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[Manga Dub] A rich girl bought me for $10,000 [RomCom]


And that skirt too right of course hurry up and undress it for me I've never even lifted a skirt before and here I am about to take it off bon appetit I'm Kazama shiraishi I deliver newspapers in the morning in the evening I work part-time at a family restaurant family restaurant today I support the.

Family financially by working part-time for my parents who don't work properly apparently there's no point in expecting anything from those parents walking next to me is my childhood friend ayumu Takahashi she's a kind girl who worries for me since she knows my family situation huh.

That's my dad's car why is it in front of the high school as I was wondering my father got out of the car we're going to start a new business overseas from now on so you take this what wait what do you mean well take care he handed me a sign that read I can take care of you please hire me and.

Drove away what's going on wait how 'dima wait there ayumu ran inside the school and when she came back I was told something terrible oh my God out from the school what it seems like your father got you to drop out so he could get the rest of.

Your tuition back so they were serious when they said they sold the house my parents would do that they're the kind of people who act on the spur of the moment what are you going to do now Kazama I'm going to have to get some more work I guess.

I'm not going to let my feelings get the better of me I put up the sign my father gave me and started looking for work hey customer Are you seriously going to use that maybe a kind former classmate will give me a job all right but the other students were giggling at the side of me even my former classmates were yelling at me I guess it's not going to.

Work out so well after all yeah you have a place to live you place a luxury car was parked in front of me and out came Rye Cujo a famous local rich girl she's really pretty and popular with a.

Lot of guys what's that a new kind of game it's not a game actually I explained the situation to Cujo break for you I'll hire you then how about a million yen a month a million yen really I'm not lying I'm your classmates after all if you want I'll.

Give it to you right now if you sign this contract thank you cujo-san I wondered why she had a contract at hand but I was about to sign it immediately because of the high monthly pay but wait a minute Kazama feed the contract carefully what the job description said the following kiss good morning take a bath together.

Sleep together every night if you violate these rules you will be married what the hell is this damn it was almost looking good I can't sign a contract like this oops I gave you the contract I made just for fun I don't know it kind of seemed intentional that's not true it's a real contract.

This time reading the job description it only said that the job was to take care of basic things and nothing suspicious was written well then oh wait a minute something's fishy she's giving you a million yen just to take care of her I bet she's going to sell your organs or something what do you think I am I want to do that.

I just wanted to help a classmate who's in trouble you tried to make him sign a weird contract earlier though that was a mistake are you the one who can save him from his predicament what about tuition a house I'd let him live in my house and work for me I'd even support him with his tuition.

It's fine there's no other job that pays so well I feel bad for cujo-san but I'll take her kindness it's a done deal then I'm looking forward to working with you Kazama after that Cujo canceled my withdrawal and I was able to go to school again here comes the homeless guy I thought you quit school my classmates would witness.

The morning scene where already spreading rumors and making fun of me as soon as I entered the classroom I decided to hire Kazuma I will not allow you to insult my servants cujo's intervention the class became quiet instantly but soon a different voice Rose Cujo son if.

Hire me I'll work for free I do anything for free too cujo-san I wouldn't want someone who belittles others to come near me they were rejected without a second thought and the classmates fell silent by the way what do you want me to do just come when I call you and the rest of the time you're free to do whatever.

Kazuma can you come here yes my first job came around quickly does she need me to carry her stuff just hold arms with me to the next class what not to carry your stuff I want to get to know you first you're my servants so we have to trust each other but it's a little embarrassing to walk arm and.

Arm are you going to give up your job no I'll gladly hold arms with you hold arms with me whenever we move to a different classroom is that clear yes Kazama your lunch looks pretty plain is it I think it's pretty normal I brought my own lunch for the day but what should I do for tomorrow.

Let me taste your lunch sure but it might not taste good to you I just want to try a regular person's lunch that's pretty good is it I don't think it's as good as yours kujo-san oh this is flavorful on its own oh um cujo-san if.

You have my lunch oh no my lunch on kujosan's lunch are out of proportion cujo's lunchbox was a luxurious one not the kind ordinary people eat you eat that and study its taste from now on you're making my lunches if that's the case I'll have it as soon as I took a bite I knew it was.

Different from the ingredients the meat was tender and the Egg was rich and deep even if I was asked to reproduce this I don't know if I could get so worked up just do the best you can I'll do my best I imprinted The Taste on my tongue and brain so I wouldn't forget cujo-san's house was Grand just like I.

Had expected I also expected there to be many servants but since her parents rarely came home it was just eyes on the maid and kujo-san Kazuma will be living and working here from today khazuma you remember what your job is don't you taking care of me yeah what exactly do I have to do.

To me into those clothes over there what I said undress my uniform no no no isn't that a bad idea I usually let I do it but she's busy too if I don't cut her some slack there's no point in hiring you will you not sue me I'm asking you I won't do that then excuse me.

I put away my dirty thoughts and unbuttoned cujo's uniform I took off her top which left her in a camisole I quickly put on her jacket trying not to look as much as possible and that skirt too right of course I've never even lifted a skirt before and here I am about to undress it I took.

It off despite being nervous disappointed Cujo chuckled she was wearing shorts under her skirt no I'm relieved I got her to change into her skirt trying to play it cool cosuma come in with me and wash my hair no no that's too much you're supposed to.

Take care of me right does this count as taking care of you anyway we going together Cujo started taking off her clothes I turned away in a hurry hazuma if you won't undress yourself shall I I turned around to see Cujo in a bath towel no no I'll I'll take it off myself.

All right I'll wait for you inside then at this point I had no choice but to go with her I braced myself put on the Gown that was provided and went inside all right here's the shampoo she handed me some shampoo that looked expensive I had worked at a head Spa in the past so I began carefully washing cujo's hair you're pretty good at it I.

Worked at a head Spa before after I finished washing her hair Cujo stood up in return I'll wash your hair now it's fine you don't need to the hot water who's your son I immediately caught her as she fell down there was only a bath towel so the.

Soft parts of cujo's body could be felt almost directly the cujo-san pull yourself together you don't need to be so worried about me what did you say something nothing Cujo straightened herself up and sat down on the chair again are you all right now thanks to you now watch my body Cujo put.

Her hand on the bath towel I'm sorry I can't do this anymore I ran out of the bathroom in a panic Cosmo sleep with me hey aren't we doing the things in the first contract after all this is just another Personal Care thing I can't sleep unless someone sleeps with me I ran away in the bath.

I guess I can't run away here Cujo was sleeping I was too nervous to sleep but if she didn't hire me I wouldn't be able to sleep in a warm bed or take a bath thank you cujo-san I started to feel an affection for Cujo and kissed her in gratitude I woke up early and stood in the kitchen I made cujo-san's lunch as promised and.

Breakfast as well good morning cujo-san dressed in her school uniform and isong came downstairs good morning cujo-san I told me she said that you were making breakfast for me I promise to make lunch so I just made it as well it's just ready so you can have it if you'd like.

Delicious how can you make it so good because you had all the right ingredients I had experience cooking in a family restaurant so I just used that and cooked as usual so working at a family restaurant wasn't just about serving customers when we were moving around I held arms with cujo-san and I was no longer.

Uncomfortable doing so changing my feelings towards Cujo had showed I'm looking forward to kazuma's lunch don't expect too much as we were about to open our lunch boxes are you moo what's wrong ayumu glared at Cujo.

my parents agreed to let me and I'll work part time to help pay for the tuition why would you do that because I like Kazama I liked him since we were kids what you did who Joe son I don't think you can get everything with money you noticed you would you tried to give him that.

Contract after all what are you talking about what you didn't notice I wouldn't let someone I don't like help me get dressed take a bath or sleep in the same bed with me is really good at using his fingers it feels so good what don't say it in a misleading way we're.

Talking about washing hair right but you took a bath with Kudo sound right ayumu looked at me with disdain ah I did wash cujo-san's hair but we bathed separately because I ran away JoJo son you're off over taking advantage of kazuma's weakness and making him do such a thing you're right at first I tried to do it in a flirtatious way but in the.

End Kazama accepted me he even kissed my forehead you were awake you went for it when she was sleeping katsuma you're Shameless I wish you'd kiss me on the lips next time that was gratitude to you for helping me kuchosan but but more importantly why.

Did you fall for a normal guy like me I used to go to the family restaurant in Disguise but I saw Kazuma serving customers there I fell in love with him I even asked the manager for your shift the manager told me about a female customer who comes for me but that was you Fatima because you have a nice polite.

Smile for all customers it's only been a day but I learned a lot from living with him it has to be Kazama welcome son that's how you felt about me I was struck by cujo-san's Earnest confession however katsuma he.

Interrupted me as if she was disturbing my feelings isn't that a promise you made when you were kids and I take bats with Kazuma now you know you're just being made to be kudosense plaything I'm the one that customer likes the most and if he wants to take a bath with me I can do it too I don't.

Really want this but if you insist it's true that Kazama kissed me in my sleep you said earlier that it was out of gratitude didn't you come to my don't mix affection and gratitude he kissed me plenty of times saying I like you a lot that was when you were kids right that doesn't count I'm the one you've liked the most right.

You've seen my embarrassing Parts don't tell me you're not going to take responsibility which one do you like I never expected two people to confess their feelings for me at the same time what's the right thing to do in such a situation someone tell me.

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