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[Manga Dub] After we went broke, the maid came back and asked to be my wife…!? [RomCom]


Table seven miso soy sauce table eight Salton KATU table nine be bone with a set guoa got it all right then please set these to table one and three it's hard to be careful yes sir welcome my name is Kimiko arisugawa I'm an ordinary well sort of normal second year high school student with a rather unusual last name as soon.

As school ends I'm working up at sweat during some kind of manual labor almost every day that's what I mean by sort of normal green onion miso CHI with extra noodles and fried rice I'll have BR chicken chario ramen thank you very much we have an order for green Ona miso Char to be Ramen with extra noodles and fried rice plus an order of boiled chicken.

Char to be Ramen good job today sorry to make you work suddenly on your day off oh added a little extra so I hope it makes up for it oh thank you very much that helps me out you're working other part-time jobs in addition to here right must be tough when you're a high school student I'm already used to it besides I can't live.

Without working complaining about it will get me nowhere well then yeah see you next time I eared a little extra today so maybe I'll get some meat it's been a while man A5 sirloin oh nostalgic ah no that extravagant lifestyle is not the norm forget about it luxury is your enemy frugality for the win as you can tell.

From my name arisawa an unusual and Regal sounding surname I didn't always live like this just a few months ago I was rich in short I was a child of a CEO of a big company I lived in a mansion with a large pool and a sprawling estate surrounded by maids and butlers and lived a Carefree life my life then changed radically in a matter of months.

Life sure is full of surprises well I guess it's a blessing in disguise so have no Dare for that I should be grateful to that scumbag father who abandoned his son I'm home right no one is here welcome back huh Makoto Yes master kimihiko in sickness and in health I Mikoto kamiar Zuki Shall Serve you as your maid.

Forever after saying that she pinched the end of her skirt and bowed the woman in the maid uniform was previously stated as Makoto kamarzuki she is a daughter of a family of servants who has served my family for Generations but my family fell apart another family took her entire family away is what I assumed but I have so many questions and why are.

You here the door was unlocked um entering without permission is considered a crime you know it's a problem if a stranger does but it's not a problem if it's family member right yeah if it's family we are strangers to each other now right how could you say that even though you promised to make me your wife how cruel Master you played.

With my heart H but that was way before when I was in elementary school though it doesn't matter when you made the promise the fact that you made the promise is what's important I believed your words back then and devoted myself wholeheartedly to becoming your maid and yet you forgot about.

Me making me sound like a bad guy so ignoring the fact that you entered without permission why are you here didn't everyone in your family find work with another family after my family went bankrupt what happened to that job they gave me time off what does that mean you got fired why probably because I didn't do any work in the new household why.

You're a very talented and serious maid weren't you my service exists only for one person I refuse to serve someone I do not recognize as my master in other words you have no intention of serving anyone other than me yes so I just HED up in my room and enjoyed watching anime and playing games yeah that will definitely get you fired.

What about your parents they didn't say anything yes just one thing I will cut ties with you is all they straight up disowned you I'll go with you so let's apologize okay there is no need for that we can now be together as a Duo who were abandoned by their parents we're so alike that's not a good thing it's fine anyway I have nowhere else to go a kind.

Person like you wouldn't dare kick out a helpless lady like me would you feels like you jumped into that pitiful situation to your own accord but well all right if you don't have a place to go I don't mind letting you stay here for a little while but this room is small and there's only one room you okay with that I don't mind in fact it's.

Exactly what I want okay then let's get along yes thank you very much I will be in your care for a long time Master strange I swear I just heard you say a long time it must be your imagination anyway master I would like to change into my pajamas soon could you please turn around ah yeah got it no peeking okay if you do I would have no choice.

But to become your wife so you must never look in this direction okay but if you really can't hold your urges you can turn around or rather I would love it if you do just change already in the meantime I'll be at the convenience store yes see you soon I didn't expect Makoto to show up it's like before which is nice but my wife huh of course I.

Remember have no idea how much I adore you currently the government guarantees the minimum necessary living conditions in Japan as long as you apply so in actuality if I don't try to indulge myself I could live like a typical high school student and avoid doing manual labor every day it's not like I have any debt either however the reason I'm.

Stubbornly earning money without doing so is because so that I could go and pick her up as soon as possible I never expected her to come on her own Makoto was young and beautiful and is originally a very talented M I worked so hard because I believe that the longer it took me to pick her up the more job offers and marriage proposals she would.

Receive I'm glad it didn't turn out that way however I have no intention of telling her that cuz right now I have nothing to offer her I'm home welcome back makot I just just want i' reconfirm you're going to be here for a while right yes this is my intention what will you be doing during that time I would like to serve you again all right your.

Monthly salary is 200,000 Yen you originally worked as a headid at my house at a young age of 20 in a normal circumstance she'll be paid more than twice that amount but as you know I don't have the money right now that's why I hope you can sell for this amount but I can't accept that I'm just happy to be by your side no I want to take.

Responsibility you are very talented an appropriate price must be paid for that ability although I don't think 200 ,000 is enough I understand if that's what Master wants however I am free to use the money I receive as a wish yes I mean yeah it is your reward yay then I'm going to use it for Pachinko horse racing and social games I'm going to.

Gamble away no don't do that with my hard earn money just kidding of course at least half of it is we should say the other half is also a joke I'll be in your care again Master just like that a beautiful older maid who was my childhood friend suddenly burst into my life a life with her that I've been thinking about for a long time to be.

Honest it was full of turmoil than I could have ever expected so noisy who the heck is doing construction Works 700 in the morning get out my room good morning Master good morning by the way what on Earth are you doing I am currently working on expanding your room why what do you mean why hi you can't just do that without permission don't.

Worry master I have a proper license no that's not the issue what are you going to do if the landlord kicks us out or what are we going to do that's also taken care of this morning I acquired this property from the landlord including the land so I am the current landlord was my explanation clear I understand but how on Earth did you get.

That kind of money why with my own Savings of course after all I am a former head made I have plenty of savings I see I'm starting to feel bad about Turing you down for 2 million yen in that case why not bind me with love instead of money if anything a w would be fine I don't mind a little bondage whispering in my ear you're mine alone.

Or I won't let anyone have you and I just I'm leaving jeez just how serious are you oh was a go let's see I asked my mother to make lots of side dishes I'll share some with you you have in a Maru box lunch today too right you guys thank you truly friends are more valuable than money stop it you're got to make me blush one for all at all for one it's.

Important for us humans to help each other out you know I'll repay this death someday when I can all right let's eat what the hell is this well it was fun last night huh so this is how it feel to be left behind by a friend no you got it wrong we haven't done anything yet honest why did she make such a lunchbox so exited from work today I'm.

Back welcome back Master will you have dinner have a bath or will you have me I'm sweaty so I'm going to take a bath hey let me finish no way leaving that aside I don't record this apartment having a bathtub it didn't so I installed one you really are free Spirit there's nothing wrong with that is there it's just us too well I guess so where.

Did you install in it's in the corner of the first floor I'm also tired from the renovation work let's bathe together absolutely not if you come in I'll leave this apartment so this must be what they mean by full of ups and downs I thought that nothing could be worse than falling from great wealth but apparently I was wrong Makoto gives me all that she has.

To offer to the point of overdoing it and I'm grateful for she may be going overboard but she is acting out of genuine kindness and above all she is someone I like how could I not be happy that's exactly why I feel so pathetic because I haven't been able to give anything back hey I want to repay son who has help me what do you.

Think I should do be sure it's something I'm capable of doing is that person a woman uh yeah she someone you like yeah she older younger same age older i s I've liked for a long time if anything i' like to to get married to her someday H in that case uh maybe flowers there aren't many women in my opinion who would object to receiving flowers oh and.

Maybe add that in with some simple jewelry might I show her how much you care for her through gifts flowers and jewelry thanks guys no need to thank us we're friends right it's only natural so please send you happiness our way soon being single is tough I'll try to think positively well then see you tomorrow I think flowers and Jewelry great ideas I.

Could even afford it if it's not too expensive Makoto's payday is coming up so I plan to prepare for it right away all right I got the flowers and jewelry all I have to do is give them to Makoto along with her salery the flowers are nice but what should I do about the jewelry maybe a necklace would have been better n I'm sure a ring conveys my.

Feelings better watch out I rushed in to save the children but the sound of a third I fell into Darkness Master is late I wonder when my husband will be back oh my I accidentally said my husband a phone call could it be Master One Moment your cute cute maid is coming right away Hello darling huh oh please.

Excuse me so what is it you need from me the hospital what happened to him Master this can't be Master no uh goo Master you came back to life could it be that my love reached the heavens no I was just sleeping normally I was tired from my job then what about that piece of cloth all this maybe I dozed off while wiping my dirty face jeez don't scare me.

Like that I I thought I lost you I'm so glad you're safe I'm sorry for worrying you I'm such a bad master I can't even pay you for the amount you deserve all right Makoto take this and this a PP and is this a ring I also had flowers but they were ruined by the accident the only thing left are the flowers in the vase there you're welcome.

To take them home with you yes I'd love to when you are discharged from the hospital so what about the ring could this be a proposal a you didn't have to my body and soul are already belong to you uh yeah actually it is huh uh is that so actually I wanted to get you a proper ring but they were more expensive than I.

Thought so I ended up getting a toy ring wearing it might be a bit much but I figured you could at least display in your room no I'd be happy to wear it I consider getting you a necklace but I decided that a ring would better represent my feeling and seriousness yes thank you for everything you've cared for me since the day I was born and I.

Haven't been able to return the favor so I know I'm not really entitled to say this but I love you since I first proposed you when I was a child my feelings for you haven't changed really but you always I didn't take all that you said seriously because I don't feel I'm capable of taking responsibility for your life just yet of.

Course I want to be able to take responsibility and provide for the one I love but I thought at the very least if I could put it into words there's no need for you to worry about such things after all I am your one and only maid no matter what happens to you I intend to be with you forever of course I wouldn't let anything happen to you okay then.

Will you please marry me in the future yes if I could I would marry you right now 20 years later we'll be back don't forget to lock the doors okay and don't open the door if it's a stranger we know Mom We're Not Kids anymore enjoy your wedding anniversary we will please look out to the house 20 years after that many.

Things happened I married Makoto started a company had children the company grew bigger and bigger and I was able to live in a house bigger than my original Mansion it was a lot of work but it was fun because Makoto was always next to me what's wrong dear oh just reminiscing a lot has happened in the last 20 years yes a A lot happened but they were all.

Good memories hey Makoto why not get a new ring huh we can buy you a diamond one now no thank you this ring is more precious to me than anything else diamonds are just beautiful stones after all you can't beat the real Jewel thank you for watching how's today's video please check out our other videos as.