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[Manga Dub] A new government tax on single people [RomCom]


Move get out of the way I pushed everybody in the way to get through the crowd parted and I finally got a clear view of what had happened it almost felt as though I was in a nightmare I caught sight of an arm lying limply on the ground I stared at it I know that bracelet the one on her right wrist my body.

Stiffened I urged it to move but I was completely paralyzed this is a dream yes this has got to be a dream my name is Yushi nagara I sat in my chair glaring at the computer screen it's been a while since I've had to work like this it's not something to be proud of but I don't like working any more than I have to I do whatever my bosses.

Tell me to do but that's all hey yoshi-san you're putting her all in that project this is Ayumi minamikawa she's a colleague of mine we joined the company around the same time you're here for the documents right I left them on the corner of my desk feel free to take what you need.

I wouldn't expect less from the best employee at Alice Corp he will always have everything under control oh yeah I made some changes minamikawa you made a few mistakes are possible I at least the three I noticed five mistakes hey I'm used to fixing your mistakes don't worry about.

It why am I like this I never get anything right hey now girl I could you free today after this don't treat me like somebody who doesn't have a life and yes I am free today I knew it let's have a couple of drinks at our favorite Izakaya well okay.

As long as you pay for my dinner to thank me for covering up your mistakes uh fine I'll buy you a beer isn't that enough you're being pretty stingy whatever I'll go easy on you since we're friends great I'll come by to pick you up after I finish everything after we left the office we ended up at our favorite.

Izakaya minamikawa and I are the only ones who joined the company together we enjoy getting drinks together frequently to be honest I see her as one of my guy friends she's a great colleague but she's never meant more to me than that she isn't the most accurate person when it comes to work so I always keep an eye on her so she.

Doesn't get in trouble what what do you think of the countermeasures against the declining birth rate in Japan I don't have much of an opinion they say the government is up to something huge but I'm sure they're planning to hand out money to families with children like always.

It's their way of displaying how having a family and children will benefit citizens so unfair married people get so much more from this country than we do not like I'm single because I want to be it could be a little more understanding should I do more for the economy than most people out there whatever alcohol.

Will comfort me to be careful I don't want to drag you home like I had to the other night one morning on my day off I woke up and decided to turn on the TV the regular shows I usually watch have been canceled instead a special broadcasting program was on huh what the hell I rubbed my eyes in disbelief and looked.

At the screen again there was a bunch of information on display but the banners with singles taxes and 50 written on them stood out let me elaborate still the reporter on the screen was talking about how the government has decided to tax single individuals in the country we would be taxed 50 percent and that.

Was their plan to solve the low birth rate situation in Japan are they idiots they must be crazy no way why would they attack singles I mean 50 none of this made any sense to me how could they do this to us we haven't done anything wrong they're punishing us for nothing just then my phone rang who the hell is calling me oh minamikawa.

Raccoon I'm so I'm so glad you answered your phone what's up I need to talk to you ASAP could you come to the restaurant by the bus station we can meet up there uh hey hold on she hung up I should see what she wants it might be important why is she wasting my time I have no time for her crap I rushed to.

The restaurant minamikawa was talking about I walked in and saw that she was already waiting for me hey did you see the news today yeah you're talking about singles taxes right believe it singles taxes single individuals will have to pay additional taxes when they shop eat or do anything.

That requires payment the government seems to think that a increasing number of singles individuals directly affects declining birth rates this was their way to attempt to increase marriage rates which will eventually lead to an increase in birth rates I completely disagree but what can I do.

I'm no government official I'm just an ordinary office worker I cannot believe that they are doing this how can how could they take more money from us this is taking it from the wealthy people you're absolutely right sucks for us it's already been decided yeah so I have a suggestion which could save both of us suggestion.

We should pretend to be a couple what do you think like a fake couple but don't we have to be married to avoid paying taxes nope they said you won't have to pay the taxes unless you are completely single without any sort of partner faking a marriage is too much work and it's risky so I figured we could pretend to be a couple to keep.

Things simple well it's not a bad suggestion it's better than having to pay 50 more than everybody else every time we pay for anything I guess there's no other way I don't want my money to go down the drain for this okay Count Me In.

Thank you so that means we're officially a couple starting today okay just one thing I don't want you acting differently at the office I know you don't have to change our lives it'll be like a partner work project a week later I was at a restaurant with minamikawa where we.

Faced our first challenge as a fake couple what why do we have to do that in front of you well it's our new house rule we need you to describe your love for each other to prove you're a couple we need to prove we're a couple to you we shouldn't have to display our private.

Lives to you there's no way we're doing it dude we're not even a real couple we'll do it we will give me a second hey what the what is she doing and why does she seem so excited hey what do you think you're doing well I've always wanted to try the food here please still we can't express our love to each.

Other in front of all these people fine then you'll have to pay the singles tax this dinner will cost me how about we check out another place nope I already decided this place I'm not going to leave without eating why are you so stubborn excuse me sorry if I'm wrong but are you a fake couple we get a lot of those.

These days everyone is desperate to avoid having to pay the singles tax oh crap we are a couple we are so in love just watch I'll prove it to you hey a citrus scent tickled my nose as she came closer to me I didn't know she used perfume my heart skipped a beat and I felt a.

Twine of something deep inside my heart I love you you mean the world to me come on you can do it minamikawa say my first name is something wrong oh it's nothing really yeah I think I stepped on my boyfriend's foot hey you can't call me by my last name.

We're supposed to be a couple okay uh you're right okay take two ready action I I really I care for you and I I love you oh I love you more me namikawa wrapped her arms around me and tightened her grip I embraced her as well okay thank you that's enough to prove.

You're a real couple this is a couple certificate you can use this the next time you eat here things we have to do just for a nice dinner out a few days later we decided to grab a few drinks at our favorite Izakaya we hope to eat and drink without being forced to go through such a humiliating.

Experience however life never goes the way you wanted to what we have to kiss a kiss like a real kiss yes a kiss on the lips you have to kiss each other to prove you're a couple oh my gosh this cannot be happening we're regulars here can't they go a little easy on us don't they know how.

Much we've spent here damn it we don't have to eat here wow why are you closing your eyes and pouting your lips can't seriously be considering this well this place is like our place I want to be able to come here anytime I want to come on stop complaining just a pack.

Okay but but this is a kiss we're talking about no there's no way I can do this but look how willing she is how could she be okay with this I would never want to kiss a guy I like just just to get into an Izakaya fine I know some couples are more.

Private than others you can kiss her somewhere else if the lips are too much that's not the problem here okay man up you're not getting out of this I faced minamikawa and prepared myself for the kiss noticed before.

Minamikawa is actually really pretty I've seen some of the guys that were hitting on her some have even asked her out uh why are these thoughts running through my head you idiot Yoshi you you can pick where you want to kiss me her plump lips moved with her words and.

I couldn't resist staring at them oh crap why am I sweating so much and my heart is thumping like crazy I need to get this over and done with I planted a light kiss on minamikawa's forehead the Citrus scent only made my heart beat faster thank you that's good enough for proof.

I'll bring your certificate later let me take you to your table first uh sorry it's it's okay sorry for making you do that a strange sense of embarrassment and awkwardness surrounded our table we didn't talk much that day I don't think either of us knew what to.

Say after that we were forced to prove we were a couple wherever we went it became a regular thing we had to play a guessing game to see if we knew each other's favorites at the movies a karaoke I had to hold minamikawa in my arms while I did 30 squats we did some crazy things to keep our money safe in.

Our wallets by the time I realized I stopped feeling any resistance towards proving we were a couple anymore minamikawa's face was red every time we had to prove our relationship but she seemed to be enjoying it my heart would start racing when she smiled shyly at me and I was starting to enjoy that feeling.

I don't usually remember my dreams but I had one that stayed in my memory after waking up I was a high school student in my dream and there was a girl next to me she had long beautiful black hair her name was tsubame kitakawa she used to be my girlfriend and she meant everything to me.

She was the best thing that happened in my life I loved everything about her the hair her delicate eyes and her pretty lips I loved hugging her she smelled like lemons I still remember how much I loved her nothing else mattered to me I thought I would have the rest of my.

Life to show her how much I loved and cared for her but I didn't I never knew my 18th birthday would be the last time I would hold her in my arms the next night I was at our favorite isakaya with minamikawa like always I always have fun eating out with her.

But for some reason enjoy her company that day maybe it's because tsubame appeared in my dream last night I couldn't stop thinking about her it made me realize I never stopped loving her and I probably never will minamikawa didn't seem to be herself.

That day either so we've got worked out as an actual couple or not what that isn't funny Mina mikawa I'm not trying to be she looked like a stranger.

I'd never seen her like that thing is aren't a huge project the one I screwed up big time well you saved me you've defended me and promised our boss would make up for the mistake I've never forgotten how you stayed late every night to help me finish the work in the end the project was a big success and I.

Didn't get into any more trouble that's what I realized that I had feelings for you Naga garakun and that's why I suggested we became a fake couple I figured we would get close and eventually maybe become a real couple I felt a bolt of pain pierce my heart I couldn't give her what she wanted for me.

I'm sorry I'm already in love with somebody else what what so he agreed to become a fake couple with me even if you have feelings for somebody else cool I asked the other girl out all the girls at the office have a thing for you you could have done the right thing instead.

Of playing me the pain in my heart rapidly increased as I watched tears run down minamikawa's cheeks this is so humiliating I thought you liked me and we would end up dating but you were thinking if another girl this whole time wow I'm pathetic minamikawa suddenly stood up she grabbed her things and rushed out of the room.

I stared at her empty seat for a while it took me a while to realize she was really gone tsubame is the only one in my heart there's no way I could even consider loving another woman I was sure of it and yet I could tell my heart was trying to tell me something through the pain and Agony I felt.

After a while I paid for the food and walked out of the isakaya alone that night I saw tsubame in my dream again she was standing there trying to tell me something she looked so sad but I couldn't hear what she was saying the dream ended before I could figure it.

Out things with minamikawa changed completely after our conversation at the isakaya we avoided each other in every possible way we even stopped exchanging greetings everything felt awkward and difficult but there was nothing I could do about.

The situation obviously we stopped hanging out and I realized how alone I was without her one day I had to stay late for some extra work I decided to eat at a restaurant near the office these taxes are insane.

This is how much I have to pay to have dinner alone after an exhausting day at work I looked into my wallet and let out a sigh being single in this country sucks maybe I should leave just then I heard a familiar voice nearby.

Isn't that I rushed toward the voice to see what was happening I stopped minamikawa standing with a man from our office they seem to be arguing you can't reject me now I asked you if you were okay with it and you didn't answer me I didn't force you to come you should have thought of that when you.

Followed me don't be such a snob I felt rage pumped through my veins as I jumped out in front of them hey let her go ouch who the hell nagara you want me to report to your boss on how you're using intimidation by force on your colleague the guy glared at me for a second and.

Ran off the next are you okay why did you have to go and save me what is this you have no right to come back into my life minamikawa started to run I chased after her it was instinct she ran across a big street and kept going until she arrived at the entrance of a small Park gosh stop following me.

Like a cartoon I know you don't care about me at all so stop just leave me alone please I do care about you my arms were around minamikawa before I realized what I was doing I ignored her I tightened my arms and held onto her while she hit me I care about you Mina mikawa no matter.

How I try to deny it I have feelings for you but I'm scared I'm terrified that I will lose you someday as well I told minamikawa about my past about tsubame how I lost her in a car accident when I was a high school student.

S imagine how hard that must have been but you don't have to worry about me leaving your side I would I would I want you to feel safe safe enough to accept that we care for each other but he kissed me before I could say anything more her soft lips felt warm against mine.

Her Citrus scent again my brain stopped functioning as we stayed that way she gently pulled away and looked up at my face silence it was only for a few seconds but it felt like forever I can't prove anything to you but I want you to trust me.

He had tears in her eyes as she stared into mine okay I felt like I was in a dream the uncertainty and fear I'd been feeling was gone being with her felt right there's something I want one thing I want to ask you to do what is it.

Prove that you're my boyfriend's raccoon of me my heart my body that's what you want me namikawa please take me somewhere we could be alone nobody can get in our way we walk together hand in hand towards the darkness of the night just because I stopped dreaming of.

Tsubame it doesn't mean I completely forgot about her my world used to circle around her but now Ayumi is in the center of it I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing all I know is that it was the best.

Decision for me I need Ayumi to live happily one day Ayumi asked me to take her out we were enjoying our date hey look at this I can't believe they finally gave it to me the government was handing out pre-marital tickets to engaged couples now it was one of their newest attempts.

To get couples to get married faster the tickets allowed engaged couples to use a million yen as long as they got married within a year however the couple would have to return all the money they spent along with a penalty if they do not get married within the year I see so this is why you wanted to go out today yeah I want to leave seven.

Hundred thousand yen for a honeymoon but we can use the rest for anything we want okay want to get some drinks then oh I don't think I can drink any alcohol for a while you see Ayumi came closer and whispered something in my ears what.

Seriously yep we both have high expectations for you Mr Husband they're going to be amazing well I'm going to protect both of you no matter what I know what I have to do and I think I'm ready for it all I don't live just for myself now I have a precious wife and an angel who.

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