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[Manga Dub] After saving the chairman of a huge company, he made me marry his daughter [RomCom]


Correct it's just a part of you joining my company correct it's just a part of you joining my company in front of me no this was not supposed to happen to me I came here to sign papers to move into company housing that was all this was supposed to be about uh this.

This is a marriage registration form correct it's just a part of you joining my company kosuke hibiki I want you to take my granddaughter as your wife he makes it sound like he's recommending a dessert with the food I ordered seriously what is going on you're a kind gentle-hearted man I've.

Been searching for a man like you grandfather oh why are you doing this yes exactly what I wanted to ask I have no idea how things turned out like this I guess it started about a month ago I went to work that day with a bright future in mind let me explain my previous company was unethical and.

Exploitative work hours were non-existent while I was with them work became my life and it was as if they expected me to dedicate my life to them I got sick of it and decided to end it that day I was finally free and it felt great best day of my life I was practically skipping down the streets in joy.

I wondered if I should take some time off I worked my ass off I deserved it just then I saw an old man crouched on the ground he looked hurt he stopped me from calling an ambulance saying he lived nearby and didn't want to cause a scene anyways I couldn't walk away after.

Seeing him on the ground I decided to take him home and I carried him on my back I couldn't believe what I saw when we arrived at the house he gave directions to what the heck a looming gate and a pond in the garden I thought my neck would break looking up.

At the whole place it was a huge mansion the kind that only exists in movies this man this old man turned out to be the ikuso amachi the chairman of a big zaibatsu the amachi group he invited me inside and gave me his card I started visiting him from time to time I'll admit the friendship between us was a lot to get used to.

I see so you quit your company wow everything is working out just great how would you like to start working for me what is he asking me to work for him is this real what did I do to deserve this I don't know anybody who would say no to such an opportunity I accepted his offer.

Obviously however just think of it as my last wish I feel myself creep all I want is to see to see a great grandchild before I die is that too much to ask from you some people can be so self-centered and cruel where is God when I need him the most I want to ask him to forgive you.

Young people these days they keep sinning not caring for what their elderly wish during their last days on Earth uh please I'm sure we could stop whiskey son oh so you accept this is great we have a lot of planning to do don't worry I've got everything under control.

What I never said I would we've got the whole thing planned out come on we have no time to waste oh my gosh nothing can stop him until he gets what he wants how did we end up here it happened all so fast I still don't know how amachi-san did it but suddenly there we were standing side by side in.

Front of a huge condo whoa grandfather she's just so this room is insane I feel like I just walked into a completely different dimension it's so big it was completely different from the cheap apartment room I lived in this must be a dream or something.

I'm so sorry for what my grandfather is doing to you hey it's not your fault Koto Nissan I should have made a stronger argument still the problem remains my contract with the old apartment owner is terminated and my parents live far away well we could live here if you want to I mean just until you find a new place you.

Know huh but that means we'll be living together Koto Nissan are you sure you're okay with that as long as you're okay with it it's to believe you won't do anything she's so kind-hearted and admirable she tickled my heart in a way I never.

Thought would happen now that I think about it she's always been like this I wonder why it's so easy to talk to Cotton Nissan It comes naturally I haven't had much experience talking to women but for some reason it was easy for me to open up to her we even call each other by our first.

Names now you know I don't mind spending time with Koto Nissan I feel comfortable and at home whenever I'm around her and I just can't seem to leave her be there it's because I don't have any friends.

Here take my hand we can hang out together are you sure um was that a dream I remember it's faint but I know that memory it happened back when I was a kid and the girl.

I see dreams from my childhood often these days I wonder why is it because so much has been happening wow this looks great I'm starving this is the breakfast I've been dreaming of I found myself oohing over the meal she made gosh how can she know all of my favorites.

Hey cotton Nissan I didn't know you were this good at cooking this miso soup is amazing it's just how I like it I'm glad to hear that I used to practice cooking and cleaning when I was a kid back then there was only this one boy that I really wanted to marry so I'm happy to see that all my hard work is paying off right now.

Is I'm so jealous of that guy what did he do to get her to like him so much so uh the guy you were talking about did you end up dating him it was a long time ago and you know I don't think he remembers me what what a jerk.

After all the hard work you put in for him I know right thanks to him I've been single my whole life it's a pretty sad story if you ask me you'll find kotones name if you look up perfect girl in the dictionary I can't believe she's never had a boyfriend but.

Knowing she's the Chairman's granddaughter I don't have the guts to go for her Koto Nissan took good care of me every single day it was like she was trying to make up for everything her grandfather did she was dedicated and assiduous and not just at home she looked out for me at.

Work as well yes yes I'll do everything I can to adjust things to fit your schedule is so determined at work I can't believe this is her first year here she seems like a professional I was appointed to the same Department as kotronassan we work directly under the Chairman's orders everything was new.

I struggled to get used to it Nissan do you want lunch I'm sorry I still have a ton of things to do Koto Nissan always had her head in her work she gave it her all I wasn't sure if she ever took any time off some of the other employees told me how kotonesan lost her parents when she was young.

She would take over the company since she didn't have any siblings she's desperately trying to learn as much as she can to be enough to fill her grandfather's position I couldn't dare tell her to take it easy not after seeing how determined she was still there must be there must be something I can do to help.

Her I've been feeling this way since before I started living with her culture Nissan tends to overwork herself and I should be the one to do something about it hey I finished those documents earlier I'll get the car for izakosan the chairman I got this don't worry.

Here's an obento for you the shop owner told me this one has the most nutrients in it doing all this was nothing compared to the hell my previous company put me through I did everything I could think of to support kotonesan and her work good.

Tony you worked yourself too hard you always look like you're tired I was starting to get worried about you but not anymore that man has been doing a great job helping you out um you don't have to do that for me Koto Nissan you must be exhausted from work I live here too I should help out.

But you're always helping me at work stop overthinking just relax just let me know if there's anything else I can do for you okay she isn't used to getting help from others I wish she would rely on other people more that's the only thing I want her to fix how are you sure okay.

Here how does this feel right you give amazing massages she's so soft this is not good keep your thoughts clean kosuke get a grip this is to help her out help her out uh a little town.

Tell me if it hurts okay um feels just right oh stronger they are clear your head kosuke I'm a massage machine only existing to soothe her aching back I don't know if it's just me but recently I feel like Koto Nissan and I have grown closer oh I'm craving beef.

Stew right now we should buy tons of meat to put in oh uh sure She's So Close her hair is right under my nose smells nice oh my gosh we should make some salad too you never eat your vegetables unless I tell you to.

Uh yeah okay we sound like a real married couple talking about dinner watching her smile like that I realized my heart was pounding hard yeah it's raining so hard tonight I hope it stops by tomorrow morning.

Thunder I'm terrified of it can I please stick here with you tonight what what's going on I couldn't say no to a frightened woman but this is so not appropriate I can feel kotone-san's warm body against my back yes.

Do you think I'm being childish the thing is I can be whatever I feel like but I'm around you you bring me back to my past self I hate Thunder not so fond of rain either it reminds me of the day I lost my father and mother Hotel Nissan thank you.

For everything I didn't know what the feeling was but it clutched up my heart her grandfather put us where we were but I couldn't deny it anymore can't lie about how I'm feeling anymore you.

Feel I feel awful I hope it doesn't leave a scar if well if the wound likes a scar if it stays with me will you stay by my side to help me another dream it's that dream again.

Felt more real this time it's a memory from when I was a kid there was a girl we were close back when we were younger I can't remember what her name was I cared for her she was like a little sister to me oh yeah this scar this happened when I was playing with.

Her she was supposed to move that day but she wouldn't get off the swings because she didn't want to leave what am I seeing things Koto Nissan reminds me of the girl I Used to Know maybe I'm just tired.

I've got a lot on my plate these days you're both working hard it's all thanks to kosuka-san he always reaches out to help whenever I need it giving me too much credit sir is the one who believed to see you two helping each.

Other out I see you're getting along well I'm happy for you I have to I have to say this now excuse me ahmachi-san Koto Nissan I need you to listen to this too I uh well I think caught on his son and I.

father what grandfather we're getting you to the hospital I immediately called an ambulance clutched onto her grandfather fear and panic pasted on her face the ambulance took us to the hospital where ikosan's doctor worked kotron.

Nissan told me she had been there several times to accompany her grandfather luckily ikosan's condition gradually improved and he woke up soon after however sooner I'm sorry father.

Cancer and it's Advanced to stage four linnitus plastica also known as stomach cancer ecosan only had a few years maximum left to live but even the doctors couldn't predict when he would actually die -san you need to calm down did you really think that I was that.

Unreliable why didn't you you were dying of cancer no that's not why I caught on it I oh I bumped except this you can't leave me behind father day son damn it I have to get her now she needs.

Me the most now I can't leave her alone cross cocoon I'm sorry I apologize it's just after kotone's parents died she's been trying hard to survive this world she always told me she would do her best so I could retire early to enjoy the rest of my life that's why.

I couldn't bring myself to tell her the truth I don't care about who takes over the company all I care about is kotone's happiness that's all that matters to me ikus Osan I needed to find somebody who would take good care of her after I'm gone I promise I will.

I gave ikazosan my word and rushed out of the hospital room to find Koto Nissan ah where are you Koto Nissan damn it she won't answer her phone the sun was setting in the West the area around the hospital was getting darker no what if she jumped out into the street in front of a car.

control are you okay did you sprain your ankle stop don't try to stand up sorry friends father I go ahead I know I know it's okay I'm here with you her ankle wasn't broken but it was swollen.

I knew I should take her back to the hospital to get it checked out I carried her on my back and started walking back towards where we came from this brings back memories did you know that I carried your grandfather like this when I found him on the streets on the first day we met he told me he hurt his foot back then.

But I now know it was a lie he was probably already aware of his condition I have to say this feels like destiny thought I'd be carrying both a man and his granddaughter on my back like this wait what is this feeling it almost feels like deja vu.

It's like I carried her on my back before any of this happened the swings remember the girl who it off the strings the sun was setting like it is now and she was bawling her eyes out please so easy by your side.

Go home honey Chad I want to save by your side forever hey watch out oh that hurts it hurts so much I'm sorry I couldn't protect you I hope it doesn't leave a scar if it leaves a screw on each one will you take responsibility.

Huh promise me after we grow older if I still have the scar on each other he'll beat my yes if the scar remains after we become adults I asked you to be my wife remember do you remember me I never forgot about you.

Jose son you took care of me you were so kind to me this can't be I still have the scar foreign that was my answer to her question.

I didn't know what to say I didn't know where to start you know I hate it for you and I looked everywhere for you you are such a wonderful man I was sure you had found the perfect match but I couldn't give up that day grandfather had told me that he finally found you and that he rushed out of the house to go somewhere.

Izakosan is worried about you all he cares about is that you live a happy life I don't want to be alone I'm so sorry I'm such a jerk for not remembering who you were coach Nissan I'm so sorry for making you wait this long.

I promise I will never leave you will never be alone I swear to ecos Osan and to you you can trust me a few years later his father Daddy I said it I said.

You did I'm sure your great-grandfather heard you on his way up yep she did hey Daddy hold me oh a little girl needs a ride piggyback fine here we go you've gotten so big but you're still lighter than your mom when I first gave her a piggyback ride.

Oh my honey give Mommy a piggyback ride I did I've carried mommy and your great grandpa on my back let's go yes we should go go I looked up at the sky and saw the sun setting it looked similar to the time I.

Carried cotone on my back for the first time I'm going to keep my promise ecos Osan I started walking down a path with kotone during my childhood now we continue walking down that path with our daughter I promise to protect what we have every step of the way.

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