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[Manga Dub] After my father’s company went down, I entered a strategic marriage… [RomCom]


I'm so so sorry can't go please forgive this cowardly spineless father of yours dad my name is Kango Umi nohama just your typical high school second year you would find anywhere the reason why my dad is getting down on his knees in front of me that's because my father now to Uma small as it was managed to run.

His own business that company now is on the brink of bankruptcy the reason for that is because a subordinate at the company took a large sum of its capital and ran away with it that subordinate was soon caught and arrested but since the money was already spent it couldn't be gained back along with the massive Financial damage suffered the clients.

Lost trust in the company and business went downhill overnight there was one person who extended his hand to my father he was a long time acquaintance who was the president of a large corporation and offered my father financial assistance that was definitely something to be grateful for however there were certain conditions which had.

To be fulfilled for this to happen that was to begin living together with the other party's daughter on premise of marriage father please raise your head tell that to the president that we accept his condition if that can help you father and the employees at your company then I don't mind at all.

But to you that means dad there's no other solution right to become your strength father the strength of the man who raised me so well up until now is what I wish for you can go I will definitely rebuild the company until then please hold on yeah leave it to me Dad one week later after Gathering my belongings and.

Leaving my home I headed towards the apartment where the president's daughter lived the fact that the door isn't locked must mean she's already inside right pardon me for the intrusion when I entered the living room a petite girl was inside she turned her head towards me wait this girl I think she's from the same high school as me ah I remembered.

She's Inori suzannari from the same grade to think that the other party would be that salt little pre by the way little pre is short for little princess Inori suzunari a second year in the same High School Alice high school as me in a different class she is a beautiful girl with a slightly childish appearance with the status of president's daughter.

Because of that there were quite a few guys who tried to make advances on her but she sunk everyone's hopes by rejecting them all in a single sweep of this cold reception along with her appearance her nickname became salt little pre um nice to meet you my name is Kango Umi.

Nohama I'm from the same grade in the same school as you who susanawei-san as if I was out of her consideration entirely susanari swiftly left the room ah what a beautifully cold reception I guess it means that the nickname of salt little pre wasn't given to her for nothing this means let alone getting married.

It's hopeless to even become lovers at this rate no matter how you look at it it's a losing game no matter what you say keeping this in this state is bad right if there's no progress you can't blame me for thinking fully that this condition in itself is going to lead everything into shambles right anyways I.

Have to find a way to break the ice for the sake of my father too for the sake of attempting this difficult Mission I gathered all my courage together the very next day after we started living together a storm appeared suddenly who is it coming so early on the morning of a holiday Rin why all the way here.

The girl who appeared in front of me was Rina Amano my childhood friend and classmate isn't it obvious I came to take you back can go and by the way to disappear without even a word to me I would forgive you for that I dodged rin's hand which was trying to make a grab for me sorry but I can't do that I heard the rough details from your dad.

Can go there's no need for you to sacrifice yourself can go right your life is your own right my life belongs to me that's why this is my life too so please leave now I'm not leaving I'm not accepting this because I'm definitely definitely not accepting this after saying all that Rin escaped my grasp and entered the house.

Of her own accord hey what are you doing all on your in a panic I tried to chase after her but it was no use Rin completely ignored me and quickly entered the house when she entered the living room susanari-san was standing there but bad timing I thought it was getting rowdy just who may you be I'm kendo's.

Classmate Vin Amano from today you will be letting me freeload here I'm letting you know ahead of time but even if you try to chase me out I'm not leaving I won't budge an inch no matter what you try to do please do as you wish even if you think about calling the police I'm not gonna leave okay wait you're seriously gonna let me stay without.

Responding to rin's words susanari's son disappeared into her own room that girl is really strange huh I do agree with you on that if that's the case even if I'm not here no what would happen so having that said I've decided to live here too so I'll be in.

Your care your uncle and auntie really agree to this things are totally fine in that department the two of them enthusiastically wish me good luck as a sense be on my way Uncle Auntie please don't send your daughter out like that so easily.

In that way our Strange daily life began the three of us living together but soon enough a big problem arose I'm afraid to say this but there was nothing to blame it on other than the inadequacy of the two beautiful girls in terms of household chores about Rin I pretty much knew already but I didn't expect suzunarisan to be on the same level as.

Her though thinking about it again was raised as a mistress so it shouldn't have been a surprise she was especially horrible when it came to cooking today must be a death anniversary for a time I did get them to take turns with the cooking but what they produced was simply inedible.

Because of that I was appointed as the minister of cooking and now I even got appointed as the minister of cleaning and the minister of laundry so having said that I took care of the cooking as well for today's dinner as expected kango's homemade cooking is the best munch munch.

Susan aristan continued to eat in earnest you know I think it would be great if you guys could maybe Master some cooking skills too just a bit fine we have kengo here not a problem hey you two I'm not here to be your exclusive Chef okay a few days later I bumped into susanari-san who was.

Wandering around the apartment she appeared to be in search for something what's wrong are you missing something and nothing as if she was trying to flee susanari-san ran away I'm curious it was the first time I had seen her show such a desperate expression it must have been something very important I.

Decided to tag her along secretly it's not there it's not anywhere where are you my stuffed bear stuffed bear ah speaking of that I returned to my room in an instant the thing you were looking for could it be this uh Mr bear sun.

Snatched the stuffed animal from my grasp it happened all in an instant why did you have my fair son did you perhaps enter my room and steal it no no I wouldn't ever do a thing like that I saw it next to the sink and picked it up then I saw it was sort of torn in many areas so I patched it up ah you're right it's become so much.

Prettier I'm sorry for taking it without your permission even though I didn't know it was something so precious to you I shouldn't have done that I apologize on my part too to doubt you for stealing it no I took it away without checking if it was all right with you first so it was wrong of me don't worry about it that stuffed animal.

Must be something very precious right yes this stuffed animal is the only stuffed animal in the world the one and only which belonged to me and only me is that so then if it gets damaged somewhere again just take it over to me as you can see I'm good with sewing too yes I'll do that susanari son faintly smiled at me.

As if responding to that my heart skipped a beat Susan Arizona can make a face like that too huh then I'll be going out now so I'll be leaving the house in your care uh what's wrong thank you you're very welcome on that morning I felt something was off I abruptly awoke and felt that I was frozen in place Rin.

Ah really what are you doing um I was just staring at kango's sleeping face I'm to say this but I wasn't thinking about something like waking you up with a kiss or something at all is that so A short silence emerged between us what is this this embarrassing.

Atmosphere for now let's just try to have a conversation speaking of which when we were kids you used to come wake me up often right yeah true that when we were in elementary school I used to go to kengo's house to wake you up yeah and that time you often dived head first into my head to wake me up you could have woken me up in a.

Slightly gentler way I thought that so many times it can't be helped because even if I yelled at you you wouldn't wake up oh and you jumped straight in with a skirt on so I was really troubled as to where to look wait could it be that you actually looked Earth am I saying oh why are you staring.

So calmly as if nothing happened uh I'm sorry if you're going to look you might as well confess about it played it open ah that is self-report system and furthermore if I confess to it she's fine with it geez if it comes down to that I'll have.

You take responsibility responsibility what are you talking about right now of all times and besides it wasn't my fault but the fact that I simply had no self-defense ability against you oh quiet with you shut up marry me right now in an instant that's definitely impossible and right now that doesn't.

Even matter anymore so I'm leaving now I got up in an instant and left the room uh you wake up on the day of that evening the coldness I felt in the air was a bit more severe than usual out of all things to have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night huh.

Over there by the window s on I quietly approached her my bad I must have startled you I thought it was a ghost I casually walked over next to susanari-san and stood next to her I was looking at the sky is that so I turned my gaze to the view outside the window.

For those few days maybe it was because of the clouds in the sky but the Stars appeared awfully beautiful can I ask you one thing what is it why did you agree to live with me by your side you have friend right ah you got it wrong Rin is well just a childhood friend oh then aiming after my dad's assets.

That's wrong too it's for the sake of my father for the sake of your father in a nutshell I explained to her how this all came out you were raised by a single parent too fight two suzunari-san you don't have a mother either yes I don't have a mother it's it's my fault what do you mean by that it's my.

Question suzunari started to answer in a cool tone susanari son's mother died protecting her in a car accident when she was young her mother was hit by a car I wanted to go to my mother so I jumped out onto the road if I hadn't done that things wouldn't have ended like this I wouldn't have had to put my father in so much pain I wouldn't have.

Had to put him through so much suffering that's why in obedience to my father's commands I agreed to these conditions of living together on the premise of marriage by swearing absolute obedience to my father that's the only way I can atone for my sins me Susan Horizon also agreed to living.

Together with me because she was thinking of her father but there was one big difference and I wanted to do something about that you don't have to blame yourself so much like that at least your mother wouldn't have wished for this suzunari-san I'm sure of it it's just as Kango said when I turned.

Back Rin was there sorry for ease shopping I heard everything rien slowly walks towards us then while staring in front of suzunari-san she crouched down slightly and swept her into a hug you can't make such a sorrowful face like that your mother is up there in heaven and will worry about you but.

Besides there's no need to live a life where you aren't making decisions of your own will if you do that you'll never be happy and it's definitely not what your mother would have wanted either bread that's something I could say to you too got it there's plenty more I want to say but it's light so I'll stop for today Inori let's sleep.

Together today okay yes huh the two of them have that sort of relationship I thought they were like a cat and dog but what's wrong ah could it be that you want to join us what sort of nonsense are you saying there's no way I would think that it was a joke well then good night a few.

Days after that I caught sight of Susan aristan and Rin talking together in the living room they appear to have serious Expressions on their faces I wonder what they could be talking about I was too curious so I hid in the shadows don't criticize me for having bad taste I was just too curious and didn't have a choice.

I don't know how to beat around the bush but I'll see it bluntly what do you think of kenko bye what do you mean the person is the marriage partner which my parent decided for me that's it that's really it is that so then if that's the case it's okay if I go and take Tango for myself right I said it so come out right now I know you're hiding in there.

I was caught having no choice I showed myself as Rin approached me she took a deep breath can go I like you not as a childhood friend but I like you as a man that's why leave this apartment and be together with me I did say I couldn't do that right I can't abandon my father.

I know but if you do this Everything Will Change as she said that Rin lunged towards me Rin what are you planning on doing obvious my abilities wait hold it don't rush it susanari-san is over there it's okay I don't really care in fact I.

Kind of want to show it right in her face right here that my feelings towards can go are genuine are you serious do you really have those kinds of hobbies this is bad if I let it continue I have to get up that's what I thought but I was completely one-up at that point and couldn't even move I gave up I decided to just resign and give in thinking.

There was no other option at that point no ah I like to go too I may not have a big bust or boobs like red but even having that said this is the one thing I can't give in on because from the bottom of my heart I truly do want to get married to kengo.

But Tango definitely hates this childlike body of mine right ah this salt little Prius crying like a child in front of me in this sort of situation what should I do I was in panic in front of me Rin walked past and hugged susanari's son sorry for doing something to make you.

Cry it's okay I won't do something like pretending to forcibly try to take Kango away I know that Inori likes can go so much that she would cry for him too now Billy yes I promise can go who out of the two of us do you like give us an answer which has nothing to do with your family look at us just the two of us in.

The eyes and answer honestly their stairs pierced straight through me I'm sorry right now I can't give an answer to be truthful I don't even know what my own feelings are towards the two of you is that so then I'll be putting this case on hold for now Inori is that okay with you yes a friend is okay with that I don't mind either.

Then it's decided but if you know he likes can go so much she would cry for him why didn't you say it back then Rin was the first friend I had ever made so I didn't want to hurt you so that was it I made you overly hold back it seems I'm sorry but I'm happy that you think of me as a friend because Ren had always treated me with kindness right helping.

Me with my change of clothes and and my hair styling and then also giving me the rare snacks letting me listen to your interesting stories and Dory you must be a child that's what I thought there were times when you were still helpless out everything they simply couldn't leave you alone hey I'm not that bad at it my bad my bad but there is a special.

Thing about taking care of you which makes it feel worth it to me so it's fun my feelings are complicated right now but it's true that I was saved a lot by Ren so I'm thankful hey if it's fine with you why don't we become close friends is someone like me fine with you of course if it wasn't for annoy I wouldn't be saying this so what's your.

Response yes I may be in a competent person but I'll be in your care from now on that's the case so from now on you are going to treat us equally and find all the good points in us okay if you just look at me and do something to make Inori cry I'm not going to let it slide got it it's the same with me if you only look at me and make Rin sad I'm not.

Going to forgive you I I'll keep that firmly in mind no hard feelings okay of course no matter which one of us gets chosen no hard feelings on my side well with that I guess this matter is resolved I guess the reason why we attracted a lot of attention on school grounds was because the both of them were beauties that was.

One reason but there was another huge external factor that was we're going to the game center next no no we're going to the merry-go-rounds next here they go again it's the fifth time now kengo wants to go to the game center right you want to ride the.

Merry-Go-Round right um I'm fine with either Tango is going to the game center Tango is going on the Merry-Go-Round both of you I told you not to tug at my arms let's take it in turns it turns I don't mind how much time it takes in that way our Lively yet enjoyable.

Everyday lives continued in the near future I might have to choose one of them over the other but for now I want to treasure the time I have to spend with the both of them to the me of the present that is the decision which I can be sure to make which will cost me the least amount of regrets.

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