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[Manga Dub] After rejecting the beautiful girl, she wanted to marry me [RomCom]


My name is yakito Hino I'll talk to you if you come up to me I'll help if I see anybody who needs it I have friends to hang out with I'm an ordinary high school student hey hey you hinokun I'm talking to you huh you know I didn't realize somebody was talking to me until she called my name did you know Jose son you just talk to me what is happening uh.

Overreacting much I understand why you think I'm overreacting but there's a reason for this I mean it's Mayu ichinose she has a cheerful attitude and a friendly nature she also has a gorgeous face it's no surprise she's got all the boys.

In class drooling for attention as for me I'm aware She's Out of My League I haven't talked for much so hidokun can you come with me I need to talk to you about something huh did I do something wrong what if I said no uh you're going to say no but I really need you to come with me hey look at that my friends.

You know it's just a boring guy why would you give me a chance I guess I have no choice with a follower the whole class saws together I couldn't say no in front of all those people I followed each he knows he signed out of the classroom he led me to the back of the school gymnasium thanks for giving me your time.

Well here we are I'm pretty sure you know why I asked you to come out here with me you wanted to talk to me about something privately yes you're right uh hirokun what are you doing well you need money right I don't have any cash on me so I was gonna transfer you some I'm not going to take money from you oh do you.

Want me to do your class duties no I'm not in charge of anything today okay then what could it be anymore I'll do the talking okay I didn't mean to make her angry I was trying to find out what you needed me for Ichi knows a song cleared her throne I love you no I wanted to ask if.

You'd go out with me his son is asking me out if it was true no thank you huh I waited until she was finished and immediately turned her offer down here's why I knew this was a bad suit game I already knew each and knows his son's crew of girlfriends were hiding behind my back I saw them when I arrived here.

Oh why would you say no to me hinokun why I just don't that I don't like you she's asking me out as part of a bat suit game why would I say yes I can't believe you would say no and she knows they look shocked she wasn't expecting me to reject her relax it's just a bad suit game wait you knew about.

That it was pretty obvious so she had to go through this her friends and her group were typical extroverts I'm sure they didn't give her a choice right playing a game during lunch time and they set up a batsu game for me it's okay I'm not angry about you asking me out as a batsuit game things the thing.

Is I am sorry for asking you out like this oh I'm sorry should I have said yes to you asking me out I'm gonna go home and play some video games the next day I thought I fought each and knows a son staring at me as I entered the classroom I'm sure it's just me son.

What can I do for you that's what I wanted to ask you did I do something to upset her let me tell you something I've never been dumped before I'm sure you're telling the truth you're super popular even if it was for a batsu game yesterday was the first time I asked a guy out and then you dumped me no hesitation yeah.

Because it was a bat suit game no matter you dumped me never in the world did I expect a loan from you hinokun uh-huh you've picked my curiosity what and you know they sound plays a sheet of paper on my desk I want you to sign this this way this is a marriage registration for correct I don't think I did my best to make you see what you turned down I.

Promise I'll make you fall for me if you sign this what what the heck is going on here hidokuna I don't have all day no way I can't sign this or high school students we can't get married oh so you're dumping me again but you'll see I'm going to win this time that was the start of ichinosi's son's obsession with getting me to sign the papers.

You have to sign this form if you want to get through I'll get into the other door no listen to me of the marriage registration forms on my face is so exhausting fill out your part during class and the other time she was slipping inside my desk while I was away you have class.

Duties today here sign this it's got me I'm not exciting this sure you got me she would even try to trick me into signing the papers day after day he no come on come on eat it I said no dude how many of these do you have I downloaded it from the internet and made copies man you are creeping me out please just stop.

I'm sure you're allowed to bring those here anyways you're at it again I do this every day I'm surprised I don't get sick of it Ichi knows his son's attacks have been going on for a week now all of her classmates Stand By and Watch How I run away from her oh it's finally lunch time yep I've been looking forward to eating lunch each nosy sounds.

That next to me as if she belonged there but I was too tired to say anything to her she knows a son hero benzo always looks so pretty it was nutritionally well balanced and she was good at using different colors to make it look appetizing do you want some uh are you gonna order me to sign the paper if I do snods I'm not that.

I can watch he's been doing this past week it's good of course it is I'm the one who made it you made all this well both of my parents are busy with work I make everyone's obento because I don't want to burden either of them I see I know Ichi nosy osama's housewife material you didn't think I could cook it's written on your face well yeah hey.

You may not think so but I am an extremely dedicated loving person so that's why I won't be signing the paper okay I saw her take out the form again so I shut her down before she could say anything gosh you'll give up will she you know you're a Bento looks good too uh my little sister makes it for me oh I.

Didn't know you had a little sister I have a feeling you're feeling cool older brother really yeah I've spent a lot of my time with you this past week you're actually easy to talk to and you're nice to have around and you're kind you let me follow you even though I'm being annoying and she knows I saw it.

She was laying out compliments I have to admit it felt pretty good uh eat your nose a son please don't put any of those marriage forms in my lunch bag I thought you could take one home to look at after homework spending more time with the marriage form isn't going to change my mind that weekend I was out shopping with my sister since I didn't have any.

Plans with friends you can hurry up don't my little sister Yuki is different from me she's got this irresistible char I already know several guys experiencing a broken heart because of her she France how Class come on.

Come along the thing is Yuki hates guys back when we were kids some boys made fun of us since we looked nothing like each other she suffered from a surgery since then I like hanging out with you you can it's nice to hear you enjoy my company but friends are important too not that I have many friends which I don't sound too convincing I get.

Along with my classmates at school the weekends with a person wrong still or are you saying you don't want to be with me of course I love hanging out with you then I don't see a problem with it no grip on my arm it's not like I'm obsessed my little sister my heart skips a beat every time she looks up at me I.

Love going on dates with you you can together hey hey we were enjoying a nice it's adorable when she puffs out her cheeks like that well I can't let it affect me she can't say things like that in public a lot of somebody we know hears us you can wait for me here okay don't leave.

This spot I know do you promise don't know what I do if I lost you I promise I'll be here go on do what you need to do I sat down on a bench and waited while Yuki went to the restroom hmm I'll play games all the way for her I was about to take out my phone from my pocket went oh you know huh did you nosy son Ichi knows his son walked by and.

Noticed me we looked at each other oh no what's wrong Bridge registrations forms today what an idiot it's okay having marriage forms in your bag all the time doesn't sound mentally healthy should be going too far shout onto them during the weekends so what are you doing here I'm here to go.

Shopping what are you here for I was hanging out with some to take a nap and so much time with extroverts can drain a lot of people's energy well if you have some time and you want to maybe we could you could I'm back hey Ichi knows these songs in the middle of her sentence when Yuki came back and hugged.

Me you are hey don't be so clingy all the time you're always complaining about it but I know you like it I guess gosh I can't talk back to her and she looks at me like that anyways you who who were you talking to you know it's a son she's a classmate of mine I wish we were classmates too let's go to more fun if we could spend.

All day together that's true I've had a Yuki set to comfort her I see you two are close yep with the closest pair in the universe universe Yuki has always been excessively attached to me me not so much but I do think she's a great little sister I'm hoping she never hits the rebellious face and she knows they saw you were trying to say something I'm.

Sorry for bothering you bye okay Ichi knows his son tell me to remember what an urgent matter and swiftly left the scene weird she seemed different than usual you feed me like a book uh well I'm not sure if I have feelings for her and how do I explain how she approaches me of marriage forms every.

Day the thing is I never thought I would get the chance to speak to her so I'm happy about having the opportunity to get to normal it's not like I thought she would be she's cheerful and easy to talk to and I enjoy her company I mean I'm sure this is just a little game for her I don't mean anything is it that the girl you were talking to earlier huh I.

Look towards where Yuki was pointing and saw each and nosy sound surrounded by three guys no choice used to getting hit on it should be fine uh hello we're talking to you maybe this is our way of saying yes you want us to take him away Dojo yeah right she's not saying no what you mean to say yes what is she doing she's got to say something or the guys.

Will keep bugging her things could get out of hand I might hear a Yuki I'll be right back I knew you would say that you Cooney you are the bravest most handsome older brother of the universe thank you hey something I lost okay the guy's turn to me as I approached him I have to admit they were.

A bit intimidating this woman actually means a lot to me and I need you to back away she has a boyfriend you should have lived such a pretty girlfriend a lot thankfully the girls mistook me for a boyfriend then left without picking a fight thank you in okoon I'm glad you're okay yeah.

Yeah something's to laugh about her and she knows his son did something I already hinokun huh Fierce is that another batsuit game or something I feel awful for getting in the way of your dates I'll be fine I'm gonna head home you should get back to your girlfriend girlfriend who is she talking about no wonder you kept dumping.

Me day after day you had a girlfriend I'm so sorry for bothering you I promise I'll leave you alone starting Monday please tell your girlfriend that too wait a second I realize there's some sort of misunderstanding going on the thing is I don't have a girlfriend what but that girl you seemed really close that girl oh you're talking about Yuki.

I've told you about her she's my little sister oh you're her little sister yeah I guess you talked about her before she's quite attached to me it was because people the wrong impression I never told Yuki about this but her classmates came up to me and asked her something was going on between us so that means.

You're still single yeah but singles anybody can get would have believed she dabbed at her eyes and wiped off to tears that had emerged her relationship started with a simple batsuit game I was sad she was messing with me that's why I shook her off every time but I noticed a feeling in my heart something different than before she knows his son yeah I'm.

Not gonna sign the marriage forms but I'm open to deepening our relationship do you want to be my girlfriend I know there are millions of better ways to ask a girl out but I want to waste another second okay yeah I would love that he knows it sounds like tears in her eyes but I could tell they were from a different.

Emotion than before and so he finally took a step into our future together she's okay now and so is he you all he wants is for you to be happy after that we felt deeply in love everybody around us called us the perfect couple we even had a competition to see which one could propose better to each other but I'll save that story for.

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