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[Manga Dub] A single mother was getting harassed, so I stepped in as a father figure [RomCom]


Ah sitting in the sun feels so nice my name is kenjihaga I work at a housekeeping service company and I'm a tired businessman the one thing that makes me feel better is sitting under the Sun at a park near my office during my breaks it's not good to stay cooped up inside the office all day.

I need sunlight to be energized yay yay got you oh you caught me you're it next okay okay kids are so energetic some people think this is annoying but I actually like how energetic they are it somehow feels like they're spreading their positive energy to me too.

Grow up into healthy adults guys huh what's that girl doing on her own is she not going to play with her friends or does she like being alone it's none of my business but it worries me that she's all on her own oh she looks so lonely someone can anyone ask her to play with them.

I'll just look like a sketchy person if I go up to her hey Susanna why are you using like the sandbox yeah hey you're not allowed to play here but but I know you don't have a dad that's why you're weak you're not allowed to use this because you don't have a dad and you're weak but what he's crazy am I allowed to just.

Ignore this but an adult shouldn't intervene in a child's argument move already you're in the way I'm not in the way I was playing here first what did you just say stop being bratty I've told you to move no no no no I'm not going to move isn't this kind of bad where are their parents.

Susanna rohay bro hey what are you doing she's not moving even though I told her to I'm sorry but isn't it more fun to play together no way I'm not gonna play with someone who doesn't even have a dad viewing don't say that because she's boring she's always drawing on her own playing with her is.

Boring I bet you don't even know how to find because you don't have a dad my dad always plays with me gosh I'm so thankful I have a mom and a dad your hair you know there are some kids without a father they can't help it if they have something wrong with them as a result of that it must be heard to be a.

Single mother after all so sorry about my son uh oh no it's fine even if you're a single mother you should raise your child properly I do feel bad for your daughter come on really let's go see a loner really don't say that out loud even if it's true who cares if it's the truth.

That was crazy I'm going to regret walking away as if nothing happened it might be none of my business but um excuse me are you okay huh I was sitting on the bench over there so I heard everything please take this if you'd like really.

The best cure for sadness is something sweet so please take it thank you so much and the lady was saying a lot of mean things but single parents are common nowadays plus there's nothing wrong with being a single mother a child will grow up into a good adult as long as they receive some kind of love I was also raised by a single.

Mother but I have a job and I'm having fun with my life you're very kind aren't you oh no it's not I choose him what what for what I want him it has to be him what are you talking about please be my daddy your dad hey Susanna because because I want to lose if I have.

A daddy what's going on I'm so sorry her daycare is going to have a sports day in a month from now there's a parent child event that day my father always participated with her but he hurt his hip this year and mothers can't participate too but fathers are usually the ones doing it.

Because of the contents of the game please be my daddy vampire is strong too but we've never been in first place so please be my daddy and run the race with me Susan Hood don't be like that but but sure I'd love to what if you're okay with it I'd love to participate in the parent-child race.

Really that's a lot to be a bother for you sports day is a huge event for a child don't you want to make it memorable for her I'd love to participate in order to make that happen Susan nutshawn you're okay with me being your dad yep cause you're very nice onitan you even gave me juice till my sports day if we practice a lot.

I think we can win of course let's practice a lot okay yeah yeah I'm so sorry thank you for everything um oh I forgot to introduce myself my name is Kenji haga my name is shiso akuro Chon she's away son nice to meet you both just like that I practiced for the.

Race with these two on my days off the contents of the race are a three-legged race then the baltos than a wagon race where the child is inside and the parent is pushing them from behind in the end you need to carry her on your back and Sprint the finish line I see that's why you said it might be hard for a mother to run this Grandpa.

Was always in last place her Grandpa must be so strong to finish running until the end I want to be in first place too alright then let's practice hard yep good luck let's have honey lemon and sandwiches during your break I made a lot of food today thank you so much Susanna Chon are you ready yep perfect all right let's do this okay we.

Started practicing immediately but this is kind of hard Anita and fan with me I'm sorry this was harder than I thought you have to work hard to win first place you're right I'll do my best don't hurt yourselves okay a few dozen minutes later phew we're getting the hang of this huh yep we're not tripping anymore we can be.

First place like this you're right we're definitely going to win what do you mean first place doing besides who is that man it's my daddy sure Dad this guy yeah were you guys practicing for sports day there's no point.

True it is because my dad is stronger and the most handsome there's always gonna lose to a guy like this you're lying he's going to win there's no way a fake dad can win against a real one don't you think so there's no point in practicing my dad is going to be the one to win first place.

I can't be in first place you can I won't let you lose trust me you don't need to be nervous okay really yeah I don't lie so let's practice again the more we practice the stronger we'll be okay time passed by quickly as we practiced.

And it was already afternoon I carried Susan a Chan on my shoulders and dropped her home I can't eat anymore be hungry either way thank you so much for today you've done so much for Susan already oh no don't worry about it for a child their parents are like a God and.

Everything around them is their entire world it's sad to make them feel upset in the middle of all that physical health is easy to mend but a broken heart lasts a long time if I can help Susan achan have a little more fun in her life that's all that matters to me that's all it is you're.

Very kind I just want to look cool in front of kids I think that's wonderful after deciding that we'd be first place on sports day we continued practicing as we spent time together my relationship with not only Susana Chon but with shizui San's grew.

I started falling deeper and deeper for shizui-san who always kindly watched and supported us we're done with practice for today yeah I'm so hungry moving around a lot makes me hungry too um hug a son if you'd like will you have dinner with us you're gonna eat dinner with us I can.

Join you of course I wanted to do something to thank you for always practicing with susuna thank you I'd love to thank you for the food oh it's so good susunauts you properly before you swallow okay it's very delicious.

I'm glad you like it hey onichan will you be my real daddy what your real dad yeah I'd be super happy if you heard my real daddy that's Susan ah you can't ask that from hakasan what but that's what I think if only time was my Daddy thank you Susan achon it makes me super happy that you feel.

That way but we can't decide things like that quickly you know I guess but you'll think about it right sure I was thinking about how things would be if I could be her real dad too after dinner Susan achon fell asleep while playing with me.

Thank you so much for today you even played with Susana after dinner oh no don't worry about it I do all of this because I want to plus I'm happy to be able to help you out in any way you're so kind hagasan why are you so nice to us because I'm falling for you she's always on.

Will she be troubled if I told her how I feel you know I don't want Susan that Sean to feel sad I told you about how I was raised by a single parent too didn't I that's why you know I know how a child can feel lonely because of it so basically you're kind.

To us because of susuna what's wrong she's away son I'm sorry I just wanted to know how you feel because I think about it sometimes too if you could be susuda's actual father does that mean Mommy I need to pee Oh Susana the toilet is this way sweetie oh I didn't get a chance to ask what she.

Meant after Susan achon went back to sleep I headed home days passed and on the day of sports day we're going to get first place all right yeah good luck leave it to us let's win okay yeah let's do this on your marks get set go I ran with everything I had in order to get first place.

It might have been the hardest I've run in my whole life using up all the strength in my body Susana and I successfully ran across the Finish Line first we're in first place I told you didn't I we won't lose hey susuna oh yeah your first place was cheating he's not.

Your real dad the first place you got with him was cheating it was a fake will but you're real dead then then we could charge again go home you fake that's Susan nutshawn are you really okay with me being your real dad honey do you still do you still think you'd be happy if I was your dad yeah she's away son yes I.

Fell in love with you over this past month I care about Susan achon deeply too if you're okay with it will you make me a husband and a father I promise we'll have the pain and double our happiness and live a life with more Smiles than tears of course huh that mean I'm going to be your real dad.

Susan achon really hey talk to your teacher I apologize for my son's rudeness what a boss boss this man is a very important person at the company I work at just like real hey kun's father said I was the head of a housekeeping service.

Company that supports single parent families growing up with a single mother and seeing how hard she was working I started this company with hopes that we could make life easier for single parents and allow them to spend more time with their children I apologize about my son don't worry about it a.

Child's parent is their God it's normal for him to think his dad is always number one ryohe Kun what I know your dad is a wonderful person he's always working so hard at our company too but you know there are some kids who can't live with both parents because of certain situations so you shouldn't say mean words to kids like that okay.

Uh Susanna oh what is it I'm sorry for being mean to you it's okay don't worry about it now that the two made up they had fun participating in other events together and the sports day came to an end thank you so much for today and um.

Were you serious when you proposed to me a hundred percent I wasn't saying it at the whim of the moment I love you I'm so happy I love you too please be with Susanna and I from now on of course I will after reconfirming our feelings for each other she's always on and I tied the knot riojay Koon and.

Susana became extremely close friends after that ryohe kun's mother also apologized to shizui-san and the two fixed things as well the four of them are so much closer now and even go out to lunch on some weekends days passed after that Susanna I caught.

You you got me susuna kanji let's eat okay come on Susanna let's go yay a picnic is about me and Daddy I'm having you so much fun let's go to a lot of places with the three of us okay we're a family know sweetie huh.

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