overseas I guess she was going to hold off on Love and Marriage until then but because of this whole thing she started looking for someone as for soccer and me the boss had.

Figured things out and moved me to a different department and then how was dinner I know it's all veggies it's all delicious it was almost a year since we had started dating and living together we're starting to consider moving to the next step of life my name is Shiro ubakata I've just.

Started my third year in University I made my own money so I don't have time to play around I study and work my one problem maker is all right time to run away corazato she's a student of mine but she hates studying so she always tries to run away I'm going to run.

Run away where hero how are you already here don't call me by my first name ah you always try to run away so I end up having to show up 30 minutes early other words if I put away another five minutes or so loud my mom is going to hear you I'm gonna tell your mom about your.

Little Escape anyway don't sound like that Shiro I'm not selling if you didn't try to run away it wouldn't be a problem if you tell my mom I'm gonna lose my mind what are you being so loud about shahiro.

Oh hey Mr ubukata you're so early great job welcoming him to Hero she is corazato's mother and my boss she's very easy going oh you weren't trying to run away were you you got me in trouble Shiro I'm pretty sure you're completely at fault here.

Your mom came out because of your voice don't be like that and help me out you're literally admitting by saying help me out no I still had some time before he showed up so I figured I'd go buy some then he showed up and yeah I just stumbled into her right over there.

Oh I see good job thinking about what you should do but we have a lot of snacks and juice at home so you must really like him what no don't be weird oh okay whatever anyway come on in Mr upukata thanks I went to chrisato's room damn it she's too easy going and dumb who cares she's nice.

I mean yeah if she's not mad if she's not mad huh I feel like she's probably the kind of person you shouldn't piss off but why is there a male teacher at a girl's house anyway it should be a woman are you trying to run away because I'm a man no I just don't like studying.

Idiot oh okay that makes me feel a little better but you shouldn't be so blunt asked anyway let's get started studying thumbs come on ah why am I working for this girl as a tutor.

It's because she's aiming to get into college whoa these scores I had to do some homemade tests just to see where she stood now but the results were a little bad hey don't be upset I made these fairly simple so if you just listen to what I taught this should.

Be easy then it's how you teach I don't make it my fault I'm okay then let's just call it for today huh I'll come by tomorrow I left the house after leaving it with that.

Damn I can't teach you the same way I teach all of my students after I went home I kept playing her words back in my head I had done this job ever since I started college most of my students were very studious and clever so I had no problems using what I knew and teaching them however if she didn't understand what I.

Was saying at all then of course she wouldn't understand I think she's missing the fundamentals that's on me I always thought she must not like studying because she doesn't like it but realistically it was because of how prideful she was to say she didn't understand the question.

Ah she must have been trying to tell me without telling me maybe she actually is bored of studying so she doesn't like it I had to rethink my methods and tried a new method with her the next day hey you're not running away a figure should run away too so I.

Straight up 35 minutes ahead of time but she was there waiting for me he's worried you weren't bad and wouldn't come so I just stayed in my room oh she was worried about yesterday she's pretty easy to get confused but she must be a pretty good girl at huh I knew that the second I started.

Teaching her that's why I didn't give up on her it's okay I'm not mad at all I see anyway you ready to study today sure just for today she's seriously not honest okay then let's get started I want to try a little different method today.

Oh games yeah you know that's not what I mean let's try using this textbook a little old it's something I used in Middle School Middle School that I figured with solidify the.

Fundamentals are you mocking me I'm a senior in high school Basics are important no matter what you're studying people who Skip the fundamentals always fail sure okay after we started yeah she's really focused I noticed her.

She wasn't able to focus because she really didn't understand the material I taught her for about two hours after that alright let's call it a day ah done how was it it was easy to understand all right she seems satisfied okay let's go over some of the questions now.

I won't make it in time for the entrance exams don't worry even if we're reviewing I'm only teaching you the fundamentals you need to know for your entrance exams time is money so let's be efficient oh uh thanks Cheryl stop calling me Shiro afterwards she continued studying.

Without running away she said she wanted to go to college so she didn't mind putting in the work she was pretty fast at learning and her studies were moving quick then one day huh hello Mr upakata oh hello miss grasato you can just call me Uber Carter outside of class hours.

Oh okay I'll do that then so chill what were you doing going on a date with your girlfriend what no no I I just finished off College I see you could come over right now then huh we're off today right what you won't come over if you don't have work.

What I mean no but then you'll come over okay I think Jahira will be happy really I think she doesn't like me she always ran away and she always tells me to go home afterwards we're just studying recently well she's not too honest with her feelings.

After my husband passed away when she was young I kind of spoiled her so she's probably a little too much right now I didn't know that her father had passed away so I really have a hard time getting her to open up to me but I think she's opened up to you Shiro really huh first name.

maybe I'll just have to call you by your first name from now on so I figured I'd get used to it anyway if you're worried then you should sneak a peek into her room today be quiet about it what no that's rude don't worry about it if you see something you shouldn't just go ahead.

And do what you want what what is going on I don't know just take a look I was taken almost forcibly to their house all right come on in come on in this isn't good she took me to A daughter's room and I was shaking my head the whole time Miss kurosarte will be pissed if she.

Knew what I was doing okay I'll take a look first then huh she slowly opened the door and looked inside hmm what is she doing I think you can figure it out.

I've never seen anyone outside of a manga kissing a phone she's some kind of fangirl over a celebrity or something you are pretty slow sometimes huh Shiro what huh Shiro.

Hello here you um I stumbled into your room and your mom she invited me over mom and she's gone ah she's normally so slow but she's faster running away did you did you see no but I I definitely didn't see you.

Kissing your phone you definitely did oh dang it I don't believe it you're such an ass but it wasn't on purpose he did it purposely peek in my room your mom kept telling me to do it my mom's doing too you said no.

No I mean yeah but who is that on your phone oh no this is someone who looks like you but you were saying Shiro what she really hates me now what Miss kurosasso.

Oh you think it's gross right just go home the kids going living like this anymore don't worry I don't hate you really yeah of course I wouldn't lie about this thing um surprised but no I was seriously just surprised I.

Didn't think bad or anything you know I was seriously caught off guard so I was I was surprised I I didn't even think you liked me and he'll still teach me of course okay assistant we can just leave the memory here and you could just hit your head or.

Something and forget all about it I can't do that then how am I supposed to keep hanging around you I'm about to pass off on my pair yeah can you just calm down real quick hurts this is all mom's fault how could she do this to me.

I'm sure she just wanted us to get along and not be misunderstanding each other don't be too upset misunderstand um I always thought you didn't like me I made you study in the way you act I can't tell you if you like me or not and I told her so she probably just wanted me to know the truth.

Huh but she chose to show you this she definitely had a different motive people say you're slow don't they what no almost never um your mom just called me slow but no one else huh damn there.

Sorry but why are you mad oh my God you're seriously slow I like you my mom wanted you to note that she made you take a peek I see but why would you like me because you're so nice and no matter how much I ran away you never gave up on me if anything here we thought how to teach me and faced me head on of course I'm.

Going to fall for you I see wanna go out there yeah I kind of thought you were cute saying but there's one promise we do not go on any dates or other flirtatious things until you finish your entrance exams if you're sure you can do this then let's go out.

I am your teacher above all so I need to prioritize your entrance exams that's how we started going out she had started working harder than ever on her entrance exam studies as we started going out I learned how much of a sweet girl she is and I had to control her.

About half a year later she was accepted to her first choice school and all of the desires that she was holding back had broken out into all over each other in private katari the teacher gave me this paper for school counsel to look through it when I was reading during my break my classmate tsukio shiraishi handed me a printout.

We both work in the library committee but she's very cool and doesn't like dealing with men this is all very well known but she's so beautiful she could be on TV on top of that she's very studious and popular among everyone thanks you already looked through it yeah of course that's all.

As you can see she's not exactly social at first I thought maybe we could get along considering we were in the same committee but that wasn't the case if anything she was avoiding me damn it I failed the quest when I got home I was playing an online game that was called Monster Hunt Sim I was doing a solo Quest but I ran out.

Of time right before I finished and let the monster Get Away by the way my character name is son moon has logged in ah there's Moon I met him when they started the game but he's one of my best friends including real life friends he's not great at games but he's super chill and it's fun.

Moon you took too long sorry I was at Grant school you're always on when I log in did you actually live in this game no I go to school every day too uh-huh what's that look I'm serious yeah yeah okay you don't believe me at all do you.

Whatever let's go on a hunt hey don't don't ignore me oh come on my homework so I can't see can't stay on too long I already finished my homework why do you look so proud you don't have any extracurriculars so it would be pretty bad for you not to be done by now.

whatever you say you haven't finished your homework and you're logged in I finished it and logged in I win uh kids you're the same age as me I always thought this but you're totally a middle schooler aren't you you act so.

Immature aha you sure you can talk like that what if you say that I'm not gonna go on hunts with you that would suck if I don't have you I have no friends who will play with me this is where I couldn't get mad at Moon he's normally so annoying but if I push him away a little bit he acts like a.

Little puppy he's using a young boy Avatar so it makes the whole character even more fitting even though I know it's a man using the character it still makes my heart skip a beat sometimes I'm joking I don't have any friends to play with other than you either really yeah let's go haunt.

Yeah thanks only you were a girl we went on two hunts after that and then Moon logged out I logged out too a few days later yes I got the key holder from the lotto this is a key holder of a monster that comes out in Monster Hunt Sim it's a limited edition toy that you can.

Get through a lotto I'd been waiting for this day for a long time man it's so cute I was so happy that I finally had the keychain that I brought it to school it was limited edition so it wasn't cheap and I didn't get bored of looking at it oh.

Huh is that Monster Hunt slime Limited Edition key CH wow how did you get that they only gave out like a hundred of those how do you know that you play Monster Hunt Sim 2 you're not one to play um you play mon hunt.

Oh no she totally does oh sorry my mistake oh yeah I don't play games so don't make any mistakes if you tell anyone I'm gonna be pissed don't worry I won't tell anyone I don't know if it's because I promised but she seemed relieved and headed back to her seat as if nothing happened.

That night oh you said that you've won the Monster Hunt keychain from that event right yeah why don't my classmates actually won one he's in the library committee with me only 100 people want it but man talk about a small world there were like over a million downloads.

So even if a few percent went for it it's still pretty rare I'm so jealous how come I didn't win so a girl is playing this game huh generally one committee consists of a girl and a boy so I figured his friend must be a girl oh I mean yeah or what I was not supposed to play games.

I didn't say that I was just surprised that's all at least you can talk about mod hunt at school that's funny pretending like I have friends oh yeah sorry I must have stepped on a grenade but if it's a person on your same committee should be able to talk to her.

Right I mean she's nice and kind but but we haven't spoken much but you're in the same committee but I haven't spoken to miss shiraishi even though we're in the same committee I can't really talk about her communication issues and shiraishi doesn't like men so she's avoiding me so we never talked at all.

The only time we do talk is when it's absolutely necessary what am I supposed to do talking to the opposite sex to someone who's socially awkward I mean I get it I don't know what to talk about with them honestly I don't know what to talk about.

With anyone at school what you do during your lunch breaks I'm usually just reading in the corner of the room two knew we got along but I didn't realize that we were so similar I wish you were my classmate then we could talk to each other forever that's.

True if it were you I'd probably be able to talk to you regularly ah I got it how about we meet up offline sometime offline yeah it's scary to meet other people but with you I've hung out for over two years and we get along so I want to meet.

You maybe we can conquer our communication issues oh but if we're far away you know we're in high school so it's not like reading but didn't you say you live in Tokyo like me I did that's true.

Yeah so I think distance wise is fine but if you don't wanna we don't have to okay I wanted to meet you once too let's try meeting up somewhere perfect let's decide on the time and place yeah I think I'll surprise you huh what did you say oh nothing so when's a good time for you.

I felt a little weird but he didn't want me to ask so I pretended not to notice we decided on the time and place but we actually ended up living relatively close a few days later we're so nervous it was the day of the Meetup I could feel my heart beating faster.

I don't have any real friends even though we meet every day on the game it's still nerve-wracking Moon said he's already here hat and black denim ah there he is um are you Moon oh yeah wait katori here's son.

Your moon what is this coincidence it's impossible I know right I didn't expect you to be Moon of all people but now it all makes sense same age same city same committee even and the keychain conversation it's pretty darn rare but not impossible I knew you played monhunt I didn't.

Expect you to be Moon though I didn't expect you to be sun either I've never seen you talk so much at school both of us huh so what do you want to do we were supposed to go to a restaurant that was doing a collab with monhunt to get to know each other but we knew each.

Other already plus she was actively trying to avoid me so maybe it was better to call things off however even if we leave it would be pretty awkward at school let's just continue are you sure I mean if we leave though it'll be weird in the game too I only have Sun so I.

Want to keep my only friend ah okay then let's continue yeah um let's go Miss shiraishi oh wait huh don't call me shirashi why how about Moon that's weird too so just go meet sukio I'll call you Yota too let's go with.

That well just remember school if we call each other by your last names if you're okay with it yeah I am felt like I was even more nervous than before but she asked me to call her by her first name I wasn't dumb enough to turn her off or down.

We moved to the restaurant but why are you sitting next to me she sat next to me she should sit across from me because I can see your screen better sitting next to you but we're paying after we eat why not move then Pizza would affect the playing.

Experience so I want to get used to this position or I can move over and shoot you in the backing game that's weird but my fingers won't work correctly you're too nervous I told you I'm not good at communicating I'm trying yeah she's definitely Moon.

This is how she talks in game too this is probably the real tsukio not the tsukio at school but you have so many friends at school they're not really friends friends are people you can really relax around like you're building a wall or something yeah you seem so different here than from.

School is that on purpose of course I don't want to show you my real self you too right you're nothing like you at school mine isn't on purpose though I'm just not good at talking to people so I'm probably able to talk to you because I feel like I'm talking to Moon I'm special I mean we've been friends.

For two years besides I thought you were a boy so I didn't think about it at all you're easy to talk to really what is that relaxed look it's so cute oh sorry that's really cute too where did the cool tsukio go uh I don't think you should be shy I'm not shy he feels alone.

A real one don't worry um I'm done anyway does that mean you're okay with me I mean you've already know Moon so you know the real me so I don't need to fake it great I was worried you might try to distance me why would you say that you're actually.

An extra verb person need to be an introvert huh pretending that's rude if you have communication issues you're absolutely an introvert you should apologize to everyone with communication issues she's probably not wrong but I'm not an extrovert though you're definitely an extrovert oh you.

Say things to embarrass people did I though and what do you have against them they always flirt with me as soon as they get the chance so they're my enemies this girl is totally moon this is hilarious anyway there are no guys who try to flirt with you anymore right.

She's super popular but all of the athletic attractive Meg were turned down so no one was crazy enough to ask her out anymore of course I'm too cool for it so proud I feel like you should just be you at school too then you'll be even more popular.

No why I don't want to be popular everyone wants me to be the tsukio too I'm sure they won't like me if I'm just honest apparently she isn't confident in herself and is in her little shell to me she's such a beautiful girl I feel bad.

It's okay I think you're incredibly attractive normally really of course moon is funny and fun and kind so I think people will accept you and moon will definitely be a huge hit with all the boys and girls if anything I don't see why she wouldn't be a big.

Hit so if I ask you out you'll go out with me what why we were talking about you at school because you said you liked the real me so then go out with me wait you liked me I have like son it was the one person who accepted me for me and you were.

Always kind at school so I want to go out with you she said something like this when we were in game too I don't remember being so kind at school we barely even spoke you were kind he always cared and never got mad when I was being cold ah so that made me kind huh.

So what's your answer um of course here sure I mean I like Moon and I really do think that the real you is cute too okay let's go out then that's how we started going out because we started going out she started being real with herself and she wouldn't get.

Off of me because of that the school was thrown into a panic and people were so jealous of me but I didn't care because she was so cute by the way the reason she didn't have confidence was because when she was young people around her rejected her for her personality from now on I'm going to try to heal her wounds while working on my own.

Communication issues good morning cousin Ari kept out of my door to find my childhood friend kokone inamori waiting for me outside I've known her since we were babies and we usually walk to school together oh my name is kazunari imojo and I've always had feelings for her.

Good morning coconay we're almost through the week finally I know I can't even explain how relieved I am five days is too long Friday is our favorite day of the school week we've been waiting for the weekend and it was finally here oh yeah you know awry from class C somebody asked out again.

Wow really she's so popular tell me about it all the guys from school are asking her out she's so jealous of her the girl kokone is talking about is the most popular girl in school her name is Irish shiratori she's in the same grade as us she's known to be beautiful inside and.

Out and that's what makes her so popular she's been asked out countless times but nobody has been successful in dating her everyone thinks she's impregnable but the boys keep trying I've heard rumors of an unknown boyfriend to explain why she keeps shutting guys down well she's pretty and kind at the same.

Time it's no surprise Everyone likes her do you like her too huh no I don't like her like that you hesitated something's fishy I was just caught off guard that's the only reason she she's only she's only ever been in my class once even then we didn't talk at all I I don't even know her that well.

Hmm you don't believe me do you I wouldn't blame you if you did she's gorgeous well yeah I admit she's pretty but that doesn't mean I have feelings for her are you sure of course I am kokone you're the one I like.

I wanted her to know how I felt but I couldn't tell her since I was scared of ruining our friendship I wish I had the guts to tell her but what do I do if she doesn't feel the same for me she's been by my side my whole life I don't want to destroy what we have I need her.

I don't think I can go on living if I find out she doesn't feel the same way that's why I haven't been able to confess my feelings to her one day after school I've had feelings for you since we were in the same class will you go out with me irie asked to talk to me and suddenly confessed her.

Feelings for me you're kidding right I'm being very serious I couldn't believe what was happening the school's it girl was asking me out she's known for dumping every single guy however um I'm sorry I have feelings for someone else.

Hearing her say she likes me felt amazing but my heart already belongs to somebody else she deserves to know the truth as to why I couldn't date her it would be dishonest and disloyal if I lied to her face by saying yes you like coconut am I right well.

I've been watching you for a very long time I know that you like her but you guys aren't dating yet right she's more forward than I thought she would be well yes we're not dating yet then please will you date me just to try things out well we can date for a bit and then you.

Can tell me if our time together doesn't change your mind but I re are you sure you're okay with that you know where my feelings are huh I'm okay with it I already knew you didn't have feelings for me I told you how I felt because I wanted to give us a chance by spending more time with you but I'm not sure this is.

That's how much I like you cousin Ari I'm done with just watching you just give me a chance I have no idea what it is about me that you like so much there's nothing special about me oh what are you talking about don't tell me you forgot about all the times you helped me back but if you're in the same.

Class huh what are you talking about you helped me but the teacher asked me to bring everyone's books to the classroom and you lent me your umbrella on a rainy day when you saw someone had taken Mine by mistake you also saved me from a straight dog.

When it was barking at me oh I faintly remember all of those incidents but I didn't think much of them back then I'm begging you I'm only asking for a few weeks or a few days irie I can see how determined she is I can't shut her down it'll be cruel plus it's not like coconay likes me that.

Way anyways dating the school's most popular girl would be amazing all right let's give it a try are you sure I can see you're serious about us and I already know how good of a person you are this is a dream come true cause Inari I'll make sure you don't regret this.

Decision believe I was going to start dating the prettiest girl in school the next day hey I'm sorry I made you wait irie and I were meeting up to go on our first date however although I arrived 30 minutes early she was already there oh good morning don't worry about me I.

Came in at her early because I was so excited about our date I didn't expect you to be coming 30 minutes early it means a lot well okay thanks oh gosh she's pushing all the right buttons here I come are you really I mean we're on a date is this not okay.

Oh no it's fine of course it's okay wow she's making me nervous I can see why the other guys all like her how can anyone resist her you have no idea how happy I am right now you are I'm glad.

I feel bad though I've never been on a date with a girl so I'm really nervous right now me neither you're the first guy I've been on a date with this is the first of my life I didn't notice but kazunari don't you always hang out.

With coconut outside of school we used to hang out a lot before starting high school but we haven't chilled out of school for a while now plus even if we did hang out we wouldn't consider it a date I see I'm relieved to hear that I don't want to sound selfish but I want you all to myself.

Yeah somebody help me my heart is beating so fast it's like a bomb about to go off we headed toward the amusement park but it was already feeling overwhelmed irie was so cute I couldn't handle it what do you want to ride is there anything you would like to start with.

Well I would enjoy writing anything you want to ride irie I see okay why don't we try out the roller coaster irie I didn't know you liked roller coasters yes I do I love all the thrilling rides they got me so excited she looks so quiet and calm on the outside.

That's why I didn't realize she was so active until yesterday once we got on the roller coaster irie grabbed onto my shirt and didn't let go until the end of the ride she doesn't seem to be enjoying it that was so much fun Iris seemed happy when we got off the roller coaster.

She didn't look like she was scared at all really you had fun of course it was amazing I wish it never ended well we can write it again um well you see though we shouldn't focus on just one ride that's boring we should try some of the other rides too I.

Guess you was just trying to put up a brave front but why is he trying to act like that I wanted to ask her but I stopped myself since it could ruin the date after that we enjoyed the rest of the day together before we knew it it was almost time to go home.

Once we get off the ferris wheel we're gonna have to head home huh yeah time flies when we're having fun hmm I don't want to go home yet huh what do you if we were adults we would be able to spend the night together I wish we were older yeah that's true.

I almost freaked out I thought she was going to ask me if we could spend the night somewhere but I guess I was wrong it can't be helped but you know we can hang out tomorrow if you're up for it are you sure yeah I had a lot of fun today and you know.

I'm your boyfriend irie oh you are aren't you okay I'm looking forward to tomorrow already do good night irie good night kazunari thank you for bringing me home tonight be careful on your way home I will thanks see you tomorrow our first date was over so I took irie.

Home and said goodbye I have to admit it was an amazing date she surprised me when she asked me out but I enjoyed our date I couldn't get over how lovable she was I loved spending the day with her I know the start of our relationship wasn't typical but I felt content and happy.

I guess that means I made the right choice the next day oh what you're here earlier than me kazunari I made sure to be over an hour early since irie told me she had waited for an hour the day before I was glad to see she was pleased waking up early wasn't easy but it was.

All worth it just to see her smile I can't believe we're spending another day together I know few are you sure you're okay with going shopping today yep I'm up for anything you want to do irie.

You are so sweet cousin Ari we walked around enjoying each other's company for a bit then headed for the nearest shopping mall what do you think about this one we started picking out some clothes for her irie told me she wanted to start wearing.

Clothes that would make me like her more I've never met anybody as sweet as her wow you look amazing but with your looks anything would look good on you hmm but I want to wear clothes that you would enjoy seeing me in I see how about you start trying on other.

Outfits then okay so let's do it irie went back into the dressing room and came out to go pick out another outfit her next outfit shocked me do you like it she looked so mature and sexy gosh I don't know where to look.

You look great but maybe you could try something a little more age-appropriate I agree I'm a little embarrassed already yeah I can't wear this yeah let's go see something else okay I should get out of this we went looking for a different set of clothes what about this one.

The next outfit she chose was a boyish one that she had probably never worn before however I couldn't help but think she looked great in it her sophisticated look and the boyish outfit surprisingly merged well to be honest I liked it a lie yes you look great in this one it's a nice change from your usual.

Clothes thanks this is at the top of my list since I don't have anything in my closet I agree do you want to try on some more yes I'm having so much fun what about you kazunari I'm having a great time I love seeing you in so many different outfits.

They are so sweet the next outfit she chose was uh what about this one a black Gothic Lolita dress she even tied her hair up in pigtails I didn't know they had Gothic Lolita clothes here me neither I was a little surprised I'm surprised she chose this to try on I.

Mean she looks so pretty but I can't imagine her walking around like that irie looks a little embarrassed too I think you look cute will you buy it uh I don't know I don't think I can pull this off I'm a little self-conscious now okay let's go see if there's anything else yes please.

We walked around the shopping mall for a while trying on clothes at each shop in the end she chose the outfit she wore at the beginning of the date she also wanted the boyish outfit but she wanted more time to choose between different boyish clothes she decided she would pick the best boyish outfit for her next time.

I like the boyish outfit too but I wanted her to do what she wanted to do so I agreed irie let me hold that for you oh kazunari you are so good to me but it's not that heavy I think I'll be okay okay let me know if you change your mind I will thank you.

Where do you want to go next cousin hurry huh coconay Hawaii you guys look really close what's going on numb well we're what's going on tell me it's not difficult to figure out coconut they're on a date I think they're dating.

This can't be true there's no way you're dating everybody tell me it isn't true um well actually we're dating huh casandari and I have been dating since the day before yesterday coconut it's me I'm the one who knows you better.

I'm the one who's liked you longer I was taken aback by cocony's words I had no idea she had feelings for me ah I only started dating irie to test things out between us now that I know Coco and his feelings for me too the best thing to do is to break things off when I read to be with coconay but I'm sorry coconay it's true irie and I.

Are a couple thank you for telling me how you feel I'm sorry that you had to find out about us this way irie is the one for me I really like her oh let me see I hope you don't hate me we should get going now.

Coconay probably doesn't want to see my face right now I decided it would be best for us to leave the area thankfully coconay was with her friends they can be there to comfort her um hazunari huh what is it I don't know why I'm saying this but are you sure you want to leave her we're not.

Even a real couple you know you can go get her if you want nah this is what I want I realize that you are the one I want to be with irie zanari spending the day with you made me see what I truly want I think being your boyfriend will make.

Me the happiest man on Earth that's why I picked you irie thank you cousin Ari I will do everything I can to make you happy I promise I think you just my line I'm here for you through thick and thin I'm going to do my best for you after what I put coconay through I.

Promised myself I would never hurt irie it's the least I can do to make up for breaking coconi's heart irie and I left the shopping mall and we made sure not to bump into coconay again we took a walk through the park which was a nice way to spend time with her I couldn't be more positive about this I like irie.

After we said our goodbyes I arrived home to find kokone waiting for me outside my door I braced myself for another dramatic scene but instead of acting angry with me kokone asked me if we could stay friends I gave her my word and we all finally found peace.

Or so I thought hey you two are together again I re relax it's okay we're only talking you need to keep your distance you guys are standing way too close irie felt uneasy whenever she saw coconay and me together she didn't try to hide that she was jealous whenever we started talking.

I know that the best thing to do is to cut ties with coconut but but she's my childhood friend we've been through so much together and I don't think I can do that I think there will be some drama in the coming days just FYI everyone eventually found out about us dating all the guys reacted.

Harshly I don't think they like me very much however I think I can overcome anything they throw at me as long as I have irie by my side that's all that matters to me my name is hiroto higarashi I'm just a regular employee who recently turned 24. I started working after I graduated from.

High school and I was able to save up quite a bit of money I spend my days with my lovely dog who I've started Living with about half a year ago his name is Ponta and I was enjoying my life walking him but oh what are you okay.

Someone was collapsed on the road huh hungry huh you're just hungry I can't move I'm too hungry seriously I mean I don't have any food on me um my house is right around the corner would you like to grab some food please.

Okay let's go I can't move why do I have to carry some random boy with me his hide and face Middle School luckily he was fairly skinny so I could carry him but I felt like I was going to have to deal with something annoying there was definitely more to this considering he was collapsed on the ground from Hunger.

Afterwards I cooked up something easy from the food I had left over in the fridge but man he's going to town on that food he must have been really hungry is it good yes it's been a week since I've had anything to eat so I'm seriously about.

To cry a week what kind of life are you living life with no money I mean I understand but what about your parents I don't have parents what I'm sorry crap I definitely shouldn't have brought that up top of that I.

Thought it was alive so all alone she's in middle school and all alone that's so sad then you live in an orphanage or something no I lived alone I I couldn't pay rent so I was affected huh are you allowed to live alone as a minor with no relatives.

You don't have any Guardians Guardians I'm 23 so yeah 23 what he's only a year younger than me he looks so young I wouldn't believe you if you said you were a high schooler are you lying is that weird not weird just whatever anyway what are you gonna do from now on.

I thought it would be rude to keep questioning him from now on so if he says he's 23 he's 23 it's more believable if he says he was in Middle School and collapsed from not having any money um I don't have anywhere to go actually the company I was working at eventually went under from the bad economy and I.

Have no more left in savings I see I feel bad but I can't keep dealing with some stranger doggy oh you want me to pet you how's that you like that huh nice huh hanza almost always doesn't like new.

People it even took me a whole month he must really be a good kid um if you want you can stay at my house until you find a new place to work yeah we gotta help each other out right you can take care of Ponta my dog while I'm off at work.

feminine we hadn't had introductions let's get along maybe I'm just thinking too much to meet you I'm hiroto higarashi yes pleasure that's how I started Living with a grown man in my home I was a little worried but I'm sure it.

Would work out I had Mr hanamura spend his time in the living room he said he had no savings so he didn't have a smartphone either I lent him my PC and he was looking through job listings what did you do before I I worked in sales.

I've heard sales is pretty rough makes sense why he'd want to work somewhere else of Academy to be finding a job that you have no experience and yeah how about you start a part-time job just to hold you over for now I think it's a start you can save up money at my house.

What but then who's gonna take care of Ponta don't worry about it I usually have the auto feeder feed him anyway so if you take care of him while you're not working it's fine Mr hikarashi are you some kind of saint whoa hey why are you crying you don't have to cry over this I'm sorry after I started Living On My.

Own now whatever helps me out like you you must have really had a tough life makes sense he lost his family and his job I'm just trying to take care of you on my own don't worry about it anyway you're inside you should take your hat off you should probably wash it too oh this is fine.

He doesn't want to take his hat off is he hiding something maybe it's some kind of complex or something I should leave it alone okay then why don't we go buy some clothes for you huh you need a change of clothes right you can't just wear that forever oh yeah.

Also let's go buy some things for your daily Necessities actually maybe it's better if you showered first huh huh it may not be a perfect fit but I think you'll fit my clothes afterwards he went to go take a shower but yeah a little too big huh.

Yeah just as I imagined it wasn't the right size and it was a little off but it was better than going to a storing raggedy clothes maybe he didn't like a stranger's clothes he was a little awkward afterwards we headed to the clothing store.

You get up I close don't mind that being cheaper there's still only like 30 to 50 dollars they're pretty cheap really wow what's wow huh.

How do I look he tried on some clothes and asked me for my opinion he had a well-shaped face so I'm sure anything he tried on it would look good on him yeah it looks great really he laughs kind of like a child too he must be lying about his age so so you can buy these for me then of.

Course let's get about two more outfits for you what are you sure you need clothes to change into you're too generous not really I'm pretty stingy I just don't mind spending money on things that are necessary what a grown-up what did you say nothing.

She was acting a little strange but I figured I wouldn't bother asking afterwards we bought about two more pairs of outfits for him and moved stores we went to buy underwear but he had asked me to stay outside the store for this he had a bright red face and looked a little embarrassed he went inside alone and spent about 30.

Minutes before he came out but what happened inside um are you okay yeah you don't look okay at all he really gets weird sometimes I was confused and full of questions but headed home after buying all of the.

Goods for him later that night all right time to cook dinner I'll help do you cook at all no I've never cooked but oh don't worry about it then play with Ponta but I can't have you just do all the work but you're letting me stay at your.

House I don't really want to let someone who has never cooked cook oh well okay then how about we cook together I can show you how to cook but really yeah cooking together will make things go faster anyway really it takes more time teaching than just doing it on my own but oh well.

Thank you afterwards we started cooking together he had said that he hadn't cooked but he seems to be a natural he remembered things quickly so it wasn't too much of a burden the food was great and we both enjoyed the meal I think we'll be able to do well.

Considering how well we got along today I'm sorry that I took the bath first when I gave him the chance to take the bath first he came up a little sorry huh already wearing a hat don't worry about it I'm the one that suggested it I'm gonna go take a bath now oh okay sorry I haven't slept well these.

Past few days is it all right if I go to bed first oh help yourself are you sure you're okay with the couch if you want to sleep on a bed you can use my bed no I can't do that we're gonna live together from now on you shouldn't be so oh I see you don't want to sleep in a bed with some other dude stink on it sorry.

Say that sure sorry about that anyway I'll go buy you a nice futon tomorrow I really am not thinking that okay cool then all right good night oh good night man he's like a younger brother I was thinking such things after I got out of the bath.

He seemed young and a little jittery he seemed like a small animal so I couldn't help but feel the need to help maybe Ponto was also feeling the same about hanamura honestly haunta hasn't even hung around me at all after hanamura showed up foreign he must have been really sleepy Are you.

Seriously wearing a hat while you're asleep you should take it off I reached for the hat but then I thought he had a reason he wanted to keep the hat on and I felt rude if I were to take it off when he had a reason so I figured I would leave it on haunta's asleep too he must really like.

Him they only just met today he hasn't even slept with me maybe Ponto doesn't like me anymore no way right I give him his food and take him out every day for walks there's no way that he wouldn't like me I kept telling myself it was fine I'd walk to my room.

Every day was fun after that hanamura started working at the supermarket and started learning how to take care of things around the house while looking for employment I was able to focus on work and life became more stable for some reason Hometown was still head over pause for hanamura though.

It had been almost three months before something happened I'm thirsty I was asleep in my bed as usual but I got thirsty and headed to the living room I don't want to wake him up just sneak sneak crap oh it's just me huh are you hanamura.

Uh yeah did you forget my face um you have long hair huh oh this is you were a girl um yes why were you hiding that I just figured I should hide the fact that I'm a girl with no one else would.

Really care for her you always seemed a little boyish though I was actually flirted with until I met you I felt a little in danger so I started dressing like a man and everyone left me alone that's why you always dress like a man huh yeah what do I do about this I'm glad she.

Wasn't a minor but I can't just have a woman stay at the house um do I have to leave now I mean if anything you probably want to leave now right you feel unsafe when you're a woman right I mean I'm okay with you knowing what you're incredibly kind and attractive I'm okay with it so I always.

Slept without a hat recently really really what what do I do about this hanza yeah I agree I don't mind you staying here at all really if I chase you out now I'm screwing you over pretty much and it's.

Not like you've done me wrong thank you so about me asking you out that was you asking me out yeah I told you how I felt you didn't tell me you liked me though um I'm a little confused now that I know you're a girl fonta did you just sigh of me out of.

Pity you totally look like you're pitying a fool why ah maybe I'm thinking too much anyway I can't give you an answer straight away but if you're really serious about me I will face it and take you seriously as.

Well how's that of course if anything I appreciate you actually considering my feelings okay then let's do this yes let's this is how I started life with a female hanamura one month later she started acting like a real woman and was acting incredibly adorable we started dating.

And after talking about it we had agreed that she would stay home and take care of the house and me as a stay-at-home girlfriend she had apparently lost someone the second she turned legal but I was hoping that I could become someone that she could rely on I start high school today.

I figured I would enjoy my school life and have a lot of friends but yo what do you want to go after school let's go to the arcade hey want to go buy a cafe on the way home yeah that sounds good I found a nice place I was already the outcast after a week of school.

Freaking extroverts how are they already so friendly to each other that class is rough for an introvert like me I had almost no friends my whole life I thought I could change starting high school but I couldn't if anything I was giving up what's wrong kiddo you finally out of school and you look sad huh.

Did I surprise you uh who are you she's pretty oh me I'm nanami Futaba I go to the same school as you oh miss Futaba I know her name she's a year older than me she's incredibly pretty and outgoing everyone was talking about her this is her huh.

Her freshman right don't you know momaka Futaba ah I know her we're in the same class I think she's the girl that's always in the corner of the class she stood out because she was always so quiet oh really she's my younger sister really on multiple levels.

You thought something rude just then didn't you talking about sorry that I'm smaller than my sister I really don't know what you're talking about why are you so upset because you say things that would hurt someone.

I didn't say anything anyway I'll start bothering you about that on another day you're going to bring it up again later anyway have you seen momoka she told me she wanted to go home together but she seemed to have gone home first oh that's her right there right huh.

Sis why did you go home first we said we'd go home together but being around you means everyone's gonna look and I'll feel sad momoka I thought they got along with each other there must be more to this relationship anyways who's that little kitty there here I felt bad so I was wondering if we.

Could take it home I want to but her apartment won't let us keep any pets so she's definitely upset um do you want me to take care of it are you sure got your name yet I Karachi are you sure.

Yeah our house allows pets so I'm sure if I ask my parents they'll be okay with it okay thank you you happy momoka yeah what thank you karishi oh yeah it's okay don't mention it okay let's go home.

Momoka I don't wanna huh can I come with you huh to my house yeah I'm curious about the cat hey mama that's too much for karishi uh Kitty oh it's okay I don't mind you.

Are you sure yeah I understand how she feels about the cat so uh see then I'll never mind momoko you go alone okay are you sure yeah big sis should sit out on this one besides she never talks to anyone other than family but she's talking to you so.

I hope you two use this as an opportunity to get to know each other better ah I see sorry she's a little strange but I swear she's a good kid please get along with her okay later karishi momica you be careful too.

Yeah you too sis see you later miss Futaba can I hold the kitty oh sure you got her yeah I was messing with her earlier but she seems pretty calm see then I'll carry the Box thanks you like cats.

Yeah cats are adorable so you want to have a pet cat in the future yeah all right we're talking to talk to any classmates and he to a girl this is amazing you're a freshman right.

Huh you're being super respectful to my sophomore sister so yeah huh she wasn't listening to me at all we're technically classmates you barely know anyone in the class are you not good with faces or something.

Yeah I try not to look at anyone or deal with them so taba was right she really doesn't talk to anyone in class but she's talking a lot now I don't like dealing with people a lot either so I understand how you feel anyway that cat is really calm it.

Doesn't look like it wants to run away at all yeah I think she's smart it seems used to people too it wasn't afraid of humans at all so I don't think it was mistreated or anything while it was being taken care of we talked about nothing on the way back.

And headed to my house huh I can name it yeah you found it and she would be happier if you named it I see how's she that's perfect see it is yeah let's make a lot of memories with Chi wow.

She is happy too Miss Futaba is pretty cute it's not about her looks but it's her personality and attitude oh by the way karishi hmm what's up are you dating my sister what ah are you okay.

Yeah I'm fine well that was terrible but why is she suddenly talking about that I'm not dating her why did you think that maybe she thought I looked good with her sister you two are going home together so I figured.

Ah that makes sense there's no way that I'd look like a good fit with her that was because your sister was looking for you I see she's always been overprotective he's just trying to take good care of you maybe but I don't like it you don't.

Yeah she's got her own way of dealing with things so I don't want her to deal with me besides when I'm around her I feel bad about myself said that earlier too because she's popular yeah she's always great at studying in super athletic she's bubbly and easy to.

Get along with too so she gets along with everyone I was always proud of her when I was a kid but now I just compare myself to her and I don't like it that makes sense it wasn't rare that siblings compared themselves to each other I think if not on me was your sibling.

It's quite the standard to live up to people around her must have really brought her down I don't think I can say I completely understand because I'm an only child but I think you have your own charm that your older sister doesn't have time yeah so don't worry about what other people are saying.

My charm yeah I said that but it wasn't like I had something picked out I could say one thing but I feel like that's not something I should say you saved the cat and came all the way to my house to make sure it would be okay.

That's super kind of you but my sister is kind too well but they say that if you get along with animals you're a pretty good human my sister gets along with animals too she really doesn't have any faults huh I know I'm just a broken version of my sister no that's not true.

But I have nothing that my sister doesn't have um I I think you're pretty cute too what you're a little different because I want to protect you I can't leave you alone you know I think guys would love that kind of thing what the hell am I saying oh.

I'm going home wait Miss patama There She Goes crap I have to see her tomorrow too you're lucky Chi you just get to play with Miss Futaba the next day man this sucks I remembered what I did yesterday and I was not having a great time going to.

School what should I say to her hey karishi Miss swachama what you look like you've seen a ghost nope that's not what it is I'm just surprised because you came out of nowhere I heard about what you did look at you.

Making moves what what are you talking about you asked her out right what no I didn't what do you mean huh but she said you called her cute and attractive no that's a misunderstanding about what.

I didn't say that I see you did say that and make her all confused so you need to make sure to set things straight okay I'm gonna go now good luck champ is she still pushing even though she.

Knows I didn't mean it like that she took off after waving at me after I got to school I tried talking to her but she ran away and avoided me with everything she had there was no chance for me to make things right I couldn't even talk to her that day we didn't exchange any words.

And I went home but Miss Futaba why are you here when I got home and heard the doorbell ring I saw Miss Futaba standing at the entrance she was avoiding me at school so I never figured she would show up at my house um I want to play with tea I was not what she came for.

Sure come on in thanks who is she oh she's probably playing with toys or something right now in my room she's doing well maybe she was avoiding me because we were at school tea.

Well wow you okay Hachi oh man they really bonded over a single day just like she had said she just started playing with Chi she must really like that cat she seemed to be having so much fun playing with Chi and she was adorable.

About an hour later she seems to be getting tired and balled up to go to sleep so I thought that Miss Futaba was gonna go home but I have something I need to talk to you about she started talking to me what is it.

Um I know yesterday wasn't you asking me out my sister just kept talking and made everything up on her own and oh I see huh it's not like she misunderstood me I'm glad I guess so I'm not asking this as a confession or anything huh so I want you to listen without getting.

Upset or anything walking about um can you go to school with me from now on and hang out with me what are you talking about this isn't a confession right but this seems like a confession I don't have any confidence in myself.

But you gave me a sense of confidence so I want to be around you and build up my own confidence my sister said I should do that too and ah so her sister is behind all this I mean are you sure about this you were avoiding me at school too oh that was because it was super shy but I know what I want now so I'm okay.

I'm pretty introverted and I don't have any friends but it is super kind so it's fine let's get along as loners she's pretty aggressive I guess she is a Futaba after all what do I want to do she's cute and I can't leave her alone and it's perfect for me considering I don't have any friends but I felt like if I hung around.

Her anymore I might fall for her um I feel like I might make you regret being around me it's okay anything that happens it's on me you're much more confident than I expected is that what your sister told you to say.

No my sister said that I need to understand what it means to continue going to your house the way she's saying that I feel like Miss Futaba knows exactly what she's talking about so is that okay uh okay let's hang out then.

Are you sure yeah I want to be around you too so I'm happy about it hey if I come over every day then yeah of course yeah thank you karishi let's have fun together.

Of course let's and that's how our little relationship started people occasionally mistook us for going out but I knew so I just ignored what they said and as we hung out more with each other I want to hang out with Chi today too yeah you can come over.

Thank you kakaru we became a great couple she started gaining her confidence back and she even cut her hair she was just as much of a looker as her sister and everyone saw how beautiful she was that's why occasionally I see the boys looking at me with jealous eyes however.

I'm glad I get to spend time around momoka so I didn't care thanks for watching tell was today's video please check out our other videos as well