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[Manga Dub] After my sister passed away, I raised her son with my step-sister… But he thinks…


That was on a very hot summer day come on you need to say hello this is going to be your new family for yi this is your brother uh to this day I'll never be able to forget that sight a lovable face was shining as a light framed it something about her seemed almost Emeral on that day I'd met an angel Daddy Mommy I'm going now all right be.

Careful Happ fun at school Haru daddy mommy huh that boy has gotten so big already you're right I can't believe he's going to be in elementary school next year we're going to have to tell Haro the important thing pretty soon H what are you talking about daddy that is exactly it hey Fuki uh you and I are a married couple and we're not.

That kids parents with siblings apparently in the old days siblings actually refer to Amer married couple so isn't it basically the same thing but this is the 2020s that doesn't fly in this day and age that's right I Akiko imun and this girl fuu immune were without any question siblings if my big sister heard this she would cry no she.

Wouldn't but if anything she would probably look shocked and laugh at us leaving just s son Haru behind my sister and her husband as well as her parents all passed away in an accident a few years later I took that in and to this day Fuki and I have done our best to raise him together to be honest I didn't know how to raise a child and every.

Single day was trial and error if we do this then maybe he can go to the nearby preschool and also we need to get his medical exam however with the help of those around us and more than anything with Fuki by my side Haro was growing day by day into a healthy boy everything was steady and we didn't have any problems anymore however except for one.

Misunderstanding that boy he truly believes that you and I are his real parents of course when he got older I did my best to try to gently explain it to him however he was so young and he couldn't grasp the relationship at all and the whole time he just kept crying mommy mommy it probably wasn't good that we dragged it.

On all this time assuming that someday we can deal with it but I don't mind it at all though not me though I definitely mind for a moment my mind had an image of Fuki being by my side and smiling next to me forever however I panicked and I brushed off that delusion instantly well we could put that aside it's time for you to go to work here.

This is your lunch I don't have a lecture this afternoon so I could go pick up Haro from preschool to short got it thank you always it's really a huge help please don't worry about it have a good day at work today daddy brother I'm your brother wa as usual you have the most filled lunchbox what is with that huge portion I'm seriously so.

Jealous isn't it great I'm not sharing my colleague was staring into my lunch Bo With Envy in his eyes but I blocked him as if I would even give one grain of rice away I this lunch box up for you kid had stuffed to love into for me you hav really changeed since you're a kid you're obsessed with your sister this guy's name was Shiri we've been together.

Ever since we were little kids I don't know how this happened but we even ended up at the same company until horr talk came into the picture your life always revolved around Fuki as the Center of Your World I was worried when you started saying you were going to become a brother that your little sister would be proud of all of a sudden you started.

Studying more and training more and after all your efforts you somehow end up at the top of the class and all of the money that you earned at your part-time job you would spend it all on a birthday present for Fuki and there the cherry on top you even got your driver's license so that you could drive a to and from school didn't you of.

Course and this is all for Yuki's fault for being too cute it would be one thing if it were my friend but I wasn't going to stand for all of the perverts that were after her it's a given to make sure I was strong enough to protect my little sister if I ever needed to if anything I wish I could take it to him from college right now too are you being serious.

Right now why are you saying all of that like it's normal no but I admire you it's honestly amazing that you can put that much evidence into your little sister especially when you're not related by blood that's right for Yuki and I were not biologically related when I in elementary school my mother got REM married and a partner brought for Yuki.

That was the situation when I took one look at her I felt like my soul was being taken at that time my older sister told me that honestly I was really gross I was obsessed with my little sister for Yuki and my older sister would always make fun of me for it and our parents are always kindly protecting the three of us and our.

Relationship until my older sister got married that was our life when I look back now that may have been the happiest time in my life we always realize the most important things after we lose them and that's exactly why I want to treasure those two I want to take care of them and protect them oh but back then and now this situation is different.

For the sake of Fuki and haro's future is it's not going to keep dragging on this awkward relationship forever wouldn't it all be solved if you just got married to Fuki then was if I could I'll see up for talking to you about this look look IJ you're both at school today daddy and mommy wow that's well done haruto you're a very good artist uh.

How is this it's pretty good isn't it for a moment I thought I could see a shadow of my big sister in Haro day by day this boy was starting to look more and more like my older sister it was almost like I could see that biological relationship right in front of me a sister thank you you har you drew it really.

Well his young smile always made my heart warm but at the same time also sent a sharp pain in my chest that's because this interaction should have been with my sister and her husband not me my older sister was arrogant lazy and she would use me her little brother however she wanted but even then I've never hated her my sister and I got.

Along really well especially for a brother and sister hey akihiko you have the day off of work tomorrow right actually I received these things here wait those are tickets to the zoo and not only that but you have exactly three tickets the zoo yeah exactly the three of us haven't got out as a family together in a while.

So what do you think I can't believe we're all the zoo I want to see those Lions I want to see the elephants yes yes let's go see them oh look over there you could see the hippos too hippos hey now don't run or it's dangerous make sure you hold our hands I get to be with daddy and mommy yes we're.

All together we're all together but this is definitely the way that parents hold hands with their child as a family that being said the two of them looked like they were having such a good time that I couldn't say anything could to feel myself sinking deeper into the mud this feels a little bit nostalgic do you.

Remember when we were little kids too yeah it was right before I got up to middle school I remember very clearly that the whole family came here together I don't know what got into you but I remember you were obsessed with the sloth I think you stood there for an hour watching them without moving what you were watching the.

Sloth that wasn't all you said you wanted to go inside of the hippo's mouth and then you got too excited and you almost fell into the mountain of monkeys as the grand finale you pretended to be a gorilla and chase me around you were so cute back then for Yuki uh I'm amazed you remember that was more than 10 years ago of course I remember I may not have.

The best memory but if it's about you for Yuki there's no way that I would forget when it comes to you I remember everything uh this is exactly what's so unfair about you Mommy and Daddy you guys get along for a long time then I almost told him not to call this daddy and mommy but I stopped myself this wasn't the right time to do it yeah.

That's right we always get along back then and even now forever and ever yes isn't that right daddy after that the three of us forgot all about our daily worries and we went around having the time of our lives look it's a hippo his yacht is so big look the sloths I'll never get tired of watching them they have such a strange.

Attractiveness I could stand here and watch them all day this is why I love them this was a really really fun day almost like we were a real family we laughed all day together shoulder toh shoulder Haro was fast asleep he was running around so much he must have had so much fun it was also a nice stress release for me too well I am happy to.

Hear it we need to be grateful to Mr Shon please thank him for me when you get to see him you got these cets from that guy as usual he such a pain he's just worried about you you're lucky to be loved like that hey Fuki I'm just asking but it's not like you're in that kind of relationship with him or anything like that right even though.

This is something that I knew I found myself saying out loud when I looked over at my steps sister she looked uneasy of course not there's no way I would with anybody anybody besides you that is what hey what are you saying akihiko your face is bright red you look like a piece of emoji burn to a crisp he don't.

Touch me like that you were teasing me weren't you sheesh acting like nut sooie you're sister treated it like it was her life's work to make fun of you I just tried copying her a little bit even if I can never take her place if it means that I can help your heart heal even just a little bit I'll do anything I tried but the words wouldn't come out of.

My mouth as a sunset shined on the side of my little sister's face she was so beautiful almost like a fantasy I was so consumed by the look on her face I almost forgot to breathe just one more bite you can do it great job I'm very proud of you Haro I don't know what it is but ever.

Since that day we went to the zoo I felt like f Yuki's attitude has changed a little bit she always likes taking care of people but I felt like she was interacting with me and haruto differently perhaps even more closely Daddy I ate it oh uhhuh I'm proud of you harer no it wasn't just for Yuki somehow Haro was a less picky eater and he was.

Starting to actively help out around the house too it wasn't a bad thing if anything it was to celebrate however something still didn't feel right and it turns out that that wasn't just in my head daddy mommy the slide let's go do it together this position yes we're all stuck together if you don't get closer it's going to be.

Dangerous come on squeeze daddy squeeze squeeze what is this move I'm I'm happy to be so close to them but this is not going to be good this is not good for a lot of reasons what should we have for dinner tonight last night we had omelet so I'll.

Eat anything that you make for Yuki wait you're way too close I want beef too I want beef stew with big chunks of meat great idea well then we need to go buy some potatoes and hair smells so nice I wonder if she changed shampoos wait that's not it what the hell am I thinking even if she is cute she's still your little.

Sister oh and also carrots whether she knew how I felt or not Fuki was glued to my side and didn't show any signs of moving this is bad this is very bad this level of skin touch was definitely not the distance that siblings should have between them I was reminded of my promise to my late stepfather he was worried about how overprotective I was.

Of Fuki and I promised him that I would maintain the appropriate relationship of being a brother to Fuki hold it back hold it back pardon me how was the bath water W what are you trying to do I'm going to take a bath with Mommy and Daddy yes it is standard for parents and their young children to take baths together and.

Washing each other's back you might be messing around but you better stop now you better not do it wait wait wait of course this what happens in the end damn it I know this isn't good but in the end I can never say no to F Yuki's requests um you're already a grown adult too so you should really be more modest don't worry I'm.

Wearing a swimsuit underneath so there aren't any problems no there's nothing but problems that makes you feel even more weird now why don't you just take it down already huh I'm going to kill you just because this isn't about you you can say it so lightly no but I'm impressed by Fuki looks like he paid offer to go through my collection and.

Borrow some materials so you're the culprit well I didn't think she would actually put it into action so forgive me forgive you what are you going to do if this leaves the wrong influence on Haro ah so this is when you bring up Haro well you really are a good dead stop mocking me it's really hard over here the other day when hard I went to.

Pick up Fuki from a college mommy daddy I found Mommy Mommy Mommy what wait Fuki is a mom you're joking right a kid no way no way no way D well that's hilarious I wish I could have been there to see that this isn't something to laugh about well if anything you should be glad that some weirdo wasn't getting close to her Fuki.

Has always been popular with the guys ever since she was younger but I can't help but think that I'm getting in the way of her meeting somebody great I'm sure she must be uneasy too her biological father always gone and the only people she can call a family are you and horo but even then she's not related by blood to either of you and.

There are no other relatives that she's connected with either right I can't imagine how lonely that must be well that's I'm sure she just wants a connection that she can be sure of I shouldn't have to tell you this you know it in your heart too don't you I heard this from somebody I know but there's a guy I know that lost his sister and.

Sister's husband in an accident and then took in that child like you oh really and what about that person well I know he really struggled with a lot of things but in the end he got married to the girl who supported him and dedicated herself to him and the child and now they're living happily as a family and that Goyle was apparently.

That guy's Junior colleague or subordinate or something like that and the more time they spend together acting like a family he started to see her as more than just a colleague what sounds familiar doesn't it just like somebody I know listen akaho I know how hard you're working even if it is your sister it's still not your child and to be raising.

Him at your age I think it's truly amazing but holding on to everything alone that's not what love is you always hold everything in and try to handle it yourself I think I remember n do she always woring about you sh I think what's most important is how the three of you feel about each other you know you're allowed to be happy to there was.

Nothing I could say to that in the end I know what Shan was trying to say but in that case what was going to be the best path for the three of us I'm home what what's wrong aruto um apparently haruto got into a fight at the preschool and a fight is he hurt and what about the other child it's wrong Daddy is my daddy and mommy is my.

Mommy he's wrong he's wrong apparently she was teased by a friend they said that the child didn't mean any harm but tease apparently they said to Haro that you and I aren't real parents and because we're siblings that it's weird to be calling us daddy and mommy what did you say luckily neither of them got hurt and the parents of the.

Child apologized to me that they didn't mean mean to teach their child such a thing but but you're my mommy you're my daddy even if you're not real you're my daddy and mommy I'm sorry haruto I'm so sorry horo when I heard haro's words it made me realize I don't know how long it had been but he already knew he knew that.

His daddy and mommy weren't his real parents and now I could understand why it seems like he was trying to push us together all the time I'm so pathetic IC making a child this small enough to be so mindful of us Mom Dad Nat Su I don't drink much alcohol but I was taking little sips as I let out sigh of all days on a day like this today was the.

Day my family's passing they all like to drink alcohol so every year just on this day I always tried to have a drink in their honor I wonder if you're all mad at me because I was always such a coward my mind went back to that day the day that I lost my entire family in one second and it felt like a nightmare that memory before that and after that I'd.

Never seen Fuki cry like that with tears streaming down her face I remember my step sister holding Haro who was still very small as if to protect him and I remember at that moment that I vowed to my big sister and my family that I will protect Fuki and Haro and no matter what that I will take care of the precious family that they left behind here some.

Warm water for you you don't have a very high tolerance do you so you shouldn't drink too much Fuki I looked up and I couldn't help but stare at Fuki as she smiled warmly at me she was always shy and a scaredy cat but even then she would always be right behind me and followed me everywhere my cute little sister that's right she's.

Not a little girl anymore but she wasn't just a girl that I could protect without any conditions I reached out my hand but until my fingers touched her shoulders my mind was racing it wasn't just because I made a promise to my stepfather to me Fuki was so important that nothing in the world could compared to what she meant to me and when I.

Thought of it like that even though the time that we spent as a family was long my feeling of loving her was way too strong are you not going to hold me Fuki am I going to be a little sister to you forever will I only ever be able to be a little sister her voice was trembling as Fuki said that out loud she looked at me with pain and longing in.

Her eyes just looked at me and then from those eyes I saw them start falling and at that moment I I also I also just can't be siblings anymore I can't I don't want to I'm sorry for Yuki that's right I've been hiding my Alabama feelings for all these years my true feelings I was lying to myself but the truth was that I please don't say it in.

Such a pained voice you're too nice akihiko just because you're a big brother you're allowed to rely on people too akihiko even when our big sister went and got married she was always always always worried about that about you yeah I know I really am blessed with this family that I have Daddy Mommy hor that boy is just like me he doesn't.

Have any memory no memories with his mother that's right I remember her telling me once she lost her mother before she knew what was happening around her and until her dad we married my mom and she was raised by her father alone of course I'm very grateful to my my dad I now know especially how hard that must have been but even then I.

Couldn't hide my loneliness Oh Daddy akihiko I know that I was also the same I don't have any memories of ever interacting with my father that's why we can never let this boy feel that way isn't that right mommy yes Daddy I was wrapped up in the warmth of my family as I softly closed.

My eyes I could hear the echo of a soft whisper in my ear realized didn't you as usual you're such a stupid boy and I felt like I could hear the nostalgic sound of my sister laughing at me a few years later a as usual konu is so cute it makes me want to skip school today hey now you can't be all over your little.

Brother forever didn't you say you're on classroom duties today that's right I need to water the PLS I got to go my goodness making such a ridiculous face as little brother oh are you sure you're the one to be saying that well yeah little brothers and sisters are cute I get it father mother sister brother-in-law.

Haror fuka and now our new family that was born between us I'm sure that I can make them happy and I I promise that I will also become happy alongside them here you go I made another delicious lunch today ah thank you have a great day at work today honey ah I will honey thank you for watching how was today's.

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