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[Manga Dub] After I told her I had plans, she started crying… [ROmCom]


All right I'm done with work for the day thank God I didn't have to stay back overtime all aano I'm a business owner who has been working for 5 years now I've been in charge of several big projects and I'm living a busy but productive life huh Tano Senpai are you already done for today yeah I was planning to head home right when I get.

Off and I didn't get any additional work it's rare to see you get off on time tanos Senpai is it going to rain tomorrow this girl has a lot to say as always doesn't she that's what MIA son if you keep moving your mouth and not your hands you're not going to be able to get off on time don't worry about me I've.

Already finished my work for today so I'll be heading home now I see well if you finished your job I don't have any complaints ra atomia she was known as the idol of our workplace with her good looks and high communication skills she's very popular with the male workers and as you can see she's my junior coworker and is very pushy whenever she.

Talks to me tanos senpai if you're done with work what do you say we go get food of course you'll be treating though Tano zai hey at Mia son has invited Tano to go out that's not fair everyone's talking about us now I mean she does stand out sorry I can't today because I have plans huh it's rare that you have plans tanos Senpai I doubt it but don't.

Tell me it's a date it's not a date but I feel a bit pathetic saying that it's not maybe I'll hint that it is s of your business Aria why are you trying to shy away from the subject don't tell me you actually have a girlfriend what kind of person is she how old where did she work does that woman actually like you tenos Senpai WAOW she's asking so.

Intently that letting you through until you answer I have a feeling she won't actually let me through until I tell her uh I don't have a girlfriend I'm just going to dinner with my family in that case you should have said something earlier if you have plans with your family I'll forgive you for saying no to me what do you mean forgive I mean I.

Went out of my way to ask you if your reason for saying no was because you wanted to go to the bookstore or something I'd be pretty sad well yeah right however if you're prioritizing your parents I don't mind losing it's a good thing to treasure your parents after all yeah you're right she's a normal and good girl with things.

Like this so it throws me off sometimes after that I headed to the Italian restaurant as planned huh you're still the only one here Arya yeah Mom and Grandma said that they were coming later Arya mizumori she's a daughter of my older sister and is a senior in college who just turned 22 years old this year my sister's husband passed away from an.

Illness when Arya was young so I've been living together with her with my parents since then oh I see let's order the drinks first then yeah let's do that we ordered wines after that hey I bet we look like we're on to date to other people no they might think we're siblings we've been living together since you were young so we get along.

Like family besides we're only 5 years apart oh that's true honestly you and Mom don't look like siblings yeah she's 18 years older than me after all she's more like my mom than my sister totally you two look like mother and son when you're together that's true that might be hard to accept for your mom though I get that we can't.

Talk about things like this if she was here by the way Tomy aun you don't have a girlfriend this topic again I don't again did I ever ask you whether you had a girlfriend not you my junior coworker asked me the same thing earlier is this coworker of yours a female yeah she is oh maybe that girl is interested in you Tomo yakun no that's.

Not possible she's really popular with the male employees too oh so she's cute then do you have a picture of her why would I have wait a second I have a picture from our company trip she's so cute it's just you two in the picture huh are you sure you're not dating I told you we're not what but you two look so close in this picture she's.

Super comfortable with people she's the one who suddenly took this and sent it to me are you sure the only reason a girl would get close to their older coworker is if they liked them or wanted to use them then she's probably using me she even asked me to treat her to dinner today Tomy auna are you sure I mean that's what she.

Said I guess it's going to take a while for you to find a girlfriend well was That's supposed to mean is that tono zai who would have thought he was having dinner with a family at this restaurant H that's his family member she clearly looks like his girlfriend she looks younger than me too oh maybe she's his younger sister no but I don't think he.

Has siblings other than his older sister H the woman who just arrived looks like his girlfriend's mother wait is that what he meant by family they're about to get married and he's already close to her mother oh go home you're late Mom sorry sorry what were you two talking about Tom my yun's female coworker oh sounds.

Interesting after that my sister and Arya kept asking questions and interrogating me about Adam Mian the following day yesterday was terrible mom came after that and kept annoying me about how I should get married and give her grandchildren soon too oh adaman good morning what yes good morning H she seems a bit sad today as I had expected.

Adasa made a bunch of mistakes during work that morning Tano sunpai I printed out the paperwork you needed for the next meeting thanks wait it looks like a lot how many sections did you print 50 we only needed five oh I'm sorry that was my mistake well having more is better than not having enough we can use the 45 sections of scratch paper or.

Something ad Mia son doesn't normally make mistakes like this maybe I'll invite her out to lunch during our lunch break and ask her what's wrong during lunch break Alia son H do you want to go to the office cafeteria together what with me we can't oh I see never mind about lunch then Ohan you don't seem like you're usual self today are you.

Feeling okay if you're not feeling well you can call off for the evening don't push yourself too hard okay Tano Senpai why are you being nice to me what you're an important coworker so it's only normal it's those things you probably invited me to lunch because it seemed like I wasn't doing well but you shouldn't do things like that when you.

Have a girlfriend especially because you're close to her family too you're so stupid t zenpai hold on hold on why are you crying and girlfriend hey was making Adia cry this is bad this is going to create a huge misunderstanding Adia son I'll explain properly so so come with me what what after that I practically forced Adan to.

Follow me to a park nearby no one can hear our conversation here so we'll be able to talk without worrying there's something more to talk about t Senpai besides you're horrible if you have a girlfriend already you shouldn't be that nice to me I started liking you because of that tanos Senpai what don't be so surprised I was.

Heartbroken for the first time in my life yesterday and I didn't know what to do but I couldn't miss work over something like that so I did my best and clocked in my eyes were so puffy because I cried a lot it was hard to cover it up with makeup hold Onan you've got it all wrong like I told you yesterday I don't have a girlfriend you don't have to lie.

To me anymore I saw you having dinner with your girlfriend yesterday tanos Senpai I even saw her mother arrive at the restaurant you're so close to her that you even see your parents right oh that's what this is about uh that's my older sister's daughter basically she's my niece so you're right in the sense that she's arya's mother but she's my.

Sister what but isn't she a little too old to be your niece she looked like she was over 20 years old yeah she's 22 now am I my older sister and I have an age gap of 18 years I knew that you had an older sister but I didn't know the age Gap was that big yeah my mom gave birth to me when she was 40 my mom arrived a little after my sister did you didn't.

See that no I went home right away because I thought you were with your girlfriend and her mother oh I see I'm glad we cleared up the misunderstanding though yes I'm glad too I'm so glad you don't have a girlfriend T Senpai wait I thought you had a girlfriend and I basically told you that I like you I'm sorry I should have cleared up the.

Misunderstanding earlier uh honestly I confessed my feelings to you because of that I wanted you to be the one to ask me out oh really but I see some employees confess their feelings to you sometimes it's not that rare of a thing for you right it's different to have people you're not interested in asking you to be their girlfriend compared to.

Being asked about someone you like that's true you're right Tano Senpai can you hit your head and lose some of your memories right now uh I can't do that besides I was just flirting with you so much how could you be so uninterested in me what were you really flirting with me I was we even took a picture together during the company trip.

I even showed you when I made the picture my home screen oh I do remember you doing that why are you barely reacting uh I thought you were just making fun of me like always I assumed you changed it back right after of course not that picture is still my home screen oh it is I even invited you out for drinks I mean.

We're senior and Junior co-workers so I assumed you wanted to rant about work I also thought you wanted me to treat you to dinner because you're a broke we get paid a decent amount at our company so obviously it's not the case yeah you're right right anyway I understand that you have absolutely no interest in me what that's.

Not a i confessed my love to you by accident but please just act like normal with me from now on no that'll be a bit of a problem how so because I like you arasan if you'd like I want you to be in a relationship with me H uh you don't have to be that surprised but t Senpai you had absolutely no interest in me no.

That's not true I do think you get a bit cocky when I talk to you but you're very responsible when it comes to work people might think you're finishing your work without much effort but I know that you're putting in work behind the scenes you are watching me that much why didn't you confess your feelings for me uh this and that are two completely different.

Things besides if you were uninterested in me and turn me down it affect our jobs wouldn't it it'll be fine for me to feel awkward because I confess my feelings but uh I'd feel bad if it ended up affecting your work too that's very kind of you but you're not very brave are you besides it's almost as though you.

Confess your feelings to me because you found out that I like you back you're exactly right I'm sorry that's a little too convenient for me Isn't it please forget about what I said i' be happy if you could treat me like like your Senpai like you always do what hold on a second I never said that I wouldn't be in a relationship with you.

You gather the guts to ask me so of course I'll date you what really that makes me happy but of course I will besides do you not understand how much I like you T Senpai uh thank you so I guess it's fine that you asked me like this but the next time you ask me an important question make it cool okay but next time you're so stupid tanos.

Senpai but tell me you should figure it out yourself despite the misunderstanding we were able to be in a relationship because of that I'm sure we'll end up arguing in the future but I have a feeling that we'll be able to get along well after that well a few hours later it's technically our first day of dating do you want to grab some dinner.

Yes let's do that but I only know isaka is around here that's perfectly fine in fact I want to know your go-to places please take me there yeah of course huh Tomy aun what a coincidence oh Arya huh is she the girl from the picture oh uh you're his niece right so you know about me my name is Arya mizumori and I'm his niece thank.

You for the poite introduction I'm Tano Senpai Jor from work ra atomia oh you're older than me so I'd be really happy if you could talk to me without honorifics okay AR are is such an outgoing person just like my sister she's even more talkative than ataman so are you two heading somewhere after this yeah we're going to grab.

Drinks at a yakatori place nearby toia son I'm going to borrow a Tom yakun for a second hey Tomy yakun just because she's your coworker doesn't mean you you could take her to a yucky Tory place if you want to date her choose a better restaurant um Aria Chan I can hear everything oh I'm sorry sorry too Tomy aun no it's fine the truth is you're.

Actually dating now what you didn't tell us anything about that yesterday Yeah we actually started dating today during our lunch break what tell me more about it yep of course H that's a little uh after that how Mia son talked all about what happened that day during lunch Tom me Aon you're so lame my bad besides why didn't you get.

With it when she was talking about the other important question what you know what she's talking about Arya obviously the next important question after asking someone to be your girlfriend is what other than a marriage proposal oh I see ARA Chan don't say it out loud you're embarrassing me oh I'm sorry to aun knows nothing about girls and I've never.

Thought he be able to find a girlfriend so it makes me happy I couldn't help but say it oh I guess that's okay then he's very kind and has a lot of green flags but I want Tomy aun to fix how clueless he is sometimes I'll do my best hey ARA Chan do you want to join us for dinner what I can but aren't you guys celebrating the day you started dating.

Yeah but it's fine it makes me happy to be able to meet Tom yun's family too thank you so much I'll take you up on that offer then um can I call you ra Onan hey Arya why is arasan your Onan because you're my onichan Tom aun if you two are dating she's basically Mayan you're so cute Aria Chan you can call me whatever you want yay uh I'm her.

Boyfriend and I still call her adaman she got ahead of me why do you look so jealous Tom Aon if you're going to make that face you should call her by your name too nice job are you CH no I might call her that at work accidentally so I shouldn't do that who cares you just need to be careful well that's true but can I call.

You ra when we're not at work then yep I'll call you Tommy aun too oh you're unusually honest with your feelings Tomy aun thank you ARA Chan thanks to you I'm becoming even closer to Tomy aun that makes me happy too in that case for you two to be even closer I'll tell you all you want to know about to aun but he was a freshman in high school hey don't tell.

Weak or anything weird the two of us will probably continue to be in a good relationship as the people around us make fun of me thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well