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[Manga Dub] After work on X-mas, my pretty boss showed up in a Santa costume [RomCom]


Oh do you not like it when girls dress like this I never said I didn't like it well can I come closer to you then I guess you can oh please we shouldn't get carried away beautiful sexy Santa is making a move on me right now usually work late even if it's on.

Christmas so I've never experienced a Christmas like this why is this happening to me what's going on ah I'm so so sick of this my name is Shinji hatanaka I'm a boring man working in an ordinary office I'm always swamped with work December right now the last month of the year.

I know it's almost Christmas but I've decided to keep myself busy with work do you want to know why I'll tell you why I'm sorry I'm going to break up with you what this is too sudden it's not so sudden I've been thinking about this for a long time but you don't have to dump me on Christmas and you.

Waited until the date was over did you want me to dump you before the date it would have felt so pathetic if I did I did it out of the kindness of my heart aren't you glad we had a nice Christmas you just made it the worst moment of my life oh yeah I'll keep the present you gave.

Me since it was meant for me huh I guess I'll see you around then I hope you find somebody have a good life seriously my ex-girlfriend dumped me the moment our Christmas date was over I've been traumatized since and I hate Christmas.

The one important lesson I learned from this experience was to never trust a girl easily still suffer from having trust issues with all girls alive I feel like crying again I still remember how she texted me later on she couldn't stand thinking about spending New Years with me.

Like she didn't Crush my heart enough so cruel Christmas can die what is all this about Christmas you're saying I saw a son this beautiful woman is ryoko aizawa she's all around perfect intelligent and famous for being the best in our department.

She's been taking care of me since I joined the company I'm thankful for everything she does for me you looked like you could stab someone just now you shouldn't work yourself so hard you could get sick I promise I won't get sick from working I plan on resting whenever I feel like I.

Need it are you sir yes I'm sure okay I believe you I am proud of you for giving it your all but I don't want you to stress too much about it thank you for your concern ma'am you're a crucial member of our department you know here you can have this since you're one.

Of my favorites chocolate nothing beats chocolate when you're tired it's a seasonal limited edition it's really good you should try it oh wow thank you so much all right then we should both get back to work huh.

Okay hmm wow it's good strawberry flavor okay Shinji you can do this I did my best to balance my work so I wouldn't get too tired I didn't want to worry izawa-san however knowing it was December kept bringing back bitter memories I had to keep working to get my mind off.

Of them I kept myself busy you're working late again weren't you here till late yesterday too I didn't realize you were so behind on your work it's not that I'm behind what is it then well it's okay I don't want you to feel.

Pressured to tell me but as I said before you can't overwork yourself it won't do you any good I saw wassan anyways here oh chocolate this is a different flavor I picked orange for you today I appreciate your kindness okay then be nice to yourself finish up and go on home.

Oops I made isawa sound worry again I should stop working so hard but it's the only thing that keeps my mind off my ex I wish December would end already and so I continued pushing myself to keep busy until one day ah I feel so dizzy so strange everything looks so blurry.

What's happening to me antonaka Kun are you okay you don't look so good you barely have any color on your face is that so I didn't realize this is why I told you to hold back on your work well I do feel a bit dizzy but I'm sure.

I'll be fine actually I need to work or else I'll start remembering things I don't want to like what December is not my favorite month of the year anyways I'm going to get back to work for a bit why is the crowd closing in on me.

Oh crap I'm the one falling not to knock Akin I don't remember anything after that when I woke up I first noticed how white the ceiling was did I faint or something shoot I really thought I would be okay hi there how to knock Akin I see you're.

Finally awake oh I saw what's on uh I told you so many times not to overwork yourself you didn't listen to me you fainted from stress and fatigue oh I see wait why are you here right now how could I leave a colleague who just fainted alone you needed somebody to be here with you.

Oh no I'm sorry you should learn to take care of yourself instead of apologizing to me you're not allowed to work overtime for a while what no I need to keep myself busy during December you said that before too can I ask why.

Well I had a traumatizing incident last Christmas I see now I understand why you're like that so if you don't trust women does that mean you can't trust me no you're different izawa-san you've been there for me since I started working with you.

We've spent many years together and I trust you hmm is that so yes I promise I see I guess I understand why you've been trying to keep yourself busy however you're still banned from working overtime you are to go home early every day to rest your body.

Okay I understand I rested at the hospital for a bit but they discharged Me by evening for the next week I left the office at five sharp those were the orders given to me by isawassan she also made me call her every time I got home it was her way of checking if I.

Wasn't working behind her back hello is that was on I just arrived home I'm glad to hear that I had to knock a kin good work today you didn't bring any of your assignments home did you I wouldn't do that okay and you should get some rest atanaka Kun you've always put too much effort into everything now is the time.

To let your body rest if you ever feel the need to do something give me a call anytime I have plenty of time we can talk that sounds better than working myself to death right well then good night see you tomorrow thank you good night.

I saw a Sonic become more than a colleague to me her kindness touched my heart in ways nobody ever had and finally my no overtime Work Week ended I tried that to put in so much work but I felt so uneasy when I had time on my hands during December I didn't want to worry izawa-san so I only started stuffing my schedule about three.

Days before Christmas Eve I was afraid of having nothing to do during Christmas because of what happened last year ah this looks like enough you're working late even after what happened I saw was on I thought you left I couldn't go home after seeing you.

Working at your desk it's Christmas Eve today you know that's why I'm here I need to keep myself busy or I start thinking about getting dumped last year what about you make a better memory to replace the bad one huh how would I I don't have any plans for Christmas so I was thinking since we're both.

Single maybe we could have a Christmas party are you sure you want to spend Christmas with someone like me I could spend it alone but that would be lonely and depressing oh um I would love to well I'll make some party food do you want to have the party at your place my.

Place okay sounds great I'll clean up as much as possible does noon sound okay I think that would be the best for me Christmas Day who would have thought I'd be spending Christmas with isawasan oh my gosh my heart is beating so fast I can't believe I got so lucky this year.

Oh she's here coming hey hanata kin whoa I saw a son what are you wearing does it not suit me you look great I've never seen a cuter looking Santa before cute now you're just making me blush on you're wearing a skirt Santa.

Okay I get it thank you for saying that so um can I come in Merry Christmas Merry Christmas mmm this wine is tasty I agree it's really smooth it's so good this must have been expensive I had it at my place but I knew I.

Couldn't finish it by myself we've got a lot left had to knock Akin let's drink it all yeah I wonder why I zawasan is wearing a mini skirt Santa costume because it's Christmas I guess she was more excited than she looked.

Hatsunaka kin I have a special present for you had to buy this if it's perfectly with Santa what is it Tada here you go a reindeer a reindeer is this for me to wear yep of course it is go on try it on for.

Me I feel weird wearing an animal costume oh did you want a mini skirt costume too no no mini skirts please come on you should change hurry okay fine then how do I look adorable it looks great on you I look good as a reindeer is that even a.

Compliment of course it is you're so cute here Mr reindeer come over here 's to a wonderful Christmas we're getting drunk tonight let's be careful not to get too drunk I drank too much I'm thankful that I got to spend.

Christmas with you likewise I'm glad we got to enjoy it together so how to knock a kin yes how do you feel about Christmas now does it still make you depressed like before you were worried about that of course I was it's better to have good memories rather than dark ones right I.

Want you to be happy I think you did a great job isawasan you've completely changed my feelings about Christmas I'm the happiest man alive right now good how about we make it a better memory then huh what do you mean uh is our son what are you it's obvious right Santa is meant to.

Ride a reindeer yes but I'm Santa and I'm straddling my reindeer you're too drunk right now hmm maybe I am I'm drunk I saw a song think about what you're doing now I promise you you will never forget this year's Christmas ever let's make the.

Best memory we can okay no no we can't do this no more of this we're under the influence of alcohol I don't want to do this we shouldn't get carried away I understand I guess I went a little too far I saw a son I'm sorry for forcing myself onto you.

I'll just leave this with you I think I should go home now um ryokosanaka kin uh oh I wonder what this is a scarf and gloves and a letter.

Seriously why didn't she tell me earlier gosh I just want to hug her right now sorry for pushing you away like I did earlier I don't think I made my intentions clear enough what do you mean your intentions deserve to know that I like you I have feelings for you.

That's why I didn't want to do anything while we were drunk I wanted to do things right that's why I told you I couldn't do it oh I didn't know that well if we had kissed it could be taken as a drunken mistake it wouldn't have been the start of a serious relationship I believe our bond deserves much more than that it wasn't because I didn't.

Like you had to knock again I really like you I saw wasan me too I really like you too and I like how you're such a hard worker I do I want to be the one who is there for you to support you by your side I hope we can stay together forever course.

Christmas was a nightmare for me until I met aizawa-san we became a couple that day however we tried not to let our personal lives affect how we behaved at work that's why we didn't tell anybody we started dating we continue to deepen our love for each other.

Can you believe it's already been a year since we started dating it's been the best year of my life ryokosan I wanted it to ask you something important today will you marry me yes next year we'll be spending Christmas as a married couple.

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