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[Manga Dub] After rejecting the pretty girl, she saw me hanging out with a childhood friend [RomCom]


Are you free today the girl talking to me uh my name is harutoshito by the way is the school Madonna Mal hanamiya she's a very cool looking girl but she's actually pretty kind too I don't know why but I'm irritated huh you just made fun of me and your head didn't you.

No no no no no no no no I wouldn't do that you're so smart and stuff whatever just come with me of course I helped her out recently with something what is it taking care of these cats about a year ago I saw her messing with these cats outside and that's how it all started.

She's been asking for my help ever since teachers all know that we're taking care of them out here and they're letting it go I'm happy to be around her so I help her out okay meowster meowy meowet time to eat she named these three cats I'm not sure why but she seems satisfied so I'm not gonna say anything.

The cats seem to know their names afterwards I helped her and we headed back to class thank you for helping me out all that time it really helps me out oh I'm not doing anything that special no worries those cats think that that place is where they live so it's really not difficult to find them.

Pretty calm till you feed them so I don't think she needs my help oh so quick question you know the pretty Cafe that opened up near the station the cafe opened I didn't know I'm not good with that kind of thing yeah so are you free tomorrow ah tomorrow uh sorry I gotta do something.

Someone asked me to help carry stuff so I can't turn it down well I'm gonna get an earful I see I mean it was sudden sorry I'll take a rain check though yeah I gotta go do something in class so I'm gonna head out first okay she ran away with a small jog in her step in her jog like that is very rare.

Wait was that a date a boy and a girl going out with just each other must be a date I just came to that realization and was incredibly regretful of what had just happened nah no way she's known for not caring about boys no way that was a date she's rejected countless boys she always tells them that she's not interested in.

Romance that's why I know she wouldn't talk to me the next morning wake up my childhood friend nosoka azakura woke me up with a strong hit you up yeah but I always ask you to not wake me up like this come on what am I supposed to do talk to you oh that's boring you really.

Shouldn't look for entertainment value in waking me up it's actually kind of dangerous huh are you saying I'm fat oh no no no no no no no I I didn't say that the news should be fine if I get on right different I'm light so it's fine I think it's different when you're running into me whatever that's not important I think.

It is let's go already I'm tired I looked at the clock it was definitely not late at all I think there are plenty of stores that aren't even open yet whatever stop making excuses I don't think that's an excuse I slowly woke myself up early in the.

Morning on a weekend so you just want clothes right yeah I want to buy summer clothes already I'll let you choose for me she's asking me to choose for her I felt like she should just say what she wants and choose her own clothes but she cares about what people think so I got dragged out then her fashion show started.

She was probably considered pretty cute actually I could understand that she was popular in middle school well done so heavy I will stop your whining It's gotta be lighter than usual since it's summer clothes no definitely not white it's just.

Lighter than winter clothes it's still pretty darn heavy like this is a new Cafe place right everyone's talking about it at school I see nosakanda and I go to different high schools so maybe it's actually decent if it's becoming popular over there too which meant hey you're gonna be bored if you go home.

And let's swing by I knew that was coming what you don't want to you want to rest too right I mean yeah but I feel like this store full of girls is a little out of place for me it was a weekend so all the girls must be coming out here it was a very brilliant and Vivid store.

But I definitely stuck out like a sore thumb however yeah yeah let's go wait no it's a cat excuse me table for two please I was dragged inside against my will huh isn't that shindokun huh you want to come to a place like come on stop resisting stop pulling me like that what's going.

On that's definitely Sudoku who's that girl he's with a couple huh shindokun is doing all right and she's super cute good competition against you huh what are you talking about he wouldn't have a girlfriend are you okay what are you talking about I'm not.

Shaking you're literally shaking you should smell your tea going on shout out with another girl came to the store that I told him about I actually thought he was interested in me too.

Are you okay you look sick what are you talking about I'm so incredibly good you just send chills down my spine what are you talking about huhan as I was being led by the store employee I saw someone familiar it was probably the first time I'd seen her on a weekend you know her what a.

Coincidence Hannah whatever I was even considering marriage what is she like a stalker or something oh I said that out loud um never mind that anyway nice to meet you I'm Mao haramiya I'm in shirokun's class we're just going to ignore your.

Previous statement should I not talk about it oh what is that big smile for hello I'm dozoka asakura so I gotta ask why is someone picking a fight with me another cop what are you oh excuse me we're going to be sitting with them so don't bother nozoka said that with a terrifying smile.

The employee robotically placed the menus on our table and almost sprinted away you're fine with us sitting here right Hannah Mia son absolutely I was interested in talking with you as well it's going we go seriously what you are quite pretty hanamiya-san you.

Must be a hit with the boys thank you I do get asked how often but you seem popular too I mean when I was in Middle School yes I'm in a girls only school now so I'm not really around boys anymore what is this weird mood in the air it was like the two were just digging into each other's Pride my stomach.

Churned the girl that hanamiya-san was with had been silent the whole time too we're just getting in the way of their meal let's go you shut up ouch what are you doing to see no no calm down ah I see she likes haruto that's why she was saying something about marriage what hirato is mine I'm free to deal.

With him as I like nozzle cap what are you talking about what do you mean mine you two are dating I don't know I'll let you use your imagination don't cling on to him like that I've never been that close to me either whatever's going on here I could tell nozaka's rotten personality was making.

It worse she's always been the tough type she doesn't understand the meaning of take it easy especially if the other person starts it a lot of the boys were afraid of her in elementary school now she's older and a little calmer but she's still not very different nozokai you need to calm down.

I don't understand what's going on but there's no point in arguing with hanamiya-san I guess so I don't want to go that far to mess with your love life huh I'm just messing with you I'm a childhood friends with harito but we've been nothing more nothing less but you're just wearing it on your.

Sleeve so I teased you but you know now that this little man won't notice unless you're obvious with him you better swipe him before he's taken by someone else why are you telling me that um tell me your contact info oh uh Hanami asan listened to nosokasan they had traded contact info I know that you'd really like him so I.

Reached out to you I grew up with haruto from before I remember so I don't look at him like a partner or anything but I treasure him as a brother I would rather you than some random bimbo take advantage of him the fact that he was so upset that I made you upset means he trusts you so I trust you what.

I think this is the first time I've ever come across a tsundere like you what are you still picking a fight with me no I think we could be good friends actually I do feel you trust me too easily just cause I'm rooting for you but I guess you're a decent human if you don't intend to cause harm I'm rooting for you thank you I'm glad we worked out our.

Misunderstanding along now hmm but if they got along I guess Saul is well but shitokun isn't really paying attention to me if you know what I mean really oh huh what is it I'm just.

Wondering do you know of a girl who takes care of cats behind the school grounds that's me oh really then you're fine he's interested what how what are you two talking about nothing nothing don't be so loud he's gonna hear you sorry but why he's usually talking to me about that girl I could tell by the way.

He talks that he's interested in her honestly I thought he might be interested in me but you're not making this up seriously you just need to tell them how you feel now I'll let you two stay here alone okay all right let's go outside and get some.

Fresh air huh we just got here we haven't even ordered oh yeah let's leave after we order some tea and cake then I didn't understand what she was doing but she loves to eat so the fact that she forgot the cake means something is wrong afterwards we enjoyed the cake and we're.

Leaving when oh hey I gotta talk to you over here huh me for some reason nosoka tried to drag away hanamiya's friend wait hang on that's not nice to the girl shut up I don't want to talk to you whoa what's with the attitude did I make you mad nope you go handle that huh did you need me hanamiya-san.

Yeah um I kind of want to talk to you alone I wonder what it's sure what's up um is it true that you've been talking to me to nozaki-san he didn't talk about it when I was.

Around so it must have been when they were Whispering or texting I mean yeah okay great great because I like you so I'm glad to hear that are you serious serious I have fallen for how kind you are so let's go out.

I was shocked at how quickly everything was happening but I knew she wasn't the type to joke around so I decided to just face it head on I'm glad to hear that I've always liked you too I thought you were out of my league so I didn't even bother asking you out so I'm really glad to hear that.

Yeah so you'll go out with me yeah of course I wish I'd asked you sooner yeah let's have fun that's how I started dating the school Madonna we were together all the time at school news spread rapidly and a lot of the students were shot.

I was glared at with eyes of jealousy from the boys but I didn't care because I had the cutest girl around my arm by the way Mao and nozoka have gotten along ever since their encounter at the cafe that's because nosaka started saying things to Mao and Mao just believes everything she says because of that Mao gets mad at nozica this happens.

Frequently it's nice watching her be cute but seeing them fight is a little annoying but I mean I'm sure they're actually really good friends so it's fine I'll just let it be thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.