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[Manga Dub] After telling her that I wasn’t interested in marriage, we ran into each other [RomCom]


Senpai please explain to me why you were here you told me work was your life and you have no interest in dating at all but well I was baffled the moment I arrived at a KATU party why is mochi Zuki the most popular girl at the office here my name is senichi sonada I'm an editor at an editing office for a weekly gossip magazine I'm in charge of 29.

Manga creators both new and experienced included really would like you to be in charge of the cover page to the next issue we need an impactful anime cover that will turn heads will that be possible hey man great work this is mahashi he's a colleague I heard you slept at the office last night I suggest.

You enjoy your life a bit more I don't care work is my life that's all that matters to me oh yeah I remember you saying you weren't interested in getting married man stop acting that way look at the office Angel Muki son don't tell me you don't feel the thing when you see her she's such a beauty fumi Mochi Zuki has been here for 2 years now a trainer.

When she first came to her office she has a fiery passion for anime I see a bright future for her yeah she's too young for me I see her that way six years is a much dude fine maybe I'll test my magic on her is that okay just be careful you don't want to get fired I looked down at the manga Draft before me after m byash she left it's a page of a.

Romantic manga on sale right now the guy in charge has transferred somewhere else so now this manga is my responsibility I've gone through it so many times I still don't get it I can't seem to get indulged I don't get what's so great about it is it because I haven't been in a relationship for so long or is it because I'm getting too.

Old I doubt I'll come up with any good advice to give the manga Creator I should probably ask my boss to put someone more fit for the job in charge oh a text from Mom my mother lives in the countryside she rarely texts me is she sick or something could be an emergency I'm still working but I should see what she needs shinichi how are you.

Doing I am currently in a state of deep depression but what's wrong let me tell you why I keep telling you that I want a grandchild and yet it seems to have no significance to you huh that is why I registered your name for a KATU party I've already paid for it go and find a freaking wife already what the what is she thinking should call them to council.

P.S everything is so expensive this days your mother is barely getting by I hope you're not thinking about forcing me to pay the cancellation fees she can read my mind I clicked the link on the text my mother sent me it opened the invitation to the concu party my mother ordered me to go it wasn't far from the office I guess I have no.

Choice um Senpai I lifted my face Mochi Zuki the girl MOBA bayashi was talking about was standing in front of me these are the cover drafts for the books scheduled to be on sale can I have your opinion on which would be better sure my mother is cruel but I have other things to do at the.

Moment oh gosh son of the Senpai is so handsome I want to be more like him he always keeps an open mind to find help for the manga creators I like uh this one better okay thank you sir I'll get going I need to get that draft completed wait this manga targets teenagers right I'm not sure if my opinion would be correct.

You might want to ask more people maybe the younger part timers or kids in your family I see he's the best employee here but he's still humble but I heard that he has no interest in dating or marriage he claims that work is his life Muki is something wrong uh nope I'll ask my younger sister for her opinion when I get home thank you uh.

Wait this is an invitation for a KATU party Senpai I thought you weren't interested in getting married a few days later at the KATU party I finished my work and arrived at the hotel where the party was I bummed into an unexpected someone at the reception booth why are you here mochizuki that's what I wanted to ask.

You Senpai why are you here you tell everyone that work is your life and that you're not interested in marriage well my mother sign me up without my consent oh thank God his mother what about you mochizuki aren't you too young to search for a partner at a KATU party I can't tell him I saw his invitation on his phone.

I know I'm here to research there's a scene in one of the manga I'm in charge of of of a conu party you here to help one of your manga creators wow I'm impressed you have no idea how proud I am of you oh my heart it hurts I'm looking forward to reading the manga let me know when I can take a look what do I.

Do well I guess I should get in there and do my best huh I thought you were only here because of your mother yes but I've been stuck these days I don't understand the romance manga boss put me in charge of things could change for the better if I find somebody nice in there the receptionist handed us a profile card after we signed into the party we.

Pinned the card onto our chest after filling in the slots with information about ourselves I don't like revealing how much I make a year to a bunch of strangers it can't be helped everyone is here to find a wife or husband look on Catu he died moments after we entered the room they announced free time which.

Is basically eating food and introducing yourself to everyone hey that guy makes so much money w why is everybody staring at me hi there it's nice to meet you I don't waste any time this is like a scene from a documentary where the Carnival's pounce on their prey Moi Zuki is surrounded as well this this is more.

Than I expected I have to make the best of it I need to find a way to understand that romance manga I'm in charge of Getting hounded By the girls was far from fun I was finally taking a breath when an unhappy looking Mochi Zuki came over all the girls loved you why back at you the guys are all over you he hey I don't blame them I mean.

It's you huh you're too pretty to be here some people might even think you're an actress here to attract more clients I heard models are sometimes hired to bring liveliness to the party Senai thinks I'm pretty my face is turning red oh my gosh I look like a red pepper I take that back I'm sorry if I offended you I.

Should have thought about it before I opening my mouth stop what a womanizer hey that girl is a shill isn't she why is she talking to son of the Sun she doesn't deserve to be here I should make her leave oh I am so sorry whoa Senpai you're Su you shouldn't have.

This is my way of apologizing for fing you earlier you didn't offend me not that this makes up for upsetting you but I'm glad I saved your clothes I don't want to ruin them because you looked amazing today hi woman Isa Returns the second part of the party was a 5-minute conversation with every woman attendee it meant I would have more time.

To get to know everybody wow that guy must be loaded I have to make him mine um what do you like to do in your free time I like cooking like you know I own a restaurant cooking that was exactly what I wanted my manga Creator to write about in his next story I should get as much information as I can running a business.

Must be hard do you have any stories about your restaurant he seems interested in me does he like me I continue to gather more stories from all the women I talk to school teachers nurses bus tour guides so many different stories I had endless questions for them and finally it was mizuki's turn I see you're having a.

Blast talking to all those women yeah I'm glad I'm here please no don't tell me he found somebody he's interested in I got so many great ideas from manga stories here I'm sure they'll come to use the next time I meet the manga creators you really are all about work can I ask you a question sure why is work your life are you really not.

Interested in marriage oh something happened two years ago I guess it made me this way at the time I was dating a woman I thought we were going to get married but I found out I was the only one of the three men she was dating oh my gosh that's horrible she had the nerve to play the victim after getting caught apparently.

It was my fault because I put work first and made her feel lonely I should have given her more attention but it doesn't justify what she did if it were me I would never cheat on you I know how hard you work to help the manga creators you work with thanks moochi Zuki the guy who ends up with you is the luckiest man on earth oh he's such a smooth talker I.

Love him the party was getting close to an end all the participants received a piece of paper and a pencil from the party host I hope you've all enjoyed your time here we'll be matching couples up now please write down the number of the participants you would like to go on a date with one thing you can't turn it.

In Blan you have to write a number down we'll announce the match up couples and they will leave the party together fill those forms up why would they let me turn it in blank what write down my number you want me as your partner mine what is going on I talked to everyone during the party it was fun the.

Thing is I don't think I want to date any of them I don't want to be a couple with anybody I can't write a random number because it might match me with someone what should I do that was when I realized moochi Zuki was sending me signals with her eyes oh that's right moochi Zuki is only here to research she's not here to find a partner I'm.

Sure she wants to avoid any matchups is she suggesting we fake a match up by writing each other's numbers Muki and I successfully faked a match up and we left the party together she's in the hell of a good mood maybe she found some useful information to use for a manga Creator that's too bad that I couldn't find any.

Clues for her to enjoy that romance manga I've been put in charge of I'm in desperate need of help moochi Zuki thanks for allia huh what are you talking about you sent me signals to tell me to fake our matchups we could leave together it saved us from a lot of drama what what's going on Senai you.

Dummy there's only one reason I wrote your number on my paper I wasn't faking anything I like you zai what then why are you at the konatsu party wait never mind you told me it was for research that was a lie I saw your party invitation on your phone screen I couldn't let you attend the party where you could meet the love of your.

Life Senpai stared at me in silence and that's when I realized he had done nothing wrong he only faked our matchup because he believed in me when I told him I was only attending for research so that means you lied your way through the KATU party because your feelings for me and you prepared such a pretty dress not nothing back you seemed.

Jealous while I was talking to other participants he thinks I'm a crazy woman he hates me oh I get it I get it now I slowly raised my head to look at him Senpai was staring at some manga drafts he must have taken out of his back wait what's going on it was the draft of the romance manga Senai was put in charge of I remember.

Him telling me he doesn't get it I understand now I can see how great this manger is wow it's amazing it must be because my heart fluttered for you mochizuki huh his heart fluttered for me I haven't felt this way in a long time Mizuki will you be my girlfriend yes I think I'll understand this manga.

Better by dating you did I last L was unnecessary you're so insensitive me maybe I shouldn't have been too hard on him this is what makes him so attractive after that I stopped calling her Mochi Zuki fumi seemed better since we were dating as you can see mahashi was not happy to hear the news you got.

To be kidding you said work was your life how dare you did the office Angel you've crushed my dream nii uh my bad as for the romance manga had some much trouble with dating fi gave me all the solutions it became a huge hit today today we at a restaurant to celebrate the manga being made into an anime to.

The the manga being animated animated cheers gosh that manga is doing great huh can you tell me what's going to happen next the couple will be getting married soon I'm excited to see what kind of honeymoon phase we can come up with I see hey I'm sure your manga Creator would appreciate some advice on that.

Topic should we do it get married that wouldn't be right when I propose I want to be related to work you'll get a proper proposal one day I'm already looking forward to it thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.