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[Manga Dub] After getting dumped, I dated Plain Jane as a prank… [RomCom]


My name is Thomas asakura and I'm a second year high school student I've never been popular but I was able to get a girlfriend for the first time in my life the girl was part of an extroverted group so I thought she just asked me out for a punishment game but after eating lunch together I was.

Starting to think that she was actually serious about me Hey Thomas let's go on a date tomorrow since we have no school yeah sure sakuraisan is there anywhere you wanted to go sh didn't I tell you to call me Oscar my girlfriend Asaka Sakurai puffed up her.

Cheeks and frustration I couldn't help but think that she looked adorable I'm sorry I'm still kind of shy about that you know we're in a relationship aren't we Treat Me Like a Stranger I'll do my best to get used to it you're so dense but I think that it's really cute I had no experience with girls so all I.

Could do was blush when I received that compliment anyways what about the movies there's one that I've been wanting to see we can go wherever you want to sakuraisan isn't there any way you want to go Toma I've never gone on a date before so I don't know what kind of places we should go to then here's your assignment plan the rest of the dates.

After we finish watching the movie what that's a difficult assignment you don't have to think too deeply anywhere is fun as long as I could spend time with the person I like the person you like why are you blushing I told you that I have feelings for you already didn't I don't you like me too Tomah well it was a sudden confession so I'm not really sure.

How I feel about you but but you're very cute so I think I'm going to start falling for you forcing yourself to be in a relationship with me that's not it I was honestly happy that you told me you have feelings for me I'm dating you because I want to be with you.

Okay then I'm excited about our date tomorrow yeah soccer I saw and feel uncertain because I haven't clearly told her that I like her yet I felt a little bit of pressure that I had to plan a date that would make Sakurai son happy tomorrow.

The next day I searched up good date locations online and came to our meeting place 30 minutes early I was motivated to make Sakurai have a fun time today sorry about the weight Thomas when I saw soccer I saw in our meeting spot I froze the class extroverts were all with her what why is everyone here the extroverts.

Started laughing when they saw how confused I was tell me you don't get it yet it was all a break did you really think that someone like you could actually be in a relationship with Asuka take a look at yourself in the mirror first it was at that moment that I realized the truth.

The fear I had when sakuraisan first confessed her feelings for me actually came true so it wasn't real did you finally realize it I was pretending to be your girlfriend as part of a punishment game ah sukai you're a terrible person the rule was only to confess your feelings for him but you even made him promise to.

Have a date with you I don't think I could have pretended to be his girlfriend even as a prank I think you're such an actress all right I did my best could I go home now what is this too heartbreaking for you you were able to be in a relationship with me even if it was for a short.

Period of time it was a good memory for you wasn't it it was a good memory you've forced me to be a part of this stupid joke everyone was laughing at me but I wasn't that heartbroken it's not like I was in love with Sakurai stone or anything and I had a feeling that it could possibly be a part of a punishment game in fact.

I'm kind of glad she told me early on hey going now sakuristan left with her extroverted friends she was probably going to have fun with them after this but it was honestly none of my concern after breaking it off with Sakurai my.

Student life returned back to normal sakurai-san went back to hanging out with her extroverted friends and seemed like she was having fun I never wanted her to be a part of my life again but during our lunch break Little Miss plain looking want to play a game with us.

What do you want I want to read so please leave me alone sakuraison was trying to talk to my classmate sayatsukishiro she had long bangs that hit her face and looked plain so the extroverts called her little Miss plain looking oh come on don't be so unfancly we're fans aren't we I don't remember being.

Friends with you sakuraisan come on just play with us a little they're targeting tsukishiro-san now the extroverts normally teased tsuki shirosan about her looks so I'm sure she doesn't think of them fondly either seems like she was troubled by the fact that they were suddenly acting friendly with her.

But she couldn't go against them and was forced to join them in a card game I should Escape now just in case I wasn't sure why they invited tsukishiro-san to join their game but I knew there was a possibility that they might involve her in their pranks again I didn't want to be a part of any of that so I left the classroom and decided.

To spend my lunch break in the cafeteria asakura there's something I wanted to talk to you about will you come with me after school tsukishiro-san came over to talk to me it was rare for her to start a conversation with someone sure but can't be here I don't rather talk to you when no one's.

Around please I looked over in sakurai's son's Direction I could see that they were looking at us and smirking so that's what it's about I realized what was happening and followed tsuki shiros onto the Rooftop raccoon please be my boyfriend I sighed when the situation turned out just as I expected based on the timing I.

Knew this confession was part of a punishment game for losing a card game they should have known that I could easily see through the confession as a prank but I didn't know why they chose me again seems like the punishment game included.

Getting a date with me too I'm pretty sure they wanted to put tsuki shiro-san in an uncomfortable position knowing that I would see through the fake confession they might also be watching how I react they've made me a Target once again I needed to make a choice whether I would help or abandon tsukishiro-san.

No matter what decision I make I'm sure it would entertain soccer I saw in her friends I decided to say yes as a fellow victim I wanted to at least help tsukishiro-san okay I'll date you thank you so much looked kind of relieved.

After that we exchanged contact numbers and decided to go on a date the next day since it was a weekend I was reading comics in my room when my older sister came in again I'm not a masseuse please you're feeling good at giving massages your older sister is tired from work why can't you help her out.

Fine my sister and I had a big age Gap so she was already working a big girl job this year she's been using that as an excuse to make me massage her recently Tom your massages are really the best thanks I'll cut your hair next time in return.

You don't need to do that why not Thomas your hair is so long right now I think it'll look so much better if you cut it like that that's why your girlfriend dumped you so quickly I told you she dumped me because we were only dating for a punishment game I get a terrible bed head when I make my hair short so.

Long hair is easier for me but if you looked handsome your fake girlfriends could have turned into your real girlfriend are you okay with being single forever it's not like I'm going to be popular just because I cut my hair plus I do technically have a girlfriend I mean we're dating because of a.

Punishment game again we're probably going to break up tomorrow but I'm technically in a relationship right now I think these will be good stories to tell in the future Toma make this girl your real girlfriend this time it's one go you might never be able to get with a girl again but it's not like.

I have feelings for her either I'm fine with not being able to actually date her I'm telling you to be a man that can make any girl fall for you it's a good opportunity it'll make you look handsome that's impossible who do you who do you think I am I'm a professional hair stylist once you get your hair done by me you'll transform into a handsome boy.

What do you mean by professional hair stylist you're still a first year newbie then cooperate with me so I could become a professional hair stylist I promise you won't regret it you just want to use me for practice don't you don't smart mouth me come on time doesn't wait for anyone come to my room.

Hey it's impossible to stop my sister once she decides on something after a small argument she convinced me to let her cut my hair the next day I arrived at the meeting spot five minutes early I didn't know how long tsukishi rasan.

Was waiting for me but she had dutifully arrived before me I'm sorry tsukishiro-san did I make you wait long when I called out to her she looked up with a stunned face um who are you what I froze from The Unexpected response was.

She going to pretend like she didn't know me after making plans to meet what kind of joke is this did they tell you to act like you don't know me when I show up for our date are you usakura tsukishiro-san's voice was full of surprise it seemed like she actually.

Didn't recognize me yeah but why are you surprised I'm sorry uh I didn't recognize you because you look so different did you cut your hair yeah actually my sister cut it yesterday um does it look weird it's not weird at all in fact uh I think it suits you.

Really my sister was confidently saying that she made me look handsome but I wasn't sure if I could trust her but if you think it suits me I actually have a favor I want to ask from you will you help out my sister help her out my sister is a hair stylist when I told her about your hair she said.

That she wanted to try cutting it she's still an apprentice so she wants people who will be practice models for her well I understand it's a sudden request it's just that sakuristan and her friends always make fun of you by calling you little Miss plain looking because your bangs hide.

Your face right I just thought that they might stop saying that if you cut your hair the day-to-day is for a punishment game isn't it you knew this is the second time it happened to me I knew you were forced to join their game yesterday so I had a feeling that's what it was about.

Why did you say yes to the dates if you knew it was a prank you look like you were in trouble plus if I said no they might have messed around with you more you did this for me I guess so that's why I thought it would be good to have a makeover so that Sakurai son and her friends would stop.

Messing with you if I look different after the haircut I'm sure you'd be able to change too tsukishiro-san contemplated as she looked at my face I have no intention to call it tsukishiro-san Little Miss plain looking but it was true that she did have a plain appearance.

I don't know how much she'll change but I knew that it was worth a shot okay asakura code let's do it follow me then my sister is waiting so she can get to it right away I brought tsukushiro-san to the salon where my sister was working after passing through the reception I left tsukushiro-san with my sister.

The salon happily invited her inside since she was helping with my sister's training I wasn't sure where my sister was getting her confidence from but she took a look at tsukushiro-san and excitedly said that it would be a worthwhile haircut thank you for waiting us a kurakoon.

I was sitting in the waiting room when tsukishiro-san came in after finishing her haircut my voice was full of surprise when I looked at her what is it really you tsuki what do you think one had transformed into a beauty after her haircut.

She looked like a completely different person I didn't think she would change this much it's great right I was so surprised that you're such a cutie sayotan that's true it was a shame hiding your face when you look that cute oh not at all the reason I look pretty is you miss I'm not that cocky to take credit.

Sweetie you are just pretty from the start it's rare to hear you say something like that big sis your nickname is professional hair stylist shut up that's just how I need to feel I have to manifest it or else I want to be able to achieve my goal right a Sakura you're very close with.

Your sister aren't you well it's not like we're that close of course we are tilma is my adorable baby brother what is that how you think of me I want you to stop using me as your slave then that's just my way of showing affection anyway Sayo Chad please be good to my little brother you can come.

Go for any time you want yes of course what after that tsukishiro-san thanked my sister and we headed out of the salon tsukishiro-san you don't need to think too much about what my sister said earlier I appreciate you so much asakura if you didn't give me that push I wouldn't have the courage to do this on.

My own I was very happy that you and your sister complimented me this haircut actually makes you look cute I don't think people will make fun of you in school anymore I hope so don't worry I guarantee it a hurricane you changed a lot as well how so you'll see when you go back to school.

After that weekend I walked into the classroom and felt people's eyes on me for some reason everyone was staring at me is that you yeah what's up sakuraison came up to talk to me when I sat down in my seat I didn't want to be a part of her life anymore so I didn't really want her to.

Talk to me oh you cut your hair yeah something like that sakuristan looked into my face as if looking for a way to insult me what what are you saying you look handsome now so I'm okay with making you my boyfriend are you going to make fun.

Of me again there's no way I can date you sakurai-san Lee weren't eating once weren't we let's start over that's very selfish of you a commotion started in our class when tsukishiro-san walked in ah you good morning tsukishi wasan when.

I called her name everyone around us let out a surprised wow you're joking right is it actually you the Lane looking no way you are actually that cute Hey Little Miss play looking I I mean tsukushiro will you be my girlfriend no hold on a minute mitsukishiro I'm sorry.

For always calling you names be my girlfriend hey exclaimed in Anger as the two boys in the extrovert group switched sides immediately what you're also into the new asakura aren't you you have no right to get mad at us yeah but gosh whatever Tama let's start.

Things over between us that was a complete 180. sorry but I'm usakura's girlfriend already the classroom became noisy again after tsukishi rosan hugged me from behind excuse me what did you two get so friendly with each other yeah sukishiro what did you and asakura.

Get into a relationship what are you talking about you guys are the ones who told me to ask asakura Kun to be my boyfriend yeah but that was for a punishments game Toma he realized it was a prank didn't you I did but tsukishi rasan confessed her true feelings for me during our date okay tsukishiro-san I'll see you at.

School hold on a minute as a hurricane we were going to part ways after the salon when sukishiro-san stopped me what is it I know this started off as a punishment scheme but I was so happy that you protected me and cared for me I think I fell for your kindness as a kurokoon please be in a relationship.

With me what are you saying all of a sudden did my sister put you up to this it's not that the reason I decided to cut my hair was because I wanted you to think I was pretty it's true that I was captivated by how handsome you suddenly became but I was happy that you agreed to go on a date with me even though you.

Knew it was a punishments game did I really become handsome you're a very good looking guy I think that the girls at school might try to steal you from me I don't want anyone to take you I don't think I'll be that popular all of a sudden actually tsukishiro-san I think that the boys at school will be all over you I'm pretty.

Sure a bunch of people will be confessing their feelings for you I don't plan on being in a relationship with anyone else I want to be with you as a hurricane that makes me happy truth is I was sort of wishing that you were my real girlfriend after seeing how cute you looked but I felt bad because that makes it seem like I'm only.

Interested in your physical appearance I'm okay with that asakura I cut my hair for that reason hugged me thank you for saying yes thank you too thank you for asking me when tsukishi rasan said that I'd be popular I didn't believe her but who.

Would have thought you'd ask me to be in a relationship with you again oh that's tsukishiro-san and I don't want to date people that'll judge others based on their physical appearances the extroverts went silent after my statement.

On the way home you were so cool today you too it was so cool how you told sakuraison and her friends off the reason I have confidence in myself is you a Sakura so I'm going to do something that requires smart confidence yukishiro-san kissed my cheek let's be together forever.

My fake girlfriend became my real girlfriend the girl who was once called Little Miss plain looking transformed into a bald woman from now on I want to spend loving days with my girlfriend without feeling insecure thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.